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on May 28, 2017
Honeywell normally makes good products, this one needs redesigning.There is a major weakness on this fan. It was quiet with good airflow last summer, but broke when I lifted it out of the closet this year. I usually fix fans, but upon taking the fan apart I noticed a thin tube of hard plastic had sheared. The tube is housed just inside the start of the tower and the cord passes through it. The tube is integral and cannot be removed. There is a short distance where the tube is poorly braced by glue and a sunken washer. The fan blades, motor, and housing weigh on that area of the tube while the repeated movement stresses the same area. Weight, stress, and heat are not kind to hard plastic. I found several small stress cracks near where the tube broke on my fan. As the fan tube sheared w/out taking a blow, I assume it broke along an existing stress crack. Repair isn't an option.
My next tower fan will have the tower to the base instead of a thin stand supporting it.
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UPDATE after 10 months:
This fan has been running virtually 24/7 for 10 months now, just to pull cooled or heated air from the next room that has a big heat pump air conditioner. It was an experiment, just to save the price of putting an a/c in this room. I used it during the winter turned around to blow the low-lying cold air out and pull in the warm air by way of the vacuum created at the top of the door, but during the coldest days I also ran a space heater in here. The fan runs on the mid setting and has kept this room quite comfortable when it's hot outside... and by hot I include 3 days that were over 100º outside. It is NOT ONE DECIBEL LOUDER than when I turned it on the first time. It has not been damaged, even though my wife turns it around occasionally for some odd reason.

OK I got this on sale from Amazon for $40, so I will judge this item on that price and my beginning grade is 4 stars. It is quiet enough that I can place it at the door to my office and it brings in noticeable cool air from the next room without enough noise to bother me. That's on HIGH speed. On low speed I can barely hear it at all. Reading the other reviews, I must have gotten one of the good ones... there are so many complaints. But this initially is very quiet and does make adequate wind to satisfy my requirements (my office A/C is broken, so I have to suck air from the bedroom).

WARNING! Though the following information might make your (working) fan last longer, it will almost certainly nullify your warranty and ability to return the unit for repair or refund!

This is made of cheap, soft plastic. The screws are adequate in size, but strip out VERY easily in soft plastic, so my advice is to make certain you are assembling this correctly (maybe put it together and then take the screws out one by one and dip them into EPOXY). Then screw them in just until you feel them hit bottom + a half turn.
You might want to put a dob of epoxy on the snap together tabs on the base and pedestal too...easy enough to see where to put it... just for a little more strength. Keep it on the inside of the pedestal and on the bottom of the base and it won't even show... don't use too much. Do this at your own risk... I'm experienced doing this sort of thing and so it's easier for me than for a first-timer.

It is obviously VERY fragile, so handle it carefully while assembling and whenever you move it. I do NOT recommend this or any similar fan for use when there is a toddler pulling up on things, or who likes to "tackle" stuff... find a more substantial fan... maybe even a cat might be enough to pull it down and smash it. Even at $40 it hurts when things break!

For my uses, this appears to be perfect. It might get noisier later or maybe fall apart in spite of the epoxy, but who knows, maybe not. Most fans last me a very long time.
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on August 25, 2017
Imagine, if you will, a classroom... filled with 30 teenage bodies... hovering at about 80˚. That, review readers, is my classroom. Every. Single. Day. No windows, no respite. However, this fan makes all of our lives just a little more livable. It is quiet enough for classroom use and it really does move quite a lot of air. I literally had it on every day of last semester and am starting into its second semester of use. Will my classroom ever reach a reasonable temperature? It remains a mystery. All I know is that if our beloved classroom pet, Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Tower Fan, dies we will all be traumatized until I buy a new one.
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on September 26, 2017
I do like this fan, a lot. It's quite... well just the right "white noise" sound, it doesn't blast you like some other brands. The lights are on top and near the back so you don't see them and they are reddish orange color so they don't bother you during the night. I do love that it's all white and has a wide panel to blow air in the front. I don't mind the height, it is a bit shorter than previous fans that we've purchased from this company, but it still stands above the height of the bed so you still feel the air. I wish it had an ionizer, but it's okay for me that it doesn't since we have one in the room. It went together very easily and fast, it doesn't creak and there are no rattles, etc. I picked the all white one so that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the room and it's light and short enough that if I wanted to put it on a base or a nightstand or dresser I could. For this price, it's a really great fan, especially if you are using it for a sleeping room. LOVE IT
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on August 12, 2016
The best fan ever. We use it daily and it helps immensely. It's also very chic and modern. It's the best.
review image
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on July 26, 2016
Excellent fan. Had one almost like this but it died so I thought I would give this a try. I thought it had a remote but it doesn't. It pays to read the description. Guess I will just have to get up and walk over and push the button. A lot of work for a retired guy. At least I don't have to bend down as the buttons and indicator lights are on the top. LOL.

