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Top Contributor: Campingon September 28, 2016
It's hard to do bulleted, concise reviews on something like this.. So this will be a little long winded. Stick with me if you can..

If you were like me, you might be a little hesitant about tech like this, because you tried a GEAR VR, or think 3d desktop gaming and 3d movies are kinda of cool, but certainly not worth this kind of investment. Get that out of your head right now. This is COMPLETELY different.

First, let me say that I've never been a huge gamer. I've spent many more hours on my 10 year old Wii than I have on newly released console/computer games.
I enjoy the interaction even if I'm sacrificing graphical beauty.
This system is kind of like a 5th generation Wii. They are really selling the experience more than the graphics. And the experience is absolutely something to be had.
Kind of like that first time you picked up that wii controller and "bowled" and thought "hey, this is pretty cool." but on a WHOLE new level.

Once you complete the setup you'll enter the tutorial and blow up a balloon.. You'll (without instruction) think.. What happens if I try to hit this floating balloon.. Probably nothing.. but you'll immediately realize how intuitive and accurate this "new world" is when the balloon flies in the direction and velocity you would expect it to based on your hand movement. And sure there are similar capabilities on other consoles. You separate when you realize you can (literally) walk underneath the balloon, look up at it, jump and swat it down to the floor. then walk circles around it while unrelentingly taunting it for obeying physics.

When you play "The lab" and your hand becomes a spaceship in a (truly) 3d realm, you'll really grasp what this thing is all about. I can't imagine how silly it looks in real life with your hand just jerking up and down, left to right, ducking, spinning.. etc. But in the game it really feels like you're in a serious situation and your hand needs to dodge these incoming blobs at all costs.
The longbow game is fun. And you may realize that the controllers are giving haptic feedback when you "pull" the bowstring and release it to give it that additional sense of immersion.
It's these seemingly small, polished edges that make this an incredible product.
You WILL feel immersed. I 100 percent guarantee it. You'll laugh the first time you try to set your gun down on a table in the virtual world.

The setup wasn't bad. Although I didn't find instructions included. I just googled it and followed the 10ish step process from HTC.
Windows 7 wouldn't install the drivers for the "link box" until I put it into the USB 2.0 slots (as others have stated) - the directions state that it's compatible with 2.0+ though. Maybe in later versions of Windows, or perhaps my BIOS settings are "bad". Either way, simple fix.
I had planned on using the single HDMI port that my GTX1060 has since I saw that some people had problems through other connections. The directions stated that you can use a display port to mini display port on the link box but I didn't try it.
So that makes two display ports out. One to my tv/monitor, the other to my receiver which passes the video to a projector, and then the HDMI to the Vive headset. All very seamless.
When you get to the point of powering on all your components (for the first time) you might need to right click one of the controllers in the steam VR window and click "pair controller" (if the controller shows blue when it comes on instead of green). The walkthrough failed to mention that.

The Steam VR software is very polished as well. Especially inside of VR. You can switch to your desktop and read email. When I realized that I could walk closer to my boundary wall that the desktop was on at that time, and the text got closer/clearer, it was an additional level of "that's friggin cool."
This is NOT for reading text like that though. The resolution just isn't there.
Once you've got a Steam account set up, be careful, it's easy to blow through 80 dollars (of real money) in a 4 minute virtual shopping spree.
You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and get notifications. You can enable the camera and see the room without taking the headset off. Plug in ear buds and "mirror" the sound so you can rock out hard to audioshield without waking the neighbors.
You can control pretty much all of the aspects of the virtual world from your 2d monitor. That comes in handy If someone new is using the headset. So you can control the session for them (get them into a game, get them started, etc) without having to walk them through everything - but again, it is pretty intuitive and should be easy to pick up for 90 percent of people.
There are just a lot of features that you can tell they put thought into.

Some complain that a lot of the games are "demo" types, and while that's true. There are several "full" games available, and I haven't even gotten to them, because The Lab, Zombie Trainer, The Brookhaven Experiment, and (especially) AudioShield have me completely satisfied for the time being.

We're all still waiting on the "major" releases of Doom, Fallout 4, Serious Sam, Arizona Sunshine etc. I am curious how games like Serious Sam will work. You're going to break yourself if you're constantly spinning around trying to fend off hordes of suiciders. The action of "teleporting" in large scale games seems to be the goto method for moving around in the world. It's not as intuitive as I'd like and it takes a split second to load the new landscape when you arrive, so it's a little offputting. But that's splitting hairs at this point. I just feel like it's going to be exaggerated when you're in a true "sandbox" world.

