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Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System
Edition: Oculus Rift + Touch System|Change
Price:$399.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 11, 2017
If you've got the PC to handle this, you really need to try the Rift + Touch. Especially at the great price point of ~$400 right now. I've had it for several days now and am really enjoying the experience. I haven't tried the Vive, so will not try to compare there. However, I did try the PS VR for about a week. Hate to say it, but that experience was awful. I ended up taking the PS VR back to Best Buy. Long story, short. Check out the PC requirements - they're stiff. If you've got the PC and have the slightest interest in VR, you need to try this out.

Here's a long, long review of things I've tried and/or done right (and wrong!) with the Rift...

Should have downloaded the Oculus software when I ordered the Rift. Once I got my Rift, I figured out that I'd have to download the software. It was tougher than it should have been to pick the initial drive to download to. I've got a solid state C: drive and really didn't want to install there - but it was inordinately difficult to switch. Finally gave up and just took the plunge. If I'd worked on it ahead of time, I wouldn't have felt as rushed.

There's an initial training program that pops up. Don't start sharing your Rift with anyone else until you've had the chance to go through training! I started sharing and didn't get it back until the next day...

This bundle came with 2 sensors. Don't set them up as you think they should be setup. One would think that the lines on top of the sensor should point to the general middle of where you will sit/stand. that didn't work for me at first at all. My sensors are to my 2 and 10 oclock - but the lines aren't pointing at me. They're pointing somewhere behind me. If you get them close enough to where they need to be, the install will show you how to twist things around - but it definitely seems odd setting them up originally. I can sit and stand and pretty much anything in between and both head and hands are tracked very well.

Setup with the Touch sensors works really well. Once setup, you can 'see' where they are with your rift on - which helps immensely. There's no fumbling around trying to figure out where they're at or putting them in my lap or having someone hand them off to me... There's also a guardian mode. On initial setup, you use the touch sensors with sound/vibration to delineate your play area without your Rift on. Then when you put the Rift on, you'll see a grid around you if you get too close to your boundaries. it sounds more complicated than it really is - I've got an oddly shaped area with other desks and bookshelves and it works just fine.

This bundle comes with several games. My favorite so far is Dead and Buried. You can see your ghostly hands in front of you and there are several mini-games. Reloading is a neat flip of the hands and the sensors pick things up just fine. Some of the minigames also take advantage of you ducking or leaning. No discomfort here at all.

Steam VR was installed so that I could try out Google Earth VR. Important note! Make sure you go through the Steam VR setup process!!! I was standing on my tippy-toes with my chin at ground level until I figured that out. This one definitely made me queasy until I got it setup properly. Google Earth VR is just amazing. I'd like some way to search in VR as you do in Google Earth. It can be tough finding your way around the world flying like Superman...

Then the one I was really wanting to try... Elite Dangerous. I've had Elite for quite some time now, but it is completely different in the Rift. Things to note here: if you already have Elite installed, you have to go into graphics settings and select the headset from the 3d options. Volume was also inconsistent here - not sure if this is something to do with my drivers, but I was constantly fiddling with volume for some reason. At points way too loud, at others way too quiet. You'll also need to get your finger ready on the F12 key - or whatever you have the recentering key bound to. This took me several webcrawls to figure out the problem. Initial setup had me completely turned around in my chair in order to see the menu. Get close to where you'll sit, then hit your recenter key. You may have to fiddle with that a little bit to get your head properly seated in your in-game body. I've got a HOTAS setup with the Saitek x52 and thought I would be fine... Unfortunately, I still have a few keys keyed to keyboard inputs - and that's just not an option. I'll have to do some more customizing before I can fully fly around in Elite.

