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on November 23, 2017
For $350, this is an absolute steal for what you get! Right to the point, buy on Amazon, go online to reddit and join the helpful & growing psvr community. Learn how to get the most of this new gadget from people who've owned it for over a year now on reddit/psvr.

Once you get familiar with everything, demo it to as many people as possible, please. It's seriously THAT good, and you'll be helping spread the word about vr.

PSVR's best killer vr game/app for now is 'WipeOut: The Omega Collection'.
Followed by Resident Evil 7.
Farpoint with the AIM controller.

This is the redesigned version 2 model. You get a slightly revised vr headset with buttons (power, volume, & mute) on the headset instead of a separate wired, white inline remote box of the V1 model. V1 headphones plug into this box too (adding yet another cable!), V2 earphones snap into rails and the earbuds plug neatly into the headset for storage (no wire clutter vs V1).
You get an updated processing unit box that can automatically pass HDR signal unlike V1 where you had to buy an aftermarket switch box or swap cables.
You get slightly improved Move controllers (that will need charging) with 30% larger batteries, and a micro usb port vs mini usb on the old ones. Any stand or charger will work with ANY moves, as they charge by contact points, and NOT by usb connection. Yes the old PS3 Moves work with psvr (they're the same as the V1 PS4 Moves).
You also get a much lighter/slimmer 1-piece cable coming from the headset to the processor unit vs a heavy 2-piece cable with a bulky inline connector box on the V1.
You want this version as it has minor but welcome QOL changes (Cuh-zvr2) aka V2.
The gaming, screen resolution, and everything else is the same between V1 & V2, so you get the same exact experience. The V1 psvr can be up to $100 cheaper though, and V1 & V2 components are not interchangeable/ compatible, only the Moves and HDMI cables are. V1's are being discontinued.

If you foolishly rather wait for PS5 & PSVR2, figure at least by 2021 or 22 we'll hear something, but you will be seriously missing out on some great vr over the next 4 or 5yrs. Also psvr is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!! x1000 Especially this Skyrim bundle with Move controllers.


Some good games are: Demo Disc 1 & 2 (free), Playroom(free), Rec Room (free), FARPOINT with the Aim controller!! (co-op is amazing & so is the 1v1 pvp. It's like StarShip Troopers meets C.O.D. & the Terminator), Resident Evil 7 (10 to 15 hour long horror survival & best realistic graphics & immersion on psvr OMG! it's scary af!), Rick & Morty, Solus Project (10 to 15 hour long survival exploration on an alien planet with giant tornados, meteor showers, etc), Skyrim (open world Fantasy rpg with Huge Dragons & literally hundreds of hours of gameplay), Megaton Rainfall (fly around earth & the solar system destroying aliens and whole planets as an ultra powerful superhero similar to Superman vs War of the Worlds for like $15), Until Dawn: Rush of Blood(dual hands shooting evil clowns while riding on a roller coaster), Super Hot (must own Matrix style fps. Time stops as you stop), Arizona Sunshine (free locomotion 1 or 2 player co-op campaign Zombie survival shooter, 4 player Horde mode. This is The Walking Dead in vr!! It's about 6+ hours long and plays with ALL controllers), I Expect You To Die (Secret agent/spy James Bond type interactive vr game but it's kinda short), Doom VFR (Doom in vr), The London Heist (mix between The Transporter, Jason Bourne, & GTA. It's short but amazing!) on the VR Worlds disc, not the Mickey shooting gallery on the demo disc!, Batman Arkham VR (amazing graphics, and you're Batman the detective), Sprint Vector (fun marathon type race with up to 8 multi players), Rigs, Archangel (both are mech/giant robot games), Star Trek (4 players on the SS Enterprise), Preta: Vendetta Rising (40 hour plus RPG), Apex Construct (1st person free roam exploration adventure with crossbow), Moss (cute mouse puzzle game on Disney level graphically), UltraWings (cartooney airplane flight simulator with like 20 hours of gameplay) and a whole lot more.

Coming in 2018: way more great games such as: Blood & Truth, Firewall: Zero Hour, Ace Combat 7, Alvo, Zero Killed, End of The Beginning, Golem, Megalith, Reborn: A Samurai Awakens, Gunheart, Killing Floor Incursion, and many more!

