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on February 19, 2015
These cars are a little difficult to put together i thought. it took me a while to get one fully put together but when i got it done it was great. we got one just to try out for our daughter and wanted to see how she would do with it. the doors open on both sides and the head lights actually light up. the bottom of the floor comes out also when she is big enough we can take the handle off and scoot herself around and the handle can come off. we liked it so much that we ended up getting another one for our son for his first birthday. the only thing i did not like was that they don't come with like seat belt straps. we actually took the one off of our daughter old push car and screwed it into the one for our son because he kept trying to stand up. these cars are not small, they are pretty big in size; they have two cup holders and a little bit of a truck bed in them for the kids' belongings. we love these and will not hesitate to recommend one to a family member. a little pricey but well worth it.
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on June 26, 2017
This Step2 2in1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Truck Wagon was exactly what I hoped it would be and then some. It is recommended for ages 1.5 years and older, however I bought this for my Grandson's 1st birthday. I felt he was old enough because he has been walking since he was 9 months old.
This is his new favorite toy. He loves to ride in his truck every chance he gets. What I like about this toy is it will grow with him so he will be able to play with this for several years. When he is old enough to push the truck around with his feet himself they can remove the floor board and handle so he can drive it by himself.

Features Include:

Steering Wheel With Working Horn
Working Lights In The Grill (requires three "AA" batteries not included)
Easy Mobility Allowing To Steer It With One Hand with 360 Degree Turning Ability (as a grandparent I loved how easy this was)
Removable Handle & Floor Board Which Allows It To Grow With Your Child
Back Body Has A Built In Cup Holder & Space For Diaper Bag or Toys
Two Working Doors Both With Latches

This comes disassembled and takes some time to put together. I recommend having a second hand and follow the manual step by step. You will need some basic tools to assemble this and patience. Although a real mechanic put this together it still took a couple of hours. To see the grin on my grandson's face the minute he took his first ride in his new truck was well worth the work assembling it.

I would of liked to have seen them include a seat belt for when it is being used for the smaller children and pushed by a parent just in case they tried to stand up or open a door. This would of been a nice safety feature. So far my grandson has stayed sitting but I could see this as a problem if a child decided to get out or stand up. Another thing I want to mention is the location of the batteries for the grill. It will not be easy to change batteries. The front of the truck requires disassembling in order to change the batteries. I'm sure they are located where they are for a safety feature and to keep them dry but to change them it will not be quick and easy. I wish they could of come up with a better design for the battery box. I recommend making sure the lights get turned off so you don't have to change them often.

This was larger than I expected. Without the handle it is 22” H x 20.5” W x 38” D and with handle it is 39.25” H x 20.5” W x 50.5” D. It can only carry one child at a time. It's not really wide enough for two.

If his Dad isn't giving him a ride then his Grandpa is and he is always smiling with joy. Although he just turned one years old and his cousin who's his birthday buddy turned 3 years old he even gave his older cousin a ride in his truck on their birthday. It was priceless. That shows you just how easy this moves.

My son uses this instead of a stroller now and my grandson loves it. My son says he likes it better than the stroller because it steers easier He now takes this to the park and for walks. This even makes picking up a few groceries fun and easy for both of them. I think this was a great toy investment because he will be playing with this for several years.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 1, 2016
I was looking for something i could use to take my 2 grandsons on walks when they visit. I liked the looks of this and despite the reviews that were somewhat unfavorable due to the handle and assembly issues, I went ahead and ordered it. All the reviews were spot on in describing the assembly and the handle. The assembly wasn't all that bad. Yes, the holes the wheel spindles go in is too small. All I did was take a 3/8th drill bit and made it bigger, not a big deal. There were a couple of reviews that talked about no predrilled holes for some steps of the assembly and this is true, but its plastic and the screws have no issue going through. There are indents, so you know where to put them.
Over all, it took me around 45 minutes to put it together, including putting the decals on.
The main reason this gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the handle. I have no idea why they designed this with just one screw. As long as your are sticking to sidewalks and don't need to do a lot of sharp turns, this should be ok. I used it quite a bit recently and had no issues and my grandson loved it. I do see at some point the need to reinforce the handle. Hopefully Little Tykes is reading these reviews and making the necessary design changes.
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on January 4, 2017
My 2yo son really enjoys riding the Little Tikes car whenever we go over his friends house and so I was considering getting him one for Christmas. After a few times watching him and the other kids ride it, my biggest issue with those is that they have two swiveling front tires that are in close proximity. Although they work very well, they're just too close to their legs and feet, often causing them to run over or hit their feet on several occassions. Having little options in the market, I decided to give this one a try - thinking that the single swivel would be an improvement on range of motion and I'm glad I did! (Note: the front tires on the sides are props although they do spin)

