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Recommendations for traveling couples and cruise fans. We maintain a home base while we travel, so we love to recommend travel hacks, tips, and tricks to keep things in order at home while you're exploring the world!
0:59Compact and powerful dust buster
1:38How the compression feature works and other great features
1:17Demo of projection colors, stars and how the astronaut moves
0:59How it stands up, suction, and emptying filter demo
1:06Demo showing how to start it, how it works and carrying case
1:47Explaining multiple uses and warm/cool function
0:46Functionally awesome phone holder
0:27Solves an iHome and OtterBox issue with big phone cases
0:37Bet you did not think of this use for small S hooks!
1:59Showing how they shuffle and how water spills off with unbox
0:56Demo of the silicone mint blue case with AirPods
1:32Length against a ruler and how to swap out the watch band
0:41Modeling no-show L and R socks w/ pair of black Van sneakers
1:50Sharing 3 uses for these plus a cool tiny HIDDEN feature!
0:58Case has different notches for ipad & demo of magnet feature
1:01Demo of it lighting up in cool colors and showing functions
0:46Compartments demo and how organizer clicks into white case