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on October 28, 2016
If you are looking for a cheap laptop, E200HA-US02 is the best little computer that money can buy. No, seriously, this thing packs more value into $199 than anything I've ever used. Asus has definitely outdone themselves with this beautiful little workhorse. Snap this thing up if you are in the market for a cheap, high-caliber computer with full Windows 10 and no compromises on utility.

BACKGROUND: I am a student in the Portland, OR metro area and I commute two hours daily across the city to get to school (don't ask me why I was dumb enough agree to do this). As a student, I am constantly using Google suite to share docs with other students, browse the internet, consume youtube videos voraciously, Spotify, Wikipedia, light gaming (Guild Wars 2) etc. I also love to code HTML/CSS on websites so I always have a web browser open to tinker with code and build front ends of websites. Naturally, I usually have 4-5 different programs open and up to 10 tabs in Chrome simultaneously, with heavy sites like youtube streams and facebook and reddit, and listening to Spotify. This is my secondary computer to a 2015 retina Macbook Pro 13".

ARRIVAL: Box contains only the charger and the laptop. The charger is good length (~8ft?) and VERY light, reversible with a phone-style wall-mounted power brick. Pulling the computer out of the box, the computer is shockingly light at 1kg/2.2lbs. The E200HA feels like it weighs HALF as much my aluminum rMBP 13". Great for backpack-ability. I cringed at the display at first but I got over it. First impression score: 8.5/10.

DESIGN: My E200HA-US02 strongly reminds me of the Retina Macbook Pro 13" but in a soft champagne gold, and it is significantly smaller in all dimensions except similar thickness. The listing online looks strong gold but in person/daylight it is very soft matte and more silvery... very pleasing to the eye, almost a rose gold. Visually, it could be mistaken for anodized aluminum. It really exudes premium from all angles (except perhaps the keyboard). I was skeptical of gold at first but after taking it on the public train, I am impressed. The color is gentle enough to not be gaudy, and it looks even better in sunlight than I expected. Score: 9/10

PERFORMANCE: Wow. Just wow. The quad-core Intel Atom Z8350 1.44GHz processor w/ 1.92GHz turbo is ridiculously zippy. For the price point, you can expect a fraction of a second of delay when programs open but trust me when I say this processor really chugs. Sometimes sending a video into full-screen results in an ugly snap but this thing NEVER gets bogged down by programs. Operating system feels snappy. I believe this is among the first computers (along with recently released new HP Stream 11) at the $199 price point to have 4GB RAM and it really shows: you can have a TON of things open and it continues at the same "cruising" pace (I wouldn't call it "blazing" though). What sealed the deal for me was definitely the 4GB RAM. I would definitely steer clear of 2GB nowadays. Believe it or not, it almost feels snappier to me than my 2015 Macbook retina... not in raw load times (definitely not) but rather in the particular "physics" of how windows / menus open; must be a Windows 10 thing. Right now I have Spotify, two Excel documents, and 9 Chrome Tabs open and the computer is still performing like I only have 1 tab. Score: 8/10.

STORAGE: The thing comes with less than 20GB free on its hard drive (after operating system) but there are many clever ways to offload storage into up to 64GB microSD card, as well as an external flash/hard drive (just be sure to specifically use the USB 3.0 port and not the 2.0 port). Don't fill up your internal ~20GB or else it will slow down!

GAMING: This thing really isn't designed for gaming... I wouldn't recommend it...... but I did it anyways, and here's what happened. Even though the internal storage is incredibly small, I loaded both World of Warcraft and Skyrim onto an external flash drive (128GB usb 3.0, which actually had faster transfer rates than microSD) and WoW worked surprisingly well at the very lowest settings with rather poor framerates (~20 FPS but usable). Skyrim.... ehh... I was able to get the game running but the FPS were so bad (2-8 FPS) that it wasn't really playable. However, I wouldn't let that stop me since FINALLY I had Windows 10. I downloaded a bunch of optimization mods like those found here ( https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrim/comments/299p22/list_of_performance_improving_mods_for_lowend_pcs/ ), and the game surprisingly got 20+ FPS when I lowered resolution of textures, modded in ambient occlusion, and turned off EVERYTHING. I'm proud of my work! I hope that gives you a better understanding of the power of this little machine, it's definitely not very powerful, but definitely usable if you work within its constraints. Score: 5/10.

DISPLAY/SPEAKERS: Ehh, the E200HA-US02 has one of those panels that doesn't look good from ANY angle, but you get used to it. The display is decently sharp at 720p resolution (for this screen size) but colors are pretty washed out. I find that lower contrast displays are actually easier on my eyes for long periods of time. Brightness is great even for outdoor/bright conditions, which I applaud. Having a duller screen is actually preferable to me over having a bright one for my use cases--my rMBP 13" attracted way too much attention on the train. Speakers are kinda quiet with poor dynamic range but it's exactly what you'd expect. Just plug in some headphones. They sit underneath your palms facing down, so it's good that the sounds feels close to you. Score: 7/10.

