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on April 9, 2018
Like others have said, yes it has better visuals, but not by a lot. That being said, I can never go back to the old Vive that I own. The comfort is underestimated, it allows you to have longer VR sessions which is what its all about! The sound is "good enough" nothing bad and nothing great. Its simply good sound.

-Reading Text is much better! (that also goes for UI's, Health bars, ammo bars etc!..
-Seeing gun crosshairs is WAY easier! (you can hit targets! your aim is on point!)
-Seeing farther and clearer is HUGE! (I shot a arrow straight up in Skyrim and followed it all the way down!)

The Pro blocks out the real world like a Champion! no light passes though the nose guard (which is more comfortable I might add) And the headphones cups your ears to block out outside noise. what this translates to is a more immersive experience and longer VR sessions which is a HUGE plus! I mean its what its all about, right?!

This small bump is actually HUGE why? because its just the right amount of tech that still runs the current hardware! We are a few years away from a proper Gen 2 HMD, (that also goes for the computer hardware to run the new HMD) so this will pass the time if its worth it to you.

Simply put, if you want the best VR.. look no further, this is it. The best room-scale tracking coupled with this HMD will allow you to experience the absolute best VR that's currently available!

A personal note:

I have to say, after modding the hell out of Skyrim it does LOOK SICK (45+ mods and tweaks). I was chilling behind Riverwood at night (with darker nights mod) crouched with my back against the mountain, listening to the sounds looking up at the insane sky with stars shining and the moon, cloud movement dancing on the mountain tops etc...Just taking it all in, it was so awe inspiring, I am constantly at a loss of words with this setup. This is a expensive unit, no doubt.. but do you think for a second I would trade it for the countless "oh crap!" moments i've had, not on your life!

As a kid in the 80's staring at store shelves filled with awesome hand drawn box cover art of high fantasy PC games. Wishing I could just teleport inside those images and explore the majestic worlds within, now finally after all these years, here I am.

I took a few screenshots last night, just to capture the moment, but it doesn't tell the tale. Whiterun in the distance, with a glorious celestial event. Being INSIDE this world is AMAZING.
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on April 27, 2018
I have had a regular Vive with Deluxe Audio Strap and have played it almost daily for about a year so I have a solid experience with which to compare. There is a price premium on the Pro and it's not for everyone. If you are budget conscious, there's no need to save up to buy the Pro. If you like the best of what's available, then give this one a shot.

1) Set-up was a breeze. I followed the instructions offered on the Vive website (although you could just install it without referring to the website as it's very obvious what needs to be done). Important to note: The original Vive plugged into an HDMI connector on my video card. The Pro requires the display port adapter on the video card. I also manually forced a firmware update on the headset.

2) The unit ships with ONE face pad while the original Vive shipped with two (Wide and Narrow). The face pad for the Pro is slightly larger along the top edge. The original face pads will work with it but they don't provide as much padding but it's not really noticeable). So far, nobody sells face pads for the Vive Pro (not even HTC).

3) The display is noticeably clearer. When I put on the Pro headset and stood in the Steam VR Home, I was amazed at the difference. The graininess and screen doo effect are noticeably reduced. It's not perfect but it IS an improvement which you can see. When in games, the improvements eventually fade into the normal playing experience but everything does look better. This helps with reading text (particularly flight sims).

4) The comfort of the Pro headset is improved. It rests on the head with better balance and fit. It requires more adjustments when swapping between players. The Deluxe head strap was much easier to adjust quickly.

5) The audio is about the same as the deluxe head strap. I haven't seen any improvement in quality or comfort. I do like the inclusion of a volume adjustment and microphone mute button on the ear pieces.

6) Adjustment buttons. I like the simplified adjustment used to move the display closer or further from your eyes. Apparently you can do this on the original Vive but it required pressing two buttons. The IPD adjustment knob (adjusts the left-right spacing of the lenses) is a little more difficult to turn. The old one was a know which you could turn by twisting it between your thumb and finger. The Pro is more of a hheel than you need to use a finger to rotate. Not a big deal, but it's something I noticed..

