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on November 11, 2015
If you love Fantasy stories about Rangers, then this is the book for you! There’s plenty of camping, tracking, hiking, and evading pursuers in the woods. Throughout the first half of the book, you can practically smell the wood-smoke, feel the dew on your pillow, hear the footsteps on pine needles. It’s cool when the heroes’ traveling party uses scouts to stalk ahead, looking for trouble, or where hunting parties take hours or days to track each other down before a vicious fight.

And there’s plenty of troubles to be found here. Athson (the ‘Archer’ hero) and his band of supernatural allies (sorceress, dwarves, and other magical beings) face off against an assortment of strange creatures. Also a variety of challenging landscapes, some of which are cursed. There’s even some classic dungeon crawling in the ‘Troll-Neath,’ which is a phrase I love! I especially liked one action scene involving a bridge that reminded me of Indiana Jones, or the famous Balrog scene in LOTR. My only issue was trying to differentiate between the types of troll hordes that Athson fights. I have fond memories of the terms ‘Bugbear,’ ‘Kobold,’ ‘Goblin,’ and ‘Hobgoblin,’ but I have a hard time picturing what each one of these creatures would look like. On the other hand, some of the other fiends and spells that Athson faces are very chillingly described.

The author writes in a masterful, fluid style, and the pages just roll by. At the same time, I didn’t find myself annoyed or bored by any of the characters, which can be quite a feat (IMO) when it comes to Fantasy stories. A totally enjoyable experience! I look forward to seeing what happens next with these characters.
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on July 24, 2016
Trolls, goblins, wizards, elves, giants, and dragons, oh my! The Bow of Destiny is a classic fantasy story full of fantastical creatures, magic, quests, and adventure...and just a smattering of romance. If you enjoy Tolkien, you'll enjoy this novel. That being said, this is only the first book in the series, so be prepared for some threads to be left hanging. If you're someone who wants to read the whole story in one go, you might want to wait for the series to be finished before starting this book. Overall, however, it was a fun read that moved fast enough to keep me engaged but had enough depth that I cared about the characters. Five stars.
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on June 13, 2016
The Bow of Destiny by P.H. Solomon is a well-written, thoroughly enjoyable epic fantasy tale appropriate for most age groups.

Generally, the story flows smoothly, though it seems to drag a bit from time-to-time, due in part perhaps to some lengthy descriptions. Nevertheless, the author’s description is excellent, and brings the setting and the characters to life.

The characters are believable and interesting. I would, however, have liked to know a bit more about the supporting characters, Gweld, the elf ranger, and the withling, Hastra. (What, exactly, is a withling, anyway?) Also, I would have enjoyed knowing more about the antagonists, Congren, the dark wizard and Magdronu, the elusive, and extremely powerful dragon. But, to be fair, perhaps the next book in this series will explore these fascinating characters more fully.

I enjoyed the interplay between Athson and Limbreth, as well as their burgeoning romance. I was pleased that Athson was able to respect, and even admire Limbreth’s strength and abilities, rather than being put off or intimidated by them.

I liked the reluctant hero plot and thought it well-done. However, I was quite ready for Athson to accept and embrace his destiny by book’s end.

I applaud the surprise ending. I did not see that coming at all, and it is certainly adds to my desire to read the next book in the series.

I do recommend this enchanting saga to readers of nearly all ages and look forward to the next book in Solomon’s Bow of Hart Saga.
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on July 14, 2016
Without any spoilers, I can only say that the author was wise in his choices. The characters are multi-dimensional, yet true to the tone of the epic fantasy in progress. You will find yourself spending far too much time reading this one, and neglecting other things. But in the end you'll have had a ride in a world of magic, and more. The journey to.... but that's a spoiler, so all I'll say is that one can almost see the trail, and fear the Trolls.
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on October 16, 2015
I’ve been waiting for this since reading the prequels, and it was well worth the wait.

The author kept enough of the story a mystery until the right time while maintaining an engrossing story full of description and heartfelt love and angst. One of the highlights for me was the way the story started off with Athson having some difficulty before gradually moving away from some of the elements. I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil it. Sorry.

The characters were well written and engaging to the point I felt for Athson and wanted him to tell off Hastra through most of the book. Lol. Even Athson’s growing relationship with Limbreth felt right and was a pleasant change from the usual “fall in love at first sight” that’s common in fantasy. Out of all of the characters, Corgren remains one of my favorites, but he was bumped down to second place by the giant Ralda. Ralda’s complexity added an element that was briefly touched on in a couple of scenes and I’m curious to see if his character branches off in his own book or series.

