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on December 28, 2013
I bought two of these toothbrushes, one for me and one for my wife. The toothbrushes themselves are phenomenal!! The best toothbrushes we have ever used. However, the automatic cutoff for brushing too hard is just about the most irritating feature I have ever seen for any product I have ever used ever. It almost ruins everything good about this toothbrush. The problem is the over brushing is not determined correctly. It is highly dependent on angle and such of the brush and where or how this tooth brush determines the over brushing is not right. The pressure can be greater with no detection, or much less than too much and the tooth brush shuts down. It just doesn't do it right. And even if I over brush or brush too hard or whatever, I don't ever want a toothbrush that cuts off on its own again. I am telling you, it is like the most irritating thing I have ever seen in a product, and my wife agrees.

The little digital display thing that comes with the toothbrush I have never used with either of the toothbrushes. I am sure a lot of the extra cost of this model went for that useless piece of junk too. The problem with it is my wife spent about a half hour trying to figure out how to put the batteries in it and gave up. I am an engineer, so her giving up and my finally fixing whatever is not an unusual situation. But when I spent a half hour and couldn't figure out how to get the battery cover off the d@mn thing, well it went in the closet. So, all I have ever used is the toothbrush itself. The instructions were less than useless in this effort as well.

The multiple settings on the toothbrush are the second most irritating feature on a product ever. I am forever brushing my teeth and all of the sudden the toothbrush slows down or gets choppy because my fingers hit the button to change the speed or mode or whatever it is. I HATE that button and will probably try to remove it or disable it. I only ever use the highest speed mode anyway, and don't really see a purpose for the other modes.

So, all in all, a terrible product with horrible irritating features that I would never ever waste my money on again. However, it is the single best toothbrush I have ever used. I just wish I had bought a cheaper model without all of the "useful features", I think I would have been a lot happier!
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I read through many of the low reviews on this and I just don't agree with any of them.
As far as complaints of the batteries not lasting long:

I have proof that the way one cares for their electric toothbrush battery will determine how long the battery will live.
Two exact toothbrushes,...Two examples:
Years ago I bought myself an Oral-B Triumph. I only put my toothbrush on the charger when it needed a charge, and I only left it on the charger until it was fully charged. The charger then went into the drawer. When the battery got really low, I put it back on the charger and removed from charger after it was fully charged. About once a month, I let the brush run completely out of batteries while running, and then I recharged it in full, then removed from charger.
That toothbrush lasted for years and years and I just now replaced it with the 5000. I am treating the 5000 exactly the same.

After having bought the Triumph for myself, a couple years later I bought the same toothbrush for my husband. My husband would not listen to my advice, and he insisted on returning the toothbrush onto the charger after each use. The toothbrush lived on the charger when not in use. His toothbrush did not last nearly as long as mine did, and mine was older than his was.
So when I see complaints about the battery life, I have to ask myself how the reviewer took care of his battery. ?

The review/complaint about the tooth breaking is just plain questionable. Did he/she bang the hard plastic on their tooth? I do not see how
anyone could break their tooth with this toothbrush unless they were totally mishandling it.

I have only had my 5000 for a little over a week now, so I cannot comment on battery life as yet, but I will say that I believe this 5000 is a nice improvement over the Triumph, and I loved that toothbrush too.
I really like the remote smily guy that monitors brushing time and whether you're pushing too hard with the tooth brush. I do actually use this feature and it keeps me on track with the section timing of my teeth. I always go over the two minutes and brush more like four.

The other point that I would like to make here is that this particular toothbrush is considered the very best by our dentist and probably as well as most dentists out there. I have had a Sonicare before and did not care for it at all. It is my opinion that the shape of the teeth and gums require a rounded smaller toothbrush, especially when brushing the insides of the teeth. After all teeth are curved one way on the outside and the opposite on the inside. Only a round brush seems logical to me.
The toothbrushes with the little yellow rubber bristles are the best and get the teeth much cleaner than the brushes without them!

Excellent electric toothbrush! 5+ stars!
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on December 2, 2016
I can't stand planned obsolescence. Unlike other toothbrushes they sell, after 3 years this one drains the battery overnight if you forget to put it in the charger. The battery is fine. If I put it in the charger, I can use it for about 10 minutes with plenty of oomf left to go.

