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on June 12, 2015
I thought this Stone color would be white or off-white, but it is a mid-tone grey. You can't tell from the picture, but the top juts back 2-3 inches farther than the body of the can, so it doesn't sit flush against the wall. The quality seems fine, but it's not a good trash can if you need it flush again the wall in a narrow space. Very easy returns even though it wasn't fulfilled by Amazon. I would buy from this company again.
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on April 14, 2015
This is a fabulous trash can! The mocha color is really nice. It closes quietly and locks shut. I would like to address the issue people have with it moving when it is opened and scratching the wall behind it. There is a "wall bumper" on the back of the can that swings up and locks into place (We thought it was a handle at first). When the bumper is against the wall the trash can doesn't move and the hinge doesn't scratch the wall. It feels very sturdy. Mine had a sticker on the bumper that identified it's use. While this is an expensive trash can it is very attractive, closes quietly, and locks to keep animals and small children out. Highly recommend!
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VINE VOICEon December 16, 2010
This was my Christmas present for my cat...

He might not appreciate it much, but we sure do.

Until this came in the mail, Mr. Tapeworm McRabies (aka Tapers the cat) got put in the bathroom every night since Thanksgiving when he assisted the turkey carcass in climbing out of its plastic Sterilite grave the day after thanksgiving and spreading its bones all over the floor even though we'd had a Rube Goldberg chair trap in place against the lid to prevent just that. That was pretty much the last straw for Tapers vs. Sterlite garbage can, so off to the internet I went.

The stainless steel ones really look nice, but at $180 for this size in metal, I just could not justify it, so I ended up with this plastic one. (And really, $50 seems like so much for plastic, doesn't it?!)

I ordered the grey one directly from the website (figured it would show dirt less) but so far am very happy with it. If you order from the simplehuman website they'll let you include a personalized gift card. Mine said "Hey cat, good luck getting into the garbage now that it locks! Ha."

It has a push in lock so you really can keep animals and small children out, but the lid is actually heavy enough that we don't always lock it and the cat still hasn't managed to do more than just sniff it and sadly pat it's closed lid with his paws wistfully the week since it replaced the Sterilite. As long as he never figures out the step part, we're set (assumes a lot...but we'll see).

The whole thing is very sturdy and seems really well built. As for the step mechanism, we shall see, but I haven't read a single review of failure and it's very smooth.

Standard trashbags fit great (which is why I got this size, fyi...14 gal trashbags are supercheap at Costco and I had a ton of them). Easy to put in and out. No problems with them falling down in...the shape does a good job of holding onto them.

Really nicely packaged. Comes with all sorts of nice product info and nice stickers [which peel of w/o residue] explaining the features. I found this stuff very useful to practice throwing things away in my new deluxe garbage can...but whatever. Even comes with free trashbags so you can start using it immediately :P

Only thing I'm a little uncertain of is the air's a bit weird dealing with a lid that doesn't go down's nice and quite, but I find myself looking back a lot to make sure it closes (it does...I'll get over it).

Anyway, super nice trash can for a plastic one.

My cat is back to stalking the whole apartment at night, so he might not know how much he likes his present, but he does!

Update: Still really liking the can. The cat has indeed figured out the lid when it isn't locked (weird...he's not the brightest cat usually, but when potential food is involved he gets downright inventive...). He hasn't figured out the step but he has a very creative way of using his head and paw to defeat the air shocks and lift it up. But the snap lock has the win! Poor cat...he lacks opposable thumbs, so, provided the fallible humans don't forget, he'll never get it open again :)
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on February 27, 2014
I was looking for a solution to keep my dogs out of the trash. I found these, read all the reviews, and decided this was the trash can that would make my families dreams come true.

The can arrived in a huge box, but I was disappointed to see that it was not assembled. Putting the lid on was fairly easy. The 13 gallon kitchen bags we have always used fit perfectly. The step pedal works fine for opening the lid, although the slow close feature is slightly annoying. I hate lollygagging.

