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on May 13, 2013
 Let me start by saying this guitar is actually a pretty good deal. I am serious, 18 dollars for a full 6-string guitar the size of a ukulele? Awesome! I bought this for myself as a joke not really expecting much. I saw the low reviews, many of them being 1-star and was a bit hesitant, but seeing it was 10 dollars I decided to drop the money as I would not be losing too much. Many of the reviews complained that this was just a toy and not a real instrument, I beg to differ.
Now I play guitar (an electric and acoustic) and have been playing for the past 10 years. I am quite knowledgeable in the workings of a guitar and how to set it up. If you notice, many of the 1-star reviews state that this is a bad product because the strings broke and the replacement strings broke too. Let me start off by saying that this is totally expected. Even when buying a high-end guitar, many players if not all, replace the strings with ones they prefer for both sound, quality, and the how long the string will last. Saying that a string broke is not a reason to say this is a bad product. That is like saying a 5000 dollar Gibson guitar is rubbish because its strings broke. As soon as you get this guitar, replace the strings, I suggest with actual guitar strings than the rubbish wire they give. Might I recommend (I am not an affiliate of this company) D'addario Classical Nylon High-Tension Strings. Any type of high tension nylon string will be perfect for this size of guitar and will be easy on the guitar. Reviews have stated that the tuners can't not stay in tune at all, that is also a big lie. There are screws behind each tuner that can be tightened as to stay in tune. Also, THIS CAN HANDLE STANDARD TUNING, YOU NEED TO HAVE THE RIGHT STRINGS.
P.S. As to address reviews that talk of structural integrity, I cannot weigh much opinoin on this as I am a musician and know proper care and maintenance if you are to give this to a child I think it should be able to hold up. However if at any case this does get broken, I wouldn't really blame the product as said THIS IS AN INSTRUMENT NOT A TOY. Depending on the repair, wood glue designed for wooden instruments should handle any break.

EDIT: You'll notice there are fret markings on the guitar. I etched them in there myself.
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on September 17, 2015
My 20 month old son loves guitars. We bought a super cute Hape ukulele for him that he loved strumming and singing out loud, but we found out it had loose screw that would not stay in, so we had to return it. Gave this 6-strings toy guitar a try, thinking for a 20 month old he just enjoys "playing" with it, we were not expecting him to learn to play guitar on this. So that's our expectations.
The instrument arrived in a flimsier box (than the Hape), and the finish is far from the shiny, glossy paint job on the Hape. But hey, he is only 20 months old and he enjoys the sounds he makes when he hits the strings. It takes a lot of beating, being dragged around the house, brought to an outdoor concert so he could play watching the band playing live, being sit on, tripped over on.....two months out, the strings hold, and he plays with it every single day. The instrument is poorly constructed as a "musical instrument", a couple reviewers actually did some impressive work to make theirs good enough to play music. I did nothing but tuning it the best I could (it does not hold the tunes very well), it sounds decent enough, just can't really play chords with the frets so oddly spaced. Overall it serves as a toy for our little boy to make his own music, that is good enough. When he gets older we will look into another Hape or Hohner for a change.
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on December 19, 2013
My wife and I bought this for our 2 year old son as a gift based on the video review where the guitar is shown as being playable. I was also able to get our guitar to hold pitch and "play" but only because I am familiar with the basics of guitar setup and simple woodworking.

I followed the advice given in the video review to use hard tension nylon strings and find that while they hold pitch, the 3rd string is too loose compared to the others to make a good sound. Perhaps this will improve as the strings stretch, but experimenting with other strings may be worthwhile.

My procedure:
1. Remove all strings, tailpiece, nut and bridge.
2. File the headstock to create a level place to mount the nut. The gap between 1st fret and nut was particularly large and uneven on the guitar we received so I also had to trim the fingerboard with a utility knife to make a clean, straight edge at the top of the fingerboard.
3. Reattach nut. (I used wood glue)
4. Drill new hole to center tailpiece on body. Reattach tailpiece using the same screw.
5. Place bridge (I lightly glued it without too much concern for intonation; securing it was more important for a two year old in my mind).
6. Restring guitar, loosening and then tightening Phillips head screws on the tuning machines each time while adjusting pitch. It simply won't hold pitch without them cranked down but won't turn without them loose.

I ended up with a guitar that looks a little better and sounds a lot better than what I had to start. There are certainly many things "wrong" with it (uneven frets, bad string spacing, lousy intonation) but as a means to get our son involved in "playing" a guitar of his own (instead of one of mine...) we're pretty happy with it.
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on April 10, 2015

-do NOT buy this guitar if you are even a little serious about playing or learning guitar.
-I only would give this to a very little kid to just throw around and pretend they are playing........even then you can spend a little more and get something more "decent"

-do NOT waist your money.

-Even if you have the experience to do a setup on this guitar youself, its a waist of time and energy.
its junk.
.......please don't waist your time and money...I'm just trying to tell you the 100% truth.

-He put some work into it and made it a little better......I"m sorry but its still worse than a junk guitar.
the heads do not hold.......yes I've tightened, messed with NEEDS new heads........thats another $30.......which you could have just bought a MUCH better guitar now if you spend that money on heads.
the fretboard is one of the worst I have seen....and some with the bridge.
it really fails on the bridge.......and VERY unreliable system.
this adds up to everything you DON'T want in a guitar...this one has it.
-You're better off buying a $40 lanikai ukulele.....quality is farrr better than this.