I'd advise starting off in training mode because it really is that different. I've got a few bounties on my head.. Some space stations just have no sense of humor! But the sense of immersion is just amazing in Elite. Can't quite make out those labels on your screen displays? Just lean a little closer. Look over your shoulder to track that pirate visually. Eyes hurting from flying too close to that sun while doing a fuel scoop - just look around your cockpit to take a break! Want to walk around your cockpit? Go for it! Okay - that one breaks the immersion a good bit as your body is left behind. But it would be interesting to do in one of the bigger ships just to see what happens...
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on August 16, 2017
I decided this generation of VR wasn't for me back when both systems were around $800, as I thought that price point was too high for the amount of value and content you received (especially on the Oculus side). When I checked over a year later and saw that the price had been cut in half, the Xbox controller had been replaced with Touch, an extra sensor was included, and 8+ games were given away for free, I decided to pull the trigger. I am honestly blown away.

IMHO: The screen door effect people talk about is definitely there, but only noticeable during loading screens/when you're not immersed in a game. Tracking is wonderful with 2 sensors, and flawless with 3 (if you're in a larger room like me). Touch is the most ergonomic and intuitive controller system I have ever used. Switching from an XBone Controller and Dualshock 4 to Touch was a night and day difference. Between Steam VR and the Oculus store there are tons of great games and experiences available, and more coming out every week. The main negatives I have noticed are the length of the cords coming from the headset (which I am fixing by buying extensions), the quality of the foam around the headset (seems to pick up and hold sweat/makeup, fixing with WidmoVR cover), and the heat produced by the headset during longer play sessions (doesn't have an easy fix other than pointing a fan at yourself during play). I can live with all of these things given that it is still a first generation technology.

Overall, I can sum up my thoughts with this: The first time I reached over my shoulders and pulled out my dual shotguns in Robo Recall, the laughter of amazement coming from my mouth completely drowned out the sobbing of despair coming from my bank account.
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on August 10, 2017
I'm personally at a point in life where I don't know if I will survive long enough to see a device like this really evolve into something that will transform the way we game work and experience media. So at the sale price of 400 dollars I'm happy to say that Rift delivers with some considerations. Touch controllers are amazing when first experienced. Games written specifically with VR in mind and especially those Occulus exclusives (Robo Recall, Mages Tale etc.) really show the potential of the technology. That is when you aren't untangling cables, adjusting sensors, rebooting software etc. Consider your level of trouble shooting knowledge, consider your available space if you are wanting to play room scale experiences, consider your tolerance for a small software library of meaningful titles vs a avalanche of shovel ware and tech demos. There are big considerations with comfort that aren't stressed enough. Do you dig sweat? You better because the headsets foam cushion will get incredibly wet and gross. Not to mention the lens fogging up from your breath while breathing through your nose. What I am trying to say is that the Rift can be a amazing and also frustrating piece of tech. When it"s clicking on all cylinders it will transport you to another world. When it's losing tracking or you have tripped on a cable or your getting motion sick then you will quickly put it down for more traditional forms of entertainment. This is prime example of early adopter tech and should be researched and considered as such before you purchase.
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on September 19, 2017
Why I bought it
I never really thought about buying a VR headset.
I did read about it a while ago since I love technology and I was curious.
But last time i checked, it was too expensive and the reviews around the net stated that there was not enough content,
Based on those 2 facts, the reviews didn't really recommend it as something worth purchasing. So I didn't.
Then, one day, i was checking the current prices of those headsets and i noticed that the Oculus Rift was on sale for just 400$.
*Edit: on black Friday it was as low as 350$
I then started looking for updated reviews and was reading some great stuff about Rift's new touch controllers.
I did not think twice, I knew that 400$ is a price i am ready to pay to try some new and cool technology.

Build quality
I must say that the build quality of this product is really outstanding.
It feels very stable, beautiful, it feels nice in your hands and on your head.
You can wear it for quite a long time without getting uncomfortable.
You'll notice that luxury feeling from the moment you see the box and the unboxing process.
One big problem is when you start sweating. The foams that are sitting on your face are soaking water instantly and becoming really disgusting. Making it difficult playing with others.

