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"Great camera at a great price." - by Randall (Westminster, Colorado)
Bought this camera for my wife for our vacation to Utah. She took hundreds of great pictures. We had some enlarged and the quality of the photographs is excellent. This is a excellent camera that you can carry in you pocket and have ready in seconds. We bought a spare battery as she takes a lot of pictures. That worked well as we needed it. If you don't take a lot of pictures one battery will certainly work. We recharged both batteries every night and were ready to go every morning. When all is said and done - the pictures are what remains to remind you of those special moments. And this camera takes great pictures. This is the second Sony camera of this size we have purchased. I got her old one and it still works well - but this one is better!
"Great little camera" - by Tracy L. Judy
This camera exceeded all of my expectations. It is small, lightweight and very easy to handle with one hand.
The pictures are sharp, extremely clear. It has a built in macro lens for shooting small objects/flowers/insects.
Excellent camera.
"Quality Superzoom Point And Shoot" - by Phil Huffy
The Coolpix B500 is a nice point and shoot camera that shares the limitations of its class. On the positive side, it looks serious (at least in black) and boasts a solid feel, generous zoom range and generally effective autofocus and exposure capabilities. However, excepting ISO choices and exposure compensation in certain modes, there is not a lot the user can do to directly control the image making process.

If not stated clearly enough already, be aware: aperture and shutter speed cannot be set nor prioritized on this camera. And, notwithstanding a few modes of autofocus, any actual manual focus control is nonexistent.

Thus, the "point and shoot" designation is appropriate, notwithstanding an impressive zoom and striking appearance. Taken for what it truly is, the B500 is a fine automatic camera and a fun one. Great images can be produced, along with misfires, blurs, and opportunities ... full review
"Awesome camera for someone new to photography" - by Run Fanatic
I am brand spanking new to photography and DSLR cameras. Thanks to a few hours at the University of YouTube, I think I have the hang of it. So my review is partial, but from the perspective of a total novice to photography and something other than a point and shoot camera.

Feature guide
I'm putting this first as this may be the most amazing and useful component of this camera for a complete newbie and the #1 reason this is an AWESOME camera for someone getting into photography. Since I didn't want to use my camera on auto mode (I could stick with a Coolpix if that's what I was looking for) and my goal was to learn how to use a DSLR in manual mode, the feature guide has been vital in helping me learn quickly. When changing modes (manual, aperture priority, Quick Control, etc), a brief ... full review
"This worked just great for a recent vacation in Hawaii" - by Momma
This worked just great for a recent vacation in Hawaii. Very happy with my purchase! I took many pictures as we were traveling and it really performed well, not blurring the photo. It also did well on photos with low lighting.
"Buy this camera!!!" - by Carrie D. Knapp (notime)
This camera is amazing! I did my homework, read the reviews- both on Amazon on other sites- and determined that this camera would meet my needs. Simply stated: I needed a camera for a cruise we were taking, and it needed to be reliable. I got amazing underwater pics!

Pros: - great picture quality
- zoom
- Easily transitions between video and
picture,even while underwater
- battery life was great. Several hours of
underwater fun!

Cons: None!

My brother bought a cheaper camera for the same trip. His camera couldn't change between video and pics while wet. It also didn't have a zoom. Spend the extra for this camera (still not terribly pricey). It will not disappoint.
"Don't rush to judgement! .. Update!" - by S. Hock (Bethlehem, PA)
I've only had mine a few days so my testing is admittedly limited. Please do not give up on this camera unless you have made some very careful tripod shots. Yes, this camera is hard to hold steady as is any 300+ mm lens. The stabilizer is good but cannot overcome everything. Hand holding 1200mm is a tough job and requires excellent technique and a degree of luck!

I used a heavy Bogen tripod on solid cement and made very careful shots at about 50yds and 75yds (auto focus) throughout the available f range at max zoom. I was quite surprised at the resolving power of the lens using ISO 100.

My Nikon D5000 and Nikkor 70 - 300 EDIF zoom in RAW mode, on the same subject, is barely sharper.

