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on May 7, 2017
I used the gear VR with my S7 Edge so this review isnt really about the VR, but just know its a great experience and awesome to have with your galaxy device. But I'm writing this because i know some people want to buy this for their S8 and S8+ and not sure if it will fit or work, I can confirm the phone fits just fine and this 2016 Gear VR works with the Galaxy S8+. So if your looking to buy this get it, ill buy the $39 controller from samsung. No need to spend $129 for the 2017 VR with Controller save yourself some money. Hope this reviews helps, I tried searching for this answer myself and could'nt find it. And one more thing make sure its on A if you have the Galasy S8+. See pictures
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on December 22, 2016
MASSIVE jump from the 2015 model. I was skeptical since the 2015 made me feel like I was looking at a 720p screen with limited field of view, and neither of those factors are a case anymore!!! IN addition to a wider field of view, the 2016 model gives me crisper images! I feel like Samsung and Occulus FINALLY got this VR headset right! There's more possible free features that I can count, and when looking at some streaming video I thought to myself that I TRULY felt that I was there and personally having the experience myself! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who's got a Galaxy phone S6/Note 5 or later. Additionally it comes with the option to use USB-C or Micro USB through 2 different device adapters. It's a breeze to install and setup! Samsung has it's own TV series that are free to stream and I HIGHLY suggest checking them out through Samsung's VR app once using the device. It's like watching a show that you can look around the environment and practically make your own decisions! I thought to myself, "This is the future of cinema!". Hopefully I helped prospective buyers, and ifI did I'd really appreciate that you check the box below the review indicating may review helped you.
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on June 26, 2017
As a college student, it's entirely unfeasible for me to expect to have enough money to purchase a real VR kit (Oculus, Vive). As a result, I have had to resort to purchasing gimmicky Google cardboard headsets, which just never did it for me, especially since the sensors never seemed particularly accurate. When I purchased a Galaxy S7, I decided to buy this Gear VR headset, and give it a try.

Let me say, the experience with the Gear VR is significantly better than just using Google Cardboard. I admit that I dislike that Oculus has its own store and system, and that I can't just use some apps from Google Play without having to resort to alternative measures like Construct VR. However, Oculus produces a pretty great experience overall, from the rather pretty Oculus Home to the convincing movie theater and very consistent head-tracking.

One thing I hoped to accomplish was streaming VR games from my PC, however. Running Elite Dangerous in VR seemed too good to be true for his budget, and unfortunately it was. Since tethering to the PC isn't possible with this headset (since it can only charge the phone, but can't transfer data), I had bitrate/bandwidth issues with the stream which led to quite a bit of motion sickness, even though the proof of concept succeeded. Thus, my headset's primary use was lost.

Now, the Gear VR is my #1 bed-time storyteller. Well, Netflix is, but the set lets me watch Netflix in bed fairly comfortably and very easily. I guess it gets some props.

For additional information:

I do get the screen door effect. However, it's not particularly severe, and I've combated it by actually shifting the screen slightly out of focus so the dark spots between pixels are covered.

Using the touchpad gets tiring after some time, but since the controller is a bit pricey I don't expect to purchase it soon. I don't play many games, either way.

The set is surprisingly comfortable, if a bit warm. I prefer wearing glasses, but they tend to smudge when I wear the set - however, they're still wearable.

That's all.
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on June 19, 2017
It's great if you have the phone that they say have. But, if you're an s8+ user like myself look the other direction. To compensate the newer generations it come with a crappy adapter that doesn't even work. The phone won't even fit. The real Samsung Gear VR actually came with an adapter to compensate new models of the galaxy. Very disappointed.
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on April 17, 2018
There are many reviewers saying they didn't get the USB-C clip to connect the Gear VR to their S8/+ with their device, that it looked like an undisclosed referb, etc. With mine, all seals were intact (sorry, no pics) and came in New condition as advertised, packaging looks official (pic), the USB-C connector came pre-installed on my Gear VR (pic) so I could connect it to my S8+ out of the box, and the micro-usb clip and a micro-usb-to-usb-c cable adapter came in a sealed package (pic) in the box with the manual and straps.

That said, this thing is awesome. It's not perfect, there's a little bit of a learning curve getting started, but once you figure out how to reorient/recenter the view (hold Back, look down, hit Reorient), it works great. So far I've watched a video on YouTube, set up my Avatar, and briefly glanced at one of the VR chat apps. There are quite a few more apps in the Oculus store since getting my old Gear VR with my S7e in 2016. The FB app wouldn't launch, but so far everything else works and is a blast to play around with.

I recommend getting the Samsung Gear VR Remote/controller to use with your Gear VR, it makes using your Gear VR much easier and more comfortable. I found one on Amazon for $16 or so (Samsung ET-YO324BBEGUS), and they work great together.
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on December 15, 2017
I actually bought this for my husband who is battling cancer, and is also losing his vision from his diabetes, but I'm thinking he may not get to use it as often as he'd like because I'll be using it lol. I'm a 53 year old great-grandma that is having a blast playing with our new Samsung gear VR, but the VR world, and any type of gaming in general, is all new to me, so I'm just learning the ropes as I go.