KEYBOARD: The keyboard will feel cramped at first but by day 3 the keys feel great in my smaller hands. I acclimated instantly and I am now flying while typing this review. The keys look cheap looking but they are really clicky, much clickier than my Macbook. E200HA-US02's keys have even deeper travel, which feels ultra luxurious when combined with the clickiness. The keys have a rough texture that is pleasing to the sensitive touch. I freaking fly when I type on this thing. Score: 9/10.

TRACKPAD: The trackpad is decent sized, a bit smaller than on my Mac, and feels similar to the glass on my Mac. The multitouch gestures work better than on any other Windows computer I've ever used: 2 finger scrolling, 3 fingers sideways to switch programs, three fingers up for multitasking view. Trackpad is great, mostly. I was impressed by its responsiveness and drivers. The only thing that bothers me is the deep, loud, travel of the trackpad's click. Sometimes my cursor jiggles because the click is so deep my finger slides sideways. The trackpad has a very loud click in a bad way.. But tap-to-click is enabled by default so you don't necessarily need to physically press to click. I recommend getting a wireless USB mouse anyways. Very pleased overall. Score: 8/10.

WIRELESS: It has the newest 802.11AC standard and it shows. It actually connects to the wireless hotspot on my iPhone more easily/reliably/quickly than on my Mac, which in comparison has some pretty bad latency... I don't know why but this thing is a wifi freaking beast! Connects quickly with strong performance. I did run into some stutter trying to stream large media files from janky websites but I believe it's more of a processor issue than a wifi issue. Score: 9/10

BATTERY: The E200HA-US02 has top notch battery life. I've had this thing for a few days now and I would pin battery life somewhere between 8-10 hours of constant, medium to heavy use at moderate brightness. It's great considering this machine is wafer-light and so affordable! The processor really sips gently, my compliments to Intel. Score: 9/10

OTHER NOTES: • Definitely install "uBlock Origin" and "Ghostery" extensions for Chrome, and be sure to enable Ghostery blocking in its settings, because blocking ads+trackers will dramatically speed up your web zippiness (for heavy sites like CNN.com) by 3x or more. No joke. These two extensions will also conserve some mad battery.
• 1xUSB 2.0 / 1xUSB 3.0 / MicoSD slot up to 64gb / headphone jack / mini HMDI (bit of a bummer)
• 32GB of storage... ehhh.. I recommend splurging on at least a 32-64GB microSD and extra USB storage.

FINAL VERDICT: Have a kid? Buy it for your kid. Travel a lot? Buy this computer right now. Breathe oxygen? Buy this computer. Asus has struck gold with this computer (pun intended). The U200HA-US02 is the perfect balance of smooth performance, battery life, portability, comfort, and price. Excellent for any non-gamer. Easily the best utilitarian tool you could possibly buy for $199. Final score: 8.9/10. Instant buy, full recommendation.
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on November 27, 2016
On the fence about purchasing this laptop? Please continue reading:

I was eyeing this laptop for several weeks now. I was hoping to get a good Black Friday or holiday deal on this item but that time never came so I bit the bullet and got it for $199 (which is reasonable).

At first glance, this is quite a small laptop. I’ve used 11.6” laptops before but with the thinness and weight, I was somewhat surprised by the size and worried that the keyboard would be hard to type on. It did take about two hours of consistent typing for me to get used to this thing. I type a lot of research papers and this is one of the more responsive keyboard laptops I’ve used. Of course, not macbook quality but definitely better than the other budget laptops on the market. Compared to my 13.3” ASUS chromebook, the keys on this model are more cramped together and smaller in size. However, it is surprisingly nicer to type on and isn’t mushy like the former.

As far as battery life goes, I started at 100% estimated usage time of 12hrs. I did a full update, streamed 30mins of video, played 2hrs of pandora, downloaded a bunch of apps and installed google chrome. After all of that, and approximately 3hours later, I still have 62% battery left. I imagine that it will live up to the advertised battery life with normal use. At most, the laptop has gotten slightly warm, not enough to bother anyone should you choose to to use it on your lap though.

Memory and performance. OK, this is largely the reason why I was wary of purchasing this laptop. It comes with minimal storage. After all the updates, I was left with 16gb of SSD. I did purchase a 64gb micro sd card for this laptop and all it took was changing storage preferences to get everything directed to the SD card. I did experience some trouble at first as the storage settings did not save for some reason and I had to redirect everything to the micro SD twice. It appears to be working properly now though and apps download relatively fast on this thing. I currently have 16 tabs open on Google Chrome (yes, I am that person) and everything is still running smoothly. The only lag that I’ve experienced was using the Edge on this machine. Do NOT use edge! Just download google chrome and save yourself the trouble.

