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Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart, Charcoal/Orange
Color: Charcoal/Orange|Change
Price:$219.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 7, 2013
The easiest way to describe the Clicgear 3.5+ to colleagues and golf buddies is that it folds down into the size of a small suitcase but expands into this ginormous monstrosity of a cart. While describing the features like a handbrake, cupholder, umbrella holder, storage compartment, storage net, scorecard holder, etc... it sounded like a Cadillac of push carts.

The foam tires are a nice touch in that they don't need air. The hard storage compartment uses a lid that has magnetic locks but the hinge is just plastic that bends. I hope this lasts a long time because most containers that use this type of hinge tend to break over time.

The entire unit weighs 18.8 pounds, which is heavy compared to lighter models, but it isn't hard to move around. It is actually quite effortless to push and steer.

My biggest and only complaint is the funky bag straps. For some reason I had to adjust the donut/ring all the way down in order to cinch up the straps on my bag. That left a LOT of excess bungee cord dangling around. There was nothing available to secure the dangling cord. It was worse on the bottom near the tire because the cords just dangle around near the front wheel. When folding up the cart, the upper straps dangle near the ground. I found that using Velcro tie wraps tends to help secure the straps. That said, for the money we paid on a Clicgear cart, the least they could have done is include some retention mechanism for the excess straps.

Folding/unfolding the cart also involves keeping your foot on the front wheel flat on the ground, which I can see scratching the wheel over time. In addition, the lower part that holds onto your bag is covered in a rubberized material. This bar will hit the ground when folding/unfolding the cart. I can see the rubberized coating getting torn/worn over time.

The push handle is slightly adjustable for angle and its height makes it suitable for short or tall players.

The cup holder is awesome, I never had any trouble with it even when it is kept on the cart during transport. It held my water bottle just fine for all 18 holes. The mesh storage pouch was useful for holding dirty balls, extra tees, and anything I needed to throw in there. The storage compartment came in handy for securing 3 golf balls and extra gear. The tee holder was useful in keeping my selection of tees handy. The score card holder was very handy. The pencil holder though, was too tight and required a lot of force to slip the pencil through.

Steering and handling was good, although I found it to pull to the left requiring re-alignment out of the box. The procedure wasn't included in the box, so I had to go online and find Clicgear's YouTube video detailing the process. It requires loosening the big nut near the front axle, and then the 2 phillips screws are slightly loosened. The principle is that the screws hold down an adjustment plate that has a cammed keyway for the axle to tilt the front wheel left or right. Once the plate is adjusted properly, the screws are tightened to secure this adjustment plate. The axle nut is then tightened to secure the adjustment. After a few minutes of trial and error, I think I have it adjusted properly. You may need to bring some tools with you and find a long stretch of smooth road or a cart path.

The foam wheels have decent traction, but once or twice I had to fight to push the cart up a slippery grassy hill on the course because the tires weren't as grippy. This was a rare situation and the cart was otherwise a pleasure to push around the course. There is some flex built into the joints/frame that acts like a suspension system.

My Crown Vic's trunk is advertised as being 20.6 cubic feet. I found that with my golf bag and the Clicgear folded down, it took up 90% of this space. If you are transporting two golf bags and two Clicgears, you'll have to throw the Clicgears into the backseat area. For 1 golfer, the trunk will hold the golf bag/clubs and the Clicgear without drama. The reason I mentioned the 20.6 cubic feet is because most compact and mid-sized cars have a trunk capacity of 12-16 cubic feet while full-sized cars will have about 20 cubic feet. Compact SUVs like the Escape will have more storage space, as will small hatchbacks with the rear seats folded down.

As for the weight of the cart with bags, I am a 6'3" male weighing about 150 pounds. I did not have any trouble handling it on the golf course. I am not a body builder, but I am fairly athletic. I'd say that even a petite female that is in shape should not have too much difficulty with this setup as long as they can lift the 18.8 pound cart out of their vehicle.

I opted for the charcoal / orange Clicgear 3.5+, because the orange wheels make it look like the Repsol Honda edition golf cart. I got some comments about the appearance, and I have to admit that it looks fast just standing still on the golf course.

If you hose off the Clicgear, be aware that water will get trapped inside the frame tubes. I kept hearing some sloshing sounds and the water wouldn't completely drain out. I think they should have put more drain holes to ensure the water drains out. This would be helpful during rainy golf days as well.

Overall: 5/5 stars, the straps seem odd like there could be room for improvement. They didn't come with any type of retention straps to secure the dangling cords. The cart folds/unfolds very easily with practice. I've walked 18 holes several times over with this cart and absolutely love using it!! It's great exercise and it is useful for improving your game mentally.

