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on January 2, 2017
I've tested a couple different "casual" VR units (the mobile phone versions)....truth tell they are all essentially fancy phone holders. The Freefly is worth it if you have the money, but it won't offer you that much more of a VR experience, it's just better quality and more comfy. The issues I have with the Freefly is that because it offers you a much larger field-of-view, it means the lenses are "fixed" and can't be adjusted to an individual's eyes. This can cause blurriness and discombobulation for some users which essentially can't be fixed. It also means that entire VR experience can make some people feel sick and dizzy.

Why then would I recommend the Freefly? Well, as mentioned before, it fits nicely and uses quality parts. Also, the dark space between the eyes in the middle of many cheaper VR units is nonexistent. So you don't feel like you're looking into a VR world through goggles - it feels more like you're actually there. This effect is done by basically makes the lenses a bit more convex which joins the two VR images a bit better, which can really mess with some people's equilibrium.

Long story short, you might buy this and it straight up doesn't work for you because you can't adjust the lenses to your specific eye, and thus it's useless. But those people are generally the exception I find. Regardless, it's an expensive risk. I would absolutely recommend this is you have money burning a hole in your pocket since it's a really nice unit, but there are cheaper and totally effective VR units out there as well.
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on January 3, 2017
Comfortable and solid - but without the ability to focus it was basically unusable. This was a gift for my wife. My children each got one of the cheap (20 bucks) VR headsets as gifts for Christmas also, and while not nearly as comfortable, they are more usable because they can be focused.

Nobody in our house needs or wears glasses. We have tried three other inexpensive VR headsets and all of us saw very clearly through each of them with some very simple adjusting.

It was too bad that we had to pack up and return the Freefly VR beyond headset because it really is the most comfortable (by far) and it comes with an impressive case to keep it safe. Unfortunately, everything was blurry (every one of us agreed it was much blurrier than even the cheapest alternative) so it has been packed up and is getting returned. If Freely designs a headset with quality lenses that can be focused then I would probably buy it. Without the ability to focus it is just not worth having.
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on July 10, 2018
The headset has a soild build quality
Immersive fov
Minimal black border while headset is on
Headset components are non existent except the 2 touch triggers which you can see at the bottom
Comfortable foam piece around the face
Adjustable phone mount system that might fit any phone
Nice seal around the phone while it is mounted
Adjustable head strap

The headset seems to be designed for a more narrow face
Lens do not adjust (although it is stated in the item description)
The image is a tiny bit blurry than any other vr headset (vr box)
You probably need perfect vision with no other eye related health issues
If you have a low resolution phone it might be worse for you

Other reviews:
There is no way to adjust the focus your eyes have in relation to the phone.
Someone said that it was pinching them in the nose area while the space for your nose is big the foam piece does cut into that space a little
normal to medium noses might fit but bigger noses might get clamped down more.
Someone said there was heavy fogging while wearing but there are 2 large slots which act as vents next to where the headset straps attach.
You dont need any apps they provide there are many apps out there for vr that will work with any phone that has a gyro.
Someone said that you can bump the headset and your phone would fall out the only way for your phone to fall out is for you to pull on the latch
to open the headset or to push the orange button which is seated in a place where you cant really bump it.

My review:
This is probably one of the best experiences ive had with a vr headset. It is more immersive than any of the headsets ive tried. I will say this though i think this will need a higher resolution screen maybe 4k currently im using a QHD screen which is 2k or something. Since it does magnify the screen quite a bit you can almost see the color between pixels.
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on December 31, 2016
What a huge disappointment. The lenses are not adjustable so I cannot get them far enough away from the phone to focus. But even if I could they fog up faster than any headset I've seen.
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on December 28, 2017
I wish i could rate it lower. The product is well built but the trigger doesn't seem to work with my iphone 6s. Support is very poor. I emailed them for assistance but haven't heard anything after several days. Seems like they are only interested in pushing out the product with no post sale support.
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on May 4, 2018
These were the best I found in every way except I wear glasses to read and I couldn't bring these into focus well enough to read the VR menus. I jammed a pair of glasses in and it helped but couldn't wear with glasses on. I hated to return them but had to.
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on February 19, 2018
I use it with my iPhone 7 Plus. It works...fine. It's nearly impossible to change the volume when the phone is locked in, and the lenses aren't adjustable, but it works okay. It didn't blow me away, but I'm sure there are worse VR headsets out there.
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on January 7, 2017
Very well made. Comfortable, Easy to use.

Didn't get to play with it much though (it was a gift), the person I got it for had an iphone with a bulging battery and it wouldn't fit in the headset. My phone is too large (Nexus 6p)
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on January 23, 2017
I really don't understand why this headset hasn't gotten better ratings! I am using a ZTE Axon 7 and have been loving the combination of the two! The dual triggers make navigating and interacting with most of the apps a breeze. Just to see how easily it would adjust to another device I've used a couple of different phones and the experience has been just as expected... PERFECT!
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on November 26, 2017
There is only one flaw with this system, however it is a critical one that leave it useless. The eyes are not adjustable. If your eyes are the correct width apart it will be fine, but if they are not it will give you double vision, hurt your eyes, and make it difficult to focus on anything. For me these were useless. My personal recommendation would be to spend a little more money and get one with adjustable view ports.
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