Display and Build quality: Again, this is a very thin and lightweight laptop made out of entirely plastic, so it feels somewhat cheap. But I think the design and aesthetics may make up for that. At a glance, it looks like it’s made out of aluminum. I won’t go into what color it is, as it varies depending on the lighting. But it appears to be a more expensive product than it really is. The screen itself is actually pretty nice for the price. It’s not going to stream HD videos well but it’s definitely not an eyesore either. Another thing I should point out is that the black bezel on the screen is indeed plastic. (For some reason I thought it was going to be glass.) As far as ports go, all of them are in working order. I did have trouble with the USB 2.0 port as it was rather snug which made inputting and removing USBs rather difficult and with excessive force, unfortunately. I’m not sure if this will be a long term issue or if it will fail on me in the long run but I’m optimistic.

Overall, this is a nice inexpensive laptop that will exceed expectations for anyone simply needing a laptop for essay-typing, web-browsing, and light weight tasks. It is extremely portable and is a great option for people looking to travel with a laptop. For the price and performance, it's worth it.
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on October 18, 2016
OK, so I was eyeballing this laptop for 2 weeks. Each time I wanted to order it the stock/shipping option on Amazon was not very appealing. However, I guess I got lucky, and I ordered it on Saturday 10/15/2016 (when was in stock) and received this laptop today 10/18/2016.

Pros (for me) :
- lightweight
- good battery life
- good speakers
- good travel size
- good for watching movies and web browsing
- Windows 10 64 bit , 4 GB RAM, microSD port, fast A/C WiFi
- casting videos to smart TV

Cons: (based on my opinion)
- Hard drive is small - usable space is around 14 GB, 64GB would be perfect; but, this one is not a biggest issue for me - 128GB micro-SD card or USB are cheap.
- USB ports only 2 - additional USB 3.0 port would be awesome.

Bottom line :
For $199 it is a pretty good laptop for basic computing i.e watching videos, playing music, web browsing, and basic office/college tasks.Not sure about gaming.
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on February 27, 2017
Great little computer for writing papers, browsing the web, and watching videos. Very convenient for college students and travelers because the size and weight. I'm satisfied with my purchase and I would recommend this laptop to anyone who needs a computer for using Microsoft products, YouTube, social media and light gaming.
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on September 19, 2017
I bought this laptop, intending to use it for some business consulting work. I was traveling a lot so I figured it would be nice to have a pretty
lightweight laptop with a full keyboard that I could use to do emails, basic web browsing, and google docs.

After receiving the laptop, Windows insisted that I run windows update to ensure the laptop was up to snuff, in terms of required software. After that finished, I used add/remove programs to ensure I didn't have any bloatware to slow the laptop down. Surprisingly, Asus didn't really include a whole lot other than the software required to do smart gestures on the trackpad (good on them for what used to be such an annoyingly common problem with retail PCs).

Instead of describing how I felt about the way the laptop ran, I will instead describe what happened to this laptop when I operated it under a range of normal use scenarios.

Checking Email:
Gmail is a little slower to load than on most other PCs I've used. I also experienced an unusual phenomenon while typing in a blank: all keystrokes would take a very long time to register (for instance, if I had typed this sentence, it probably would have taken 10 seconds for the entire sentence to show up after I finished typing it out).

Using Google Docs/Spreadsheets:
The typing in a blank delay would occur constantly in a Google Spreadsheet, but was not present in a Google Doc.

Using an online Messenger (Messenger.com):
Delayed typing problem was worst on this site, which led me to believe that the UI was too much for the CPU to handle, affecting the ability of the computer to convert input keystrokes into output letters (this is very surprising, given that the marketing for this computer highlights how many cores the CPU has... I guess number of cores is truly meaningless if text output is a problem).

Using Skype Messenger:
No issues. I never tried a video call, so I cannot confirm whether any issues existed.

Reading Articles Online (News websites, popular online magazines, etc):
Probably the worst experience. Page loads were very very long. I can only imagine it is due to all of the complex ads that have taken over websites which demand a lot of resources. Not to mention, ads that loaded videos and started playing...

Surprisingly, no issues streaming. Navigating the Netflix UI was a little bit laggy, but it was not nearly as bad as some of the online news/magazine sites.

Free Trial of Minecraft:
I booted up the free trial to see how it performed, and I was shocked. The game runs very smoothly...My only guess is that the game could utilize multiple cores, while internet browsing couldn't take advantage of multiple cores simultaneously.

The laptop is indeed flimsy-ish as many of the other reviews note. However, I would like to say that it was not as flimsy as I expected based on those other reviews. There is a little flex when holding the laptop by one of the sides, but overall, it's decently solid for a $200 machine.

