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on June 8, 2017
I just finished reading this entire trilogy in less than two days. I have to admit that I couldn't believe how much Dylan put up with to stay in the relationship. I knew already that a Happy Ending was promised so, of course they were going to live happily ever after. I ended up enjoying this series and if I could suggest one thing it would be this....We readers should not be made aware of how the stories will end ahead of time. It just kind of takes away any surprise endings!
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on September 23, 2017
Enjoyed this series.
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on July 11, 2017
I like that the book flow together it's like reading one book the first book is great and the second helps understand a little more but by book 3 it starts to drag a little it's like your reading the same thing over again there's a section that's a little hard to get thru
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on March 17, 2017
Next to Never- I received this arc for an honest review. This was a great book and the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. Dylan is an innocent girl who recently graduated from college and also lost her fiancé presumably to death. She is trying to get on with her life when she meet Rade who is a wealthy domineering man. Rade gets involved with her under false pretenses because he believes that she may have to do with the missing 10 million that he fiancé stole prior to "dying". They are attracted to each other almost immediately however There are people who don't want them to together like Chloe the ex girlfriend and others. This book ends with quite a cliffhanger and I already bought the next one to read! Great job with this book!!!!

Next to Always
This book was a good book. I bought this book after receiving an arc for the first book Next to Never. This is the second book in the series. The story of Rade and Dylan continues. This book begins where the first one left off and Dylan leaves Rade with a broken heart after she is attacked at a BDSM club called the Castle. Dylan leaves the area and visits with her dad trying to mend her heart. She quits her job and gives up the lease on her apartment. This book had a lot of heartbreak but there was also a lot of healing until Rade gets kidnapped, drugged and assaulted. It seems every time Dylan and Rade get closer someone tears them apart. This book ends on a cliffhanger. I can't wait to read the conclusion which is Next to Forever. Thanks for a great book.
Next to Forever
I really liked this book. I purchased this book after reading the first and second book of the series. This series reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey yet the storyline was different. AL Long is a very talented writer and I managed to read two of her books in two days. This is the last book in the series. Of course there is a lot of conflict but Rade and Dylan are determined to beat the odds against them because they love each other so much. All hell breaks lose when they return to the Castle but this time it is Dylan who is kidnapped by her ex fiancé Michael and Rade's ex submissive Chloe. They both are determined to keep Dylan and Rade apart. Will true love prevail and they finally get their happy ending? This is a definite must read!
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on March 26, 2017
*Warning just incase this is a trigger this series does contain sexual assault and rape, thought in my option it is still a good series.This is truly a dark romance.

Next to Never: Book 1

I read a lot of book and come across so many that I fell in love with. I have had never read anything by A.L. Long before but when Book Review Buzz was looking for reviewers for this book I could not pass this up. This book was truly amazing and one I highly recommend.

I actually loved BDSM book. This first book open the door for BDSM. I have to say I just loved the main characters in the book. The male character Rade is a true Dom. I love the fact that the first book showed no signs of trauma that causes him to get into the life style. The author made it look like a chose and not a sickness and I just love that. Rade’s personality is so powerful, controlling and caring. Dylan the female character in the book is strong as well. You will see very quickly that Dylan is very hard headed. Rade truly has his work cut out for him.

Dylan Adams has been though a lot. Here she had been engaged to Michael a man she was so in love with. Now Michael was missing and thought to be dead. Michael had some secrets some that Dylan did not know about. These secrets could very easily get Dylan killed.

Rade is a very successful business name. He owns several companies. There is several sides to Rade. I loved how he did not care to show that soft side to Dylan. He wanted her to truly know him and trust him.

Rade had plenty of secrets. These secrets could destroy what he is trying to build with Dylan. He also has a crazy ex which does not help matter as well. Rade is willing to take Dylan to sexual places that she never has gone before.

There is so much that happens in this book. there are a lot of hidden gems along the way. As you read the book you will discover that Dylan as trust issues. These alone can really hurt the love her and Rade share. There is a character by the name of Evan. I have not quite figured him out. It will be interesting to see what the future holds. I did not trust Evan and hope his true colors are revealed.

If you loved 50 Shades you will love this one. This is definitely a book I would love to see come out on audio. It would be interesting to see how the characters come to life. I am defiantly going have take out time to check out the other two books in the series. I have to say the author did have me screaming at there the way she ended it. Yip there is a cliffhanger.

Next to Always Book 2

I really feel lost when it comes to written this review. Please do not get me wrong. This book was really good and glad I read it but it was a book I truly had a hard time reading. I do believe and would highly suggest that this book and maybe this series should come with a trigger warning to prepare one for what they are about to read. This being a BDSM book I know what to usually expect in books like this but was not expecting the rape. Like I said it was truly hard to read. Saying all this I have to say if rape is a trigger for you then you might not want to read the book. If it is not a trigger for you then let me say this. Tragedy is a part of life and I think it is good for an author to include tragedy in the stories. It can make the story more real. Though I hated that one of the characters in this book was kidnapped, drugged, and raped I think it is good to reflect on what one would go through and how they would feel.

I did go back and read book one again before reading book two. It had been a while since I had read book one and was having a hard time remembering the details. It was suggested to me to go back and read enough of book one until the details started to come back. Of course book one was so good, even though I had already started remember stuff I could not put it down and read book one all the way through again.

