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on July 9, 2017
Bought as a second unit since I got one Fire controller last year on Prime Days for the Grandkids. Didn't want to spend a ton for something used maybe twice a year and they wanted to play against each other when visiting last week. As others have stated it was difficult to pair because I was following everyone else's directions. For me, instead of HOLDING the mode and X, I just PRESSED them for a second and let go. The red light started blinking and it showed up on the TV ready to pair. If I HELD the buttons FIRE never found it. The kids said it worked great.
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on May 1, 2016
I bought this to work with the new FireTV I bought just a month ago. The reviews are mixed on whether it'd work with the new FireTV. But I decided to try it out mainly because of the reasonable sale price and that it is USB re-chargeable. I do not want to be throwing away battery money. And I figured if I can't get it to work with FireTV I could use it with other devices I have.

I am glad to say that I did get it to pair with my FireTV (Fire OS 5.0.5)! It wasn't the easiest to connect initially. I figured out that I had to 1) on fireTV choose Bluetooth device as the pairing option under Settings and then 2) make sure to use put the controller itself into the "keyboard input" pairing mode. That is holding the Mode button + A button. I had to try two or three times before fireTV picked it up.

I don't know if this mattered but I did make sure my controller was charged before trying to connect. Because I had experienced pairing issues like that with other bluetooth device.

Once it's paired and connected, the controller stays connected with active use. Temporary disuse doesn't affect the connection. It was only after I left it for maybe 10+ minutes that it disconnected itself. Like with other Bluethooth devices I have paired with the FireTV, re-connecting is sometimes glitchy. Most of the times, I can just hold the Mode + A button and FireTV would connect it immediately. A few times I had to navigate to the Settings menu and connect or find the device again. But this isn't limited to using this controller. So I'm not faulting it for this. In any case, this doesn't happen often enough to bother me.

The controller is quite easy to use and feels nice to hold. It does the job for me as I'm not playing any complex FPS or RPG games with it.

I also tried pairing and using it with my Mac (OS X) and iphone 6. Both paired quickly and worked just fine with the games supporting the controller.
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on December 21, 2017
This controller is poorly designed, hot garbage. I was hopeful when I first pulled it out of the box; it felt good in my hands, the sticks felt precise, and it's just a pretty thing by controller standards. However, problems quickly made themselves apparent. The D-pad buttons take a ridiculous amount of force to press, and the L1 and R1 buttons get stuck constantly. The manual it comes with is incredibly vague. I've tried using it with both Linux and Windows machines, and it's impossible to disable to keyboard emulation (contrary to what the manual says!)
On Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), the controller works decently well as long as it's connected by USB, but with a bluetooth connection it's impossible to disable the annoying ass keyboard emulation it does. This means that it reads the control stick input like arrow keys--pushing a stick either gives you all or nothing, basically making it worthless for all but old retro games (remember, the d-pad gets very tiring to use after a few minutes).
On Windows, the keyboard emulation is always on, regardless of whether it's connected by bluetooth or USB. For some reason the control sticks work, but this still makes for an insanely frustrating experience. For example, Matricom decided it would be best to map the start key to escape, so when trying to play on an emulator, hitting start makes you exit the emulation.

I bought two of these, and every one of these problems apply to both controllers.

I've spent far more time than I ever should have trying to get this controller to work as intended. I'd forgive the poorly made R1, L1, and D-pad if everything else worked properly, but it's just more trouble than it's worth. If you're looking for a cheap controller, look somewhere else.
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on June 1, 2017
Very decent remote for the price. Very easy to connect to the firestick (Hold middle button and X to pair and the device will be listed under Bluetooth not game controller) and easy regular controls.

What I don't like about it is the dialogue pad is so small. For most games you won't use it but when playing retro games it is highly used. It also is a adjustment as it's above the stick vs the Xbox and PlayStation remotes it's below the stick.

Another note the remote takes the old Android charger not the regular one everyone has so make sure not to loose your cord or else you're screwed.

The battery doesn't come out and although I haven't had a issue I hope I don't I'm there future.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on March 24, 2018
I bought this to use with my Amazon Fire Stick
After charging with the supplied cord and my tablets charger.
It paired beautifully!
I followed directions
Went to settings in fire stick

Hold On and Mode button for 2 seconds or until all 4 LED lights flash

Paired easily
That's it..

I am the least tech savvy person. I am a 53 year old Grandma doing this for my granddaughter
( Cough) 😁
And had no problem at all

I am so glad I bought this!
The official Bluetooth controller was 50.00!
That's a lot of money I thought
so took a chance,
I did research on many different controllers.
Before choosing this one.
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on December 29, 2016
Works with Android TV
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on May 28, 2018
It's a great little controller with great feel and rich with features. I love the rechargeable battery. It seems that the only alternative was a $50 Fire TV game controller that chews batteries. I decided to take a chance on this one. But, I bought it to work with my Fire TV controller and it really doesn't work sufficiently well. Basically, the left joystick works and the X and A keys work. The A key doesn't work in all instances. I bought it for my four year old to play games. He's happy with it.

It pairs easily enough as a Fire TV Controller. The problem is its limited functionality. For instance, there is a zombie crossing game app. It works well to start the game the first time, but, you can't fire the weapon and you can't start the next game. The only way to play is the have the Remote handy to start the next game and to fire the weapons. It's pretty much useless. It does work well with the Red Ball game app.

And, yes, I have tried all the different modes. It only works in the Mode + X.

In summary, it's a great controller. It just doesn't work well with Fire TV.
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on February 25, 2018
Does NOT work for Samsung VR as advertised. Dont waste your time or money if you're buying for Samsung VR.

The device I got is NOT a real matricom device but a decent looking cheap knock off. Look in my picture and you'll see the back sticker looks drastically different than the genuine device which you can find with a 10 second Google search.

Amazon needs to shut down the seller that sent this to me for selling phony products.

Edit- does not work with Xbox nor with p.c. eotger
review image
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on January 31, 2017
Controller fits comfortable in my hands when I am using it and my hands are big. I primarily use an Xbox360 game pad when I play games and the triggers on this game pad are not like the 360's one, it's missing that "click" feel or resistance that I am looking for. It's a personal rant for me and doesn't affect the use of the pad.

Controls & movement are quick to respond and I have not had any lag sitting about 12ft from the source. I am using this on an android TV box via Bluetooth connection. Had a small issue getting this paired but reading the enclosed instructions helped me and I was up and gaming in minutes.

The pad comes with a USB charge cable, the same cable interface that the official Sony PS3 controllers come with. I was able to charge my pad with an old HTC phone charger without a problem. LED's (there are four) flash when the controller is charging, when charging is completed the LED's turn off so you know your controller is charged and your good to go.

It says that this controller works on a PS3 or PC as well. I plan on testing both out in the near future but for now I am using it on my Android TV box which works fine.
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on May 4, 2018
I shouldn't be too surprised to find that right after I wrote a 5-star review for this product and the return period ended that the following things occured:

1. The controller started disconnecting randomly.
2. I couldn't find any support online.
3. Matricom's 1-year return guarantee policy and warranty on their website returns a 404.
4. Calling their office in Florida results in an answering machine.

I discovered that the "randomness" of the disconnects is actually not random. By holding the "R2" (right trigger) button while in any mode (Android mode, PC mode, mouse mode, or even while pairing), it will cause the device to disconnect. Basically, it's a built in disconnect button.Great if you want to save battery, terrible if you want to, y'know, play games.

Save yourself $15 and pick up a different controller until these issues are resolved.
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