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on September 4, 2015
I ordered this just six days ago and it came today. Great headset. Nice wide field of view, well made, both my iPhone 4 and my Galaxy S6 fit fine.

It came with a controller, which, unfortunately, had no instructions with it. It took a little bit of fiddling to figure out that you plug it into a USB cord to charge it (it didn't come with one, but my Galaxy S6 charger worked fine on it). Then you press the tiny start button in the middle and hold it down. It helps if you have a flashlight, since the labels of the buttons are in black -- on a black background. Then I had to go into my phone's settings, under Bluetooth, enable Bluetooth, wait for it to find the device, and select it.

I tried it with the DebrisDefrag for Cardboard app (the first one I could find that needed the controller). To shoot things, I had to switch the little slider on the left to "game" and then press the X button to shoot down the space rocks. The explosions were very satisfying.

Wearing it does get a little hot, since the leather is padding is tight against your face.

It is EXTREMELY immersive. I also tried it with my favorite app -- the Go4DVR app from Goggle Tech, where you're walking around a space station. It really felt that you were there. I kept reaching out for things, and ducking under stuff.

So why not five stars?

No adjustment for distance between the two lenses, and the distance between the lenses and the phone. Most other mid-priced headsets have at least one of those, usually both.

The Freefly guys say there's a reason for this, because of the extra-wide lenses they use or something like that, and they picked the distance that would work for most people.

I do have funky vision and wear glasses sometimes, and I do appreciate it when I have the opportunity to adjust the lenses.

With the Freefly, everything seemed a little out of focus to me, especially when there was text on the screen.

I have a couple of other headsets -- a Goggle Tech C1-Glass, which is open sided, a couple of cardboard ones, and a Sunnypeak.

The Sunnypeak would be the closest comparison in terms of price and form factor. The Freefly is much, much lighter than the Sunnypeak and is much more comfortable to wear. It also seemed a big sturdier and better designed in the way it was put together and how the phone fits into it. But the Sunnypeak has both kinds of lens adjustments, so everything is in focus.

The Sunnypeak had a narrower field of view -- the Freefly screen took up pretty much your entire field of vision, thanks to those special lenses.

And the Sunnypeak also didn't come with a controller, but the Freefly controller worked fine with it (since it actually works with the phone itself -- the headset is just a plastic holder.)

If you don't have vision issues, of the two, I would definitely recommend the Freefly. If you do have vision issues -- well, you definitely can't wear your glasses with the Freefly (I just tried -- nope, nope, nope). Check the return policy before you buy it, or have a friend get it and try theirs, first.

It's currently $85. I got mine with a promo code for about $60 (sorry, the promo already expired). The controller is sold separately for $10, so, the headset itself cost me about $50 -- and it is definitely worth the price.

Especially compared to, say, the $37 Sunnypeak. And if not for the everything-slightly-out-of-focus thing, it would be worth the full $85 to me.

Oh, and the Freely also comes with a nice padded carrying case. So that's another plus there.
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on March 12, 2016
This has so much going for it yet I needed to return it.

This was my first smartphone VR headset. Boy is it comfortable! It's nice and soft and snug around your face. The field of view, 120°, is incredible. It will absolutely fit an iPhone 6 Plus. That's what I used.

I had to return it because there's no manual adjustments for inter-pupil-distance or focus. I tried the Sunnypeak as a replacement but that unit is uncomfortable and the field of view is considerably more narrow. However the adjustments on the Sunnypeak at least allows stuff to be in focus. Next, I tried the Imoch. It has a larger field of view, but, again isn't very comfortable -- ugh.

The Freefly does fog up, like so many others mention. This can be reduced by using an anti-fogging product like "Spit". Also, once it heats up from 10 minutes or so of use, the fogging diminishes.

I didn't find the remote to be useful when pairing with an iPhone 6. I didn't spend too much time trying to get it to work though. It doesn't come with a charging cable (a little surprising). I have several micro-usb cables, so this didn't bother me at all. However, for a $80 unit, you'd think they could include a cheap charging cable.

I'd be keeping this and I'd even pay more if this unit just had the ability to adjust focus and IPD. Fiddlesticks!

For what it's worth, I *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* installing Media Station VR when using ANY VR headset with an iPhone. To me, it's the Killer-App that got me highly motivated to get a good quality VR headset.
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on June 2, 2016
I have been reading VR headset reviews for weeks and finally decided that this was probably the best option. Well, I guess I fell for brilliant marketing because this headset is far inferior for double the price. The only positive is that it fits nicely and is extremely comfortable to wear. OK, and the case was really nice too but I think that is part of the marketing gimmick. The negatives are almost too numerous to name, but I will try a few:

-lenses are big, beautiful but awful. Your pupils have to be exactly in the center of the lens at all times. Even a 10mm shift on your face in any direction will cause blurring. Even if you position it precisely, objects in the video are only clear if they are directly front and center. If your view tracks even slightly off center (to look at something that isn't dead center in the frame), it's immediately blurry. To be fair, what is seen when positioned precisely and exact center of frame, the image is beautiful. But how often is this going to happen? It's almost like the designer didn't consider that human eyes don't look exactly forward 100% of the time. Odd for a VR headset design.
-the housing is made of very cheap plastic
-moving parts are made of same cheap plastic, including the brace tightening screws
-the side pads to hold the phone are too small
-there are no pads to hold top and bottom of the phone, which is counter-intuitive in regard to the last bullet point
-the manual is printed in such a "light" font style it is nearly impossible to read (photos coming soon)
-the controller (also made of extremely cheap plastic) has microscopic black on black lettering (barely raised, which makes it nearly impossible to see). The controller manual itself says that it may not always work and that any of the functions may do one thing in one situation, yet have a completely different action at other times. According to the manual, they claim this is beyond their control.

