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on August 23, 2016
I have been a victim of "monkey mind" for as long as I can remember. Years ago, when I tried to get a better handle on the events that were controlling my life, I focused on the external forces that I was sure had everything to do with my success [and failure] in life. If I was happy, something made me happy. If I was sad or depressed, something else made that happen, too. In my quest to gain greater control of my own life I realized that the thoughts I was creating every moment had everything to do with the quality of life I would experience at any given moment. Getting to the point, "Declutter Your Mind" is a powerful book on gaining total control of your mind, environment and shaping the future as you want it to be and not just relying on life to happen as it should.

In their third book in this series, Steve [Scott] and Barrie [Davenport] have written a book that targets one of the most critical areas we all struggle with: a life full of clutter. As they point out from the intro, your thoughts create reality, from stress and productivity to feeding into emotions, we can control and direct our thoughts to work for us instead of against us.

The book kicks off with the 4 causes of mental clutter:
• Stress
• The Paradox of Choice
• Too Much Stuff
• The Negativity Bias

The next section gives us four mental declutter habits that add serious weight to both physical and mental health. The first is "Focused Deep Breathing" where we learn the full value of focusing on deep breathing on a regular basis. The second is "Meditation" and the authors say "we suggest meditation as a tool to help you train your mind and control your thoughts." Steve and Barrie introduce the simple 11-step process to use for building the mediation habit. Next is the "Reframe All Negative Thoughts" habit. Here you will learn the "six strategies you can use throughout your day to break the pattern and begin taming your mind." Finally we have the "Teach Your Old Mind New Tricks" habit. Here we have four great strategies for gaining greater control of your thoughts instead of being a slave to them.

Honestly, I was sold on this book after the first chapter. The 4 Mental Habits are enough to add incredible value to your life. But there are three more sections that add more weight:

Part 2 is about "Decluttering Your Obligations" and determining the Core Values as, according to the authors, “one of the simplest ways to eliminate mental clutter and live a more fulfilling life is to define your values and guiding principles for your life." In this section we learn four awesome strategies for nailing your life values, clarifying priorities, Mindful Goal Setting with Quarterly Smart Goals, and Connecting Goals to Passions.

Part 3, Decluttering Your Relationships, is the section of this book I needed the most. Because relationships are largely responsible for driving many people into stressful fits of rage, from kids to parents to friends, you don't want to miss this part. Declutter Your Relationships introduces 4 Relationship Strategies guaranteed to improve, empower and strengthen your communication with people. On every level you can have relationships that function in a healthier way. Steve and Barrie show us that by being mindful of others, we develop deeper levels of empathy and emotional control.

Part 4 is about simplifying your surroundings. Where you spend the most time has a huge impact on your happiness and state of mind. This section has enough juice in it to make your living space a business powerhouse if you clean it up. As the authors state: "When your environment is cluttered, the visual chaos restricts your ability to focus."

This section will show you step-by-step how to
• clean up your home
• minimalize your digital life
• spend more quality time with friends and family
• learn to relax more and avoid a life a busy-ness all the time
• simplify your distractions to avoid procrastination
• simplify your daily actions

Declutter Your Mind has a strong focus on Mindfulness, and how we can tap into our greater selves to create a life of relaxation, peace, serenity and freedom. In a world of increasing complexities, schedules stacked up, and distractions controlling our lives, there has never been a better time than now to start "decluttering" your mind [and your life].

-- An added bonus to the book at the end are is a 400-word list of values so you can choose the values for evaluating your current quality of life.--

**So what's the final word on Declutter Your Mind?**
The book is, as expected, written in a way that readers can start implementing the strategies and habits right away. The language is concise and clear and, both authors, drawing from their extensive experience discussing self-improvement and habit strategies have provided us with a timeless book chock full of actionable content. This is a definite recommend for people looking to have a simplified and calmer lifestyle.
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on September 20, 2016
I'll start this review with my subjective opinion of the book’s shortcomings:
1. The author doesn’t mention using exercise as a technique against mind clutter.
I know that exercising isn't a method to declutter your mind per se, but neither is gratitude journaling. And that was indicated as one of the ways you can deal with clutter in your head.
I was surprised by this "omission", because I know that S.J. is a fitness nut (compared with to the majority of the population); this maniac runs marathons.
Two advantages of exercising that come to mind off the top of my head: it reduces stress, and it provides you the time to think through your issues.
Exercises were mentioned many times throughout the book, but never as a one of the main remedies against mind clutter.
2. Divorcing to reduce mind clutter.
I guess it's a cultural thing. My worldview doesn't include the possibility of divorce. Period. For me, this section of the book equated to the planning of murder in cold blood, while considering its pros and cons.
Barrie and Steve were first to admit that "Letting go of any relationship is not a quick proposition", but they included this section in the book anyway. It sent some cold shivers down my spine.
That’s a very short list of “shortcoming.” The list of benefits this book offers is much longer.

Here’s a few I’ve highlighted:
1. A wide range of ways to tackle "voices in your head" are described.
Having now read about organizing your space to reduce "digital clutter", I agree it is a very sensible approach to reduce the number of impulses that stimulate your monkey brain. When the authors systematically explain how those things contribute to your mind clutter, it's obvious. However, I wouldn't have thought about this on my own.
In addition, other sections made immediate perfect sense, like improving one's self-talk.