This makes it useless for trips. Since when you get there your toothbrush is dead. And when you forget to put in the charger it'll be dead. Why does this happen? Perhaps it is the wifi, but when the toothbrush is "off" I don't see it doing anything - off should mean off. This is clearly "poor design" from my perspective and "Planned Obsolescence" from theirs. Don't get me wrong I love this toothbrush. I think the wifi is really cool in that it provides useful feedback. Having a clock in my bathroom is useful. But I am insulted that I need to spend another $100+ because they figured out how to get me replace it after 3 years. BTW when it fails I use my old electric toothbrush by them which holds the charge for weeks despite being 5 years old.
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on January 24, 2014
UPDATE: 4 years later and I'm still using this toothbrush, except that the battery BARELY lasts a full 2-minute brush (on normal mode). It's really frustrating. Literally a couple nights ago (after the brush has been on the charging stand all day), I brushed my teeth and it died before 2 minutes. It's probably been this way for 1 - 1.5 years but I've been too cheap and lazy to buy a new one. However, it is frustrating cause every time I travel, I have to bring the charger with (kinda defeats the purpose of a mobile toothbrush), and honestly, if it sits off the charger for more than an hour, then it's just dead. So even if it's been charging overnight, and I take it off the charger, put it in its travel case, get to my location 2 hours later, and try to brush my teeth there, it would be dead. I have to let it charge for a bit before trying to use it. It's pretty dumb.

I'm shopping for a new one now. My spouse has a Philips Sonicare, and had one for 7+ years, and has never had such bad battery power. I'm going to give Oral-B one last try, but if the battery can't last after a couple years use, I'm definitely switching my loyalty.

I LOVE this toothbrush. It's so much more efficient than brushing your teeth manually. The travel case it comes with is awesome, as well as the stand for the tooth brush and compartment that can hold up to 4 brushes. I love that this toothbrush comes with the independent clock, which is useful even when not using the toothbrush. It's also engaging. The toothbrush itself comes with 5 brush options and the light will turn red if you're brushing too hard! Very comfortable to hold in the hand. I'm really happy with this purchase!
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on April 22, 2014
I love this toothbrush. It cleans so much better than the Sonicare I owned previously. My dental hygienist recommended this model as it is the one that she uses and she is very fussy about teeth cleaning. She feels that the rotary motion is far superior to the sonic waves. It also has a timer with a digital readout I can watch that beeps when you have spent 30 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth. I go from tooth to tooth slowly, applying a little pressure at the gum line of each and find that it takes exactly 30 seconds to clean each quadrant. My teeth feel so good after brushing now. Last office cleaning, my hygienist told me she had to look for the plaque, there was so little. What an improvement! I highly recommend this Oral-B. The rotary system is the best.
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on November 11, 2013
My wife and I have been using the Oral B from Costco since 2007 and considered it one the best purchases we've ever made. I'm sure they were the 1,000 series, but I can't be certain. Once the batteries started dying after 6 years we looked into upgrading and chose the 5,000 series. Sure, it's pricey, but heck, I'm worth it... but is the toothbrush?

Well, the functionality of these devices remains relatively unchanged. You have a power button, and then a selection button that let's you change the mode. You also get a slick little LCD clock with a happy face that smiles when you're brushing correctly, and frowns when you're grinding the enamel off your teeth.

The available modes include settings for sensitive teeth, deep cleaning, whitening and just a normal mode for schlubs like me. Switching to the deep cleaning mode is when you begin to think that the emperor might be buck naked. Instead of the usual 2 minute, 30 seconds per quadrant routine of the normal mode... you simply brush your teeth for 3 minutes, or 45 seconds per quadrant. Gee, I just realized that my old 1,000 series had a deep cleaning mode, too. Come to think of it, the free cheap plastic toothbrush I just got from my dentist has a deep cleaning mode, too. It's called "Brush your teeth a little longer" mode. Brilliant! And they charged extra for this feature... and I paid for it!

With our old Oral B's my wife and I were always concerned about brushing too hard, as if we might accidentally sand down our bicuspids until they resembled a row of partially dissolved Altoids. Well, our worries are over with the new 5,000! The moment you apply too much pressure a menacing red light activates in the handle, and the smiley face on your LCD clock contorts into a toothless demonic entity whose appearance is so frightening you'll drop the toothbrush in fear for your life! OK, a slight exaggeration... but it does frown at you. The annoying part is that we discovered we were never applying too much pressure with our old brushes, anyway. You could always tell when you were brushing too hard. The toothbrush motor would slow down from the excessive friction. Duh. With the new 5,000 the motor slows down from the excessive friction just like the 1,000. Just remember, you don't get the menacing red light and demonic face with the 1,000 series, but you do save about $40. To summarize, I'm really glad I sprang for the 5,000 series. The menacing face on my LCD clock is convincing me to feel this way. Uh oh, he heard me... gotta go now. (help me!)
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on January 12, 2013
My dental hygienist is very, very happy with the way the Oral-B Professional 5000 is working for me.