Sony is not putting analog sticks on the Move controllers! Accept it, and let's move on. Also Move controllers WILL be needed at some point to get the full experience. Move controllers are your hands in vr. They allow you to: interact with the vr world, pick stuff up, dual-wield pistols & swords, shoot in 2 separate directions, use a bow & arrow, pick up a clip in 1 hand and stick it into the gun in your other hand to reload, they can be used as an airplane flight control stick, boxing gloves, light sabers, climbing a cliff, and much more. In Skyrim equip a sword & shield, and physically slash enemies as you would in real life, while blocking incoming dragon fire from behind the shield - sick! Superhot alone will justify your purchase. Some good games are being released as Move controller only. You can get by without them, but you'd be missing out on a lot of good games .

Many people will experience motion sickness, and many won't. It can make you really nauseous/sick and deter you from vr. So take frequent breaks if you start feeling woozy, and try games without free movement (use teleportation & snap turning in the options if you need to), or turn on comfort settings. You'll eventually get your "vr legs" by building up your tolerance in doses of 10-30 minute play sessions, don't force it. Try ginger candies or Dramamine to help further. DO NOT jump into RE7 or Skyrim straight away. It takes around 2 to 4 weeks to acclimate your brain & body to this new dimension of technology. Get your vr legs first!! Or be that guy hating on vr because he threw up.

You can play all vr games on your original, day one, 500GB OG PS4. The Pro sharpens up graphics, text, and boosts overall performance slightly (stuff like framerate, lighting, shadows, particle effects, etc). More and more games are getting Pro patches that result in a better looking game while in vr (RE7, Solus, Final Fantasy, etc). Not every game is Pro patched. You don't NEED a Pro for vr, but it is a slightly better experience as it's the only way to get the most out of vr. OG PS4 is still beautiful in vr, make no mistake!! Every vr game must run on OG first and foremost - per Sony, so don't obsess over it. If you have the budget, bought a great 4K hdr tv, and want the best possible vr experience, along with 4K HDR gaming & streaming, and you don't mind the $100 price difference, go for the Pro. Moving on...

Spend time with your camera setup for best results. Up high, like a foot above eye level facing down like a shower works well. Grab chargers for the Move controllers or a PSVR charging stand!
Optional: After initial setup, go back in settings>devices>psvr and adjust your ipd for the clearest image and proper scale!
After you're done, you DON'T/WON'T need a tv anymore unless you are using the social screen for other people in the room to see or play along with you in "couch co-op" games like Diner Duo or Playroom VR.
Once your games are loaded up, and everything updated, you can take the psvr anywhere with a power plug. You can play most games without an internet connection including Skyrim, but online is special in vr.

Ps. Get to reddit, be very mature, join the psvr community, and unlock the full potential of this amazing new technology. Hope this was helpful.
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on February 3, 2018
I read hundreds of online reviews before purchasing PSVR. I had some reservations because of the negative reviews regarding the graphics, but I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway.
I've played it at least five hours today, and I can understand why some have complained about the graphics, but those people are being too critical. The graphics aren't bad at all. Most of my time has been spent playing Skyrim. Graphically, it's on par with the PS3/360 version. That may not seem very impressive, but being in Skyrim completely makes up for the lack of fidelity. There is some blurriness and lack of detail. The draw distance suffers also, but I would say that's on par with the last gen systems also.
Most of the people who write the negative reviews, have unrealistic expectations of current gen VR. For what it accomplishes, it's an unbelievable technology. I've dreamed of experiencing this level of immersion since I was a child. I'm now 35 years old and I feel like the future if gaming is finally here. This isn't a novelty, it's the inevitable progression towards something more than a flat lifeless screen.
There are some negatives, but, in my mind, they aren't severe enough to lower my rating to anything less than 5 stars. A few of the negatives are: Slightly blurry graphics, blur in peripheral vision while using cinematic mode, the move controllers do not allow for natural movement, and the move controllers do not allow for enough interaction with the environment. Most of my complaints have to do with the move controllers and limitations of the PS camera. Considering this tech was adapted to the PS4, it's understandable and an incredible achievement. They made the most with the technology they had, and what they created is nothing short of amazing.
A lot of people have mentioned that they experienced motion sickness, but I have yet to experience it myself. I played some demos, watched some movies, and I spent 3 hours playing Skyrim with the smooth movement option enabled. I played with both the move controllers and the dual shock. The movement is obviously smoother with the dual shock, but the Moves allow for much more interaction. I'd never used the Moves before playing in VR. They take a little time to become accustomed to. After an hour or so I had a pretty good grasp on them.
As long as I can stomach it, I know I'll be investing many hours in Skyrim VR. My next purchases will be RE7 Biohazard and Doom VFR. I can't wait to try more games and I can't wait to see what comes out in 2018. The technology is relatively new, and games take time to develope. With time, I'm sure we'll see many more high quality games being released.
If you're expecting high res graphics, you're going to be disappointed. If you're looking for an entirely different way to experience gaming, then buy this bundle right tf now!
Just imagine what this technology will look like in 5 years on next generation consoles!
I've owned my PSVR for about two weeks now. I stand by my original review, but I've had a couple of issues since then. One being that I have had an ongoing problem with the cinematic mode. While in cinematic mode, the simulated screen is slightly off center. Holding the recenter button does not correct this problem. I've also tried the other troubleshooting fixes, including rebooting the PS4 and placing the headset on a level surface while powered on. I used a level and tape measure to ensure that my camera is not at an angle or off center. I've read many online comments that state that this is an issue caused by the recent software update. Whatever the cause, it's really annoying. The problem also carries over to game content where the HUD and character is also off center and slanted slightly.
My other issue is with the lenses. I wipe them off regularly and I store my headset on a charging stand, but somehow a piece of lint/dust has somehow found its way into the headset. At first I thought it was on the outside of the lens, but after wiping of the lens, I discovered that it is in the interior. I really don't know how to fix this issue without dismantling the headset, which is something that I don't feel comfortable doing.
review imagereview image
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on November 19, 2017
Describing Skyrim in VR is impossible. It’s something that has to be experienced. Yes it’s an old game but in VR it feels new again. Lightning bolting one bandit with one hand while skewering another with the other hand is such an awesome experience.