So why the negative review? Well, 2 reasons.

1) price. I get it. Pet people will pay extra for stuff. A lot extra in some cases. So it was a stroke of marketing genius that this can was marketed specifically toward people with trash-digging dogs. I am not sure what I was expecting. Maybe a little better quality. Maybe an actual metal lock switch. Maybe just something....ANYTHING....that would justify my guilt in spending $50 for a molded piece of plastic. A trash can no less.

2) It really doesn't work. We have been using the can for a week, and the dogs have not gotten into it yet. So why am I not declaring victory? Well, because I know they CAN get into it. They just haven't figured that out yet. The "lock" on this can is a joke. Yes it locks the lid. If you pull straight up on the lid, you will not be able to get it open. However, if you jiggle it around slightly, it doesn't take much to get the lock to fail. So while we have beating the furry bandits for the moment, I know that some day they will figure this out and have a field day again.

The bottom line is that this can is no better or worse than any other trash can on the market. Do not be fooled that they market it toward pet owners. The only part of this can specifically designed for pet owners is the price.


3-25-14 update. Well, the can was tested today and it passed the test. My dog knocked the can over and drug it into the other room, chewed apart part of the bag, and finally gave up. The lock never did give out.

Because of this victory, I am increasing my review rating from 2 to 4 stars. I still feel the can is very over priced for what it is, but it does keep the animals out of it.
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on March 8, 2013
We had first looked at the auto-sensing trash bins (we are technology buffs), but since our bin sits next to our pantry door we figured a sensor would "auto-open" every time we opened the pantry door itself. Glad we decided on this instead, since it is a perfect balance of style, price, and function.

About 2 other reviewer's comments:

I read another reviewer's post about "13 gallon bags not fitting" but we've tried several brands and they all fit just fine. Currently we buy a huge roll of standard trash bags from target for $4 and have no issues. I will say that you do have to stretch the top 1/2" to fit the bag over the rim, but I believe that is by design because it holds there perfectly. The bags never tear at the rim, and the bags never sag into the can.

Another reviewer also said the top of the lid flopped about every time they pressed the pedal down, and would never close correctly. I think this is because, when the can arrives it is already connected to the base via the lifting bar that extends up the back from the pedal. What the other reviewer failed to realize (most likely), is that the lid still has two clips on it that need to be snapped into place once you receive it. Once attached properly it functions perfectly.

About the Can:

- Price - $49.99 is well worth it.
- Color Combos - We got the cappuccino color ... super nice for a trash bin.
- Wide Pedal - good for ease of use.
- Locking Lid - we don't have cats, but I read another review that said this was the only cat proof lock they found that worked. We have an infant so I am sure this will come in handy later when she is reaching height.
- Slow Motion Lid - Great little feature .... when you open the lid and let off the pedal the lid very calmly and slowly closes quietly in slow motion. Most cans have lids that just slam shut (and burst some stinky air while at it), but this one is very pleasant. I hadn't thought of this feature until seeing it on this can, now I will make sure to check for it in the future.

2 Things:

** We had another couple over for dinner recently and they saw the can and it's "slow motion" lid. They were so impressed they went on amazon and bought the black one, haha. How may times have you ever been able to tell a story like that about a trash can?

**** Lowe's sells the same can for the same price, but we are Amazon Prime members so we prefer to order online since shipping is free, and that also let's us skip the drive and sales tax =)

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VINE VOICEon October 10, 2016
This is the best trash can I've ever had. It's sturdy, my dog can't open the lid, the lid stays closed, and the trash bags are awesome and worth the extra money. My one issue is with the chrome handle on the lid. As you can see, it's discolored pretty bad. This started happening less than a month after I got the can and has only worsened over time. I have no idea what is causing the issue and when I try to clean it off, it just gets worse. For a $50 trash can, I didn't expect something like this to happen.
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on December 14, 2017
We've had 2 stainless trash cans over the past 7 years. One was a Simple Human brand (still in-use as our recycling can, just didn't fit in our new home where we wanted to use) and another mid-level brand. With 2 older kids (college) & 2 toddler/preschoolers, I got VERY tired of shining our trash can almost daily. Hence my search for a nice-looking plastic can for the kitchen & dining area.