I used the Philips electric toothbrush for about a year before I left it behind when traveling and the housekeeping staff threw it away. : ( I liked it very much - very nice sleek design and charging options, not too loud, teeth felt really clean . . . but the dental hygienist didn't comment on how nice my teeth were until I came in after using the Oral-B Professional 5000 for six months.

After losing the Phillips Sonicare Diamond, I read the reviews of the Oral-B Professional 5000 and decided to try it.

I like the options and the visual display. I'm pretty easily motivated by getting 'gold stars' and seeing the little face get 'happier' when I brush longer. Seems petty, but if it works, that's good for my teeth. It is clunkier looking than the Philips, and noisier, but I really don't need quiet while I brush my teeth anyway and I'm not designing my bathroom for Architectural Digest. If you like really sleek design and neat gadgets, the Philips travel case and charging options are much nicer. If you want simple practicality (really do I need to plug my toothbrush charger into a USB port?) the Oral-B travel case is smaller and lighter.

I thought the Oral-B toothbrush would arrive with the full assortment of brush heads, but it only arrived with one brush head (unlike the Philips which had a larger and a smaller brush head). I ordered the floss-action brush head and the tip for cleaning around bridges and the gum line. I hate flossing and I use these to reduce the need to use dental floss.

If you already have the Philips, you probably aren't looking to replace it, and I wouldn't. But if you need a new electric toothbrush, I recommend the Oral-B Professional 5000.
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on December 11, 2013
I've been skeptical about powered toothbrushes because of their high cost and asked my dentist who said it was matter of personal preference between the standard toothbrush and powered. I continued to use my standard. Then, after having a cavity filled after a checkup only 2 weeks earlier, my dentist noted surprise at build up in the short time since she had last seen me. That among other reasons resulted in this purchase, and I was really amazed at the difference now that I am using this powered toothbrush. I did some research and chose this one based on Amazon reviews, and now that I'm using it, my teeth seem as clean as they do after my bi-annual cleaning and polishing. In my last dentist visit, they say all looks really good, a positive sign. Despite the "Floss Action" in the description, you still need to floss as usual. The travel case is actually very convenient. My husband and I share this and have different brushing heads, and the case accommodates two different brushes, so we can use it when traveling together. For the timer that comes along with this, I use it because I tend to want to finish sooner than the recommended time allotment (2 minutes) so the timer actually makes me persevere (sometimes), but my husband pays no attention to it. I would recommend to friends and family.
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on November 4, 2013
I'm extremely happy with this device. It's the 3rd or 4th Oral-B electric toothbrush I've bought and they keep getting better.

-Works great, lots of power, but doesn't hurt when you use it.
-Feels really solid.
-Great battery life, uses about 1/4 of a charge for about 15+ brushing session (kinda guesstimating).
-The remote display works really well, shows how long you've brushing and has 4 quadrants that fill up after 30 seconds of brushing. Also shows the regular clock time in between brushing, which is nice to keep track of when you're getting ready for work or whatever.
-The included stand works well to keep the base unit upright and charging. Also the brush compartment protects the brushes from whatever splashes out of your sink, but leaves room for air to circulate to dry the brushes.
-Uses the same brush heads as the previous 2-3 generations so I could just keep using them. Not sure if they will continue the form factor for the next few generations, but a positive sign.

-Charging takes forever, I'm guessing since they expect you to leave it plugged in all the time. Not a fan of trickle charging myself. It seems to take over 8 hours to do a 1/4 charge.
-Doesn't have a polarized or grounded plug, strange to see nowadays. Maybe that's not really a con.
-Very cheap looking travel case. It seems pretty strong and decent coverage, but not as nice as the cordura semi-rigid cases they used to give you.
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on March 7, 2014
I had a slightly older model (can't remember which) that I was replacing because it did not hold a charge very long anymore. The older one would decrease in power as the battery ran down, this one holds the charge evenly until it wears out- I like that.

At first I thought the little smiley face timer was unnecessary but I put it in my shower (where I brush) and it is a nice feature. Since it has a clock it helps me keep track of time and the little smiley face has grown on me.

Another thing I like is that when you press too hard is does not pause like the older one did, it just has a red light to let you know.

Speaking of the pause it now pauses after every 30 seconds so I don't have to keep an eye on the smiley face on the wall, I also like that feature.

This was a nice upgrade and I think I paid the same as I did for the older one a couple of years ago.
Will buy again when this one dies.
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