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Originally I purchased a circular unit for my grandmother and she loved it so much that I told myself that I would get one of my own, well, when I could afford one that is. That day finally came! I got a heck of a deal on a refurbished unit. The fan came in 3 pieces with easy enough visual direction stickers on how to assemble it. They say 1, 2, "click." But really you just line up the 1 arrows, and then move it to the 2 arrow for the click. For whatever reason, my base holder piece did not have a number 2 sticker, but it was easy to figure out without it. Once assembled and plugged in, cool are blew (or multiplied) throughout the room. It has 10 speeds, denoted by the visible digital number light that lit up above the power button at the base of the fan. This proved pretty strong for a wafer-thin oval-shaped (hollow and light) top, powered by a cylinder (mechanical part) fan the size of a football. But that is not all, because it is not loud like a vacuum cleaner (Dyson is known for their vacuums); it is in fact rather quiet, like a whispering vacuum (or something of that nature). I almost forgot, it came with a remote (okay, so it came in 4 parts, not 3, if you include the remote). It was taped to the main part for shipment, but it has a nifty internal magnet on the top of the fan that allows you to hold the remote in place for storage (buttons side facing down). The remote has a power button, an auto-rotation button (pans left and right), a speed up or down button, and a "+" and "-" auto-off timer button. the instructions say that you will need to occasionally wipe the top's "foil" part (inner ring) with a damp cloth for cleaning and use a soft brush to remove debris from the vent of bottom unit. So much easier than my previous bladed fan which required that I take it apart to clean. This is a definite 5-star product, I am pleased with it. If my rating changes, I will explain why. If you see 5 stars, it is still in use with no issues whatsoever (start date: 10-11-2016).
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on May 31, 2017
I really love Dyson products. That being said... I'm not too happy with the condition of my refurbished fan. Dyson needs to seriously look into their quality control process for refurbished items. Although the fan works very well (as it should) the condition it came in was bad. There is a document that came with the unit stating it was cleaned and tested by their engineers. They may have tested it, but it wasn't clean. Glue, paint-like junk all over the interior of the upper plastic housing and the motor unit was full of dust/dander; I blew it out with my air compressor. The labels they place on the unit to indicate where you're to line up the base and tower were placed way off. Fortunately for me I own two other dyson fans (purchased new), so I knew how this was supposed to fit. There are some scratches and blemishes all over, but nothing serious that you will notice from a difference. I just think that for a certified refurbished Dyson product, they would be a little more attentive to their detail. I'll pay extra and buy new next time... Well if there is a next time.

