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  • Customer reviews

on October 3, 2016
The Wilson Staff 50 Elite does what any non-great golfer wants it to do: it flies far if you don't have a super-fast swing speed, and it has low spin which tends to make it go straight. It also has a softer than average feel, and it's great for chipping and putting. For any amateur golfer who is anywhere from slightly above average to horrible, look no further than this ball. I would honestly prefer to play this ball than any other ball at any price, including the vaunted Titleist ProV1 (which is 4x the price of these).

How it works is that if you have an average to low swing speed, due to the compression this ball will fly farther than most. But conversely, if you have a very fast (pro type) swing speed, the ball will fly a little less than the balls pros prefer. What's also great about this ball is that it's cheap, roughly $1/ball. So if you aren't very good and lose a lot of balls in a round, it hurts less financially when you lose one. Plus the ball is available in orange, my preferred ball color. Orange balls are much easier to see in the sky on an overcast day than a white ball. And since very few people play orange balls, you are less likely to confuse your ball on the ground with someone else's ball.

This ball should really be rated a full 5 stars by everyone who chooses to play it. If you are a near-pro golfer, you already know that you want a ball with less compression and more spin, to match your fast swing speed and ability to "work" (deliberately curve) the ball. But if you are anything less than a great golfer, buy this ball. Most of the negative customer reviews here are ridiculous. Check out the current one star reviews. One says the balls feel like rocks, another says they feel like marshmallows - obviously these are in between those two extremes. Then some say that the wrong product was sent or they got the wrong color from their seller. That is not a review of THIS product, and is no reason for one star. And there are some 3 star ratings that claim the ball "wears out" after a full round (18 holes) or two. Look, if you can play an entire round without losing a ball, retire that ball. Considering the costs of playing golf, why be cheap and play a $1 ball for more than one round? Serious tennis players do not keep playing the same balls match after match, and there's no reason anyone should play a $1 golf ball for more than one round. Frankly I'd love to finish a round with the same ball from the first tee, something I've never done.
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on December 14, 2017
As the seasons change, white golf balls become more difficult to see on a leaf-strewn fairway, particularly after a storm which has deposited said leaves with their lighter backsides facing upward. The bright orange color of these balls helps me locate them. I'm not a good-enough golfer to evaluate their effect on my distance or accuracy, but at least I haven't gotten any worse.
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on April 1, 2017
These are great golf balls for the recreational golfer. Nice soft feel. Carry the same distance as any other golf ball I have played and they will spin around the greens. I'll keep buying them as long as they keep making them.
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on September 24, 2017
Good, inexpensive golf ball.

Color is super vibrant which makes them easy to find. Not so expensive that you feel guilty losing a bunch.
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on October 18, 2017
Always a great item. Have ordered it before. I lose a lot of balls in the woods.
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on April 18, 2012
Played a round with a friend a few weeks ago. I found a lost Wilson Staff Fifty Elite and on the last hole I thought I would try it. I had never seen one before. I usually buy the experienced Pro V1's from Golfsmith. $10.00 a box. A great ball and value. Anyway, the drive really felt good. It was about 80 degrees out. I wound up 230 yrds form the green with the wind in my face. Well I'll never get there from here I thought. With no wind and a normal swing with a Pro V I usually hit my 3 wood about 218 yrds. Man what a shot I thought. My friend said your on. No way, the wind is in my face. I'm not sure if I can get there with the wind at my back. Sure enough, there that wilson ball sat, pin high. I just bought two boxes on Amazon for $12.50 each. I haven't played a round with these yet and the ball did have a nice long slight fade. I may need the Pro v 1 for strong draw's and fade's but really wont know how they work till I play some. But I think I will be playing this ball for a long time. When I have played a round and have time, I will do a follow up. I cant wait.
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on June 25, 2016
These balls are a great value. They have great feel and length. The low pressure is the new thing in golf. I regard these balls as a premium product, in spite of the price. And when I play orange balls, I always know which one is mine when I play with friends.
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on August 22, 2017
Love these! These don't get the credit they deserve.
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on June 6, 2016
I have no idea why people pay $5 per ball when these (and all Wilson Staff balls) exist. These are a nice soft ball, but don't penalize you with a loss of distance. They don't have a super soft cover, but I don't spin it around the greens so it doesn't bother me. If you do like to spin it with your wedges, they might not be for you but at less than 25% of the cost of Pro-Vs, they're still worth a look.
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on August 24, 2015
Distance - Long off the tee and didn't see a single shot balloon even with a wind to the face with both iron and driver. It was a nice long boring ball flight with a driver and even with the fairway a little wet in the early part of the round, i didn't see the ball land and hop back a pace or two like it did last week. Iron shots were also long but within range of other balls that i've played recently (Snell MTB, Callaway Chrome Soft, Callaway Super Soft, Titleist ProV1/X).

Feel - It is the softest ball that I've hit in a long long time. Driver, 3 wood, irons, putter Even on poor shots it didn't send shockwave through the club. Even sounded slightly muted than usual

Spin - I didn't have anything roll back but like i said i was struggling. Most of the shots into the green were pretty much fly, land, nothing, fly, land, nothing. Course i played required a lot of shot placing from the tee and one of the hole left me with just over 195 to the center of the green with the flag in the back left corner with bunker guarding the front left due to poorly hit tee shot. I hit it pure with a 6 iron and i was worried that it may not stop but it landed and stuck around 12 to 14 ft away from the cup on the low side. Pretty much all of my shots into the green and stuck. Even from a few pitch shots from 40 ~ 70 yards all landed and stopped without rolling on the green.

Durability - This ball is tough. It may be from the fact that i'm not playing non-conforming groove wedges anymore but not much damage to the ball. I hit one ball from 1~14 and nada on the damage. Maybe the sparkling neon green color contributed to it but i couldn't find any visible damage other than a feint scratch like mark

Putting - I struggled to adjust to the firming green in the later in the round. It's probably me more than the ball but lack of feedback was making it harder to adjust. It did feel good but i ended up leaving a lot of putts shorter than where i wanted.
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