EXPERIENCE: Worked at a guitar store ----played guitar for 10 Years - ----- Owned 15 guitars
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on December 5, 2012
Well, for $20, I thought this was a good deal. It has real steel strings and comes with an oversized pick (for small fingers) and an extra replacement string. This extra string was used the first day, as a string broke when I tightened the tuning knob. I advise against tightening the knobs more than a touch!

Other than that, the finish is good-looking and I know my 2 year-old nephew will love it because it looks just like mine which he wants to play all the time (but is too expensive to let him play, tho)!! Of course, after playing with his own guitar, he wanted to switch and play mine again. I told him that's why I bought him a guitar. He seemed happy with it and carried the guitar around with him all evening and even brought the pick with him to the dinner table.

A major problem, as others have mentioned, is that the knobs to tighten the string won't stay in place (they're not tightly set in the hole) when you try to tune it. Don't tighten too much! I think there's a sticker on there that warns against trying to tighten the knobs much, so follow those instructions! Of course, it makes the chords printed on the back of the box odd because you couldn't really play chords on this toy anyway. I might actually use it for my own playing, tho, because it lists the chords in different keys. However, it suits our purposes and he gets to strum on something no matter what notes it's playing; he can even beat it up if he likes or pound it without me tearing my hair out. So, we're both happy!

It's really pretty, too, in my opinion. And, I got the color and style noted in the ad, versus what some other sellers are sending out: "color varies." Nah, I'm too picky for that. I read all the reviews and compared similar products and sellers and got exactly what I expected.
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on December 23, 2013
So rating this was hard to give an accurate star-rating. It came in the original packaging (like the light, cardboard package the guitar was in) and nothing more! I was shocked that the thing wasn't damaged in shipping considering there was NO protection for it at all. The company literally slapped the shipping label over the original box. Very weird!
The neck is made of that cheap, compressed sawdust (sorry don't know the technical term...) The tuning keys are loose and there is no way to realistically tighten them into the neck so as to tune the strings. The neck paint job had minor cracks in it. The nut had completely come unglued and was hanging literally by the strings (this was easily reglued). However, the strings are actually real (as in, not plastic.) Overall, THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY A TOY!! And a cheap, borderline damaged one at that.
I would have given this a single star except for the fact that I only pain $6 for it. It's worth that, but not a cent more. It was purchased as a toy for my toddler who is in absolute love with it. So it was worth the money, but as I say, I would have immediately wanted a refund if I had even paid $10. Guess I got lucky??
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on December 31, 2014
I mostly got this so it could take all the abuse my little niece usually inflicts on my guitars when she visits, so I guess it's doing what I bought it for. But if you are hoping to teach a kid to play the guitar look elsewhere. This is a toy. Apparently you can tune it and everything, but I couldn't get it to stay in tune. I like the giant pick that comes with it, since my niece can't swallow it or anything. Three stars, cause it's about a 1 star guitar and a four star toy. Even though I did not buy this with anyone actually playing it in mind, I was still a little disappointed that it wouldn't function like a real guitar!
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on March 29, 2014
Bought for 2 grandchildren, girls ages 3 &4. Stressed that it was NOT a toy. They have handled it with that in mind (somewhat). First step in setup was to tighten back brackets and glue on the stringplate. Does not tune fully, but good enough. Their first instrument so they just strum the strings--but really enjoy it. I Did buy additional "regular" strings (D'Addario Nylon) based on some prior comments on fragile strings sent. So far, 3 weeks, the original strings are working.Not sure how easy restringing will be--small, relatively inacccessible area.
Happy with the purchase so far and the girls also like coming in and strumming my regular sized guitar. A good kids gift for them. Must stress its not a robust toy and could easily be abused with rough handling. I'd buy it again. Good intro to music for the kids.
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on January 18, 2014
I bought this guitar for my daughter's upcoming second birthday. We have not given it to her yet but I have no doubt she will be thrilled as she's been asking for a pink guitar for months.
When I first found this guitar it was listed for almost $30. I checked the listing a few times a day and eventually the price dropped dramatically. I got it for $17 including shipping and I think that was a fair price. It arrived within the time frame amazon said it would also.
The guitar itself is tiny (23") but for a two year old it's perfect. It is VERY pink, but in this case that's a good thing. It arrived safely in it's box free of any damage. The strings are all there and work alright. It is not in tune, though you could attempt to tune it, but that's not terribly important to me. It's just a toy until she's older.
My only complaint is the smell. I had read other reviews before purchasing so I was aware this might be a problem, but when it arrived it stunk to high heaven of spray paint. I just took it out of the box to air it out and that seems to have helped. Just be forewarned, this toy needs to off-gas.
If your toddler is already shredding like she's in a metal band, this is not the guitar for you. But for a cute toy this one is pretty adorable.
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on December 19, 2017
The guitar itself seems to be ok. Was tuning before wrapping as a Christmas gift for my child when string already broke. They are very thin metal string that break with 1 1/8 turn. Sound quality is not very good especially for teaching a 5 year old child.
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