To bring it all together, my $30 Viewmaster is made better and has a more stable viewing experience. If memory serves, even my first Cardboard had a better viewing experience. I guess my search for a good universal VR headset will continue.
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on January 24, 2017
I bought this as a gift thinking it would work with iPhone as several reviews and demos say and show that it worked with iPhones. However, be aware that this DOESNT work with iPhone *anymore*. The owner's manual basically says that they're tired of trying to keep up with Apple's frequent Bluetooth updates so they just stopped supporting it. This means that you won't be able to use the remote that is needed to use this headset! I was pretty upset when we found this out the hard way, and embarrassed when the giftee found out the headset was useless.. we'll be returning this headset for a Styros unit that actually supports iPhone, and has great customer support who reached out to us to ensure we were happy with their product.

If you have an android, I'm sure you'll enjoy this product. It fit my iPhone 6s Plus just fine with some wiggle room left. It's comfortable on the face and will fit glasses. It has adjustments on the outside of the headset so you can easily adjust the view without removing the mask to turn the lenses like I've seen on cheaper models. If I had an android phone I might give this a 5 star review, but it's upsetting that they stopped supporting iOS without much of a warning..
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on January 9, 2018
The remote does not turn on, so I can't calibrate it with Cardboard. I cannot try out the Firefly content, because scanning the QR code takes me to an error page. Going directly to the site and trying to register produces more error messages.

Temple to temple, this headset is very narrow. I have to push my face into it. I imagine it would hurt after a few minutes.

One thing I do like about this is that my phone fits; even with a popsocket. I like how the screws can be adjusted for various phone case thicknesses, etc.

Update: I was going to try to have the company send me a replacement remote, so I could avoid returning this item, but they cannot since it is shipped by Amazon. I'll have to return the whole thing. I wouldn't buy another one, since bad remotes seem to be a theme.
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on December 20, 2016
Great for VR development due to the easy access to the screen without losing your alignment. Where it's lacking is the lack of adjust-ability. Many people I've attempted to show VR to using this headset have been largely disappointed due to their poor eyesight and inability to use glasses or make any adjustments. Also, after a year of use, the pads that hold the device in place are so deformed to the shape of my device in its case, that I can't use any other phone in it, not even my own phone with the case removed! I plan to get a different unit for demonstration purposes, but will probably still use this one for development. The FOV is great and the headset very comfortable. Fogging is bad until the lenses warm up, i usually just leave it on the desk with the display on for a short while before I bother putting it on. Once you do that, it'll stay clear under most conditions and I'm a guy who sweats very easily as soon as the air stops moving. The instructions actually recommending warming the lenses with a hair dryer to avoid fogging gave me a chuckle :) I probably would have felt better having paid $50 for it, but $75 wasn't bad at the time considering the use I've had from it. Wouldn't buy again at anything close to that rate though.
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Son loves it. Was a Christmas present. Only downside is there are not many "game games" to download for it expecially free ones. This was a little on the more pricey side (I will say it's worth the price) so to have to buy games on top of that, that you don't even know is gonna be a actual game is kinda a bummer. I purchased this device over cheaper ones because my son's older version samsung was too big for the others but it works great. So I guess my only complaint is the games so it's not really the device I have a problem with.
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on May 26, 2016
- Faint ring of distortion around the outer viewing area is probably the cost of the wider viewing angle.
-If i had to buy again I would look for gear that had adjustable inter-pupil distance, as the stock QR code did not work for me and I spent some on google's viewer profile generator to get rid of the accompanying double vision problem.
- I also had to ad foam to bring my phone about a half inch away from the lens to really be able to read text, something that can not be fixed with software.
- Prone to fogging.
- Lack of magnet makes certain Cardboard apps uplayable. Remote is useless and won't work on anything, despite finding manuals and trying mouse/keyboard modes.
- Content cropping with larger screen phones, in my case a Moto X Style. Profile generator helps some, but only for cardboard apps. Generic SBS content will be too big if fullscreen.

- Viewing angle
- Very comfortable
- Good light isolation
- Flip mechanism is really handy for opening up the headset to access touch screen while leaving it mounted.
- Case is possibly nicer construction than the headset
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on August 5, 2017
Although there are better systems. This inexpensive VR case for your phone is an awesome, easy, fun way to try out VR. I would recommend this for anyone curious but doesn't want to shell out 100's of dollars at the moment.

I only wish that there was better App's for it on Play Store (Google) for it, which should improve over time but that is not this company's issue, they have a solid product and for guick movies and games I play this Freefly VR makes it fun for me.
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on June 15, 2016
Without an external control button this becomes mostly useless. Most android apps don't work correctly with bluetooth and expect a screen touch button to interact with the app. The quality of the device is good and think they have some good ideas but in the end I had to return it because I couldn't use it without that button.
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