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PlayStation VR - Doom Bundle
Edition: Doom Bundle|Change
Price:$289.50+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 2, 2017
Just received my PSVR Doom Bundle today and played with Skyrim VR for a bit. My first impression is that this is really amazing technology, this was my first experience with VR and despite the lower video quality than some competitors the price is right running on a PS4 instead of a high end PC and the quality is still stunning when you are able to look all around you. The stereo sound and 360° view really allow you to become immersed in the game, and I found myself reaching out to try to touch things and boy did I jump when a dragon crashed down in front of me!

The setup was surprisingly easy, and I was able to play Skyrim with the dualshock controller at only 5 ft from the camera sitting in a recliner against the wall, so the space requirements are just for standing or games using the Move controllers.

Looking forward to using the headset in place of a TV for playing non-VR games, and looking forward to future titles for the PSVR! Have not had a chance to try out Doom VR yet but as a lover of the original and the remakes I'm looking forward to fighting the forces of hell in VR!

Update: Having now had a chance to try out Doom VR I'm simply amazed at how well this game is executed! I thought the teleportation would be silly but it's a brilliantly designed system. Using the dualshock controller and the controls feel absolutely perfect!

As a fan of the Doom series since playing the original on an old 486 laptop and playing the recent remake for ps4 I'm absolutely enthralled by how well the VR has been implemented and how perfectly it works into a first person shooter like this. The graphics are amazing and I find myself thinking twice before stepping off high ledges - that's true immersion. The first time you hit one of the vertical boosters and feel your stomach drop you will be in love with this game like me! The well-implemented teleportation system is just icing on the cake to make this an incredible VR experience that should not be missed!
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on January 1, 2018
Disclosure: I'm a Playstation fan (and trophy hunter). We have three PS3, one PS4 and one PS4Pro, one PSvita. I've been hesitant with VR for a while. I'm usually the first one to my the latest gadget, but the initial price tag was a little high for something I wasn't sure of.
A year later, my wife pushed me a little more (and she's not a gamer) to buy it. Early December Sony discounts sold it for good.

Now for the review:
* Quite a few connections to change. My console is on the side of the room, TV on top of fireplace. I had to buy a few things to accomodate: A PS4 Camera extension cable I found on Bestbuy website, 2 HDMI 15ft cables and 1 USB to USB micro 15ft cable. That allowed me to put the Processing Unit (which stands between the PS4 and the Headset) at a good distance from where I want to sit.
Once all this done, I booted it up. Super easy, nothing to complain about. The Doom bundle comes with the latest Headset (switches + volume control on the Headset, with place to attach and store the headphone buds).
I bought Doom VFR bundle for the new Headset version. The Skyrim would have been good too, but I completed the game a while back and didn;t want to re-invest 250 hours in a VR version...
Games: I got a few: Playstation VR Worlds, EVE: Walkyrie and a few indies from PSN (Dying: Reborn and other cheap deals), and some free PS Plus VR games (Rigs, Until Dawn). We tried Playroom VR first and I was blown away. Super immersive, fun party game where everybody could play (one VR player + 4 couch players at the same time).
VR Worlds Shark Decent got my wife screamed, my teenager gamer son curled in fetal position a few times while playing Until Dawn and I can't stop playing EVE: Walkyrie (using a Thrustmaster HOTAS flight stick)...
Motion sickness? It depends on the games and the person. Robot Rescue in Playroom VR got me dizzy a few times, but I can play EVE for one hour non-stop. My wife get dizzy faster. My son can play for a while without problems.
Other cool part is somebody can play the PS4 using the headset (for normal games) while we switch inputs and watch TV at the same time. It gives you a virtual screen of about 100".
It's not 4K, but you forget about it very quick if you got the good games.
About Doom VFR, my sons played it and it looks pretty good to me. Pretty short though.
Next in line is to put my seat + wheel back on and get GT sports and Drive Club VR...