UPDATE 12 OCT 2013:
After using the 3.5+ on about a dozen golf outings, I noticed the fasteners are rusting due to the moisture it encounters. While the frame is aluminum, the fasteners are regular black oxide / painted steel. In addition, the parking brake cable jacket is sliced open from rubbing against the razor sharp edge of the plastic hole right by the handlebar release mechanism. Other than these items, the cart is working out great. It took me about 3 tries to align the front wheel, but once it is aligned it is good to go. I'm downgrading it to 4 out of 5 stars for not using stainless fasteners and for not beveling the edge of the hole to prevent slicing into the brake cable jacket.
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on October 10, 2016
Great cart. I recently upgraded from a standard 2 wheel pull cart. I stumbled across one of these carts at the local pro-shop, and knew I had to have one. I ordered here on Amazon because there was a much broader range of color options available.

*The frame of this cart is made of large aluminum tubing.
*It folds up to a very compact size. Takes up less room than my old pull car did.
*Many color options allow you to be a little more unique with you cart.
*Tons of optional add-on items are sold for the Clicgear cart.
*Rubber wheels, provide good grip so it doesn't slide when crossing a hill sideways, like my old plastic pull car wheels. No maintenance like air filled tires either.
*Convenient net in front of tray for misc items, though it is partly blocked by the clubs that over hang it.
*Unique. You're not going to see many of these on the course, or at the club house.

*The biggest con is that it's expensive. At $219 you pretty much have to be a dedicated walking golfer to spend this kind of money on a cart.
*There's a mild learning curve with the fold/unfold function. Pretty easy process once you've got it, but the first few times are a bit awkward.
*The included cup holder is a joke. It clicks on nice, and does technically hold a cup. The opening is so small you have to use 2 hands to get a cup into it. If you're thinking about using a disposable coffee cup (Starbucks, McDonalds, Dunkin, etc) forget about it. That holder will crush the cup. It works okay for my metal coffee cup, but I'm looking for a larger one (or modifying the included one) that I can use with one hand.

Overall, it's a great cart. A huge upgrade from my old pull cart. It's actually nice enough that my dad replaced his BagBoy (3 wheel push car) with a Clicgear 3.5+ too. I've only got 3 cons listed, and one of them is an add-on item, not a problem with the cart. The other two don't really count against the cart's function, since I knew the price when I bought it, and the fold/unfold is easy once you figure it out. Easily worth all 4.5 starts, but since that's not an option, it's more of a 5 star item than a 4 star one. I'd buy it again.
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on July 22, 2013
I have a little bit of mixed reviews about this cart. First of all I will say I have had 3 different push carts in the past and what I liked about this one was how small it appeared to fold down. I will start by saying what I like about this cart, it looks better than any other cart I have owned and also appears to be much sturdier than anything else I have owned (SunMountain, Callaway & Bagboy). I like just pulling on a couple of red levers to fold and unfold the cart (makes it easier than twisting a knob). Accessories available with this cart (there are a lot of accessories available). Hand brake, I love the hand brake being up where you push the cart instead of a foot pedal type, so much easier to use. Comes with the cup holder, I didn't realize this when I bought it so that was a good surprise. Now on to what I am not really sold on yet about this cart and this is probably being a bit nitpicky, but when you are going to spend $50 to $80 more for this cart it might interest some to know about these areas. First of all it isn't small both folded and unfolded this thing is big. It is also heavier than any other cart I have owned (this could be attributed to the sturdiness I mentioned above, bigger tubes). It maneuvers well, but other maneuver better (again probably because they are lighter). The straps that hold your bag a bit weird to use and can become loose if you don't make sure the elastic is locked into the little round guides. Even then once adjusted you will have a lot of play/slack which just kind of hangs there and takes away from appearance a bit if you are into appearances. Me I don't mind the extra slack, but thought it might be worth noting. Again don't think this is small when folded, though it may be shorter than my other carts it is much wider. I have only played with this cart for two rounds now so I may grow to like it better as time goes on, but right now I kind of have mixed feelings as the Callaway cart I still have and have owned for the last 3 years still works just fine and if I compare the two then I would say I like the maneuverability, lightness of the Callaway better. On the Clicgear I like the looks, Accessories, quick folding, and handbrake better. So in the end was this a good purchase? The jury is still out on that, but if last 5 years or more which by looking at it and using it I am thinking this cart will last forever. If you have any questions about this cart please leave a comment and I will do my best to help.