But it’s the feeling of presence that is indescribable. After hours of playing you literally feel like you were somewhere else.
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on March 4, 2018
This headset is the version 2 headset. I had version 1 since launch and I have PS4 Pro. Addition of the HDR pass through is the best part of this headset revision. It was only a slight nuisance to switch HDMI's around to switch from HDR gaming to VR gaming, but it was enough of a nuisance that I definitely didn't play as much VR as I should have. Now my whole PlayStation set up can stay connected without any downside.

The other headset improvements are all small but really do help with immersion. First the cables leading from your headset don't split into two cables until the end where they plug in. Version 1 had them split earlier on and it made the cords slightly more space consuming if you casually set the headset aside like I do. The more appreciated cable related changes are having the cable that comes out of the headset hang over your left shoulder instead of down your back. When hanging down your back you were always aware of the cable and that distracts you from your immersion in a game. The new headset also moves volume and mic controls to the headset itself instead of leaving them on the cable. With version 1 the headphones plugged in on the cable hanging down your back so you just had more wires on your back. In version 2 the headphones plug in near your ears and don't hang over your body as much, or at all if done right. Not having to trace your fingers along the cable to adjust volume is also appreciated. Now you can just adjust volume on the Headset. Headset is also slightly smaller/lighter but just slightly. The first headset never bothered me.

The Move controllers in this bundle are also new Move controllers. My version 1 PSVR had PS3 chargers. These new Move controllers are compatible with PS4 chargers which makes things more simple, especially since your PSVR takes up one of your two USB ports (or three if you have PS4 Pro). If you have an external hard drive like I do, that only leaves room for one charger. Of course you can always just plug the charger into your laptop or even a PS3 or XB1/360 if you have them so that's easy to work around.

As for Skyrim, I played Skyrim on PS3.. A LOT. I did everything up until having to decide which Civil War faction to do because I didn't want to rule out side quests. I was almost level 300. Beat Dawngaurd DLC and got to fight the boss in the Marrowind expansion but it was buggy and never ended.. or I didn't know what to do. PS3 also had terrible load times when you were far and had a bunch of stuff collected at your home (I hoarded) so I mainly stopped playing because load times were impossible to put up with.. 2.5 min some times.. just to load out of my manor. When PS4 port came around I bought Skyrim Special Edition at launch, platinumed the game and did a good bit with DLC. Then went back and platinumed Skryim on PS3 since I only needed a few hours worth of trophies. So you can imagine I had seen just about everything the game has to offer a couple times over (I had actually played a couple times in my PS3 day when I changed characters). So I expected to be tired of Skyrim, but I reaalllyyy wanted to support Bethesda Game Studios' VR endeavors.. so I bought Skyrim VR more to just vote for VR in general than to play it.