All in all, I'm glad I waited to get a good deal, we enjoy it a lot, PS+ already offered three free VR games so far. It's an amazing experience and I would (and do) recommend for everyone (except young kids)
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on January 24, 2018
Here is my honest review, I am a a hardcore PS4 gamer currently under games, on my profile, it says 219. I am a trophy hunter, and love gaming tremendously.
The Playstation VR has been out over a year now, and honestly, i didn't get what the hype was. I watch E3 every year, and when they showed the upcoming VR games i was thinking to myself, "yeah yeah, what's the big deal, the graphics look sub par, and I didn't get it."
A friend this past month tells me, who is a casual light gamer I might add, says "hey, i bought the playstation vr and it's awesome" I was like "For real? Blah blah" so after hearing from her all the details and about how good it was and fun, I decides to go for it and buy one as well.
Oh my gosh and am I glad I did, it is truely amazing!!! There is no way to describe the difference of visuals 3D gaming unless you experience it. It brings such enjoyment and also basic gaming to another level, a NEXT level experience, i am blown away!.
I currently played the Farpoint bundle with aim controller (gun) it is a blast!! So good!! I recommend.
My favorite game is Ghostbusters so far, and am waiting for more episodes. Farpoint is on the top of my Favs as well though.
Bottom line it is an awesome addition to gaming world, and really is truely remarkable.
I hope PlayStation adds more to their library, and it catches on, and more people take a chance like I did and get into it. Like i said, i wasn't sure what the big deal was at first, and now I know.
I love the playstation VR and am so hype for more games to release.
If you truely love gaming, this is a must have, it will be one of the best rides of your life. ♡
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on January 14, 2018
PSVR is awesome and I love my purchase! Zero regrets! The reason why it's not a 5 is because no move controllers are included, I bought those separately and also doom vfr is one of those games that causes motion sickness... I'm personally dealing ok with frequent brakes and use of teleportation but if you are someone who is more prone to being motion sick, maybe get a different bundle...just giving you guys a fair warning! Personally for me this bundle was a great buy! And yes it includes the newest camera and VR head set! VR rocks!
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on December 24, 2017
Ok. First thing to know, is I don’t play any video games. But, the husband loves them. So, when I realized he was looking at PS VR system, I jumped in ordering one for him.
Second thing to know ... it never occurred to me that this would not include a PS console. Duh.
Third thing to know, this VR system will work with a Sony PS4. You don’t have to upgrade to a PS4 PRO.
5th? I’m really am that naive about gaming systems.
Whew. I lucked out.
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on December 19, 2017
Amazing product... I've done VR before but this is on a whole different level. Highly recommend to also get the move aim controller as well.
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on February 22, 2018
This is a fantastic piece of hardware. I upgraded from the original model mostly because I was tired of switching HDMI cables and ports - this new model keeps me playing PSVR more often since it doesn't require any additional effort to set it up, switching from standard PS4 usage.
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on April 2, 2018
Playstation VR allows you to get a full VR experience that competes well with both the Vive or Rift for a fraction of the price. There are some fantastic games available (including Doom VFR that is in this package). While it doesn't have the graphical power of the gaming pcs powering its competition it still manages to provide a smooth and immersive VR experience.

- excellent design
- good game support
- simple setup/start
- fantastic ergonomics on the headset
- low price

- hand tracking isn't as good as the competition
- weaker graphics than the PC based options
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on March 29, 2018
The resolution can be a little grainy, but still quite mind-blowing at times. The VR system does use one of the 2 USB ports, I do wish the console had 1 or 2 additional USB ports. Takes a while to set up each use and I have experienced motion sickness several times (never just playing regular PS4). Besides that, still very cool!
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on January 29, 2018
It’s great.. resolution could be better but you really dont get distracted by this unless the graphics of the game itself are bad and get even worse through the lenses.
Gameplay experience is were you get your money worth every cent.
Doom is an OK game...
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