*Edit: after a few times that I've been using the headset, I suddenly noticed dirt stuck inside the right screen, it was clearly stuck inside and I sent a video to their support and they agreed with me.
It was very noticeable as a big black mark when wearing the headset.
The screens are sealed so I couldn't open in order to clean it. It probably happened during manufacturing.
I tried contacting them and sent them the information that they have requested, but then they replied and requested even more
information with some serial number that should be located on the headset strap, which I didn't find.
I did not want to spend even more time understanding what they want from me, so I left it as it is.
Later the dirt has moved again to the sides so at least it does not interrupt any more. until next time :P

My first Usage impression
The 3D effect is quite amazing, you really do feel like you're in a different world, but you'll feel the full effect
when you start interacting with the world, and it's so nicely done with those controllers, they are so intuitive and comfortable.
It does give you the "wow" effect when it comes to the full experience.
But, if you're expecting to enter the ocean and see everything crystal clear as if you're really swimming there, then the VR experience is still not there. It's not terrible, but the screen quality is not satisfying enough (more details below).

More about the display
One of the things i was waiting to try with this headset is watching 3D movies.
I was quite disappointed because the quality is not that good, which makes the entire thing not enjoyable.
The main issue is not the resolution of the movie, but the problem is the low resolution of the screens in those headsets and basically the distance between the pixels.
You might not notice it when you're watching your regular computer monitor, but try getting your eyes very close to the monitor on a white page and you will suddenly notice a little black margin between each one of the pixels.
When you're wearing the headset, you have 2 little screens right next to your eyes so you do notice a thin black grid, it's like you're watching through a flyscreen.
You're starting to forget about it when you're playing a game and interacting with the world, but if you're trying to watch a movie, you'll quickly realize that you rather do it on your computer monitor than sitting in a virtual theater while wearing the headset.
Still, it's worth mentioning that after reading about it over the net, people stated that on the RIFT the grid is less noticeable than on the HTC VIVE.
The resolution is obviously going to be improved in the next generation.
* Edit: An example of that is HTC's new headset, the "VIVE PRO". the image is so much clearer. But I wouldn't recommend that headset any way because the image quality is the only advantage, everything else is a disappointment, including the insane price.

Gaming with the Headset
Don't expect to find a big library of quality games for VR, but still, there are enough small games in order to keep you busy and find
something suitable for your taste.
One game i was waiting to try is a boxing game called "The thrill of the fight", it's basically boxing in VR.
My sister tried it, my GF tried it, my mom, my dad, my mom's friend... everyone LOVED it and were swinging and sweating like crazy.
Some even screamed :)
It's more than just something to try and forget, You can actually play for hours.
What you're doing in the VR is also visible on the computer screen so it's a lot of fun for the entire family.

Make sure you have enough space in your room (at least 2x2 meters) to allow you to move.

Sports without leaving your room
Just like the boxing game I've mentioned above, you can find rhythm games, tennis games and other games that can get you tired
really quickly and make you sweat without leaving your room.
It has actually become my warm-up regime .

Motion Sickness
If you get motion sickness quite often, then you might get it here as well.
I am a bit sensitive when it comes to motion sickness and there are some VR games that i basically can't play
because they make me feel bad quite quickly.
When it comes to other games, i am trying to not play for too long in order to avoid sickness.
It's different for each person and it gets a bit better when you get used to it, but it's something worth mentioning and be
awared of.