There are a few cons.
1. You're going to have a tough time doing true multiplayer with this. You can't just buy another 30 dollar controller and go to town with your friend sitting on the couch next to you. You're looking at another large investment and the space to set up another system. I'm interested to see how games like "Don't stop talking and nobody explodes" work and bring a "crowd" together with one headset. But it's probably not going to be the excitement of being (virtually) back to back with a buddy fighting the terrorists in a FPS.
2. I hope your friends don't mind swapping a large amount of face sweat.
3. The resolution just isn't what it is on a LED monitor. Obviously you're stretching that image out over a 360 degree 3d environment so it's a little tougher to do. So.. Again, you're not doing this for the "crispness". You're doing it for the experience. When you feel like a freaking rockstar defending yourself from incoming musical notes, you won't be thinking about the slight pixilation, or how the graphics in the background aren't super detailed. I PROMISE.
4. I find it a little bit of a pain to get the headset just right on my head. You need to get the straps perfect (not too tight, or loose) to make the area right in front of your face perfectly clear (especially when you're looking down).
5. I don't think the screens are quite big enough. You will probably notice the black ring around the outside of your vision when you're waiting for a game to load or whatever. You'll forget about it as soon as you're doing whatever.
6. I am seriously matting down the new carpet inside of my "game area."
7. You might think that the real world is less fun.

Keep in mind.. That while the software is pretty polished and works well, this type of thing probably isn't for someone who isn't at least a moderate "power user." I've had some minor issues like weird Steam crashes, VR world disappearing if the CPU is under a lot of stress, computer not completing POST when the link box was plugged in. Just stuff that you wouldn't deal with on a console type system. This "limitation" (not the price) is probably why the world isn't screaming about this from the rooftops. The mass population isn't exactly tech savvy so that excludes a major percentage of potential buyers.

All that said....
Honestly, I've got a lot of cool stuff but this is ABSOLUTELY and UNEQUIVOCALLY the coolest tech I've seen or played with in my entire life. I would still be happy with it if I would've needed to fork out an additonal 800 or so to build a computer. Everytime I'm away from it for a day or so, I think "was it really THAT cool?" and I answer my question as soon as I put the headset back on and enter a virtual world for what feels like the first time, every time.
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on October 17, 2016
This device is life changing. I'm a huge gamer. I'll admit, an unhealthy addict. Sitting in front of a desktop PC doesn't do my body any good at all. It's been causing me anxiety, loss of sleep and disappointment in myself. I was assuming the Vive would just add to it, but I had to have it anyway. The result were entirely unexpected. In less than a week I've exercised more than I have in years and had a BLAST doing so. I actually WANT to exercise more than my body can handle. My entire body is sore and I'm loving it.

I feared that I would use the Vive as a form of escape and ignore my real world responsibilities and kill my social life. The exact opposite has happened. This is not a casual toy. If you intend to use it room scale, it takes a lot of planning. There are sensors to set up, a good amount of space needed, a LOT of cable management. It works best if you have an entire room dedicated to VR, but not all of us are fortunate enough to have that kind of space.

Something you will learn early on is that when you take off the headset and return to the real world, you want your real world settings to be pleasing. The last thing you want to see when you return is a sink full of dishes, dirty laundry, clutter or anything that would cause you disappointment. My apartment is now spotless and totally in order. Half of my living room is set up for the Vive. I have a welcoming, clean open space complete with yoga mats. I now live in my previously unused workout clothes.

This is an experience to share. My friends are totally blown away. This didn't decrease my social life. Again, it did the opposite. I'm inviting my MOTHER over! GASP! That never happens! :) She used to be an avid scuba diver but can no longer dive due to health issues. Next week I'm taking her scuba diving in my living room! My friend's wife was trying to plan a small surprise birthday for him but they're new in town and don't know many people. I offered to host the gathering at my place. Why not? It's now clean! We had a wonderful evening. I'm planning on having people over most weekends to have fun and explore the possibilities the Vive offers. It's a joy to share!

My PC gaming addiction is gone. POOF! Just like that. I never would thing this would happen. Yes, I'm still playing games, but I'm fully active. Very active. I moved almost non stop for 3.5 hours yesterday. I'm much more aware of my time. I don't feel depressed or that I'm missing out or hiding from life. I feel exhilarated.