I hope I do not make the author, fans, or anyone else mad concerning this review. I feel like I need to be honest. If I did not feel this book was a good book I would not of read it or even left any type of review. I would of just walked away. But I do feel this book is worth every bit of 4 stars. Though I have seriously thought about email the author to make sure she is not going there with Chloe. If she goes there with Chloe then I might have to stop reading book 3. Sorry you will have to read the book to find out what I am referring to.

I did not read this book straight through. Due to the subject matter I did have to take breaks. My heart was truly breaking and it was leaving me very emotionally drained. I feel after reading the book that my emotions are all over the place. I have truly been on one emotional rollercoaster.

I love the story of Rade and Dylan, though I feel Dylan has a lot of growing up to do. She is truly innocent. Dylan in my eyes likes to run when things are not going her way or she hears something she does not like. Oh, do not get me wrong. What happen to her in book one at Castle was a huge tragedy and she had a right to be hurt, mad, anger, and distrusting but would like to see more growth in her. I am ready to see Rade and Dylan’s relationship grow and would like to see Dylan gives as much as Rade is giving. Both characters have trust issues. Dylan after her ex is having some serious trust issues. Rade is the same. After losing his brother and mother he has some serious trust issues as well. Both afraid to put their heart on the line.

My heart truly broke for Rade. That does not excuse all of the secrets he was keeping from Dylan but come on she over reacted to everything. He had a right to be afraid to tell her stuff. I would want to keep secrets from her as well.

Rade will go through more then he should ever have to endure and he will have a lot of guilt, hurt, confusion, and anger to deal with. He truly will need someone to be there for him. Though Dylan was good about doing that at the beginning I feel like she became a little (okay maybe a lot) selfish at the end and made it about her and what she was feeling. Some times in a relationship you have to put your personal feelings and anger a side and listen the to other person and work through the problem. We see that with Rade. He is one that even though Dylan at times would make him anger he would try to put his anger aside and be there for her. Now that he is having all these emotions that is hard for him to deal with he really needs her to but him above herself.

I hated Chloe in the story. I know every story needs a villain and god we know that this story had plenty villain. This woman is pure evil. If you thought she was evil in book one, well then you have not seen anything yet. Her claws really come out in this book. I want to reach in the book and take her out my self..LOL

WOW, what a surprise with Evan Taylor. I was not expecting that. In book one I did not like him and still not certain where my feelings lie with him in book two. But once again isn’t that Dylan fault. I mean in book one she led him on just a little and did not tell him about Rade. Oh, bet your wondering what I was surprised about. Sorry have to read the book to find out.

I truly like Richard. He truly plays a father role in Rade’s life. I know Richard is not liking Rade and Dylan’s relationship but I do believe he loves Rade like a son. Though I do wonder about his friendship with Rade’s father.

Michael Steward. We only got to see a glimpse of him in this book, but I fell there is more to come. I think he is a scum bag as well.

Garrett Matheson which is Rade’s father. I truly am confused of what kind of man he truly is. One minute I hate the man and the other I am left wonder about the love he might have for his son. Truly a confusing situation. Though there are some things that leave his loyalty and trust questionable.

I am really liking Peter and Lilly. I am going to have to go and check out to see if the author has written a story about these two. If not I hope to see one come out.

All in all so far I have enjoyed the series very much and hope that book three will be just as good. I might have to take a day or two to get over book two before trying to read book three.

Next to Forever: Book 3

What an amazing ending to an amazing story. In this series we have seen Rade and Dylan have so many ups and downs. It seems at times the world was against them. One bad thing after another seemed to happen. Just at the time you think they were going to get their happy ending something else was thrown their way.

In my last review of this book which was book two, I made the statement that Dylan had a lot of growing up to do. She seemed to run at every little thing that happen. Well in this book we get to see her grow up some.

Dylan has a lot she goes through. During this read I tried to put myself in her shoes on how I would feel if I was her. Here she just found out that Chloe the woman she hated says she is pregnant with Rade’s child. Myself I would of been hurt as well. But in book two I still felt like Dylan should of looked at the bigger picture of what Rade had gone through. Well in this book we get to see just that. It does not mean that there is not more thrown their way. We already know that Rade has the secret that Micheal is alive. Dylan is trying to sort her feelings out. she is deeply in love with Rade but I understand her reservations on if she could love the baby that Chloe and Rade would share.

Rade had so much on his plate. It is a wonder he held up like he did. I can not imagine having to worry about every thing such as what was Chloe and Michael’s next move, could he keep Dylan safe, is the baby Chloe really caring really his, and the list goes on and on. I am truly surprised he held together as well as he did after all that had to him.

We have not heard the last of Chloe and Michael. They have one more card to play and it is not good. It causes so much division between Rade and Dylan. You start to wonder if they will ever get their happy ending.

I love there was finally justice. That Chloe and Michael will get what they so deserved. This book was so good that I had to read it from beginning to end. It is defiantly a book I did not want to put down.
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on March 26, 2017
This is an absolutely brilliant box set by A L Long. It brings all the books in the Shattered Innocence Trilogy together. I loved these books they had a great storyline which kept me hooked from start to finish. I love the chemistry between the characters Rade and Dylan and the way they interacted with each other. This is an intriguing, emotional, keep you on your toes romance. This really is a special trilogy and I definitely recommend this set to anyone. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this set. These were the first books that I have read by A L Long and they won't be the last.
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on September 21, 2017
This trilogy is off the chain. Its jam packed with action, intrigue, and don't forget romance. I was hooked from beginning to end. A.L.Long I'd super talented and I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve
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