The fan works great and on the low setting makes almost no noise. The higher speeds (3 available) it gets a little louder but not unbearable. It will swing about 80 degrees from side to side (oscillate).

You have to put the base together and the pedestal. Both come in two pieces. Everything is furnished including the screws. The only tool you need is a small Philips (+) screwdriver.

I would definitely buy it again.
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on September 28, 2017
It broke after 5 weeks of light usage and a week after the Amazon product return window closed. I have an older version of this Honeywell tower fan that I have been using for over 8 years and still works perfectly well. So I decided to buy another one. The electronic controls are fancier than the older one and that is probably the problem. It's the KISS rule again ... Keep It Simple Stupid. The only way that I can turn the fan off is to unplug it. The On/Off button only controls the displaying of the LED lights that show fan speed, timer function, and oscillation. So needless to say that I am deeply disappointed with any costly product that lasts a little more than a month when it should last years.
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on July 8, 2016
It gave out this morning. turned it off for a bit and a hour later when I tried to turn it on, it just wouldn't spin the fan and later wouldn't even turn on at all. I know it sucked when after awhile the fan would not spin at full potential and go low to high back and forth on that. Very disappointed in this product. First time I buy a product that gave out so quick. Hopefully I can get a refund for it.

Its a great tower fan. Cools and circulates fresh air in my room very well. On very hot days it gets really humid and putting this in a good spot can circulate that out in less then a minute! I have a big room that is like the size of a medium living room. I feel lucky I got a great quality fan. Those other 1 star reviews had me second guessing but I'm glad I got it. Now I just hope it won't die on me anytime soon and if it does I'll quickly come back and edit my review.

It is not loud at all even at the highest setting. It could be stronger at blowing air but it feels just the right amount to do a great job.
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I don't understand the difference between one fan and another. To me they just displace air. So, there shouldn't be a huge difference in the temperature of the air between fans that are constructed in a similar manner. Yet this fan is freezing me out! My DIL has one of these that I used while staying at her house and I got so cold, I actually had to shut it off during the night. That was wonderful to me as I hate being hot. So, I came home and ordered myself the exact same one. It got here today and we put it together right away. I sat it in the kitchen and I am in the room next door. It came around the corner and got me. I had to turn the darn thing off because I was freezing sitting here at the computer. I love this fan... I might have to move it back a ways, or turn it down to keep from freezing... but I'm going to love hunkering down under the comforter and having a good night's sleep. If I still feel the same way by the end of the week, I'm going to order a couple more of these beauties. I have visions of a lower utility bill swimming around in my head. Highly recommend this fan. And, the price is great! Update: I turned the AC to 72 and it's 81 degrees outside (N. Ala).... the room with my computer in it is about 17 by 17 and it's very very cool. Last night I move the fan about 8 feet from the bed and almost in the bathroom. I pointed away from my body... I used my sheet and a quilt to cover me and was perfectly cool. Usually I would have to turn the AC down to 68 or below to keep this room cool. Left it on 73. Still don't understand why... but am definitely ordering another next month.. wish they had them in black. Update: I ordered the second one of these fans and have had it now for about two weeks. We mostly live in three rooms and these two fans are really cooling the house off. It was over 86 degrees and we were cool here inside. I don't understand it, but I love how they work. My Ac is set at 70 and the other rooms not used are shut off. The Ac only comes on in the early afternoon and goes off somewhere around 5 pm... No longer running 24/7 with these fans. This is just weird and I can't figure out the science of why these fans work so much better than my others. I have a few set out in the garage now gathering dust because I'm just using these two and one other tower fan (which doesn't work near as well). My DIL also ordered another one for one of the teenagers in her house who likes it cold at nights... he's loving his too.
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on May 14, 2017
Brought these to save money on Utilities by not having to run the AC. Does a good job cooling down the room even on low settings, however I wouldn't think it cools down as other reviews says, I give it a 3 because we had ordered 2 of them, and only 1 came with the screws we had to pay extra 7$ to buy more screws, because Amazon only had them in the bag in the bigger amount I also wasn't going to pay twice the amount of money to buy the 2 pack of fans, when I could just by them separately and they will still be shipped together. It was over $50 to buy the 2 pack, compared to buying them separately, It is ridiculous.
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