Every can we've had that was NOT SH Brand was replaced due to broken lid or step mechanisms. Our 7yo SH sensor-lid finally died but worked fine lifting the lid, but didn't fit well in our new place. I wanted EASY to clean (weekly!) w/no sensors. So we found this one & pored over reviews due to cost. I have a 2/yo that's constantly trying to get into the trash, so locking lid is priceless. I wanted nicer looking since guests can see it, so I was wary about not going stainless.

We bought this SH Brand Semi-Round step can in gray. We've had it for about 6weeks now & even after cooking w/onions, garlic, rosemary, etc. over the holidays & making some soups, we've noticed NO smell leakage - even though the occasional diaper makes its way in there. This is NOT a replacement for a diaper pail, but since we keep it locked much of the day (but not in evenings during busy kitchen times) even our stinkiest trash odors don't escape (Note: we empty about every other day).

The can was not hard to assemble, just took a little muscle. Contrary to some pics, the wall guard on the back does NOT keep this from standing flush to the wall (it can be disengaged - it's the black metal clip-looking thing)
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on May 4, 2017
This is my second trash can from Simple Human, and it's fine as trash cans go. The reason for the lower rating here on Amazon is that it ships without the lid attached for some strange reason. When I bought this the first time years ago, I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond, and the lid was attached. The picture that comes with this unit regarding the attaching of the lid is ridiculous, making it look like, once you get the long metal hook in the right slot (connects with foot opener below), you just slide the two other lid stabilizers onto the little plastic bars to secure them. Well, let me tell you, there is no easy sliding on there. You have to use quite a bit of force to get them in position. I finally just smashed them in place with the lower part of my palm, and they finally sat correctly. Next time, it's Bed Bath & Beyond, for sure. Same price. Lid's attached. 20% discount coupon. Simply fumin'.
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on March 19, 2017
We've had this trashcan for about 2.5 years, bought it from Amazon in August of 2014.

Pros: It's been mostly great, a big step up from the basic Rubbermaid we had before with no lid. Our kids were toddlers at the time and have mostly grown out of the "throw everything away" phase of toddlerhood, but the lock was AMAZING at deterring them. Nowadays we don't lock it because we have no pets and the kids are old enough that they know what's trash and what isn't. It's nice looking, and it sits somewhat prominently in our kitchen area, so that's a big plus. It's also sturdy and has a wide base, so there have been no tipping over issues. Regular generic box brand bags have fit great.

Cons: it moves a lot. It's against the end our cupboards/counter, and no matter how hard we try to keep it from hitting up against the counter, it always migrates.
The biggest downfall, and the reason my review is 3 stars, is that the step mechanism has broken. One day it just sort of snapped. That was about 6-12 months ago, but we've just been living with it until now. I'm looking into buying something else, but I'm disappointed that our somewhat expensive trash can has to be replaced this quickly. This trash can keeps popping up in my searches, so I'm finally leaving a review.
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on November 1, 2016
Right out of the gate this trash can isn't looking good, when I looked at the can from the bottom it is bottle necked at its plastic components in it's mechanism to move the lid, I used it which seemed to work fine until it got 3 inches from closing then it stopped, waiting patiently for it to close to no avail. I closed the lid with both my hands tightly to try the lock feature, it did not work. The reason I am writing this is there are rub marks on the two points of contact that stops the lid from closing properly, two white marks from a previous frustrated customer whose bag rubbed between the lid and the can I assume, There is visible wear and tear, I understand that nothing is perfect in a factory setting and lemons do get past , this seems to be a return product wrapped up and sold as new.
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