Conclusion - does it worth it?
People are sometimes complaining about the fact that you're not just paying for the VR but you have to pay an additional 1000$ for a suitable PC.
I don't agree with this statement. You shouldn't buy a new PC JUST for the VR experience.
If you like playing computer games and you have a suitable PC, then in my opinion 350-400$ are worth it.
I think you'll have enough hours of fun to justify the price.
If you're planning to upgrade your computer somewhere soon any way, then this headset might be the reason to finally do it.
*** July 2018 Edit: Nvidia is about to launch their next generation video cards in the upcoming months, if you're planning to upgrade your PC, don't do it yet, wait for the new video cards and your PC will be ready for the next generation of VR as well. ***
If you don't play games but for some reason do have a high-end PC and you want to watch those VR movies that you see on youtube,
then just buy some cheap glasses for your smartphone such as the google cardboard. You don't need a full VR set for that.

BUT if you're not playing computer games, or you have a computer that suits your current needs but not good enough for VR, then
I don't think it's currently worth buying a new PC.
Yes, it is fun, yes, it's entertaining, but the quality of the games that currently exist is still mediocre, VR is still new so it will
take time till we see some dedicated large-scale VR games.
Therefore you can wait a couple of years until there's better content and even better headsets without feeling that you're missing much.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 13, 2018
I loved the unit, but after three months of use, it developed purple spots in the display. After trading e-mails with Oculus for over a month on the issue, they stated the following:
"The discoloration on your Rift's display corresponds with known cases of sun damage.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a warranty replacement. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience."
The unit lives in a basement. There is no sunlight.
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on December 23, 2017
Don't hesitate, just get it. At the price point of $400 or below for the Rift headset, 2 controllers, 2 sensors, plus the free games, it's totally worth it. I was blown away by the very first training app\game (Oculus First Contact). You can see this online but trust me, it is not the same experience until you're actually IN the room and walking around, moving and doing things in it.

I have the 2 sensors slightly above me and pointing slightly down and behind and to my sides, seems to be the best tracking. I don't yet need a 3rd sensor because 2 is really good. I will some day, or if you want it to be perfect, then splurge for the 3rd sensor. But you can try it out first and see before deciding if you need it.

Be sure and install Steam VR with this, there are lots more games that work with both the Vive and Rift in Steam that you'll miss out on if you don't.

When you first get it, go into General Settings and enable 3rd party apps and disable that warning message so it doesn't always pop up when you start it ;).

I wish I could take screenshots or videos to show you what it's like, but you really have to experience it. Seeing it 2D on a computer monitor is NOT the same thing as actually being inside the virtual world.

Another app you may want to buy separately is Virtual Desktop. This lets you use your computer while wearing the headset. If you don't get this, you have to take it off to interact with your desktop and that's a pain.

All in all, I would recommend this to anyone that has a computer and graphics card powerful enough to run it well.
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on June 30, 2018
When a friend posted online that he had bought one of those, I was surprised - I thought these were expensive? Didn't they require a high-end PC? After doing some research, including using Oculus's own compatibility check tool on their website, I found my 5-year old PC was plenty capable of handling VR (though I did upgrade the video card a couple of years ago to an NVIDIA GTX 1070).

I'll just get this out of the way: it's hard to describe what it's like to use one of these. I've used other VR stuff, like Google Cardboard, and this is something completely different. This can trigger things like motion sickness and fear of heights. I've nearly leaned on VR surfaces for balance. Some games place you on top of mountains, which can just be overwhelming. Not everything looks 100% real, but most of it is "good enough" to trick my brain.

There are a lot of free games and demos, as well as high-quality paid apps, so there's no shortage of software available. It even comes with a few games, though Robo Recall is definitely the standout title (First Contact is also awesome!). Most of what's available on Steam is compatible, too. I'm having a lot of fun with the Oculus Rift, and I'm really glad I bought this.

