Jaleel Wright
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Just a guy who loves everything fashion. I'm a talker so get ready to hear some awesome reviews on everything I love..
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1:27 CooFANDY Hooded Tank Top review by Jaleel
1:43(Shock Blue) Xbox Series X Controller review by Jaleel
1:31Trucker Jacket (Black) w Fur Review by Jaleel
1:04nike slides (Black) Review by Jaleel
2:25Casual Flannel button down shirt review by Jaleel
1:19Core Power 26g (chocolate) review by Jaleel
0:45Track Pants Review by Jaleel
0:53Should I buy It? HDMI USB Capture Card
2:18Meshforce wifi system (M3) Review by Jaleel
1:24Marble body Cream (Men) Review by Jaleel
2:11Cuisinart Coffee Maker review by Jaleel
1:48Perfect Practice Putting Mat (Standard) review by Jaleel
1:41Deer Warning review by Jaleel
2:06Onyx Studio 4 speaker review by Jaleel
1:35Green Bulldog Bag review by Jaleel
1:54Elite Ab Wheel Review by Jaleel
2:00KeeMake Knifes review By Jaleel
1:35Ally Peaks Pull up Bar review by Jaleel
1:55Xbox Series X controller Review by Jaleel
1:26Clear Horizon body cream (men) Review
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