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on July 31, 2016
For the price , I really like these . Two area's would make them perfect 1 ) the earphones that are hard mounted suck . Not in sound , but in fit , they keep falling out of my ear and applies pressure that becomes painful if forced in ear further . 2 ) I have to tilt and offset glasses to get both screens to show no shadow ! Some sort of adjustment would have been nice , other than nose guard . Other than that I am enjoying these glasses often . It doesn't play mp4 , but there are free and easy converters that gets everything playing . Some long video's have jumped audio to video track but not that often . It's internal battery last's about 5 hours and shuts off without warning . For times away from computer I keep external solar battery pack that runs the glasses while re-charging battery , very helpful when enjoying long video's . The controls are simple and easy to use .All that's left is to see how long they last , I use them often and will add lifespan when and if they stop working .
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on October 1, 2017
Doesn't play loud enough on airplanes. Earpieces are plastic and there are no audio jacks for external headphones so on a loud airplane you are pretty much limited, as volume at its maximum is not very audible when bg noise is present. Picture quality acceptable for 480p but you must go through file conversions to make mp4 into AVI as this will not play mp4 files. It will also not play files converted to anything higher than 480p resolution.

They have the right idea with built in memory but its quite a time consuming task converting movies from mp4 to AVI just for plane flights. You have to wear your regular glasses to see in focus there are no focus options. A bit uncomfortable. If they played louder I'd keep them as price for what you get is good otherwise.

Also the box this came in says this unit is mp4 compatible but it isn't, the mp4 must be converted to AVI.
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on September 18, 2017
Cool toy. At 480X240 it will hold hours of video. Cool for air travel. As another reviewer stated; WMV is the best format. This is true. You can use realplayer (tm) a free download to convert most videos to this format. Taking the stray light adaptor off, I can use my glasses. It is not a great picture but for the price you should be happy. I am.
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on February 29, 2016
After reading all the negative comments, I was very apprehensive, but with the less than $100 price tag, there's not much to lose. My wife loves it. She is having dental work done, and this works perfectly for her needs. We've loaded it with music videos and movies for her to watch. We've installed a 32 GB Micro SD. I believe that is the largest it supports. I have all of our videos on MP4, but the glasses don't support that, so I've converted them to AVI and it works fine. Concerned with the limited battery life, we have an external USB battery hooked up to it. They come fairly small and that gives hours of viewing. Don't set your expectations too high. This is not a substitute for watching something on your HD TV, but rather something to keep you entertained when a laptop or something else is not feasible. The colors are muted, but very watchable. Considering the prices and ease of use and that my wife loves it, and it met our expectations, I gave it 5 stars.
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on March 28, 2018
It is what was advertised. I didn't expect great quality but was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. I would advise someone who is interested in this system to invest in a DVD-Cloner to copy movies and then find a video converter. There is a free video converter which works well to convert the videos to an XVid (avi) 16:9 ratio called Quick-Media-Converter. The resulting video is acceptable. As far as the sound is concerned years ago when Dentist offices were using more expensive versions of these the ear buds would constantly be torn out and I would wire in a female stereo input so that any headphones could be used in them including noise canceling ones. If you are not convertible in doing the conversions and can't find anyone of you audiophile types to do it for you then these glasses are not for you!
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on June 22, 2018
I love the idea but I never figured out how to make them work.

1. Where can I find movies in the correct format?
2.I can convert to the right format, but can't figure our how to get movies I can convert?
3.Instructions don't tell how to download movies to the internal or external cards?

These are pretty much useless unless someone from the company wants to reply to this.
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on December 16, 2017
This product did not meet my expectations - The screen was way too small for someone who needs glasses to see. The viewer only pllays .avi files which you need a seperate program to transfer any mp4 file. The idea is great, someone could make a lot if they just provide a better screen and that is not as file type limited.
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on February 12, 2018
poor quality
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on April 3, 2018
This is Junk if you have very old Opp . system on your PC it may work for you.
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on October 11, 2017
The screen quality is both so poor that I can see and count the pixels on each screen with minimal effort and in a 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9, meaning that I can barely make out what's on screen. They also can't comprehend mp4 files, so they're unable to play them. The storage is pathetic, and the expandable memory is some card I've never heard of instead of an SD card. They also use some cord I've never seen before for file transfer instead of micro-usb (I know the last two are nit-picky, but I still hate it). The earbuds are made of a cheap plastic and are physically painful to wear. It's only saving grace is the fact that it comes with a USB-AC adapter. This is a waste of money, and I'll be returning mine at the soonest opportunity.
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