2. There is detailed and methodical advice about the “voices in your head.”
This topic does seem a little woo doesn’t it? Voices in Your Head. Yet I'm amazed how down-to-earth this book was for me. It's hard to explain without reading the content.
To aptly illustrate the ease of applying the book's content: the day after reading it, I performed the "loving meditation" technique described inside.

3. You can easily identify the parts which will be useful.
I think this is the biggest strength of "Declutter Your Mind".
Each piece of advice stands alone; a small part that can be taken and applied without reference to the rest. Each piece of instruction is clear and to the point. You will find little to no fluff in this book.
Because of how separate parts of the book are organized, you can read the Table of Contents, open only the part that refers to your situation (e.g. you have problems with self-talk or relationships) take a few pearls from that part and immediately implement them.
I've read the whole book only because I was interested how the authors tackled such a big and seemingly mysterious subject. But I could have had major benefit from reading only the part about relationships, as that is an area in which I experience some troubles.

4. This book is written for the overwhelmed.
I'm astounded how well "Declutter Your Mind" is organized. The instructions are highly detailed too.
Considering the wide range of techniques and suggestions offered, it might be thought that a ‘cluttered mind’ would go into overload. Not so. At each step you receive detailed step-by-step advice on how to clean up untidiness in your head.
You’ll find this book a treasure if you struggle with in-your-head noise. You’ll be armed with a whole arsenal of loaded anti-clutter weapons.

5. There are many personal stories.
This is why I love self-publishing. This book doesn’t preach theory, it illuminates good practice.
Barrie and Steve struggled with these issues like any of us (and they still struggle occasionally), and they’ve shared their experience in a relatable way. Their stories make it easier to retain their lessons

6. I identify with their methods.
Mind clutter is an issue that spills into all areas of life. As an author and coach, I regularly prescribe many of the methods indicated in this book: gratitude journaling, writing things down, journaling and more. I know that they work; I’ve experienced this firsthand, and confidently vote for their approach.

In summary: This book is a gem for people overwhelmed by the number of things they have to juggle on a daily basis (which seems like everyone on this whole crazy planet).
You can take "Declutter Your Mind", target your problem areas and immediately apply the solutions given.
Grab this book now: alleviate internal noise and stress in your life.
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on August 27, 2016
I approached this book with some scepticism. I'm not a fan of the new trend to use mindfulness and meditation as an answer to all ills of modern society, but luckily, Declutter Your Mind is more than just another 'meditate/be mindful and it'll all be good' book.

The authors go beyond the most obvious ('get rid of your toxic thoughts') and address a number of issues that can 'clutter our mind', including relationships, physical environment and life obligations. I like the practical tips and examples from the authors' own lives, with useful strategies to improve, develop and let go off unhealthy relationships, as well as stuff/things.

This is a quick, concise read, written in an easy-to-understand style, yet still backed up with relevant scientific evidence.
And while still a considerable chunk of the book is dedicated to mindfulness and meditation, there are plenty of other strategies, effective and applicable, ready-to-use included in the book, so there is something for everyone seeking a simpler, less stressed life.
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on January 1, 2017
A simple e-book seemingly designed as bait for the authors courses and other books.
A lot of Buddhist and new age advice, mixed with old tips like the ones in Covey's 7 habits of effective people.
If you are not into Eastern mysticism, this book won't help, and if you are, it is probably too superficial for you.
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on January 3, 2017
This book was amazing. Even though after reading a few of the average/negative reviews, I do agree that the content is simple. However, both authors put it in perspective that just because it is simple doesn't mean its easy to figure out or people already know the skills. This book not only pointed out the skills and strategies but it changed my life. Because life does throw curveballs at you and there will be many valleys in life. But that doesn't mean you can't get through it. The main takeaway is being stressed is like managing time and money. Be wise and mindful on how to use it because many people do not understand how much stress they put on themselves by not being mindful. Overall a 5 star book, and I hope one day I can meet both authors.
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on March 5, 2017
Very helpful book that could help you get rid of the different things that clutter your mind and your life. It is not a cookie cutter type of advice but recommends different actions depending on specific situations you might be facing. I have been on this decluttering mission for a while now, one aspect at a time, which is exactly what was recommended in this book. Actually most of what was suggested in the book are exactly how I had been doing my own personal decluttering, including those on decluttering one’s relationships. I'm still working on other aspects of my life but I genuinely feel more free, clear, and at peace inside. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I didn't pick up anything new from it that I haven't thought of yet but I still recommend the book if you find yourself at a lost and do not have any strategies in mind on how to start.
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on March 23, 2017
A large part of the book is only a list of repetitive words to identify your "core values". Titles of other books by the author look like the same info arranged differently.
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on December 19, 2016
I liked this book. Lots of extra help and links to more information. If you need help this book shows you a clear perspective way. The writter also shows how people differ in thinking or listening , just understanding that was very helpful. I have to agree that if you get rid of distractions or clutter, thinking is easier. In our modern life of technology we have a lot of distractions and book shows how to accomplish clear thinking. Good book to have around. I will probably re- read when necessary.
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on October 8, 2016
Very little original stuff here... mostly a collection of the best of from other authors. Did not find it very helpful. I recommend THE POWER OF NOW by Tolle.
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on January 24, 2017
This book was of marginal value. A large part of it was a repetition of widely promoted advice on this subject. But there were a few items that seemed worthwhile.
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