Other things I should mention:

- Although the price was half of what I thought it'd be, it was still significant - from the packaging, it seems like they're trying to pitch this as a game console, which makes sense to me.
- The setup process was difficult, and I've had to go through it a few times as I've adjusted the sensors. Installing the drivers was non-obvious, and I ended up searching online for a solution - which involved digging through the application directories and running .exe files directly from Windows Explorer. There's a lot of room for improvement here.
- The lenses inside of the headset get dirty easily - my hair sometimes drags on the lenses when removing the headset. It doesn't help that the setup process has you alternate between using a mouse/keyboard on the computer screen, and putting on the headset and using the controllers. I've tried using the included cleaning cloth, but it hasn't really helped.
- The controllers use AA batteries, which are included. After about 3 weeks, they died - despite not receiving a lot of usage within the past two weeks (due to travel and a work project demanding my time). I might switch to rechargeable batteries.
- The battery doors on the controllers are held in by magnets, which was a really neat touch! However, they could use a an arrow (or something) to indicate how to remove the batteries. I had to search online for the exact place you need to press to remove the battery door.
- I know it's not designed to be usable while wearing glasses, but it's tough to use while wearing glasses. My girlfriend is nearly blind without hers, so she hasn't been able to play very much.

Additional things you should consider buying to accompany the Oculus Rift:

- A third Oculus Sensor. I bought mine as a bundle on Amazon, which really helped.
- HDMI and USB extension cables for the headset. Otherwise, you risk damaging your computer and/or the headset if you stray too far from your PC.
- Does your video card have two HDMI ports? This wasn't obvious to me before purchasing the headset, but some games won't function properly unless your headset and your monitor are plugged into the same video card (using your motherboard's onboard video card in conjunction won't work). Since my NVIDIA GTX 1070 only had one HDMI port, which I had to use for the headset, I bought a DisplayPort to HDMI cable to connect my TV to the video card as well. It's not possible to know which games require this setup until you actually try to launch them, so I'd recommend looking into this before buying an Oculus Rift for yourself.

Overall, totally worth it. This feels like the future!
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on August 8, 2017
Having been using PSVR for the past several months, I went into the Oculus thinking well its cheaper now so might as well give it a shot. I can't put it down, it is by far the greatest VR experience I've had. I have yet to try the HTC Vive but I have to say this is my favorite way to play VR now by far. If you have the PC to run it, I recommend grabbing one you won't be disappointed especially at its current $400 price point.
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on November 21, 2017
Ok I know the first question most of you will have is Oculus vs Vive. Personally I can't answer this from experience so I will do my best from a research standpoint.

The similarities: Both the oculus and vive have identical resolutions so you won't be regreting either in the sense of resolution. Both weigh similar so head strain will be similar and minimal with either. The tracking is really a middle ground. The vive is orders of magnitude easier to set up and works better right away. However the oculus can have very very close room scale with 3 sensors.

The differences: For me the largest difference was the controllers. The vive has the wands which, as I have read, are kind of unintuitive to use compared to the oculus and are a bit heavier which isn't nesicarily a bad thing. I can easily say that after 30 seconds with the oculus I had the controllers down. I love the haptic feedback and touch sensitive buttons. Other differences are a shorter oculus cord which is actually hard to extend, you need a few parts. One is a working hdmi cable and hdmi repeater. The oculus also needs many usb ports. It recommends usb 3.0 but I use 2.0 for the sensors and it works fine. However I would highly recommend purchasing a usb expansion card. The oculus also looks a bit better in my opinion. The final difference is the tracking systems. The oculus sensors are a bit of a pain to set up and you really need 3 for room scale however I'm still using 2 because I haven't bought the expansion card yet. Once all done though oculus can keep up most of the time with the vive in room scale.

My conclusion on which vr is superior: All articles you read will say it doesnt matter, me, not so much. I think the vive is a better vr. So why did I buy the oculus? Because it is better. Wait, I just said both are best, this spent make sense. Yup that is true and I will explain. The vive is best because the tech inside is much more advanced and easier to use. My one complaint is the controllers which will most likely be upgraded in the future. So why is the oculus better? Two reasons, one the controllers in their current state are far superior and two is the elephant on the table, price. The oculus is $400 and the vive is $600 and I don't know about you but better sensor tech isn't worth an extra $200. So I would recommend the oculus only due to the price drop. If it was still $500 I'd say go with the vive and buy the better controllers in the future. But it is your decision. If you want an easy setup and larger room scale go for the vive but if you are like me and are willing to settle for slightly less complex tracking with better controllers, the oculus is your headset.

