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on January 11, 2012
This guide isn't necessarily about freedom businesses - it's about a mixture of location independence and digital entrepreneurship. I feel like he led in with the benefits of the freelance business, but the rest of the guide just focused on business issues and skills rather than a connected strategy.

That's fine. This book is FANTASTIC value for those who buy it. I read a lot about social media, and marketing, and not many books have cover all the topics that these do. Most of the similar ones I've read are, frankly, crap. The only one that is similar to this in quality is Serena Star leonards book called 'How To Retire in 12 months'. That is more expensive, but is also a lot more in depth.

I feel like this guide is perfect for those who want a primer and may be unfamiliar with many facets of the web industry. Those like myself, who already operate web businesses, will just be skimming it. It's the same information and the same stories.

Those who are thinking about creating a freedom business though will get one of the best values for money. You'll be able to figure out if this is something you want to research further without wasting money or time. Colin links to several good resources and examples so you'll definitely get a solid feel for the subject.
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on March 15, 2014
As someone that runs many "Freedom" businesses, I was excited to read this book. Unfortunately, I became too distracted by the many typos and grammatical errors. If the errors are corrected in a future edition, I'd add another star to my rating.

Putting grammatical errors aside, this would be a good primer for anyone interested in starting a web based business. If writing, blogging, consulting, or designing are your strengths, this book will give you ideas for starting a business you can run from anywhere. If you want to run something other than a digital services company, you'll find the advice wanting.
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on May 14, 2012
If you are on a budget and completely new to the idea of running a location independant freedom business, I recommend this book, as it is cheap and gives some great ideas to ponder over ( consulting, blogging, epublishing, etc). However, if you already ARE a blogger, consultant, ebook author, OR have read 4 Hour Workweek, I don't recommend it at it is very basic. It doesn't say help a blogger take their platform to the next level in order to get more traffic and money. It doesn't help the consultant market his/her services to find more paying clients. It doesn't help an author do a killer launch. It also doesn't help you really brainstorm a product to create, if you want to go the 4 hr work week way.

I've noticed a trend in remote lifestyle/freedom business blogs and books and that's that authors/bloggers don't really go in depth as to how they get their audience/clients/customers. If you want help with growing your platform and marketing ( which at some point you will need help with, IF you want to make an income) I would read Seth Godin's books, as well as Unmarketing.
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on July 29, 2016
Helpful hints poignantly posted, but editing and final finish of this quick read leave me wondering if the author really knows what he is talking about or is it all just hype. There is no shortage in this world of scam artists wanting to prey on "vulnerable" and financially strapped people that are out of work and looking for a miracle. I recommend this book only if you are self-aware and have other resources to draw upon.
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on September 25, 2013
Overall, this is a very well-written little guide with some genuinely useful information tucked inside. The interviews with successful “freedom business” owners are a highlight. They help to reinforce that there is no single “right” way to become an internet entrepreneur and remind readers to listen to their gut and stay open to new possibilities.

My one concern was that the author spent too much time trying to convince us to start a freedom business, and then not enough time explaining exactly how to do this. One off-putting thing about digital editions is that you don’t always have a clear idea of how far along you are within the text. (I know that you can look at the location indicators at the bottom of the screen, but I rarely do.) So when the book came to an end, it took me a little by surprise. Several times the author states something like: “later on in this book I will explain to you exactly how to do this” but - unless I missed something - he rarely ever does.

He does dedicate several pages to outlines of various business models. This section is definitely helpful and I’m sure that I will reference it again. I only wish that the ratio of “you-should-really-start-a-freedom-business” content to “how-to-start-a-freedom-business” content were a bit more in favor of the latter.

That complaint notwithstanding, I really do think this is a worthwhile read, if only to get you motivated to take that first (or next) step towards realizing your dreams of entrepreneurship.
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on December 12, 2013
This book gives a good overview of the how to start your own freedom business, why you should, and the different types you could pursue. The information provided is quite basic, though Colin does expand on a few key areas, which I'm sure some readers will appreciate.

I had few complaints about the book, but I can see some finding the book a little too broad and simplistic. I also was a little confused at the structure near the end where interviews started appearing at the end of chapters, without an introduction as to how they related to the topic.

Overall, I would recommend this book to people looking to start a freedom business, especially if they're looking for a simple overview instead of an exhaustive and detailed approach
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on July 11, 2015
The ideas are good, and he writes fairly well, but is in desperate, desperate need of an editor. I have read several of his books and they are peppered with typos, too many parentheses, repetition and grammatical errors. The content is potentially interesting, but the errors are so distracting, that it disrupts the flow and it is difficult to follow his thoughts for very long. I think that there is a lot of potential for him if he just makes the leap to hiring a professional to edit his books.
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on December 7, 2012
This book was ok. Inspirational at times, but silly at others (ok, I get it, you think I should start a blog!). I couldn't help but think the entire time reading it that I funded the author's dream job so I could read about how great life is on the other side. That being said, for under a dollar and a couple hours of my time, it was probably a worthy read. He's clearly doing something right.
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on July 27, 2013
This is my second Colin Wright book, the first one I read was titled How To Travel Full Time. I enjoy his style of writing it is very simple, not too many ambiguous terms or phrases. His style of writing is all about giving the reader all the necessary info in the simplest and best way possible. This booking is very informative and is full of useful information about setting up what Mr. Wright calls Freedom Businesses. Since I've read this book it has inspired me to come up with a few business ideas of my own. I can't wait to buy my next book from this author, he's a very knowledgeable young man who knows how to pass on valuable information to his readers.
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on July 8, 2013
Colin lives an unusual life--but so could many of us, if we dreamed a bit. Dare to read about businesses models that can be set up and run in the background while you live your life. Set up enough of them, and you could live like Colin Wright--or like you have always dreamed of living.

Even if you like your day job, the ideas in this book could help you set up a freedom business on the side--perhaps to fund a child's education or save more for retirement. Spend a little time reading this book and consider the possibilities.
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