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on May 26, 2012
I've used Oral B toothbrushes for years now. I have always been more than satisfied. I purchased my most recent professional series over 6 years ago. I've always watched them and from appearances, nothing seemed to change. I was wrong! When the brand new 4000 series came out it piqued my invest. I bought one at announcement and when I opened it I was pleased by several differences:
1. The new spare toothbrush holder is better thought out and works much better than the old 'stand up' one.
2. The charging base itself is flatter and more attractive.
3. Unlike the old charging base, there is no where for gunk to pool and become unwashable. Sounds like a small thing, but who wants to look at a mess on their kitchen counter?
When I used it I found out that the improvements were more than skin deep. This is a better toothbrush. I cannot quantify it, but it does clean better, not a little bit, but a lot. In addition there were some positive functional changes.
1. The standard two minute cycle with beeps every 30 seconds has been augmented with a ' deep cleaning' cycle that simply uses the same brushing action with a three minute cycle and beeps every 45 seconds.
2. A separate polishing cycle has been added.
3. A sensitive cycle has been added. For people first converting to an electric toothbrush, especially kids, this is a plus.
4. A pressure alarm light that is easily visible has been added. This was a plus for me since I saw that I had been brushing too hard at the very back of my gums.
Is this an entirely new and revolutionary product for cleaning your teeth? No. Is a very real upgrade resulting from refining that which was already good? Yes. If your Oral B is several years old, you may want to consider upgrading.
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on January 18, 2013
I had an older oral b electric toothbrush (5000 model) that lasted me a good few years. The battery in it started dying after a few brushes and the toothbrush was looking old so I thought it was time to get a new one. I purchased the 4000 model because I didn't really need the timer of the 5000 model and it looked very similar. It's not as great though. I don't know if I just have a defective one or what but the "brushing too hard" red light is constantly going off when the tooth brush is on, even when it's not in my mouth!

As to the rebate, I don't buy things just because there is a good deal going on but if I happen to find a deal for something I'm planning to buy, I will normally use it. I purchased this item which came in the Amazon Frustration-Free packaging. Sent in the rebate form, receipt, and the original UPC bar code (just like the rebate form showed), and I too got a letter stating they have not received the UPC code and to send it in.
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on September 29, 2012
The product is efficient and easy to use. However, the product was advertised to the consusmer in a faulty manner. The advertisement stated that you would receive a $20.00 rebate providing you submitted a receipt and the original UPC. (Scam--When you submit the original UPC, you no longer have a copy!) I followed the rules: submitted the receipt and the original UPC. I received a form letter that a rebate would not be forthcoming as I had not submitted the original UPC. Thus, the scam was successful. I was tempted to return the unit....however, the product is good and I have decided never to purchase any product made by Oral B. This purchase was made through Amazon!
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on October 12, 2012
This is a decent toothbrush. It's on par with my Sonicare, but cost 50% more.

The main warning I'd like possible consumers to know is Oral B rebate offers are difficult at best and maybe a scam. This item offered a mail in rebate, which I completed thoroughly, knowing how these things work. I got a letter saying the rebate wasn't for the toothbrush I purchased. Which is odd, because the rebate offer and PDF documentation for the toothbrush was on its Amazon product page. It had a "this item is eligible for" promotion drop down.