This does not come without a price. Please know that the current $799 price is just the beginning. You will need a top of the line computer with a powerful graphics card in order to run the Vive properly. Being a big gamer, I already had the computer ($1100 about six months ago) but I still had to upgrade to a GeForce 1070, which currently runs just over $400. Tripods and mounts: $60. Applications run from free to about $30 each. I've dropped a couple of hundred on games in the first week.

Budget your money, budget your space, know what you have to do to get this set up, get your act together and THEN buy this. Your story might end differently than mine, but I hope if anything it's better.

And for the love of all that is holy, buy Audioshield. It's by far my most used app and SOOOOOOOO much fun
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on March 20, 2018
When it works it is amazing. I bought mine in August of 2017 and loved it from the start... until December 22nd 2017. On that fateful morning I had an error code for one of the base stations. So I tried to call Vive support. There is NO phone support for this $600.00 device. I followed the links and started a chat on the support site. And shortly determined that the base station was no longer tracking and would need to be RMA'ed. I was told 7-10 business days for repair. Now that close to the holidays I understood that 7-10 days was more like 3 weeks. I boxed it up and sent it off. It was signed for at HTC on 12/28/17. It was not checked into repair, repair.. not warranty exchange, until 01/12/18. 14 day's after being signed for. As of today 03/20/2018 I still do not have my base station back. I have given so many broken promises at this point that I just laugh. I have been lied to more times that I can count. I have come to believe the plan is to hold my part hostage until the warranty expires and the tell me I have to buy a new one. My Vive has been hanging on my wall for three months unusable. I will update this review if I ever get my base station back.

Update 04/25/2018 Still no base station. "We hope to have your tracking number next week" that is the 15th week in a row for that answer.

Update 05/12/2018 After my review came to the attention of HTC customer relations I was able to get a replacement shipped to me. I arrived and I am now happily playing in the VR world again. I have been told that the RMA and Repair department moved locations around the time my issue started. I can only assume that some parts were misplaced. I am seeing a lot less of these issues in recent reviews.
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on April 19, 2018
Bought this in October. 2017 and at first was very pleased By February one of the sensors had a fault that seems to be common online (FAULT 03). I initiated a request for RMA with HTC and sent it in. This was received by HTC on 2/20 and it is now April 19th and they not only have not replaced it, they cannot commit to a date, nor is there any guidance when this will be fixed. I have had better customer experience with Spectrum cable than HTC. Each week I start a new chat (only way to engage their support) and I am told something to the extent below

2/26 "Thank you for patiently waiting. I was able to check the repair details and it shows that the device was received 02/20/18. The repair process will take 7-10 business days from the day that we receive the device. Once done you will be notified via email with the tracking information for you to know when you will receive your device back."

3/12 "Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to the device.
Your case has been escalated personally to our upper management. They have confirmed receipt of the escalation, and are diligently working towards a resolution. Once a resolution is obtained, we will contact you with the results"

3/20 " I took the time to read your email and I found that you have an issue with the Base Station fault 03. I understand your frustration with this eventuality. I know how excited you are playing with the amazing HTC Vive. They are amazing! Don’t worry you are in the best hands to solve the issue."

3/21 - "We know the process is taking more than expected and we apologize for it, the process has been escalated, it means your device is in priority and as soon as our techs finish with it you are going to be notify with the outbound tracking number. Thanks for being part of the HTC family!" BTW, they suggested I try a new game on a system that is not working

4/2 " I completely understand your concern related to the repair of your base station, and yes, you have an escalation, they didn’t contact you yet because we don’t have additional updates like a return tracking number or something like that. Nevertheless, we are working really hard in having this resolved for you as soon as possible. Please give us a few days more and as soon as we get anything we will reach you back."

4/16- "I called RMA in order to check if we have more updates but for the moment, we have to still waiting, I know you are really worried and frustrated at this point, trust me, but we are keen to resolve this as much as you are, please give us one more week and as soon as we get any additional detail we will reach you back with it."

I would not reccomend anyone buy from this supplier based on this horrible customer experience
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on September 19, 2017
I never thought something would reignite my excitement for gaming like this did.

At first I was honestly a little meh. I saw the screen door effect, look around and thought it was cool, but not 800 (what I bought it for, now it's 600) worthy cool. Then I turned on my first game.

I sat down in my chair to play Eve Valkerie, and was taken aback. My body was being tricked and I almost felt the weird feeling of the pitch and yaw of the ship. Then I played Rec Room. I played this for hours on end and didn't think I could have so much fun spinning around my living room. Then I went to throw a frisbee in the game and hit my tripod and threw my lighthouse sensor hurling into the floor.