1 June 2017: Update... I contacted Dyson to register the product and told them I was displeased with this "Certified Refurbished" fan. Thy only recently accepted Woot as a retailer for refurbished Dyson products. They said they have been receiving a lot of complaints and are not happy with the quality of service expected with their products. I'm sending this one back and Dyson is sending me a new one... They informed me that there were only 5 authorized sellers for their refurbished products, Woot being new may have to up their quality control - Buyer beware...
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on May 10, 2016
I received this refurbished product and was amazed how damaged it was. I have purchase refurbished products before and again was not disappointed. I received the item open the box to find the fan was stuck on the highest level no remote control was included and it had a multitude of scratches and dents on the fan. If this is how Dyson refurbished I recommend never buying a refurbished product from them.
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on May 18, 2017
We lucked out with only minor scratches in the back where they don't show. It is a beautiful fan! My office is a natural rust toned mahogany with accents of dark brown/black. This fan fits into a corner perfectly and matches the room. The ceiling is too low for a ceiling fan, so this is a perfect solution. It is a gorgeous color! The operation is silent except for the noise of the air moving at higher speeds. I love the sleep timer too. I purchased a 4 year warranty from Amazon, but it looks like it comes with a 3-year warranty.
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on November 18, 2017
Way overpriced for what it does! First of all, it is portable but you need to lift it by the base or it may come apart. Next problem, it is only run by the remote which has white on white icons that I certainly can't see and have to put a light on to use when the room is dark. What was I thinking paying this much for a fan?? I thought it would at least be super strong but it isn't even that robust. I really dislike the remote. It clings to the top of the fan with a magnet if you get it in exactly the right place--otherwise it slides off and you have to crawl around looking for it,
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on May 30, 2017
We were looking for an a/c alternative because landlords and well...people in Portland are generally delusional when they don't require windows to open in every room of your house and realize the one place that touts environmentalism that their summers are getting hotter and hotter...
Needless to say we had to find an alternative to cool down an 80* house at some of the hottest parts of the day WITHOUT opening windows!
This REALLY produces cold air!! I am SO SURPRISED!
And our german shepherd was deathly afraid of the SIX box fans this thing REPLACED...Go figure 👀 ... Like a box fan could take on a German Shepherd! 😂 BUT THE DYSON SHE DOESN'T EVEN REALIZE IS ANYTHING BUT A FIXTURE ON THE WALL!!! 😝
And I don't know what people were complaining about sound for, but obviously they haven't used ANY OTHER FAN AT ALL! We were just using a brand new holmes personal tower fan for just someone sitting in the living room and that thing in THREE not just blows out less air than a 30 year old smoker with emphysema, but it is also A LOT louder than the Dyson on TEN!
So my review...I don't own anything else Dyson have been wary of their prices...but THIS does exactly what it is intended to do and more!!
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on March 2, 2017
I was hesitant to order after reading how marked up the fan arrives, but I didn't want to pay full retail price. I went ahead and bought it, and I'm very pleased. The fan did arrive with a few marks, but nothing that can't be touched up. The fan works great and blows out so much cool air. I love the remote and love how quiet it is compared to other fans. Very pleased with my Dyson fan!
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on April 21, 2017
2nd one I have purchased. The first has been running almost continuously for a year and a half. Very quite at half speed, which displaces as much air as my old tower fans on top speed. But, the best aspect of this fan is how you clean it. It takes about 30 seconds and does not require taking it apart, which every other fan I have every owned required.
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on April 20, 2018
Purchased 2 fans for $199 each with Prime shipping when the seller was Woot, so the price and seller of these AM07 refurbished fans fluctuate. Keep an eye out or setup an alert if you are looking for a deal on these fans. Both fans arrived quickly and carefully packed. In all honesty it is the same packaging from Dyson since these are actual refurbished fans from the Dyson warehouse as it states on the box, along with a 6 month warranty(more on this soon.)

I unpacked both, set them up and turned them both on. One is dead quiet at the lowest setting. Even at the highest setting at level 10 it not that loud and pushes a large amount of air. I was impressed, and the unit as well as the remote that is included is sleek. It's worth every cent at the full retail price let alone at the refurbished price.

The second was fairly louder. The second fan at level 1 sounds what a properly working fan would sound at level 4. Nothing really to be upset about or turning on the TV wouldn't fix. But after spending all the money, part of me knew this could be an issue later and was about to start a return with Amazon, however even though it was 2 only days after receiving my order Amazon was already be sold out and there would be no way to purchase one at this price at the moment. So I called Dyson since the warranty was 6 months on the box itself and wanted to see how they covered shipping charges.

Dyson's warranty on even their refurbished item is amazing, they gave me a UPS number that would allow me to drop off the item at a UPS store and they would pack and ship it. The issue is the warranty was down to its last day. This means the Refurbished fan can be shipped to a seller and sit up to 6 months before being sold and the warranty would no longer be valid by the time it gets to you. My exchanged refurbished fan arrived from Dyson 4 days after I shipped out my return to them, which is amazing.

Both refurbished fans look brand new. This review originally lost a star since its a 50/50 shot on getting a fully functional fan but there is a great chance Dyson will follow through on their warranty if you receive the unit and something is wrong. Both look as if they are brand new and are proper refurbished units from Dyson themselves.
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on March 23, 2016
I bought this fan to use in a room where I grow orchids and other plants on a light cart. I run it 24/7 and have found this fan to be perfect for this use. Unlike a traditional bladed fan, the Dyson provides a gentler and more disperse air flow. It's a quiet fan and is super easy to clean. I have to say that I'd never pay the retail price of $400 for this fan, but $200 for a refurbished one is a great deal. A Square Deal, 2-year extended warranty is available for $15.70 and makes this a worthwhile purchase. BTW... my refurbished fan had one small scratch on the tower but otherwise appears as new.
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