Long story short, with the rebate it might have been worth it, without it, it certainly wasn't. I will likely not purchase another Oral B toothbrush based on my experience.
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on September 29, 2012
We are a family of Oral B electronic tooth brush users. I have the 3000 and the kids each have a 1000. For the extra money the only thing I see that is worth any added expense is the carrying case. My husband works out of town and this is great for him to take the brush to/from work each week. Everything else is essentially the same as my 3000. Longer cleaning cycle means it beeps at 45 seconds and not 30. So what? You can figure that out on your own without paying an extra price tag. I say buy the 3000.
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on January 18, 2013
I am very happy with this electric toothbrush. Every 30 seconds it beeps so you know you should move to a different quadrant of your mouth. It has multiple settings from soft to hard, and a setting for "polish". My only negative comment is that you can't really see the different settings while you are brushing. You either have to memorize how many times to press the button to move to a different setting, or turn it off to look at the settings on the handle. If you look while you are brushing, the paste splatters everywhere. Minor annoyance. 5 stars because it does an excellent job cleaning teeth.
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on July 6, 2012
This Electric Toothbrush was recommended by my Dentist. One of his reasons was that the vibrating action of the Sonicare brushes loosens fillings. I have used Sonicare brushes for years and wasn't sure I wanted to change brands. My current Sonicare wouldn't take a charge anymore so I had to make a decision. I am very pleased with this Oral-B. It seems to do everything it claims but I am not convinced it is as effective at flossing as I expected it to be. During the short time I had to use a regular toothbrush, I noticed my teeth were getting yellower. Since, I am using this electric toothbrush my "pearly whites" are back to being to being just that!
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on July 13, 2012
This toothbrush was an upgrade from a less-expensive Oral-B model that I used for several years before it finally quit on me. I'm very pleased with this new purchase.

The Oral-B 4000 has much more power than my old toothbrush and gives a deeper clean. My teeth feel cleaner after using this brush, and though I still need to floss I can tell that this brush is doing a more thorough job of cleaning between my teeth. My teeth look whiter and my gums look healthier. I also think the design helps me do a better job of cleaning my back teeth--my jaw is small and there's not a lot of space around my back molars. This brush helps me clean the back teeth very easily, though. I've found the beeps that help you time your brushing are very helpful, and I like having the ability to switch modes. One charge lasts better than a week--nice if you're taking this on trips.

A few minor cons--this brush is heavier than the old one I was using. Not so much that I didn't get used to it quickly, but enough that I noticed. It's got more power, but it's also louder. I also think the pressure indicator is a little awkwardly placed. I've seen it--I think--when I've triggered it most of the time, but the location makes me wonder if I'm missing it sometimes.

The only feature the 5000 has that this brush doesn't is the wireless display screen. I'm not sure what that does, but after using this model I can't see the screen being necessary. I'm very pleased with this toothbrush and hope that it lasts as long as my previous Oral-B toothbrush did.
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on December 14, 2012
This is just a note that Oral-B did not honor my rebate.
I sent in the bar code sticker on the box and they sent me a letter back saying I didn't send in the proper UPC. Well they have my bar code so there isn't much I can do about it.

Factor into your pricing decision that Oral-B might not honor the frustration free packaging bar code; maybe a new guy was working on mine.
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on August 27, 2012
I've had this Oral-B Smartseries 4000 Professional Care electric toothbrush since June, 2012. The charge has never lasted more than 10-11 uses of two minutes apiece. The owner's manual claims that a full charge will give you 20 uses of two minutes each use. That's two times what I actually get. AND, it takes in excess of 13 hours for the brush to fully charge. I say 13+ hours because I set it on the charge cord when I get the red low charge light, and the elapsed time I observed that the re-charge lights are still flashing is 13 hours. Full charge occurred some time after that during the night. The 3 green re-charging lights go off after a full charge.

The brush head that comes with this unit has odd little paddles and different bristles, and is a little rough on my gums, so I use a spare one I had for my 10+ year-old Oral-B electric toothbrush. I don't really use any of the fancy additional settings, just the basic 2-minute, and it cleans very well. I only changed out because the rechargeable battery on the old one was finally giving out, and wasn't accessible to replace. WARNING, if you open the battery compartment before the warranty is up, the instruction booklet states, "Caution! Opening the handle will destroy the appliance and invalidate the warranty." As little charge as I get on this, I wonder if it will last for the two years?

Three stars for the sucky battery life and lack of ability to replace without destroying the unit. But it does clean my teeth very well!
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