Received this promptly and was able to put it together in less than an hour. Although I read about some install issues from others, I had absolutely no issues at all albeit from having to drill the front axle holes bigger which was simple. I started off placing all the decal stickers and then followed the instructions step by step. I didn't expect to be hand screwing into the plastic but it was easy. Some users have had issues with doors not aligning. I noticed that the hood install impacts that greatly. The first two screws that go in the hood are intended to close the gap to the front grill (applying front pressure). With just those two screws in, you will notice that the doors will hang high and unleveled. After I flipped the unit over, laying it flat on the top, and finished screwing the other points, this leveled out the doors perfectly. It may be in others habit to attempt to level the doors during the first two screws which may result in an offset when the other screws go in, I would just say to avoid that, follow the pictures, and make sure to screw at the correct angles pictured. Should work unless parts are truly defective. After completion, my impatient son gave it a try and fell in love. It is a lot bulkier than Tikes and is fairly large. He has a lot of space for his feet to roam and does not run over or trap his own foot during play as well as a little trunk bed for his toys.

I installed the handle just to give it a try and would agree that it's not the sturdiest. I would only recommend using it as more of an assisted push for kids learning to use their feet or on a flat smooth surface that will provide an easy glide. On rough surfaces, grooves, or obstacles; I can imagine someone putting too much pressure on the handle. I don't believe it'll bend on a straight push because it's design is supported for that motion but using it as a lever to lean on, pull, turn, or attempt to lift the front tire with a heavy enough child in it would probably do the trick. (Just taking guesses, do not try)

Not sure how this will do over time but it seems promising for our use (mostly indoors). Very little to complain about but if anything, the handle could be better enforced and I do wish the leg/feet opening was slightly wider. I say that because there is a slight edge on the sides for the Step1 feet cover. It doesn't currently affect my son at his current size but in the future or for a larger child, it may impact their range of motion and turning. I may decide to shave some plastic off in the future but even as-is, a large improvement over Little Tikes range of motion. There are some holes that look like seat belts could be installed which is neat. Door latches are also great although my son is still unsure how to use. Overall first impressions, very happy!
review image review image review image
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on June 11, 2017
WAY over-complicated assembly.
I've taken apart car engines - so needless to say i know a thing or two about putting stuff together yet i don't think i've ever cursed so much as while putting together this toy. I was on the verge of sending this car back only so the company hiring those brainless designers wouldn't get my money.

STAY AWAY unless you have serious mechanical skills to put this toy together.
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on November 13, 2016
The truck is decently cute once completed. But it is annoyingly painful to put together. The holes for the axels and handle were too small and required applying some force or drilling. Few other things fit poorly as well including doors which do not close properly due to the gaps between them and the rest of the truck body. Also, somebody should have put some thought into how to replace dead batteries as nobody wants to disassemble this whole thing just for that. Basic seat belt would have been very useful.
0 stars for the quality, the rest is all for the joy it gave to my little guy.
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on July 19, 2017
 Bought this for my truck/wheels obsessed son for his first birthday. He LOVES it. It was kind of confusing to put together, but do-able with some patience. It makes going for walks so much more fun for him and me! The only thing I would suggest is adding some type of seatbelt option. (I understand most people probably wouldn't purchase this for their one year old- so I assume older children don't slide down into the floorboard part of the truck.. so a safety strap may not be needed by everyone) I also wish there was an option to purchase different tires instead of the plastic ones, but so far they have been holding up well!
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on March 13, 2015
Overall the truck is great and my little guy loves it. However when you assemble it be ready to make your own holes for screws and widen the few holes that are there. Instructions say you need a hand screw driver when you really need a power one to do the job. Instructions are only pictures would of been nice to have words to go along with it. The box came badly beaten up thankfully nothing was damaged. The real downfall is there's no seat belt. For the older kids this won't matter but my little guy is only 1 and likes to stand up while riding. The doors are pretty high and lock close but it still makes me nervous. But besides those few things it's great! I'm sure my son will love it years to come.
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on July 27, 2017
This truck is a hit with our grandchildren (ages 1 and 2). I know they'll both enjoy it for years. It is well made and the options are great! I take my 1 year old grandson for walks with it and he loves opening and closing the door as well as climbing in and out of it.
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on September 7, 2017
Wasn't what I expected as I thought it was battery operated. Was somewhat easy to put together as some of the screws had to forced in as the holes were a little small. All in all, my grand son loved it.
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