//// Edit Mar 13, 2014
I had to come back and add to this as I have used the cart a lot more now, and I have grown to love this cart. I like it so much that I sold my Calloway cart because I will never use another cart again. Even 5 of the regular people I play golf with have purchased this cart since and they all love their Clicgear. If you are thinking about this cart then I would say quit thinking and take the plunge it may take a little getting used to, but you will not be disappointed.
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on July 17, 2015
It is perfect - accurately described and after three uses, I cant believe I did not buy it before this. Beats the golf course rental units by 1000%. Easy to open and close. Bag fits perfectly and the straps adjust to the bag. After the first adjustment, the straps remain in the same position for easy connect and disconnect. The handbrake is easy and fast to lock and unlock. Already comes with self adjusting bottle holder, umbrella stand which doubles as a steering mechanism, ball holder, score card space, tee holder etc...
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on February 19, 2017
This cart is great. I'm a younger guy (in my 30's) and I was up in the air about whether somebody my age should be using a push cart out on the course. I'm very glad I got this pushcart. After getting a membership for the first time, I played a lot more golf this year than I ever had, and using the cart helped prevent my back wearing down from carrying my bag all season. It works great and there are all sorts of attachments and accessories you can get for it. The only downside was that my bag (Ping Hoofer) wasn't clearing the front wheel. I ended up buying a Clicgear Booster which did the trick of elevating my bag enough so it wasn't scraping the wheel, but clearly a design flaw in the cart that would have helped save me a few bucks if the bag rest on the cart wasn't so close to the wheel. I would recommend this cart to anyone looking to buy one.
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on March 28, 2017
Makes walking way better. I have a couple of injuries so it is hard to carry the bag alone. So I wouldn't walk and just opt for the cart instead. Now it's fun to walk and still get exercise that and I am convinced that I play better when I walk. The cup holder is awesome and doesn't spill my beverages. There is a little net to throw stuff into and a score card keeper.
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on July 7, 2017
The cart is amazing. I bought it this cart right before I golfed an extremely hilly course. My main concern was how it would perform pushing it up the hills. It pushed very easily. I haven't seen any reviews on how it performs on very hilly terrain. I golfed with 2 guys that have sun mountain push carts. They were very impressed with the clicgear 3.5 as well. It folds up really small and is wide and stable when it is unfolded. I let it roll down a hill by itself every opportunity that I had, these are long hills, and it never even thought about tipping over. It also coasts very well on its own. It's rolls better than the sun mountains. It's worth every penny and I am glad I made the purchase. If your looking for a really nice cart, this is the one. I hope this helps people that are looking at purchasing this cart.
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on April 13, 2015
So far so good, been out for two rounds and nothing to complain about, the cart wheels slow down noticeably once you hit the turf nothing unbearable just makes the cart feel slightly heavier than a cart with inflatable tires, it's the trade off for never needing to pump them up I guess. When it's wet the wide wheels pick up everything and if your walking a little quick can sling some mud but neither one of them is any reason to overlook this trolly. Seems most people's bags sit tight near the storage compartment especially if your of a taller stature because you will have the handle at a higher angle for your comfort. There is a tour bag extension adapter for this. Seems very well put together and durable. I love the look of it and how convenient it is to fold up and store. I like that is a large size and plenty of storage as well. Clicgear really made a extremely useful well engineered trolly for the money. They also seem to have thought of every add on you could ever need as well.
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VINE VOICEon July 29, 2015
My husband loves this! I researched the best golf cart and this came up as number one on some lists and top five on others. It came all put together and it's very easy to fold down. It folds down into what looks like a medium box. Fits easy in the back seat. It has a spot for an umbrella and a little compartment for keys and wallet. It glides across the grass very well, it's easy to pull, and is very quiet while rolling. It helps having 3 wheels and has yet to tip over. It's built from very durable material and looks very sleek. You can also buy accessories for it such as a cup holder and seat. Although it is on the higher price end, it's worth the money. It's more durable and made of better quality than other ones I looked at.
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on November 18, 2017
Purchased despite daughter's reluctance to use a cart (she thinks they're for wimps)
Dropped 7 strokes (consistently) in 2 weeks after using the cart because she wasn't fatigued at hole 13 and admits she really likes it. She plays a lot of golf and this cart holds up to all terain much better than cheaper models I've seen other girls use. The unbrella holder is great - especially when it pours. The cart is very well balanced - also important because you don't want your clubs hitting the ground or dumping onto the course.
Our only regret was not buying this for her sooner!
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