Luckily it didn't break (so 10/10 on durability)

To me this was the moment that really put it in my head how immersed I was. I got to watch my family have the same experiences (minus the lighthouse slamming). They ducked and dove into the floor playing Raw Data, and I had never seen my family enjoy video games so much, let alone enjoy them at all.

Basically if you're debating it, pull the trigger. There may be 5 seconds you regret it once you put it on, but after those 5 seconds you'll wonder why you didn't buy it a year ago.
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on June 20, 2016
10/11/2017 Update:
I have now owned my Vive for 1 1/2 years and while I do not play it as nearly as much as I would like to, it is truly an amazing experience and I love showing it to new people. If you are looking for a productivity VR headset for seated experiences, I suggest looking into Samsung's Odyssey or Pimax's 4/8K headset due to the higher pixel density.

Few things to note since this time last year:

* Price drops!
* Way more games! Check out the /vive Reddit for suggestions, but there are some great ones out (check out Raw Data, Arizona Sunshine, Elite Dangerous, Onward, Doom 3 BFG Mod, to start with).
* Valve has confirmed 3 original VR-made games; albeit, when and what are a mystery.
* Valve has shown off new VR Controllers that are meant to mimic hand-like interaction
* VR is growing with Microsoft Mixed Reality launching and general adoption growing. With this, prices have fallen.
* There are other headsets on the market, but I am still a proponent for the Vive due to its upgrade-ability and overall approach to no-walled-gardens.
* The Deluxe Audio Strap is a wonderful addition and adds comfort and integrated headphones to the Vive.
* Outside of the Rift, do also look into Pimax's new headset (can utilize the Vive tracking and the resolution is higher) for gaming.
* Fallout 4 VR is only 2 months away
* The Rift now has touch controllers, roomscale, and is slightly cheaper; albeit, the walled garden still exists. I find the Rift's controllers to be slightly superior to the Vive's current controllers, but the tracking requires USB 3.0 connections for each camera and can be a bit messy.

Full & Original Review Below:
A wonderful VR experience and be sure to buy it directly from HTC's Vive website. Orders now ship within 2-3 days and you get the bundled games included (Tilt Brush/Fantastic Contraption/Job Simulator).

BIG NOTE: Fallout 4 (the COMPLETE game) is coming to HTC Vive in 2017 :)

Basically, the Vive is a first generation VR headset and while I love it I would only suggest it if you are fine with using a 1st generation headset. No, there aren't problems, but no it is not perfect. Mainly, it's expensive and you need a powerful computer to run it. While there is a large selection of games continually coming out, your options are still quite limited (people are still learning what to create after all). Game development is quite limited to indie developers due to the money AAA studios have to invest. With all this in mind, I love my Vive and I am happy with my purchase and if you would like more details about the Vive, I would checkout their website for explanation videos on Chaperone and what the HTC Vive itself is. In this review, I'm just going to enumerate some points about the Vive and why I prefer it over the Oculus Rift.

A short summary of points:
- $800 includes everything you need including touch controllers and tracking lighthouses that can be over 15 feet apart and are wireless (no USB hookup like Oculus)
- The Vive is currently the only commercial headset supporting room scale VR.
- The Vive is currently the only commercial headset offering manufacturer touch controllers.
- The Vive is anti-exclusive, is completely open to developers, and functions solely on Steam (opposed to attempting to lock users in on the Oculus Home)
- Re-Vive allows the Vive to play Oculus exclusive games.

Why not Oculus?
- They are attempting to buy exclusives through funding of developers (HTC/Valve is funding developers w/o promise of exclusivity). This matters due to the ecosystem and Oculus's ability to undermine a growing ecosystem.
- It is owned by Facebook and its user agreement allows for complete data collection.
- Touch controllers will not be arriving until at least November of 2016.
- Room scale is being promised with the arrival of said touch controllers, but some individuals are skeptical.
- Current gameplay consists of sitting in a chair with an Xbox controller. You will want to walk around in a VR world, it is the first thing you want to do.
- The screen is nice; however, their business practices are appalling and is one of the main reasons I refuse to support them. I do not want to support a company who is actively working to undermine VR - a entirely new ecosystem - as a whole in order to lock developers to their platform (timely or not).
- Even with the promises roomscale, two camera are needed, both needing a USB port (opposed to Vive's wireless lighthouses)
- There is no word on the price of the touch controllers and new camera. $600 does not include anything needing for roomscale or touch.

