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on June 13, 2013
This Oral-B electric toothbrush does an excellent job cleaning one's teeth. They say it oscillates and pulsates something like a zillion times a minute, which it may well do, though the user can't tell. Some reviews say that it is "too big" for the mouth, but I don't get that comment, as the removable brush is the same as for other Oral-B elec. toothbrushes, no matter how wide the handle is, and that is what goes into your mouth. Having said that, I would add that I would prefer a more slender handle. Guess it's that big so that batteries will fit into it. That means the travel case is quite large, too. Putting it in a plastic bag instead would save room in your carry-on. The recharging dock separates from the extra-brush holder and is quite small, thus easy to pack along with the brush, so you wouldn't have to worry about batteries unless you are traveling where you can't plug it in (other countries?). I think that it is NOT the same model that the leaflet that came with it describes, as it does not beep to signal when you are supposed to change quadrants in your mouth. Instead it stops for a moment and then starts right up again. Maybe that is better than being beeped at, but I would prefer having instructions that apply to the appliance I received. Box not the original, but rather an Amazon special, so no picture on it to check the model.
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on December 24, 2012
My wife and I bought Oral-B Rechargeable electric toothbrushes around 20 years ago. Mine is still going strong, but the wife's got dropped a few too many times -- it died, and couldn't be revived.
We didn't even consider another brand as a replacement, since the Oral-B had given such excellent service and performance over so many years. And we turned to Amazon as our source, based on several years of satisfaction.

Our order arrived promptly and in perfect condition. All the items and attachments fit together perfectly, and the handy Charger/Storage Case holds 4 Brush Heads (Only 1 included). The large blue Travel Case holds everything neatly and tucks easily into a shaving kit or makeup case.
An improvement I noticed over our previous Oral-B models is that the new Charger uses 16% less electricity to get the same long-length power cycle (about 7 days @ 2 Minutes x 2wice a day).
Another great feature of the Oral-B is the selection of different types of Interchangeable Brush Heads -- Also available at Amazon.
There are several electric toothbrushes on the market. Our experience with the Oral-B brand and Amazon make this a very highly-recommended product !!
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This is better than any electric toothbrush I've ever tried! It came with the Prowhite toothbrush head. In the center of the bristles, there is a small rubbery disc that spins, much like the device a dental hygenist uses to polish teeth. It works far better than the Sonicare Elite, which I am now sending over the rainbow. The Elite uses sound vibration and was good toothbrush, but the Oral-B is a great toothbrush! My teeth feel almost like they've just been cleaned in the dentist's office. Nothing has ever come this close!
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on August 4, 2017
This Oral-B works very well to keep our teeth properly clean. The bright flashing light that comes on while it recharges is annoying at night from the adjacent bathroom. A piece of black electrician's tape helped, as did turning the light side towards the wall. The break in the motor sound every 30 seconds is helpful...the little chimes that ring every 30 seconds might appeal to kids.
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on March 17, 2014
Rechargable on its base. It also comes with a travel case.
My old electric toothbrush, by the same manufacturer gave up the ghost after 10-12 years.
This one comes with a nifty (but somewhat large) travel case, which holds the handle and a couple of brush heads. Great idea.
For travel, I had been using a smaller-handled unit, run by 2 AA cells. You could get at least 60 brushes (i.e., 30 days if you brush morning & night) on the 2 disposable batteries. Surprisingly, the portable one did not come with a travel case!
Annoyingly, the brush pauses for a half-second every 30 seconds or so, just in case you don't know if you've brushed long enough (really dumb feature, for which I dropped the unit one star).
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on November 10, 2015
The toothbrush worked well in the beginning. So did the battery (duration in between charging). After about one year of usage, I noticed that I had to charge the battery more often, like every four (4) days or so. Now, after about 1.5 years of usage it's broken! And this is highly disappointing. This toothbrush was a replacement for an older Oral-B, because the battery didn't last anymore (after about 2.5 years of usage). Frankly, I do expect a kind of superior quality from the name and brand BRAUN / Oral-B. But my toothbrush seems to got rusty from the inside, so the rotating / vibrating mechanism does not work anymore. I suppose this is a kind of fault in workmanship. Because I think this is not supposed to happen. Check out the attached pictures if interested. At the location of the (red led) indicator for pushing too hard, you can see brownish spots. These (I guess) are rust particles built up on the inside.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on October 2, 2013
I purchased this Oral-B to replace a long used member of the same brand. My old one served me well and had just reached the point where the charge would not hold and the brush stopped in the middle of use. I could not complain since I had this one for several years.

The new brush is, "hands on" a great improvement over my original one. It is neat, easy to clean and holds a charge for at least 7 days! I really enjoy the automatic pause that allows one to move to another section of the mouth and brush for the full amount of time suggested by dentists.

I can only hope to have this product for a long time as I am really enjoying brushing my teeth with it!
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on February 19, 2015
We bought two of these - one for us and one for my mom and her husband to share. My son has already lost the travel case, which I wasn't too happy about, but I liked that it had room for a couple of heads and the brush. This is a quality toothbrush that is easy to use, easy to clean, and durable for everyday use by a five-member household. As the mom of three boys, I appreciate the timer that tells them when to switch sides and helps them stay on track with brushing for the recommended amount of time. I also appreciate that one brush base can be used by multiple people (there are four slots in the tray for four brush heads). My oldest son has braces and uses the next step-up model that was given to him by his orthodontist (other than the gadget-y little timer thing, I don't see that it has any more features to warrant the extra cost). I also like that Amazon lets you choose frustration-free packaging on items such as these. Makes it a lot less irritating to open something! We also buy our replacement heads on here; I just wish Amazon would regularly have the orthodontics heads available!
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on July 14, 2013
This product is a significant improvement over the regular toothbrushes, let me explain:


1. It is light.
2. The charging method (where the plug meets the stand) is a completely sealed electrical system, i.e. no water can get in.
3. It "tells" you when you are brushing too hard
4. Its value is well worth the money, both long and short term.


1. Out of the box, it took a full day and a half to reach full charge (which I didn't really mind to be honest).
2. It's a bit on the expensive side.

I've had 1 or 2 cordless toothbrushes before, but this one takes the cake. My dentist has told me that I brush way too hard, which was why my gums were beginning to receed and cause other problems. This toothbrush not only stops when you press too hard, it lights up red and sends a little beeping sound as well - I find this to be a cool feature for both sight and hearing impaired. Though it took some time and thorough research before I decided on this pricey purchase, I'm glad I did it and my teeth are much better for it. In response to other reviews about vibration - yes it does vibrate a little more than other cordless toothbrushes I have owned - however I quickly got accustomed to it to the point that I no longer notoice it. It easily reaches all those hard to reach areas within my mouth and effectively removes plaque due to its design. After using this product for a month, all plaque has been removed, and there are no signs of it returning. I am happy with my purchase.
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on December 26, 2012
Subject line says it all. The advertised battery performance is not true. Maybe I got a dud and need to look into returning it. However, I have followed the instructions exactly and I can get maybe three days of brushing without needing to charge. I believe it adversities ten days of brushing twice a day. It also takes about 36 hours for it to fully charge (indicated when the batter LED’s stop flashing). I was expecting a full charge overnight. I’m disappointed with that part of the brush.
However, it does do a good job cleaning teeth and the small charging stand is easy to travel with. Oral-B seems to have the best reviews out there as compared to the Sonicare. I had a Sonicare for 7 years and it was great. But apparently the new Sonicare brushes are awful and break every year or so (or so the reviews consistently say). Time will tell for this Oral-B brush. Hopefully my research will pay off in the long run.
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