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on July 3, 2017
Wonderful product!! Super comfortable!!! Very good!!!
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on August 5, 2017
All parts sent, assembly was easy, works as advertised. Time will tell about durability. Charles
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on August 12, 2015
Making turns to the right or left are not always completed, don't know if it is the connection or something else. Takes awhile to learn, but overall satisfied. Wish I got the model with the attached seat.
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on April 28, 2017
This was a present for my son in law. He loves it!
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on November 21, 2016
Will add a star depending on longevity in a few months. This is a very well constructed, well appointed electric golf cart that is easy and fun to use. Look.. it is NOT a Stewart X9 which costs 5x as much without accesssories but is an excellent basic remote controlled golf cart for under $500! A very small learning curve and I've become a fan. I walk using this cart even when I can get a ride special for just a few $ more. A very heavy duty batterry precludes the need, for now anyway, to spend $400 more for a lithium battery on some other competing carts. My partner has a Bat Caddy, which is a few hundred $ more expensive, and I think the Spin It is better made. Is it noisy.. yes. Does the forward progress slow, momentarily, while making a turn.. yes. Is it fun and healthful to use.. YES! I've used it now for 6 rounds and I am a fan having pushed a Cliqgear for years up the hills of my local course.
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on July 17, 2016
Love it, love it. It takes the stress out of carrying your golf bag or renting a cart between $18-22 each time you play. Before you know it the Spin It will pay for itself. Well worth it. I'm looking to change the battery, to a lithium battery at some point down the road.
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on June 27, 2016
Makes golfing so much easier...no more back aches!
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on February 14, 2017
After previously purchasing a Spin It push cart on Amazon a couple of years ago I recently decided to purchase this self propelled model and really like it so far. Directions were poor but setup was easy. A bit counterintuitive to leave the long handle folded while attaching the shorter support frame and then unfolding the long handle and locking it in place but pretty easy once you get used to it. Folding the cart to put it back in the car is easy. It folds compactly. The cart itself weighs about 22 pounds. Battery installation is a piece of cake although the battery also weighs about 22 pounds. It would have been nice to have a better indicator on either side of the battery connectors to minimize fumbling around with it. I used a sharpie pen to draw a line across the connectors to speed up the process of connecting the battery. My cart initially tracked left but I found it very easy to adjust the front wheel to get it to track straight. I noticed that the wheels were not as far apart as my Spin It push cart and I suspect that the heavy battery helps keep the center of gravity low and helps keep the cart from tipping over on sidehills. Even though Spin It sells a lithium battery on their web site for $275 I'm not sure the lighter lithium battery would provide the same stability. The remote clicker is pretty cheap looking but it seems to work just fine. I may purchase a spare. Would have liked a plastic storage compartment near the handle instead of a flat scorecard holder but I might be able to fabricate something. I'll probably stick velcro to the scorecard holder and use it to attach the remote when not in use. Currently I just toss the remote in the drink holder. Impressed that Spin It included two motors and the cart speeds along at jogging pace at top speed of 7. Fast walking is 5. Not really sure what good the incredibly slow speeds of 1 and 2 are but they're available to use. If the front wheel is not aligned properly it can be frustrating to constantly turn the unit back on line because it turns by braking one of the big wheels which essentially stops the unit turning it (no pun intended) into a stop and go exercise. Naturally quad wheels would have been nice but this is a tremendous unit for the price (I found mine online for less than $500). Hopefully I can update in a year or two to report on durability.
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on March 24, 2017
Good sturdy electric cart, easily to fold and unfold, with good battery life, but charge after each round. Comes with score card holder, umbrella holder and drink holder accessories. But there are no instructions for mounting them in the booklet. Here are some suggestions:
1. Unfold and latch cart as shown in instructions, then stand in back as you would when using it to orient yourself for attaching accessories:
2. Score card holder, Umbrella holder and Drink holder are all mounted to the same bracket (which is mounted snug up to base of handle):
a. Orient the bracket so that the notch on top points up and tighten both bolts;
b. Attach score card holder to the right side of the bracket with plate facing up;
c. Attach the umbrella holder on the other side of bracket (watch that the small nut doesn't drop out of bracket when you mount it);
d. Wrap electrical tap at least 5 times around cylinder of the the score card holder that is attached to the bracket, then
attach the bracket of the drink holder facing back toward the handle and tighten (without tape wraps, bracket won't tighten enough). I also found that it is better to orient the card holder so it is horizontal to the ground - otherwise it gets in way of pulling clubs out of bag. When not using umbrella holder, I also lay it forward on the same slop as the bag holder (out of way of clubs).

First charge on battery took more than 12 hrs - other charges overnight, but the light on charger doesn't always turn green even when the battery is fully charged. Once charged, mount the battery on the cart and line up socket to fit that on cart and tighten.

Then test the cart. Load your golf bag. Hold the ON/OFF button down for a few seconds until light comes on, and use the speed control rheostat on handle to move onto flat ground. Then turn on the remote (the ON/OFF switch on right side is not marked - move it forward to turn on) and use the ahead arrow on remote to start cart moving (click twice to get a good speed) and see how the cart tracks. If it doesn't track straight make sure the bag is well balanced, then try again. If it veers off to left or right, you can adjust the front wheel alignment.

On the right side of wheel there is a bolt with two nuts. Back off the back locking nut (the one to the left of the L-bracket) all the way, and add a lock washer (which you will need to keep wheel adjustment in line). Then adjust the front nut to either move the wheel left by extending the bolt (if it is tracking right); or shorten the bolt (if it is tracking left). Once wheel is adjusted, tighten up the back bolt to a snug position to lock in adjustment. Warning: Do not tighten the bolt too tight - you can pull the mounting rivets out of the wheel assembly (I did that and had to re-clamp them back in).

This is the second electric cart that I have owned, so a few comments about turning and going up steep hills may be worthwhile. Don't hold down left or right turn arrow for too long (cart will turn too quickly and then you will have stop the cart and re-adjust) - I use shorter and more rapid depressions. NEVER USE THE REMOTE TO GO UP A STEEP HILL (from off green heading toward next tee, for instance). Do so manually, holding onto handle and controlling the speed with the rheostat - let the motor move the cart, but use the handle to steer (otherwise it will get away from you, turn sharply and easily tip over sideways, even with the stabilizer bar on the back of cart - it happened to me).

I have used a have dozen times and the cart now tracks very straight. Another trick I learned: when walking on a curving cart path, walk with the remote in you right hand, with your left hand on the right handle - it is much easier to navigate in this situation by steering manually.
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on December 28, 2016
Purchased for my wife and was worried about the quality vs the low price point. So far, through a very wet fall in Oregon the Easy Trek keeps on rolling. She has about 10 rounds on it so far. We will see how to works over the lang haul as it is a tough environment, water, mud, grass, hot, cold,. setting up , breaking down and getting tossed in the trunk. She loves it and is now the envy of the Ladies Club.

** 6 month update ** The Easy Trek continues to impress. My wife now has about 40 total rounds on it and she is getting pretty savvy at the remote - steering to an optimum location toward the next hole while she walks directly to her ball on the green. The only issue is that her bag is pretty light and the whole set-up will tip backwards and catch the outrigger wheel when going up a steep hill. It still steers while tipped backwards. need to put some rocks in the bottom of her bag. :-) The mechanics and electronics continue to be solid.
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