The Oculus itself is not a bad headset by any means (many reviews say the screen actually looks a little crisper), but it currently lacks in the roomscale which I find incredibly important to VR. This importance is hard to communicate and a quote I read yesterday sums it up quite nicely "attempting to explain VR is like attempting to explain architecture by dancing." Pair this with Oculus's attempting at exclusivity and their data collecting and I want to stay far away.

NOTE: The claims below are no longer accurate. You are able to set up a separate account, but Oculus continues to ask for a wide variety of parameters (as do many other programs).
Also, Oculus Runtime 1.8 requires you to be inter-connected with Facebook. Taken from their update word-for-word:

"By opting to connect, you agree:
Your Facebook friends will become your Oculus friends. As you add friends on Facebook and your friends connect to Oculus, your friend list here will be automatically updated.
Your Facebook name will become your real name on Oculus.
Even if your settings currently restrict your real name privacy, your Facebook friends who connect to Oculus will be able to see and search your real name.”
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on March 14, 2017
It's the HTC Vive. It's VR and it's all you can imagine that it would be. The VR experience in this headset is something you really have to experience to understand what the hype is all about. But there are some issues.

My number one issue with this device - and why im taking off a star - is because this device can sometimes just be too complicated for typical people. If you're an enthusiast, a PC gamer, and/or someones who has built gaming PCs before, you'll likely keep loving this device like I have but find yourself occasionally frustrated at some of the hoops it will make you jump through to get it working at 100%. When the games are running and everything is already set-up perfectly beforehand, anyone can just jump into a game and play perfectly fine but its all the initial preparation that gets agitating and sets this apart from the simplicity of things like console/2D gaming.

Another issue is that the device - for being strapped on to someone to use for actively moving around in VR spaces - is kind of fragile, honestly. You can check the systems subreddit at /r/vive or even some bad reviews on here and you'll find people talking about how the headset isnt waterproof at all and can be made completely unusable by something like sweat from a long session (like an hour) of Space Pirate Trainer or Arizona Sunshine. And then there's issues with the base stations coming out the box with tracking issues and controllers that stop tracking after one good whack against a wall/ceiling fan/TV because the only thing responsible for the controllers tracking is a tiny little wire ribbon. The worst part about this is that some of it isn't covered under HTC's warranty and replacing a single controller or base station can be $130.

But I gave this 4 stars - why? Because every fancy new piece of cool tech has it's issues and risks and their developers tend to handle it with -some- grace in most situations.
But, if you're willing to take the risks, you've done your homework, and you know how to handle the device, I absolutely recommend it. VR is amazing with the HTC Vive and the tracking is perfect 1:1 when it's set-up the best way. After trying the Oculus, the Vive, GearVR, Cardboard, etc. I think right now HTC Vive is the winning VR hardware. This is the best step in the right direction to the VR I dreamed of as a kid.

When these headsets go wireless with 4K-per-eye screens and can affordably track our entire body 1:1 into VR worlds, I'll know I finally saw some really good VR that always seemed like a sci-fi dream.

Lastly, my $850 VR set-up would have, uh... just been dropped off at my door and left on my porch had I not been sitting outside waiting for it, so, uh... you might want to watch out for that if you don't live in the best area (I don't - that's why I was waiting). I didn't have to sign or anything.

UPDATE: After just short of two months, one of my controller trackpads stopped working - despite me usually babying this thing - so yeah, fragile and prone to hardware failures.
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on February 2, 2018
I got this for my son at the end of Oct. 2017. A few weeks later the base station started acting up. Reading online we saw that there was a “fix” of installing some software but it was only temporary as everyone who had already dealt with this issue stated that not long after installing this bandaid the base station stopped working. Which is exactly what happened to us. We contacted CS who told us to do the update. My son told the person that he didn’t think it would fix the issue but was assured otherwise. Not long afterwards his base station stopped working. We sent it in Jan for repair and did not hear anything else from Vive until I initiated a chat on Feb 2nd. I was told the base station would be another week before it would be returned to us. SO...we bought it in October, got a couple of weeks use out of it and then unable to use it from when it stopped working in December 2017 until we get it back sometime mid February 2018. I asked the Non U.S. customer support rep during the chat if there was someone I could call to speak to about the issue but was told there is NO phone support for the Vive. Bottom line, when it worked, it was truly a cool product. Customer service/support is terrible to almost non existent.
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on August 10, 2017
I am absolutely stunned by how amazing VR is now that I own an HTC Vive. I had held off thinking that I might wait for the second generation of headsets to come out. I really wish I hadn't waited because the experience in VR on the HTC Vive in a Room Scale environment is beyond description. Watching videos of people playing VG games online pales in comparison to actually strapping it on and wandering around in VR. Don't wait any longer if you are still on the fence about moving into VR.