Overall, I am happy I have this as I like to have the best experiences I can when playing. At the current price, it's not for everyone and for most, I would say that buying the normal Vive will more than satisfy, especially if you take the money saved and buy a better video card. One crowd that might like this are hardcore flight sim players as there tends to be a lot of text which you need to read. The Pro certainly helps make the text more legible.
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on May 4, 2018
Being a owner of a previous HTC Vive I can say this is a pretty decent step forward in both comfort and quality. The screen isn't a massive upgrade over the previous Vive but it does increase the clarity mainly with text and image sharpness as others have stated. The screen door effect has been noticeably reduced by the resolution as well.

For the straps It has a nob on the back which adjust the horizontal tightness of the headphones while the vertical tightness is adjusted by a single strap and the cushion on the back is pretty comfortable.

Now for my verdict on the headphones. They sound good (they do not have an overwhelming bass and the mids and highs are decent which I like) this is coming from someone on a HD 700 that's plugged into a high end amplifier from Burson audio (tldr together over $1200 headphone sound system.)

Lastly for those who wish to know I'm on a i7-4790k and a GTX 1080 (not a Ti) and it pushes this fine without issues.

All of this being said it's easily worth the $800 price tag that's on this system. It might take some work setting it up at first as mine gave me some trouble. However now that it is setup I absolutely love it. If you wish to go straight to the Pro I recommend the bundle rather than buying the regular Vive and then the Vive Pro since you will get the gen 2 accessories. Also if you need help with the setup or have some questions feel free to ask.
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on May 17, 2018
I have to say I was actually surprised at how much better the visuals are on this than the original vive or rift. Somehow the visuals here appear even a little better than the Samsung HMD Odyssey (which I also own), I don't know how this is possible though as the two have the same resolution.

It is also more comfortable than the original vive and has built-in headphones, which I hated having to wear on top of the old headset. The sound is decent, I don't see the problems with it that other's are experiencing. The headphones I usually use for regular gaming are Astro A50's, obviously the Pro's headphones don't sound like that but they don't sound like crap in comparison either.

I AM having some technical issues with some games since upgrading but I don't think that is a fault of the headset itself, Probably a setting or something needs to be re-setup. The only last thing I would wish for is that the Pro's controllers were more similar to the Oculus Touch controllers.

Do I think HTC is overcharging for this though? Absolutely. If I didn't have the money for this or if i would have to save to get it I wouldn't, at least not over the original Vive. Also if you don't own the original Vive the amount they are charging for the whole system is outrageous! If you're in my position though and have the extra money and love VR and can appreciate the improvements, even if considered minor, you will be happy with this.
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on June 28, 2018
Honestly, after reading a lot of the reviews saying the quality isn't "that big of an improvement" I was extremely hesitant to buy this. But man, I'm really glad I did. Where the headphones are garbage, you can remove them and use whatever headphones you see fit. (I use Wireless Steel Series Siberia 800, great headset to use with it) The strap is a little clunky, as it is easy to notch back if you try to get it too tight, however, you don't need it so tight it's breaking your face to use it properly
I've noticed a lot of people who seem to have problems with the lack of quality don't understand that your computer needs to be good enough to handle it. It's quite a lot more taxing on your system than the normal vive and thus wont work perfectly on every system that previously could use vive just fine. That being said, if you do have a computer that can handle the increased pixels, you'll definitely notice it.
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on May 16, 2018
Being using original Vive since May 2016. Almost exclusively with prescribed lenses because my eyesight is not so good. So all this time I could really see the screen door effect of the original Vive. It was nearly impossible for me to 'forget' about it, only briefly during some dark scenes. But! With the Pro model SDE is much much less noticeable, text is much much more readable. I can finally almost forget about SDE and just keep playing or watching movies on the Big Screen.
Enhanced comfort is not something to be frown upon. There are three major points here: finally I can wear my glasses with absolutely no discomfort
and no lens scratching on the tightest dial. It's way lighter (especially then the first version of the original Vive) and it sits tighter and doesn't wiggle on your face.
- Much less noticeable SDE (still visible though)
- Text became readable even on 1.3 SS
- Giant leap in a comfort. It's lighter and sits tighter
- Cable is lighter. But a proprietary port makes it difficult to extend - not a problem for me though, the length is absolutely sufficient