The screen was definitely lacking, but better than I expected for the price point. It's glossy, non-touchscreen, backlighting was a great range of bright enough down to dim (for saving battery). I will say that it was not bright enough for the glare from reflections (e.g. if the sun was shining on my shirt and my shirt was a light color, I could clearly see the reflection of my shirt in the screen, even at highest brightness).

The keyboard definitely uses membrane switches, which had a nice actuation feel considering how cheap this laptop is. The size of the keys were definitely smaller. The letters/symbols were printed on each key in a really cheap-looking finish. The plastic material that the keys are made out of was definitely low-grade.

The trackpad was solid! It was large considering how small the laptop is, had a great feel (was smooth and easy to move about on), and right and left clicks are unmarked but easy to find in the lower right and left quadrants (respectively) of the trackpad. The Asus trackpad software that comes installed knows when you're resting your palms on the trackpad to type, and limits the mouse movement to only input from a finger (it's quite smart..).

Webcam: not sure... never video chatted or used the laptop's camera.

The form and finish of the laptop are nice. It is NOT metal, but the paint on the plastic does indeed look matte metallic from a distance. The shape was pleasing to hold while closed, and is likely perfect for any 11" Macbook Air slipcase/carrier.

Everything about the hardware on this laptop makes me wish it performed better. It comes with a one year subscription to Office 365, and excel and word performed adequately. If this computer is for offline use only while traveling, it is probably perfect. I would hazard to guess that most websites design UI assuming most readers are using Macbooks and work PCs... this is certainly not the case. I have returned the PC, and will instead buy a $400 - $1000 ultrabook/2-in-1/macbook that I can use for internet/travel work.
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on September 17, 2017
I hate Windows 10 but I think this one you can change it to Windows 7 or 8; but I'm not sure yet because I haven't had the time to check and do that. This is a great looking laptop, great quality, and it's pretty light. Everything is great about this laptop except the speed. It's on the slow side. I got this when the price went down so I paid just under $200 bucks for this. It's worth it because main reason I bought this is because I have mobile WiFi and sometimes I need to take a 'smaller' laptop on the go.

Smaller laptops like does not affect they keyboard size at all. It just eliminates all that extra space on the sides of the laptop that you really don't need. Totally great for on the go, and sometimes small enough to slip into your handbag if bag is big enough. Very nice laptop.
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on September 5, 2017
Not very pleased with this computer. It is a replacement of the first that failed after setup. This one has a malfunctioning mouse. It sticks on the screen and causes the screen to increase or decrease rapidly in size or jumps to where it was not directed. I find I have to depend more on my other devices. I use it only when I am exceptionally calm and not it a hurry because this extreme frustration raises a risk of a heart attack real rapidly. It is not good to have the stress level in the red zone when the device has a malfunction.
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on September 5, 2017
It's okay, you get what you pay for. I wanted a cheap laptop and I got it. The space bar doesn't always work. Sometimes I need to press it a few times. I looked it up and found a few solutions; however, none worked. Also, the speakers worked fine for a few months but now they make a weird noise after a few minutes of use and eventually it goes to a blue screen. It gives a code, which again, I looked up and none of the solutions worked.
Originally I purchased this laptop simply for work. I was doing some "residual income" independent sales consultant type things. It was fine for that since I wasn't typing much, mostly just point and click to fill in the blanks. And I wasn't using sound. I am now a student and can't write a paper without getting angry at the lack of spaces between words.
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on August 30, 2017
Absolutely phenomenal laptop for a low price. I code on this thing just fine for small simple programs. I got a USB HDD along with it so when I get something big going on it I can save it on the hard drive and run it later on the big machine. It plays Civ 5 like a charm on low settings, and a few other random games mostly pretty 'lowend' stuff(and Dwarf Fortress). Web browsing in chrome can feel sluggish at times, on that note though I feel as if the NIC really does its job well.

- Small sleek design
- Pretty awesome battery, I went something like 4 hours one day on Civ 5 without having to plug it in.
- good keyboard. tactile, not mushy at all, and well spaced keys.
- Low heat

- The touchpad works, no qualms with it at all.
- The screen is all you can really imagine.
- The weight is fine

- The only real 'con' I can think of is the speakers, but I mean we have headphones nowadays.
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on February 22, 2017
I absolutely love this laptop. It's super lightweight and fits into all of my bags. It comes with Windows 10 a free year of Microsoft Office which is nice. There's not a lot of room on the hard drive but if you use Microsoft One this shouldn't be an issue. Trackpad was a little finicky at first but it seems to have sorted itself out once I altered the pressure of my fingers. Additionally, the color in my opinion, is closer to rose gold than actual gold, which is actually really nice.
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