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on December 23, 2015
So I've been looking for a cardboard replacement for my iPhone 6s. I have a DK2 and was looking for something that would give a pretty good experience for the iPhone, (knowing that it couldn't live up to DK2 experience). With the iPhone and cardboard, the right and left edge of the screen bevel is too noticeable and I was hoping that a higher quality cardboard substitute would fix this. First I purchased a Homido, but it suffered from the exact same problem as well as being really small on the face, and with not great focus abilities. I read a few bad reviews about the noon, so my expectations weren't too high.

Got it yesterday and I have to say for an iPhone 6, it really is quite good. It has these little plastic knobs below the phone that you adjust so the phone sits at the right height, and the white strap is solid and durable looking and is really pretty easy to pull on and off. With the iPhone 6, the black cover DOES fit (a problem with bigger phones) and the focus knob DEFINITELY works and I was able to get sharp focus with no problem. The inability to change the lens pupil distance was not an issue at all. The FOV is very good and unlike every cardboard and the Homido, although you can just barely see the bevel, its almost invisible. The app for the noon is ok, and the tap on the back of the screen to bring up settings (this uses motion sensors on your phone, not a physical button) worked perfectly for me and I don't see what others were complaining about. There is NO physical mag button though, so this could be a problem with other apps that use this. The foam is not that comfortable, but if you use the top strap its not too bad a fit and shouldn't be too big an issue.

All in all not a bad device while we wait for the consumer Oculus or a more expensive iPhone targeted device. if you have an iPhone 6, you will definitely be happier with the noon over the Homido.

i would imagine it would work well with the iPhone 6+ which would completely fix the bevel issue. the black snap on cover would not fit though.

Got an iphone6s Plus for Christmas and it fits perfectly although you can't snap on the cover over the phone. Heavier phone puts weight on the nose and this can cause problems with extended use as the nose pad isn't too thick. Will try to add some adhesive foam tape which should fix the problem.

Good luck
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on April 4, 2016
I ordered the noon VR headset because of good reviews on YouTube I got it home I watched it it's great so I wanted to see if this Samsung Gear with any better so I went to Best Buy look at the Samsung Gear got a demonstration of it there's no difference in picture quality its the same quality you get from the noon as the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset Plus you get more possibilities with the noon VR if you get the Samsung Gear you only work with Samsung Gear Oculus apps where the noon I can use apps from everywhere all kinds of apps 2 run it... YouTube reviewers don't tell you that you need a higher resolution phone to get the best possible picture I used my 720 phone and it looked all pixelated not good at all what are the benefits of this using this product if they have their own app noon app you can download any movie to your phone and watch it split screen 3Dmovies so I'm glad I went with the noon VR headset than a Samsung gear. it's a good product delivered on time totally I'm totally satisfied
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on July 20, 2016
I am reviewing the Noon headset. I spent 2 weeks trying to pick out the best VR headset that would fit my needs. I wanted it to be light weight; and it is very light weight. I wanted it to be compatible with Iphone plus; and it is very compatible. I wanted to be able to view vr movies clearly with or without my glasses. This is a challenge, the adjustment wheel was not working in conjuntion with the lenses. I am unable to wear my glasses comfortably and the lens will not adjust to my eyesite the way the Gear VR headset does. I was not very happy with the Noon app. It felt like I was looking at someones phone videos. Not impressed. For $90 dollars, I did expect better. Sorry!
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on February 6, 2016
Very good purchase for those with small to medium face. I am a larger guy so it didn't fit well and put a lot of pressure on my nose. For comparison, I have an Oculus DK1 and DK2 and they are just the right size.

1. Diopter adjustment works great for those who are nearsighted. I was able to see clearly without my glasses with a -5 prescription.

2. Included software allows you to play your own videos and includes a plethora of settings for screen ratio, volume and scrubbing. Their streaming videos is somewhat limited.

3. Fits iPhone 6 Plus.

4. Lenses are clear and have a fairly large FOV.

1. Did not fit my large noggin.
2. Put a lot of pressure on my nose.
3. No IPD adjustment. My IDP is 69. I estimated the units IDP is about 64 or 65.

I highly recommend this headset for people with smaller heads, but if your head is on the larger side you might want to skip it.
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on September 2, 2015
Jumping into the VR band wagon, and I'm really glad I bought the Noon VR. Because the bare bone Google Cardboard is just not cutting it for me, and the cheaper alternatives' build quality are subpar. I was not getting the full VR immersion experience with a google cardboard/cheaper alternatives.

The packaging for Noon VR is minimal: Included you'll find a universal phone holder, head band, main VR unit, a lens cleaning cloth, and instruction manual. There are optional specific phone holders available but I haven't tried those yet. The universal holder, which uses a rubber strap to securely loop around your phone, fits my iPhone 6+ perfectly.

