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on November 25, 2016
I purchased this from Target (at the time of this review, it was not available through AmazonPrime) after researching VR headsets on various websites. I bought this specific headset -- and recommend it -- for three reasons.

First -- it accommodates most smartphones with an adjustable, spring-loaded clamp. We've used Samsung Galaxies and iPhones. To use your phone with this VR headset, you simply open the door to the headset, center your phone in the clamps, and close the door. DONE! Other VR headsets require specific holders for each brand of phone; this VR headset, however, allows you to swap out phones in seconds.

Second -- it has adjustable straps and adjustable optics; it works for adults and kids, and it fits for those who wear glasses. I will say that it is front heavy and a little tough on the bridge of the nose; I've countered these issues by positioning the headset just a hair higher on my face. Other reviewers have commented that the hinged front door -- on which the phone is secured -- can open if you move forecefully; I've not encountered this problem, and it does not appear (at least from my research) to be a universal issue.

Third -- and most importantly, it has an "action button" (a large silver button on the upper-right-hand side). Though the "action button" is simply a rubber tip that extends to touch the screen, that means this "action button" works with ALL touch screens (compared to other VR headsets that work only with android devices), which is all you need to play VR games/apps that require interaction. Note that, in my research, I haven't found many other VR headsets in this price range that have this universal "action button."

I paid approximately $65 (although I've seen it on sale for as little as $49), and I have purchased a few additional headsets as gifts.

I hope this review was helpful!
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on January 29, 2018
I got this today and have been testing it all day.
While they are decent goggles .. I think they were a bit overpriced for what I actually received.
Even a bit disappointed regarding certain features that just don't operate correctly.

- VR Googles have two adjustments that assist in getting the clearest visional possible
- Wide variety of phones are compatible with this item (Personally tested iPhone 6s, 7s & Samsung S8)
- Straps are well made
- Goggles appear to be well constructed plastic material
- Fairly easy access ports on both sides to plug in headphones or power

- Goggles are quite heavy; being made of plastic makes these goggles quite front heavy and you have to compensate by tightening the strapping tighter IMO or lay back flat so they rest on your face
- There is not enough room in the phone compartment for anything but the phone or the magnet will not keep the door closed.
You have to take off your phone case or protector every time you want to load your phone in order to get the door magnet to work properly
- The Action Button does not work. Quite inconvenient as you are unable to take advantage of the gyroscopic cursor (Disappointing)
- While padding appears to be sufficient; the padding has a hard seam on the inside and outside edges which is quite uncomfortable when viewing
for longer periods of time
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on April 19, 2017
I'm relatively new to VR and I really like the V2. It's comfortable to wear. I could adjust the head straps to get a good fit so it stayed securely in place. And by using the two adjustments for focus and pupil distance I was able to get a very clear image with most games and HD videos. It seems to be constructed well and is perfect for viewing some of the new 360 degree live feeds that seem to be popping up everywhere.
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on February 3, 2018
I'm now learning while I go about this headset, it was actually for my 80yr old dad,who somehow thinks he's into tech (poor fella).
To be honest I'm still trying to find something to download that doesn't have ads that he can watch movies, but we did watch a few short clips which had him mesmerised.
So my only complaint is find an app that would allow watching movies with no ads popping up at the side.
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on March 30, 2017
sweet! I use it to fly using Litchi Drone app in FPV
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on May 3, 2018
I have been looking for the best VR headset for the money & I found it in the Homido V2. The design is clean & easy to oporate. The lens are amazing making the experience very real. I looked for this set after reading reviews but made sure to order it from the official Homido Store for peace of mind. The V2 is very comfortable allowing you to wear it for an entire film barely noticed. I most watch videos but am eager to starting gaming with this VR headset. I will be getting a second set for gaming soon. Homido is known for its quality VR equipment & the V2 delivers.
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on April 30, 2017
Nice packaging, seems relatively well made. Unfortunately the action button did not work with my iPhone 6, which was a key requirement for this purchase. Will be returning.
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on August 23, 2017
it's a lot of work to set everything up, but it's pretty cool lol
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on April 29, 2017
Great quality and fit. Fells like a well thought out product.
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on September 29, 2017
For the price it worked really well
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