LOL the 1st time I used it I was sitting on the bed, and almost fell off of it, I slammed my hand into the wall behind me, and managed to knock everything off my nightstand table attempting to point to the item I wanted while trying to learn how to control my hand movements using the VR and the Samsung hand held controller I purchased to go with it. I also went into the app "Face Your Fears" which is super cool- (I didn't buy the app I just downloaded the Free part of it and messed around in there for a bit). But anyway, in that app, I went into the "Stranger Things" Door and ended up after a couple of mins on the 2nd one they show in there having to take off my headset because that 2nd story gave me a blow top headache with the way it was filmed. Shortly, after the headache started, the nausea joined right in, so I've already found out that there are going to be some things in there that I'm going to have to steer clear of. I've not watched a movie on Netflix yet, but I look forward in trying that in the near future.

I've read where some people complain about the "Black Screen of Death" which I did experience a couple of times myself, but mine was easily remedied by either readjusting my headgear so the sensor that sits inside the mask realized I still have it on your face so it can come out of pause mode, and start playing, or by reaching to the front of the VR and gently pressing in on my cell phone.

I personally hate messing around in my phone setting, so I installed an app called, " No Screen Off" the icon for it on Google Play looks like a blue wall light switch. Before you start to use your VR just tap the app, and your phone screen will not shut off, and when you're done using the VR just tap the "No Screen Off" icon again and everything goes back to normal again. I'm still trying to figure it all out because I've only had it a couple of days myself, but if I run across any other issues and how I resolve them, I'll post an update. I have really enjoyed my VR so far, and I recommend it.
The USB part that fits into your phone, inside of the headgear, will slide off because mine did the 1st time I was trying to get my phone on there properly, and I thought, "Oh great, I've already broken it before I ever got a chance to use it, but all was good and it just slides right back into place. It took me awhile to figure out how to connect my phone, and get it seated in there properly because I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, and it uses the B section of the lock in device on the headgear, but I must have missed the part in the manual and online that said you have to push down a little tab in that area in order to slide it forward, so the phone will lock in place.
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on November 10, 2017
Review would be higher, however though it claims it is Galaxy S8 compatible, it DOES NOT come with USB-C. You need to purchase the separate USB-C component from Samsung Parts.

It confusingly comes with a micro USB to USB-C adapter that is about half an inch long, which does not work at all with this device. Have NO idea as to why they included that in the packaging.

The part from Samsung is about $30 with delivery. Once you replace that clip component then the device is good to go.
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on June 14, 2017
STUNNING. Hundreds and hundreds of apps and experiences, most are free. Gear VR is your ticket to amazing new worlds - or to see parts of your own Earth that would be expensive or dangerous to travel to. I believe VR is actually the future of travel. Oculus has fine-tuned their servers so that almost every app or experience streams rather than requires a download, and it works very well - surprisingly well - can't recommend this enough. There are no wires or tethers like the expensive PC visors, and having tried those also, I realized very quickly that wires and tethers are an anathema to VR. This is of course the middle ground between the cheap Cardboard visors and the expensive Rift and Vive, but I believe it has the most 'bang for buck'. Gear VR has its own sensor array - far more accurate and smoother than a dumb visor like Cardboard or Daydream. You do have to have a Samsung Galaxy or Note smartphone, of course, but you're going to be absolutely stunned once you put on the visor and begin to explore. Check out JAUNT - this free app has some of the most amazing film-based VR experiences available.
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on September 24, 2017
For a budget VR device with a Samsung phones while waiting for the VR technology getting matured. This is the best quality of VR at this time with a phone that has OLED 2500x1440 screen. I have 7 edge though it is capable of playing 4k movies, but the screen is not 4k yet. Hopefully, the next version of Samsung galaxy (s9) would have 4k screen. That would help with SDE (screen door effect). The reason I give this 4 stars is it is not perfect. It only allows users to adjust PD (pupillary distant) boh eyes at the same time not individually. Also there is no FD adjustment (focal distant). Therefore, for some unique people with both eyes are not created equally there is no way to focus the screen perfectly. Other that the design is very good quality. If your phone is hot, that is due to the type of CPU and GPU in regarding to the content that you playing, not this GEAR VR. You might need to upgrade your phone to newer phone such as s8 (better CPU and GPU). However, that is the best virtual reality can do with phone at this time. A few years from now... when mobile processing and OLED resolution density getting better, we will have better immersive experience. Feel very lucky to experience VR in my lifetime.
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on January 22, 2018
Definitely a decent taste of VR. There is really no way at this price point to compete vs a full-blown system. Using my S6 (and an additional cooling fan) it works without issue. Without getting into software limitations it works pretty well. A bit of light leakage is the only physical gripe. Hardware wise, the cooling fan thing is annoying but an easy fix. Overall I'm pretty satisfied given the price and limitations.
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