The headset is made in Korea, and the build quality is excellent. There is quite a lot of attention to detail, there is no jagged edges, it just feels great in hand, and when you are actually wearing it. The included Velcro headband tucks nicely onto headset, and is fully adjustable both left & right, as well as from the top.

After setup, I tried a few different iOS applications:

Noon VR App - Which is awesome, because it can be used to play any video I have loaded in my phone and it feels like a theater experience wearing the VR set! There are also quite a few cool showcase videos as well as 360 degree videos for you to explore in the app. Being a guy, my all time fav would be those Korean MTVs featuring hot chics dancing in a studio, where I can view in a 360 degree angle :P Your Noon VR set entitles you to be able to install the app on two different phones.

Google Cardboard App - Cool app to explore the VR possibilities.

Vrse - Great VR story telling though a 360 degree fully immersed experience.

Crazy Swing VR - makes me dizzy but fun

If you have android phone (which I don't) you can also go into youtube and look for VR specific videos to enjoy. There is even adult entertainment apps build around the VR technology, that brings thrill to another level...

All the VR apps I've tired with Noon VR, they've executed without any problem.

There is plenty soft foam cushion around the lens, and it should be comfortable for longer viewing periods. There are also plenty of ventilation holes build into the VR set, so people who sweat a lot wouldn't get foggy lens during use (tip: leave some space around nose area so air can circulate and you get minimal fog) The lens itself is fully adjustable, I have to take my glasses off to use the headset but it's no biggie. I just wish that the adjustment could be made to individual eyes, as my eyes have different degree of near sight.

The Noon VR works best with high resolution screens (1080p+), with my iPhone 6+, I can sometimes see the LCD dots through the lens.

Overall, great VR headset for the price, the real plus is that you can use it with both iPhones and Androids, and not have to be limited to Galaxy phones like the Samsung VR, which is pretty much the same thing for double the cost.
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on April 23, 2016
Not very good. The noon app is terrible. There is not much of anything on it. All it has is foreign music videos. Could find any games on the app. The field of view really isn't that great. For the price I would have thought it would be wider. I had a bad problem of the lenses fogging and everything seemed to be out of focus. If you have a galaxy phone I would recommend the gear vr. Prices are the same. These really are a let down for the price. I paided $89 for them and now they went up to $99.
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on December 29, 2016
Fun for about an hour but the VR APP stinks. Cannot find good stuff to watch, If you want to plaster asian woman dancing on poles then use this app. BTW: they aren't naked so don't get too excited! lol I thought the APP would have more VR stuff to have fun with. WAY too much money for this. However, I will say they are comfortable and light to wear. Not cheap and flimsy, so that's a plus if you can find stuff to watch. My daughter has problems with her code to get the APP but I did not, mine was easy install.
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on March 8, 2017
Cheap pieces of junk these are.

The lenses wiggle around as you move your head. Do you want a headache? Because that's how you get a headache. What good are VR goggles that has lenses that aren't fixed correctly in position? Nothing stays in focus unless you stay completely still.

The build quality is that of a cheap toy your kid would get in a happy meal.

After shipping you're paying a hundred bucks. Does that sound like it's worth it to you? You're paying for the app, and I have yet to find any app for anything that's worth 100 bucks.

Do yourself a favor, don't get these, and tell anyone you know who's thinking of getting them to not. There are 20 dollar options that are better quality than these pieces of crap.
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on October 15, 2015
Hands Down best VR so far. I tried Samsung, and other brands VR but it seems like this one really stands out the most. First of all, their application, launching software, kicks ass. It's smooth, and very easy to get used to. It has eye tracking stuff so it's realy easy to navigate through their app. I recomment this over Samsung Gear VR.
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on December 14, 2015
After getting a version of the cheap cardboard headsets a week or so ago, I liked the experience but felt like it was lacking due to shoddy materials. So I did some research and stumbled upon the Noon VR headset. I wasn't sure if my phone would fit (Note 4), but after seeing videos with users having the Note 5 in it I decided to give it a shot.

The headset itself is comfortable and works amazingly. The focus knob corrected any blurriness (although glasses seem to be a no-go while wearing this, and individual eye correction is impossible with the knob... as I found out while letting a friend try it out). The foam around the eyes is comfortable though the piece above the nose flattened out within 2 days. It's mildly annoying, but still 1000x better than dealing with the cardboard headset. Last issue... I have a big head and the (top-most) strap only goes to the point on the TOP of my head where it starts to slope back down (I hope that makes sense). Basically it doesn't reach the back so it negates the whole support concept. Used some Velcro and made an extension = No more problem and cheap fix.

Overall, I'm happy with the headset. The lenses are great my phone fits without issue. Having a larger phone, there weren't many choices and I wasn't about to spend $250+ on a gear innovator edition. If you have a large head and/or glasses, don't rule it out, but keep in consideration the issues above.
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