I was blown away. Sure it's the exact same game that many of us played multiple times over, but when you first leave the prologue and are going down the mountain and see Bleak Falls Barrow across the river on the far mountain, and it's HUUGGEE! It is an epic feeling. Nothing exists in VR like Skyrim VR. Closest thing is obviously Fallout 4 VR but that's not on PSVR currently anyway. The array of settings in Skyrim VR are a god send, especially for those working to get used to VR so they no longer experience VR sickness. You can control how much of your field of view is removed when you are moving, so that there aren't a bunch of images on your sides making you nauseous. You can set up teleportation movement or direct movement. You can use smooth turning or angle turning, and even control how wide the angles you turn are. There have been some great updates since the game launched giving you even more control over settings. Now you can adjust your height (I'm at least 6 foot 2 so it was weird having most people be taller than me). You can now also adjust movement speed. Additionally now you can add a cross hair to where your Move controller is pointing, making it much easier to grab items, thought the cross hair is a bit annoying sometimes haha.

Move controllers are the best way to play but if you just want to chill and power though some gameplay, regular DS4 controller works fine. However with Move, shooting a bow, raising your shield, swinging a sword, and firing two destruction spells in different directions are awesome. I especially like destruction casting for head on fights (was never a destruction user before VR), but I love using the bow when I'm sneak attacking.

Another tip, whenever you get to an amazing area, like under ground where the red Nurnroot is in that trippy cave, or when hunting the werewolf under the blood moon, or when in Savengard.. don't forget to create a new save so you can let your friends load into these awesome areas and look around. Great way to show off your VR!

Anyway I'm not saying the game is perfect. There are bugs as always, but considering where VR is today, this is the best offering by miles, so there is no game more deserving of 5 stars. I am glad Bethesda decided to port existing games as it will give them much insight into developing their future games. We have two new games coming before Elder Scrolls 6 so Elder Scrolls 6 will probably be on PS5 and PSVR2. For those who saw how much the engine improved from Oblivion to Skyrim, just think Skyrim was only two games later during the same console gen. When Elder Scrolls 6 comes out, it will be four games after Skyrim and two console generations later. ES6 will be amazing!
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on January 7, 2018
I am a hardcore Skyrim fan. I've played through at least 20 times. And each time I find something new to spark my imagination. I saw the preview for this and almost had a heart attack from the sheer joy. Now I didn't own a ps4 at the time, but I just knew I had to get it. So I pulled the trigger. At first I was thinking, "Oh man. Did I make a mistake. Is it worth $500+?"
But then it arrived. I have no regrets. The first time you're riding down the road to Helgen with Ralaf, Hadvar, Ulfric, and the house thief wimp, you feel like your actually in Tamriel.
But there are some slight issues. The first hour or two of play are nausea filled to the max. That is with the direct movement. I tried the teleportation, but it broke immersion and made battling almost impossible. But after an hour or two it went away. I haven't had any issues since. The other is the graphics. I didn't get the PS4 Pro, so I wasn't expecting too great of graphics. It is comparable to the graphics of the original game. No more, no less. It really doesn't phase me, but for somebody who is annoyed easily with bad graphics, you may want to consider your options a bit more.
Now for the positives. (I'll just list my very favorites, or this paragraph will be long enough to write a book with.) First off, the sense of scale. The first time you behold Windhelm is enough to bring a year to your eye. And I was riding down a road on my Trusty horse, and I passed a giant. I actually got kind of scared because its still a good 5 feet taller than you, and your on the back of a giant horse. Next is the loading times. In the original game, loading times would feel like waiting for water to boil. In this new one, your won't be on a loading screen for more than 20 seconds. Lastly, all the little things you never would have done become one of the best parts. I could sit for hours in the Winking Skeever, just enjoying the atmosphere. And I rarely ever fast travel. Riding on horse back has become almost as fun as fighting a dragon or a Draugr Deathlord.
I'm finished. I know it was a long paragraph, but honestly, I have had zero regrets since the day I started. If you don't get this game, then your probably a mean old lady at an orphanage, and regardless, you should be treated as such. Go Stormcloaks!!!
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on December 12, 2017
I enjoy VR. I love it in fact. However, some people get sick. And this happens. Keep that in mind. VR sickness is a thing. Look it up.