Overall, this has become one of my favorite fantasy books and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.
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on September 6, 2016
It’s been a while since I’ve read a fantasy novel and this book reminded me of everything I’ve been missing. A great plot, strong characters, cryptid visions, a quest, adventure, and magic. The writing is polished, the scenes vivid and the pacing perfect for keeping the reader flipping pages. Truly, an epic fantasy novel with twists and turns aplenty.

The author’s world is populated by humans, elves, dwarves, giants and trolls (among others), and he does a great job of giving each race its own history and distinctive traits, effortlessly transporting the reader to a mesmerizing realm.

What really engages me in a novel, however, is my attachment to the characters. From hero, Athson to the band of adventurers that gathers around him, I was not disappointed. I especially like the handling of Athson’s growing relationship with Limbreth and also the way he interacted with the withling, Hastra. Even after finishing this book, the characters are still dancing around in my head, the sign of a fantastic journey.

One of the best books I’ve read this year, I highly recommend The Bow of Destiny, and eagerly look forward to the next in the series. Let the adventure continue!
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on December 30, 2016
I'd been hearing good things about this book and after following the author's blog, I figured why not give this one a go. Unfortunately I was rather disappointed. The biggest let down for me was the writing style. I found it very difficult to engage with at times. Particularly at the start, where it seemed to jump point of view mid-paragraph without much notice. Too many pronouns were often thrown around making it difficult to tell what applied to whom. There were also a lot of unnecessary descriptions that threw off the flow. Countless times characters would scratch their chin, rub their eyes, sigh, slap their thigh. Why? Who knows, because it never really added anything other than dead words. It was unnecessary and frustrating at times. On top of that there were a lot of paragraphs, thrown in seemingly at random, with a character's thoughts on something that was completely unrelated to the current action. These all made for a slow and laborious read.

The characters were engaging and unique, the story really plodded along at the beginning and I wasn't too interested in what was happening. It did pick up at a few points, but I found the actual ended a really anti-climax - all the building tension for about three pages of action and an abrupt end! Whilst the epilogue was interesting, it won't be enough to get me to continue this series
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on April 8, 2017
I’ve never written a fantasy story, but I love to read the genre. There’s something about being transported to a different realm where various creatures live in unfamiliar habitats, food and currency are foreign to me, and (almost always) there’s an epic quest.

P. H. Solomon’s THE BOW OF DESTINY fulfills everything I look for in a fantasy and more.

This is the story of Athson, son of Ath, who was raised by elves when his parents were violently killed by trolls and an evil wizard. That sounds like a story in and of itself, but it’s only the backstory to this wonderful tale.

Athson is such a relatable character—which is saying something, because in the beginning of the novel, it’s not even clear that he’s sane. He’s having visions of dead people and dogs, and he needs medicine to keep his fits under control. But it’s this vulnerability—and the unreliability of his narration—that makes him such a compelling character. When he is given “the inheritance” and told to seek the bow destined for him, you can really feel his confusion and distress. Masterfully done.

Athson has two journeys in one—his personal journey regarding the bow and his group’s journey to find the Withing’s stolen book. What’s a Withing? Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but Hastra is powerful and revered and Athson doesn’t trust her. There are secrets kept on both sides, secrets that could have disastrous implications.

Of all the characters we meet on his journey, I’m particularly fond of the giant Ralda. He is brave, kind, fearless, and tortured by tragedy in his past. All of the characters were well-developed and easy to relate to, but I could read volumes of Ralda’s story.

If the novel wasn’t exciting enough, the epilogue blew me away. It was totally unexpected, and I can’t wait to read the next installment.

Solomon hit the ground running with the first novel in the series. I highly recommend it.
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on August 8, 2016
The Bow of Destiny starts slow out of the blocks and never really recovers. It's not a bad read, but there's very little that grabbed me and made me want to keep reading (besides a compulsion to always finish a book that I started). There are long stretches where the plot slows almost to a stop. The author could've cut about 30 pages out of this book, maybe more.

Athson's backstory reminds me of Elbryan the Nightbird from R.A.Salvatore's DemonWars series, but lacks the complexity of that character. The world is way too influenced by D&D (and I never thought that I'd ever say that), and I feel that if you're not familiar with D&D, you will have no idea what certain creatures look like. There is no resolution to the story, but I admit...I didn't care enough to be frustrated by that.

Again, it's not a bad read, but It's not good enough that I will read on. I have no interest in the continuing story.
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on December 5, 2016
Non-stop action lots of twists and turns never know what will happen next.A real page turner.Great writing reading your next in the series as soon as I can get it.
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