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on November 23, 2013
(NOTE - This review was originally 2-Stars. Please see Addendum at end)

This particular tower fan has its Pros and Cons; unfortunately its hard to get around the biggest negative of the electronic speed control failing, so that pretty much iced the (original) two-star rating. But here goes anyways...

+ Quite possibly the quietest tower fan I've ever seen (or heard, actually) at any speed. Very good for bedroom use.
+ It has eight speeds instead of the standard three.
+ Temperature control allows you to select a room temp at which the fan will automatically turn on. It also shows you what the room temp currently is.
+ It has a select-able timer that automatically shuts off the fan after the set amount of time - up to eight hours.
+ Did I mention it was quiet?

- The LED control panel is quite bright, requiring using a piece of cardboard over it to keep the bedroom dark.
- Base is not as sturdy or solid as I would like, but it does the job.
- And saving the worst for last, the electronic speed control failed after one week of nighttime use. The light for the lowest speed shut off and the speed button was completely dead, forcing us to use the remote to change the speed.

= While not absolutely quiet at the highest speeds, it is still quieter than comparable tower fans pushing the same (or similar) amounts of air when on the top three speeds.
= Any temp or timer settings you set are cleared when the fan turns off.
= If you listen to this fan in a quiet room (especially at the lower speeds) you can hear it change speed and pitch ever so slightly. This is probably due to nothing more than voltage fluctuations from other items turning on and off in the house (A/C unit, kitchen appliances, electric water heater or pump, etc.) but it can be noticeable.

It's hard to get around the speed control failing after only one week, and this does not bode well for durability or longevity. Amazon replaced the broken fan with a new one without a problem and our hope is we just got a bad unit. I will update my review if the replacement fails or holds up over time.

And lastly, it is worth noting that there are differences between the black and white versions of this fan. Obviously, there is a $10 price premium for the black one, but the black version also has 8 speeds (versus 5 for the white) and the temperature setting option (that the white does not have at all). I do not know for sure, but there may also be other differences that might account for the wide range of reviews.

ADDENDUM, June 2015 - I am adding this note and updating my star rating from 2/5 to 4/5. It has been about 18 months since we received the replacement for the original failed unit, and the new one has been performing flawlessly ever since. We use it in our bedroom every night and so far nothing has failed, broken or changed for the worse. All of my original Pro's and Con's still stand, but since the replacement fan has shown to have good reliability I've decided to update this review. So far, all of the electronic controls continue to perform flawlessly, and we have covered the top panel with a piece of cardboard to block out the light from all of the LEDs. The only service I've done to this fan is run the brush from the vacuum cleaner over it about once a month to keep it clean. The noise levels remain low as well and we are pleased with this purchase, even though we did have to deal with one failed unit at first.

ADDENDUM, July 2016 - Just a note to let everyone know our fan finally died - but it wasn't the fan's fault! One of our dogs was jumping off the bed, hit the fan and knocked it over - breaking off the base and the oscillation mechanism. We had this fan for about two and a half years and right up to that point everything continued to work as described while remaining very quiet (especially at the lower speeds). When I took the fan apart to see if it could be repaired (it couldn't...) I noticed that it had it's fair share of dust built-up inside the body but the sound levels never really changed. We have a ceiling fan so the need for a tower fan has pretty much been eliminated, but this unit was a good purchase for as long as we were able to use it.
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on March 3, 2017
I didn't read the description very well so I didn't know it came with a remote. I can lie in bed and turn my fan on and off. That's the future here and now.