- Price is high for just HMD
- Plastic is somewhat more crackier then original Vive. Not a big deal, but I like sturdy things

Some people find headphones not OK. But I could hear any difference between OG and Pro headphones.
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on June 29, 2018
Many of the owners of the original Vive have expressed outrage over the price. I replaced my original Vive with this months ago when it first came out and haven't regretted it a bit. I use it every day. It's easier to put on and take off (and I wear glasses), it's more comfortable, and I like the resolution better. Two relatively minor problems: 1) Recently the rubber flaps inside in the front that come down over the foam have started to come up a bit, and this shows on the screen. It became apparent that they were held down by a small piece of black electrical tape. I think I can glue them down with a little rubber cement. Not thrilled about the quality control of that decision, but the rest of it is so much better than the original. 2) sometimes when I move my head, the IPD tool unexpectedly comes up on screen. This never happened with the original Vive. Still, overall, very good product.
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on May 22, 2018
I have owned the PS VR, original Vive, Oculus, and Vive Pro, so I can compare them all. Yes, the Vive Pro is expensive, but if you can afford it, the Pro is worth it and beats all the rest. You may want a faster CPU and GPU to fully power this beast so you can increase the super-sampling for games like Skyrim VR. That said, the sharper graphics for a fully modded and fine-tuned Skyrim are awe-inspiring! The screen door effect is substantially reduced increasing immersion. Those that don't notice a difference haven't done the work to mod the game.

The comfort of this headset cannot be understated compared to the original Vive. It's similar to the Deluxe headgear of the original Vive, but a bit better. It's far easier to put on and adjust, which is great for newbies who come over and want to try VR for the first time. The headphones had a problem with poor bass, but once I installed the updated Vive drivers and de-checked the reduce gain box in the Steam VR settings, the sound fidelity becomes clear and loud. I now have no desire to replace the headphones with something else. Rumbling thunder, music, and rolling boulders all sound great. I also installed a 3D sound mod for Skyrim and get life-like, directional sound that is both immersive and highly useful.

I recommend suspending the wire from the ceiling using a kit on Amazon until they come out with the wireless add-on for the Pro. Combine this with the Locomotion app on steam, a fan to give you a nice breeze, and you'll want to jog around Skyrim for hours and never leave. Seeing the northern lights and two giant moons suspended over a gorgeous waterfall and castle atop a mountain is a surreal experience that is beyond words.
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on June 30, 2018
This headset is strictly better that the non-pro headset. Yes, graphics are way sharper, but there are several improvements like: volume control is on headset, unit fits to your face and secures with slide over back of head, there’s a tightening knob that gets the fit just right, and best of all the weight distribution is so much better, it looks and feels so MUCH better! Older non-pro headset pulled on my face over time, I had to snug it so tight to keep it from slipping that my face would have imprints—this issue is completely resolved! So, yes the graphics are gorgeous— but don’t underestimate the value of proper fit! If you VR more than 20 minutes at a time, this headset is totally worth the extra bucks.
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on June 15, 2018
So as for me I’m a dcs pilot the thing I hated from the older vive was not been able to read the dials well the pro took care of that is it worth it? Well it depends for me it was. It’s kinda like it cost to be the boss type thing and I don’t regret the pro in the beginning I thought it was not worth it only seen it was a little sharper but enough to read that’s overclocking my 1080 ti but after a day with it I fell in love with it not just the sharpness but the color and the best thing if all the lightness a lot of weight came off the front so now you can play longer and more comfortable I did have one problem the head set one earphone was not working but amazon took care of me and send me another Vive Pro the next day very happy with the product and the service that amazon offers would I recommend this well that depends if your willing to spend 800 dollars but other than that I do recommend it to everyone no question one more thing to add the head set has nice quality sound and it makes it real easy to put on the head set and earphones literally takes about 6 seconds to put on
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