Now onto the actual product review.

Ok I'm writing this in 2017 and in the past vr was always the future of gaming for me and when oculus cut the price I had to jump on it. Along with the rift plus touch I got a 3rd controller which I still need to utilize with the expansion card. First of all I would like to point out oculus' phenomenal packaging. It really makes the product feel premium and well made.

The setup: From start to finish the setup probably took me and hour and a half. Much of this time is due to downloading the oculus software and apps so I would say do that before you receive your oculus. After this I had to setup my sensors. These are quite a drawback on the oculus because they must be plugged into your computer so I do have cables running across my ceiling for the third sensor. The positioning of the sensors isn't as crucial as many make it out to be but I would say have both or all three in different vertical positions. I did have some problems with the software recognizing the headset and sensors so I stress this again, just buy a usb 3.0 expansion card and that will make the whole process much easier. Once they were set up I had few tracking issues unless I was faced away from the sensors.

The oculus in use: Thankfully with a pc running the vr the high resolution screens really immerse you and it is easy to not notice the picked or "God rays" which are diagonal lines of pixels that run across the screens. Like I mentioned earlier the controllers are very intuitive and easy to use and really make the vr lifelike. Tracking is accurate and if you have the ability for room scale I would recommend it , it is very fun and worth the extra setup.

Games: With the touch controllers a few games are free. My favorite is Dead and Buried. However other classics like Super hot and rec room are very fun titles. Along with the oculus app is steam vr which opens up many more games and simulations. One type is racing sims which I have not personally tried but I can safely assume that they are very fun in vr. One miner caveat is standing on your feet can cause some discomfort so I would suggest wearing shoes or buying those padded flooring mats. No matter what the fame library can only grow and I can't wait to see what the future holds for vr.

Extra things to note: Vr is fun but if you don't have a pc yo run it, well your screwed. The oculus is $400 but if you don't have a pc be prepared to spend at least $600 on a pc. That's how much I speant on mine. But you may want to spend more if you want to do other things with your computer. This taken into account with a third sensor, expansion cables, a usb expansion card, computer peripherals if you don't have them and a desk vr can cost easily over $1500. If you are prepared to spend that much or if you have a pc then go right ahead but always keep in mind hidden costs.

Conclusion: Is it time to get into vr? In my opinion, yes. With the price cut, and considering you have the pc capable of running vr (oh and by the way to all you mac users, well vr can't run on mac, period. So you will need a windows computer) you can experience at home be for the price of many tv's or even plane tickets. Plus if you have never tried vr it is very fun and really a cool way to show how far technology has come in the past ten years. The future is almost upon us folks and vr is along for the ride. In my opinion vr will be in many homes in upcoming years so if you want to be in on it early or if you want a new and cool way of gaming you are going to be happy.

Also here are my gaming rig specs:
AMD Fx6300
Gtx 970
16gb of ddr3 ram
3tb hard drive
256gb ssd
650 watt psu
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on December 1, 2017
Amazing product. I was given this as a gift (although as a serious PC gamer I had previously wanted one but couldn't justify the expense).
It is worth it. On sale at $350, it's a no brainer; then you can grab a 3rd sensor and it almost equals out.
When I think back about times in my personal "gaming" history where i thought, "holy ****, this is unforgettable" - the Oculus ranks up there for me with Super Mario Brothers, Doom 1, and Half Life at the top.
Think of the 3d that you saw at the movies, think some "VR" game that you played at an arcade - take that x100, and that's Oculus.
I'm just starting to delve deeper into more games, but the few that this come with will give you multiple "Wow" moments.
Buy it.
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