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on May 1, 2017
This does blow cooler air than regular fans. Love the remote control too! I initially bought it to use in my patio but you have to be close to it to feel the cool. It's not as loud as regular free standing fans buts it's not super quiet either.

First pic shows room size it cools off.
Second pic is digital display and storage space on top for remote.
Last pic is of the base. I wanted to show the range of oscillating. See the lines on left and right? That's the span. Like a 90 degree oscillator.
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on July 3, 2014
Very nice fan, easy to operate, and fairly quiet. LOVE the remote control and it works very well from a distance (furthest I've tested is about 20'). I would buy this fan again and would recommend it to friends.
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on February 3, 2018
I LOVE this fan. The 3 settings are perfect. High moves a lot of air. When you move a lot of air, that air moving makes noise. The fan motor is silent but the sound of the air moving on HIGH can be a little loud (not bad). Low is very comfortable but if I've been out working in the heat and just want to sit in front of the fan, medium works great. I only put it on high if I want to move hot air out of the room>

We also use this fan to blow across our wood stove. OMG........ does this thing move the air throughout our 1600sq ft house.We have our wood stove in the corner of the livingroom, out away from the wall. I put this fan right back in the corner so that it moves the hot air from the 600* stove into the rest of the house. It is PERFECT.

It was EZ to assemble. (just the base). I have seen others complain about the switch door (on top of the fan). Mine works fine so far. I will update any changes.
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on August 2, 2017
We have two of the Ozeri Ultra 42 and this is exactly like the Ozeri Ultra 42. However, I wasn't quite happy that it took a lot more effort to put the Pro Arctic base together. The two base parts (halves) weren't "cooperating" but with some patience and effort, I made it through putting it together without breaking the plastic base. One screw in the bottom of the base wasn't rotating as easily as the other three were, so that was another fluke but nothing that compromised this unit when I got it standing.

The instruction book was pretty sad. It has tiny print and you better not expect detailed, step by step assembly explanation with pictures of the base parts. However, putting the base and stand together is almost self explanatory so the only part I didn't care for was the amount of effort it took to put the base (bottom part) together.

As in the Ozeri, I feel both manufacturers do a poor job in providing us with sturdier base for these tower fans. Also, I simply don't understand why they don't make a bottom cover for the base. This would make these bases so much more leveled and therefore, stable.

I truly dislike the colorful Arctic-Pro logo in the front of this tower fan. The Ozeri logo is much more tastefully done, in all thin, cursive black letters. But let's go to functionality: we've only had it for 5 days and it's been in use for 3 days now. So far so good. It's in our masterbedroom, where we have one Ozeri Ultra unit on the other end of the room.

NOISE: Both fans yield pretty much the same amount of noise. It's not as quiet in max speed - I'll call it "level 3 speed - as it is in level 1 and 2 speed. I am highly sensitive to noises overnight and have hard time sleeping with any noise. I lower the speed to level 2 in these tower fans and have had no trouble sleeping whatsoever. I have slept with it in max speed but overtime, the noise in max speed ends up bothering I just keep it in speed 2, which provides plenty air output and is extremely quiet.

AIR OUTPUT and RANGE: The air output seems to be the same as the Ozeri. I personally feel it does a great job reaching and therefore, cooling down a nice size area.

OSCILLATION: I actually think the Arctic-Pro provides a bit larger angle in the oscillation range than the Ozeri...I'll try to measure it and will update this review in the near future.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this purchase and recommend this tower fan but it's too early to say whether this is a fan that will stand the test of time so again, I'll try to update this review in the future. I love the Ozeri units so if this proves to be just as good and durable, I'll be glad to add that 5th star...that deduction was for the effort it took to put the base together, the poor instruction book, and the ugly logo on the front. It wasn't about far, it's working just as well as the Ozeri Ultra 42!

Price: this cost about $15 to $20 less than the Ozeri Ultra 42 so the price difference isn't great...I just hope I don't live to regret buying this just to save a few dollars. So far, this is proving to be as good as the Ozeri Ultra 42 tower fan, which we love. Let's hope this will be true a few years from now...