I absolutely love the HTC Vive's quality and feel. The headset is very comfortable and smooth in play. I play for hours and don't have any comfort issues. My wife and son also play and there are no issues switching from user to user (although I do strongly recommend getting the Vive replacement face pads to swap out after a long sweaty game. They are machine washable and well worth it. I got the ones from HTC, (not third-party ones).

Setup of the Vive was incredibly simple and before I knew it, I was in my new VR Room (Steam's VR Room). This was very cool and I still love going to the room to look around and play with furniture, decorations and gadgets there. The software installation experiences through Steam have been super simple and there are a number of great games to play with more being added monthly.

Mounting the base stations (Lighthouses as they are referred to) was very simple. I set mine up in my basement so it was trivial to screw them into the exposed beams. For other rooms, it should be pretty simple to do. One can mount them into the walls or purchase the tall camera lighting stands to hold the base stations (1/4" screw base). If you do mount them to the wall, I suggest getting the plastic trim sold at places like Home Depot to put the power cables into so that you don't have black cords dangling down a while wall.

My wife and I both agree that it would be hard to go back to playing conventional games on a display after experiencing life in VR on the Vive. I really am looking forward to seeing what Valve (Half-Life and Portal) puts out for VR. Apparently they have three different VR titles due out this year. As they made the Vive along with HTC, you know that they will put out some awesome exclusive titles.

Some Suggestions:
1) Buy the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap. It's' very comfortable, provides great sound and is very easy to adjust. Well worth the investment.
2) Buy some spare face pads. You WILL have others trying it out and you don't want to pass around the headset with wet, smelly face pads.

Suggested Games (As of August 2017):
The Lab (Free), RawData, Space Pirate Trainer, Brookhaven Experiment, Job Simulator, Google Earth VR (Free), Tilt Brush, Richie's Plank Experience & Vanishing Realms.

Update September 01 2017:

I am still absolutely loving playing video games again. I find myself looking forward to the end of the day so that I can slip on the Vive and enter new worlds. I have had no problems with the hardware. I really enjoy purchasing through Steam as I can try out a game and return it for a full refund if it isn't something I want to keep.
The games continue to amaze me. It's funny when standing in VR, looking over the edge of a building, that you worry about falling over. It's very difficult convincing myself that I will not fall and get hurt (even though I KNOW I am in my basement!) I played a VR flight sim called VTOL VR and love the feeling of flying, being able to look all around myself while controlling the aircraft. I have a few other flight sim titles to try out which are much more realistic and can't wait to play them!

Update: March 16 2018 (star rating changed from 5 to 3)

I have absolutely loved my Vive! The games.. no, the experience continue to blow my mind and make it so very hard to go back to play conventional games on a flat monitor after experiencing VR. The Vive itself is an amazing platform to use. It is highly accurate for tracking, the view in the headset is great and the controllers work flawlessly.
I reduced my star rating from 5 to 3 because of the exceptionally poor customer service. My controllers had an issue and needed to be sent in for repair under warranty. As of today, they have been in HTC's possession for 25 days. They sent me a link to check on the repair status and it has never been updated (it only says that the RMA number was issued). Every time I check with HTC via chat, I get the same story. They have the controllers and are waiting on parts. They "escalated" my case and all I got was an email saying that more people know about this but no other details (like an ETA perhaps?). So, because of this horrendous experience, I cannot leave a favorable star rating. I truly do love the Vive but if this is how they treat customers, you are far better off looking elsewhere. I will henceforth start recommending Oculus with the caveat that I do not know what customer experience is to be had from them but it can't possibly be worse than HTC for the Vive.

Note: I'm not normally one to complain about customer service from a company and frequently did not worry too much about CS experiences mentioned by others. Having experienced truly crappy customer service, I was compelled to warn others.
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on April 11, 2018
My Vive only worked for six weeks. I bought it in late December 2017, and it stopped working in early February 2018. I returned it to HTC for repair in on February 9, 2018. As of May 15, 2018, all they will tell me is that "they are working on it," but have no other updates. HTC refuses to send a replacement, and cannot give me an estimate time to complete.

I would recommend against buying anything from HTC.
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