Other reasons why this is a 4 star haul is 1 main problem. A lot of games are lock in for a 90 fps setting which reduces image quality quite a bit. On the PC, I can lock in at around 60 fps and feel ok for the most part. I would sack 30 fps to get a bit more image quality. But sadly, you do not get this option.
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on June 1, 2018
This has turned out to be a lot of fun, though I had to remove a star because of one glaring problem: Drift. It doesn't matter how dark you make the room, the image will begin to drift to the left, even if you're sitting perfectly still. It's a problem that everyone experiences and Sony has yet to address it other than telling you to re-center the image by holding down the Option button on the controller. This isn't a solution, it's a band-aid.

As for VR, when the developers design their game around the tech, it can be quite good. Wipeout, The Playroom, RE7, and the brief Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission are great. The problem is that there aren't too many games that are full experiences with thoughtful use of VR. With Sony coming out and admitting that the PS4 is entering the last stages of its lifespan, you have to ask yourself if several hundred dollars is worth investing in imperfect tech, without a huge amount of good content, for a console that only has a couple of years left in it. With the recent price cuts, it doesn't hurt your wallet as much and, like I said, when it works, it's pretty darned great, but it's still a lot of money.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. Do I think VR has a future? Definitely.
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on May 7, 2018
As much as I love Skyrim (I have purchased it three times and beat it just as many, if not more), I hate to say it, but Throw away the VR version as soon as you get it. Terrible iteration of the game, all around.
That being said, this bundle is still more than worth it since it comes with the Move controllers and camera, in addition to the Headset.
I took a huge risk on this, but it was on sale. I get motion sick really bad and was worried I couldn't enjoy the VR. There are a couple titles that mess me up (Resident Evil 7 being the worst), but overall, I am absolutely loving this system!! I even got my wife in on the action with Psychonauts in VR. She doesn't really get too into games with the rare exception, so it was cool to see her immersing herself in the VR world. I really hope the support for this technology sticks around and continues to evolve. I was worried it would be a huge gimmick like the Wii controllers or the Kinect, but I don't feel that way after trying it. Until Dawn and Moss have been my favorite VR titles so far.
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on April 7, 2018
I logged tons of hours on Skyrim back when it first came out, and I was doubtful about going through the game all over again, but it is amazing! Being placed in the world makes the locations seem brand new-- I've even gotten lost a few times! It took me a little bit of time to get use to the move controllers, but I definitely recommend keeping at it because now the controls are seamless and it improves the immersion. I think the biggest plus about getting Skyrim as your starter VR game is that you can spend a lot of time on it. Games are sort of expensive and I'm banking on Skyrim holding my attention until I can afford to get another one. So far, no worries on that. There are a lot less bugs than when it originally came out, but not so bug free that you miss out on the classic Skyrim feel.
I would highly recommend standing while playing! I've both sat and stood, but standing really increases the feeling you are in the world.

Virtual Reality really changes the feel of gaming. It's probably one of the coolest things I've experience as far as video games go. The first time I played I got a headache and some motion sickness, and I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to enjoy it, BUT it has subsided. For me what helped was playing in short sessions to start, and eventually you get use to it. Also what helped was leaning into your turns a bit, or bouncing your knees when you move in beat with the steps-- this motion sickness comes because you see movement without feeling movement, so you can trick your body into adjusting faster by giving it some physical movement. My favorite insight into the PSVR system is that if you hold the START button, it readjusts your screen to be in front of you. This is really helpful because eventually you'll get a little turned around. You can also see from the camera to make sure you haven't wandered accidentally.

The VR system works just as well with glasses as it does without! Which is good if you can't wear contacts all the time, like me. The headgear stays off your glasses so they don't cause any pain like headphones can.

The move controllers only took an hour or two to get the hang of, so keep at it, even if it is frustrating at first!

The only thing I don't really like is the earbuds, they come in a lot of sizes, but I don't really like the style-- they always fall out of my ears. I think you could probably plug in any earbud though. The nice thing about the ones that come with the headset is that they snap in so they stay out of your way.
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on May 12, 2018
I had some little expectations on the PS VR since it was the first VR for PlayStation and also by a lot of reviews. Decided to try and I was really surprised how immersive it was. It really takes you to a new dimension. I can only see the VR experience even improving with new console generations. Sony for this right for attempting something new. The tricky part is to correctly set up - make sure they are all aligned perfectly and you willl have a great time. Resolution is not bad at all but it could be better. You can kind of tell and see the pixels and such in certain games. If this VR had a little better resolution like 2K at least, wow!!! It would’ve been perfect!

Hopefully the next gen of VR is OLED instead of LED. You will be able to tell an enormous difference since you’re that close to a VR lenses. Still, I highly recommend it!!!
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