Like the Ozeri, this unit comes with a remote control and two AAA batteries for the mote. The power cord is long enough for me...sorry I didn't measure that...
By the way, the thermostat in the display is only to show the approximate room temperature. This isn't an air's just a fan! But I love the display and the fact that it has different "breeze" options and a timer!!! One of these days, they'll come up with a fan that has wifi and can play our iTunes then, I think this and the Ozeri Ultra 42 are excellent and fairly quiet tower fans.
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on July 19, 2016
Like this fan. Easy to use with the remote; fairly quiet; so far the base is stable. We use with the base plate only; not the pedestal piece. Great for the sale price we paid. We use constantly in the summer as no air conditioning; so our last fan (another brand) died. This one is quieter and because it is a dark color, not as noticeable in the room.
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on October 3, 2015
Purchased 9-1-2015
My order and delivery were excellent.
You have to assemble the base to the tower. Requires a Phillip's screw driver. Very simple.
The fan is tall but has small footprint on the floor.
The fan has 3 speeds, oscillates, variable speed setting labeled "nature", and "sleep" mode.
The lowest fan speed could be lower still in my opinion.
The upright fan design shapes the moving air vertically, and easily moves air around the boundaries
of a 12 x 18 ft. room even on low speed. The moving air seems to be more cohesive than air from a window fan.
While operating in oscillating mode, fan covers an 80 degree angle and will cover entire room.
Speed of oscillation is adjustable.
The fan has off and on switch, plus 12 hour timer.
The fan noise is lower than a 20" window fan.
On high speed this fan moves air better than a ceiling fan and is just as quiet or quieter.
The fan has a remote control and a pleasant multi colored digital display which responds to the remote.
Parts are lightweight plastic. Unit could be fragile. Unit is easy to carry and move.
Remote uses 2 AAA batteries. Batteries were included.
No service life info at this time.
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on September 13, 2017
So good things first: I love having a remote for it. It IS rather quiet, especially when in night mode. It does move a fair bit of air.

Next the less good things and the reason for my 3 star rating: Although only 8 screws total it was a pain to put together. Maybe it is unique to my unit but not all the screws were threaded in such a way that they grabbed easily and would go all the way into their intended spot. 3 out of 4 on the base were fine and 3 out of 4 on the higher part were fine, which should have made the whole thing pretty stable. However the whole thing feels pretty wobbly and that sucks. The instructions were abysmal but its pretty self-explanatory. Overall I wish I'd bought a Vornado but cant quite be bothered to package this one up and return it. for 20 bucks more this would have been a better option though (I have one already):

If you need a cheaper fan for a corner where it won't ever get touched it is an ok option.
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on July 8, 2017
I researched this fan and read reviews online. Based on what I learned, I decided that this product would be ideal for circulating air in my living room space. I ordered this product and after assembling the base, I plugged it in, turned it on, and was greeted with an ear piercing grinding noise. Immediately, I contacted the company and explained my issue assuming the fan was damaged in transit. They were wonderful and sent me a new one free of charges! My new fan came in and I started assembling the base again and thought...I should probably plug this in just to make sure it works. I did just that and as soon as I turned it on, the inner workings of the cylinder started clanking around. The words, "You've got to be kidding me" pulsed threw my head. I seriously could not believe I received 2 fans that were faulty. I emailed the company back explaining the second issue with the fan they just sent and demanded a full refund. I had no interest in a third attempt with this product. Since then, I have not heard from the company about fulfilling my request and in turn, I am sending it back via Amazon. What a disappointment!
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on February 16, 2018
Best fan I've ever had and I can't sleep without a fan. It's super powerful with several different modes. It's taller than most tower fans and has a remote control. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to turn off the display from the remote. You have to do that from the unit but it is still great that it allows you the ability to competent darken the screen. The fan noise it makes is prefect white noise without any rattling. If you can't tell, I'm a fan.
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on February 10, 2018
I received this after 5 days without prime. It's pretty good, considering it shipped from the east coast while I'm in SoCal. However, if I could rate the shipment, it would be 1 star. It just came in its actual box with the delivery sticker which resulted in it being battered. I'm not surprised since it also happened to other customers. I just wish they would ship it like how they did with other customers, with an outer box. Regardless, I'm giving 5 stars because the fan wasn't damaged (no scratches even) and there are no missing pieces despite the box being slighlty opened. I love how it shows the temperature. Heck, I love how it has a display in the first place and a place for the remote, the cover is a bonus too since it's easier to clean the dust off a flat surface instead of the space in between small buttons. I did consider taking off 1 star because I initially thought that the height is adjustable as per the pictures given by the seller. However, I realized it was just me misunderstanding the picture. You just either attached the fan directly to the base or not - which isn't really a big issue for me since my room is small, and I just need a fan to circulate the air. I just wish it can oscillate at a wider angle. Still pretty good for the price and considering I bought a refurbished one:) I'm glad I made this purchase:)
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