As for the fan, it's great. At the lowest setting it's super quiet and soft, at the highest it's loud and blows like mad. I use the White Noise setting at night and I sleep like a 40 year old man who has all sorts of demons inside and can't really sleep well but wants to pretend he does.
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on March 1, 2016
This fan worked great until it didn't. Came home one day and the whole thing was tilted at an angle and making clicking sounds upon oscillating. We unscrewed the base and found an example of the worst engineering ever. The entire unit is attached to the base with 3 teeny tiny pieces of plastic. All of which had snapped. We had used the fan for about 3 months 😠
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on February 1, 2017
BEWARE THE FAN DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE. I got it replaced thinking I got sent the wrong one. It is not pearlized nor is it rounded all the way to the bottom. Works great but the picture needs to be updated because the real thing is not so modern looking. I've attached a photo.
review image
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on June 5, 2016
I bought one of these Honeywell room fans solely on the fact that reviewers say it's quiet. We wanted to replace our old Honeywell room fans which are just too noisy to sleep with (even on the lowest of 3 settings). Well, both my wife and I are so happy with this fan that we bought a second one. Very nice design and the lowest 2 speeds are very quiet, especially the lowest speed which we can both easily sleep with while still moving enough air to keep the room comfortable. The oscillation feature makes no extra noise, which cannot be said for our older Honeywell fans. Also, I was concerned about the LEDs lighting up the room at night, so I made a simple cover out of construction paper that works perfectly to keep the room totally dark while the fan is running (took about 30 minutes to make two paper covers, each with a little folded tang at the top that fits in the hand hold and keeps the cover in place). Assembly was a piece of cake...10-15 minutes tops...Coolness!

Update 2016-06-23 (docked one star):
One of our two fans started making an annoying high-pitched noise within two weeks, so we returned/exchanged it (at no charge) for a new one...bummer. Let's hope that one was a lemon and not a design flaw. Also, the oscillation feature *does* make some noise (same on both of our fans), although not much. It is especially noticeable (a slight stuttering sound) when the fan reverses direction at each end of the oscillation...again...bummer (but not too much of a bummer).
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This is a good quality quiet fan that is great for rooms in which you need to sleep. The multiple speed settings allow for great choice in the level of air force being generated. Above the second setting the noise level does increase significantly and might be to much for light sleepers. It blows a nice amount of air at all levels, but will not push air all the way across a 20 foot room with any force below the highest setting and even that isn't much at that distance. For normal room use though these work great. we have three, two of this model and one of the previous years model. The overall fan is great. The one major weak point is the stand is two relatively plastic pieces snapped together with molded in plastic tabs. these bases work fine and ours have not been a problem, but it would not take much of a jolt to snap the pegs of rendering the base and hence the fan unusable. However if you move it with care and don't "throw it around" when you move it you'll have no problems. The fans also come with a remote, sleep/run timer and oscillation on/off option.
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on July 16, 2017
This is a great fan. works great. I've been using it for 5 months now and it is perfect. Some people were complaining about the noise it makes, it is fairly quiet, I usually set it to calm when I sleep and i am a light sleeper. It does not bother me or wake me up. It does have a bright blue light in a dark room but it does not bother me.
great product, I would recommend.
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on March 9, 2018
I bought this because the previous one I had broke after I knocked it over too many times. I haven't knocked this one over yet, but the base is pretty much the same as the white version so I assume it's just as breakable, so don't do that. I could rate it 4 stars for breakability, but frankly I don't consider it their fault that some people, like myself, are dumb enough to put fans in places where they can be easily and frequently knocked over. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice fan; it's got a thermostat that tells you what the room temperature is, a remote control, and too many different fan speeds for you to ever realistically use all of them. It also oscillates, unless you knock it over, in which case it might not do that anymore, so again, don't knock it over. It's really that simple.
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I purchased the Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan and the Lasko 2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote. The both are about the same height. This one (the Honeywell) has greater span and puts out better cooling air. The different settings on the fan are really awesome. The Lasko fan looks better but the air is so low you can barely feel it even on the highest setting (3). It also doesn't cover as much area as the Honeywell.
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on July 21, 2017
For a tower fan, it's pretty small. It's significantly shorter and narrower than the previous tower fan I had from Costco (for the same price, minus the bonus table-size tower fan that comes with the Costo tower fan). Because it's narrower, the air that blows out when it's rotating doesn't feel very satisfying, so I've been keeping it stationary, just blowing constantly on me. I don't like it as well as the Costco fan (except this one works and the Costco fan failed after three years of nearly constant use) but it is certainly quieter.

The remote is oddly shaped with very small buttons, making it awkward to use, but it works, so things could be worse.

Overall, if you want a lot of air, you want a bigger tower fan. It doesn't cool more than one person unless one is sitting in another's lap.
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