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on June 22, 2011
I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to protecting my electronics. I've had too many break on me in the past. This case seems sturdy, at least as good as the sleeve I got for my laptop. I trust this sleeve to protect my iPad in my comically large backpack.

I got this case for my iPad 2 to go with a screen protector (front and back, of course) and a green smart cover. The sleeve fits my iPad 2 perfectly with and without the smart cover attached. The side pocket is nice but small. You could fit the USB cable, but the power brick would be pushing it.

The case also looks nice. The green trim matches my green smart cover perfectly. It's easy to get the iPad in and out of the case. Not too tight or too loose.
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on July 4, 2011
First the good. It is a very nice case, aesthetically.....
I ordered the green and black version. The contrast of the outer colors looked sharp and the material doesn't have a cheap look to it. The sleeve also seems to offer nice protection. Every other reviewer seems to rave about the "extra" protection the bubble interior offers. I'm not sure how convinced I am as to the advantage it offers over equally bulky non-bubbled padding. But it's an attractive gimmicky feature that helps rooCASE sell this sleeve.

Now the bad. It's quality is questionable.....
The sleeve feels well built, and if you read the other reviews you'd be convinced of the same. As I was. When I purchased this from Amazon it had a perfect 5-star rating. As I mentioned earlier, the material doesn't look cheap and, in fact, has a quality feel to it. The zippers and invisible zipper line seemed to possess the same quality as the sleeve. I carry the MacBook extension cord and charger with me and the front pocket was a large reason for why I chose this sleeve. After receiving it I slipped the MacBook in without a hitch, though there was ample wiggle room -- rooCASE could have lost a bit of bulk by making this sleeve a tighter fit (I have the MacBook Air 11.6"). I then placed the power and extension cords into the front pocket without any trouble. For three days, all was fine. Then, the stitching around the zippers started coming loose. It began catching in the zipper line and jamming the zippers. Within a week's time the front zipper was rendered useless. The main zipper not far behind.

The bad continued. Customer support.....
I bought this item from PC Micro Store via Amazon. Because of the absolutely stellar reviews this item received on Amazon, a website known for its honest reviewers, I figured I'd gotten a defective case. I requested an RMA and returned it through Amazon, completely expecting to simply re-purchase this sleeve once the refund was issued. To my dismay, I was never issued a refund, nor did the seller (PC Micro Store) or rooCASE ever contact or follow up with me in any way. I have since bought a different case and am very happy with it.

My ratings.....
Despite my issues with this product I gave it 4 stars for protection since, whether the bubbles are "super" or just a gimmick, it does seem to offer fairly good protection. It did not receive 5 stars in this category since I felt the case itself could have been designed to be a tighter fit. It got 2 stars for quality of product, as opposed to 1 star, since I can't be certain I didn't just receive a defective item. Overall, though, it gets a 1 star rating since I am now left without the case or the money I spent on it.

Bad quality or defective?.....
I am writing this review to offer my experience to others who might be misled by the sea of perfect reviews. The caveat, to be fair, is since I was never issued a refund or replacement, I am still left to wonder if this case is genuinely of poor quality or if I was unfortunate to receive a defective item. But still be aware of the questionable customer service of PC Micro Store, the only seller of this product at the time of purchase and of this review.
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on June 7, 2011
My wife and I each have an iPad2 with the smart cover on the front and the Speck SmartShell Slim Case for iPad 2 ( Speck Products SmartShell Slim Case for iPad 2 (SPK-A0427) ) on the back. We bought the rooCase to travel with and to make sure that the iPads were protected when getting thrown into backpacks or when we wanted to just carry them with us to sit at our favorite café, etc. The case opens from the top but the zippered opening provides ample room to slide the ipad in and out of the case easily, even armored up with the smart cover and smartshell case. The bubble interior protect the iPads very well. We did find that the iPad tends to fit better with the smart cover (front of the iPad) facing the pocket on the front of the rooCase. The color trim on the outside of the rooCase is a nice design element and makes the case easy to see inside of dark packs. The front pocket is also a nice feature as it lets you stow the charge cord and other accessories (e.g. pen stylus). So far we haven't had any major drops, but I have been carrying my iPad in the rooCase in my briefcase (which gets toss around a lot) on a daily basis and I have not had any problems. After looking at other similarly designed cases we are happy with our choice and recommend the case, especially if you add additional protection to your iPad and/or use the smart cover.
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on July 18, 2012
Fits the new iPad (version 3) perfectly. I'm using the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad 2 and New iPad (920-004013)and when attached to the front of the iPad they fit inside perfectly. The inside of the case has foam "bubbles" to provide extra padding. The foam feels nice in the hand, firm enough to protect the contents. The zipper and zipper pull are quality. There is a pocket on the outside giving about 3/4's the length worth of storage space for the USB cable and other things.
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on November 5, 2012
This was the only cover I could find on Amazon that specified iPad Mini in the title--I wondered if they had just stuck that on there at the last minute (given that minis have only just recently started shipping) without actually checking it. Well, it fits perfectly! Not too snug, not too loose. And the case has enough extra room with the mini in it to utilize that pocket for the power cord. Love the color choices; I went with the red.
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on April 23, 2015
Oct. 31, 2015 UPDATE:

I recently bought my wife an iPad Air 2, so I was looking at this case for different color choices, as I have this case in the green color.
I was reading the low ratings and don't know what those folks are complaining about, regarding this case bring two small. I have a ChromaZero cover/stand, which has a rubber bumper around the frame of the iPad and has a thicker small saucer sized disc, where three kickstand folds down into. This Roo has NO problem containing that. The ChromaZero also has a front magnetic cover, which attaches to the frame of it. This case is plenty big.

As far as people dropping their iPads go, I do think the ZeroChroma frame is what protects it from damage. I rarely use the Roo , unless I travel with it, so the zipper doesn't get a lot of use, but it certainly seems sturdy enough. However, not protecting the IPad with a rubberized frame of some type, I could see where the edge could be damaged along the zipper line. I've dropped my iPad several times, with only the ZeroChroma around it and have never had a problem. The Roo though has awesome bubble padding to protect the glass.
It's definitely worth the $20, but I would never use an iPad without a stand type of cover anyway, so this works great in conjunction with another type of pretection.

While I just got this, it looks as if it will be a great case that will protect my iPad investment from damage. I have already put the Air 2 into an inexpensive Moko case and the Roo holds both without any zipper stress. The front pocket stretches enough to hold the Air 2 charging adapter too.

With what I've spent between the Moko and this Roo, it doesn't even come close to what an.Otter would cost and my feeling is that it will give it just as much protection. I understand the Otter is a two fuction product, but for me, this is the best. If I had little kids, I could see having an Otterbox, but my kid is 11 and he is off limits to my iPad for now.

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on November 20, 2010
I wanted an attractive neoprene case that would accommodate my Gelaskin Kindle cover, and this case works perfectly. It is light-weight, protects the Kindle from falls, and the front pocket is handy for carrying a few dollars for a coffee during my afternoon walk. Although I bought the case for use when traveling, it will be very handy around home too. Note: The neon green is not as bright as shown in the picture, more muted.
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on December 27, 2012
I love this sleeve. It offers great protection for my iPad mini, and I am able to fit it in with the smart cover and a hard clear back case. I wasn't sure if it would work with the cover and case, and am very happy that it does. Delivery was very fast too. I would definitely recommend this sleeve for iPad mini owners.
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on November 12, 2014
I'm not much of an Apple person but I recently purchased an iPad Air 2 for school. Obviously I wanted a case to protect my precious investment so I purchased this one since it has great reviews and caught my eye.

The design, build and quality of it is great. The biggest downside I have though is it's too universal making it too large for my iPad.

When my iPad is in it, it has way too much wiggle room. I was hoping for more of a snug fit but there's about half an inch of empty space around the edges of the iPad. Try imagining a bubble mailer with a medium sized book in it. Every time you hold it in your hand it just has a slip n slide party in it.

I'll stick with it for now because when I do carry it places it stays in a backpack with other items opposed to being solely in my hand all the time.

Speak of the devil. Same day I type this review, just a couple of hours later my iPad drops on the floor in the case.

What I can say from this experience is I work in a high school and the floors are laminated so better then concrete, right? When it fell, I brushed it off, kept talking to the teacher and kept it moving. Upon inspection of my iPad, I saw it has just the slightest scratch in the corner. Now I want to be mad, but instead am optimistic by seeing it as a unique identifier to MY iPad. Plus at least the screens not broken. What I did notice on the case though is it has a hole now. It's like the iPad Air 2 was a razor that just cut right through it. This is upsetting. From 2 stars down to 1. I'm very disappointed.
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on December 8, 2010
Excellent sleeve cover for my Kindle 3. It is light but very protective. The Kindle fits perfectly. Not enough room for the Kindle to moving around which is good for protection, but right size so you can put your Kindle and take it out in a comfortable way too. Lot of cushions thanks to the internal bubble design but such design does not make it bulky.

My only not so good comment is that, if you look carefully from the front side, mine it is not totally rectangular or well shaped; it looks like the hand made process or construction could be a bit better. But hey, not big deal!

If you want to enjoy and read your Kindle with no bulky covers on it but give some protection when you are not, there is no better sleeve than this one. It looks cool as well. I like it!

EDIT: My wife wanted a Nook Color and just for fun, I tried to use this sleeve for the Nook Color as well, it fits. I know has not been specifically designed for Nook Color, but wanted to make the comment. By the way, we returned the NC :-) ... but I know this review is not for that ...

EDIT#2: it works for Galaxy Tab too. You will find this same product listed for Galaxy Tab as well, but it's exactly the same. I love how it fits my Galaxy Tab; light but protecting, at the same time thanks to the bubble design.
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