Laugh if you will, but I used the SilkyPix software to examine the RAW and jpeg ... full review
"Amazing Travel Zoom" - by Edward Torpy (Oak Park, IL)
I've been buying Canon PowerShot digital cameras since the first Powershot Digital ELPH (S100) came out in May 2000. I've always placed a very high premium on small, light cameras that allow me to take photos while I travel without making me feel like a working photographer out on assignment. So when I was looking to upgrade my 4 year old PowerShot ELPH 310 HS [[ASIN:B005I6E8FE Canon PowerShot ELPH 310 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 8x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and Full 1080p HD Video (Purple)]], I narrowed my choices between the PowerShot ELPH 360 HS [[ASIN:B01AA093UW Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS (Black) with 12x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi]] and this new megazoom camera (Powershot SX720 HS). The ELPH 360 is nearly the same size and weight as my old ELPH 310, but has the advantage of a 12x zoom vs a 8x zoom. ... full review
"For Potential Nikon Buyers" - by J. Balamurugan (India)
Previously I owned Sony DSC F717 which was best in class back then and it still performs well, within its limits. So I would be making few comparisons along the way when necessary.

Let me cover the points which matters to me the most in this camera

Focus - I use spot focusing 99% of the time and its very accurate and rarely misses a shot. It can even lock on a subject with ease in challenging backgrounds.

View finder - While the focus is great, the view finder isn't the best i've seen. For most part of my shooting, I find it sufficient but on some situations its not so great.
For example, when I trying to shoot a grey & black striped dragon fly sitting on a fungus infested wall, I could see where it was with my naked eye but through the view finder ... full review
"The camera is small and easy to use but most importantly" - by WorldsCoolestRainGauge (new paltz, ny)
The camera is small and easy to use but most importantly, it offers amazing clarity on the telephoto shots. The small black lump you see in the first picture is my dog from about 125 feet away. The next is the using the telephoto from the same place. I bought this for a trip to Alaska and I'm very pleased.

I purchased a refurbished unit and it is in excellent condition -- it looks like new.
"works great! I use my camera all the time for ..." - by Rick Andrews
works great! I use my camera all the time for work to document property condition. I love the fact that it uses AA batteries I can carry spares in the glovebox of the car so I am never caught on the job with a dead battery. All in all this is a very durable little camera and I would buy another one tomorrow if this one dies.
"Great Pocket Camera" - by Dale T. Trivette
This Canon PowerShot is everything I hoped for. I have a SLR camera with different lens for major photo events, but I wanted a small compact camera that I could easily carry with me for those impromptu shots that often come along. While a phone camera is OK, I wanted better quality photos and this Canon delivers. With 20 MP and 12X zoom it delivers great photos. It is simple to use and the battery lasts for 200 + shots before needing to be recharged. If you are looking for a pocket camera that is simple to use and delivers quality photos, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 170 is the one.
"Great camera highly recommended" - by ProgramRAM (Clermont,FL)
This is my brief review of the Nikon D3400, a bit of background, so I am photographer at a theme park I also do events on occasion and they supply us with mostly D3000 series cameras so I have 7 months of experience with D3100 D3200 D3300 and now the D3400 and all of them have proven to be durable and reliable with fantastic image quality. Now to go a bit more in depth with the D3400, so immediately I noticed how much quieter and faster the AF system was but it also had one issue right out of the box that scared me at first when I swapped lenses from the kit lens to a 35mm f1.8 lens I have the AF stopped working all of a sudden, I turned off the camera prior to swapping and I carefully removed the lens cap along with the inner cap for ... full review
"Well worth the cost." - by For my Money
Well worth the cost. I purchased this little camera as a replacement to a 7 year old Samsung. This camera has so many features. It takes movies, photos, and panarama photos, of course it works automatically, or you can set it to use manually. It was easy to set up ( date /time) but you will need to print out the manual to understand how to use the all the various fuctions. It comes complete with a CD, and US cord. It has limited built in memory so you will want to get a memory card. I am really happy with this purchase and I think you will be too.
"An excellent camera that falls just barely short of perfection" - by iburke
Let me start this review with some background of my photography experience. (Short story, I am an amateur, skip to “PROS” section)

I bought a Nikon D40 and had it for several years before selling it in college and I was short on cash. Ever since then I’ve been relegated to my various cell phone cameras. I always had intentions of buying back into the hobbyist camera space at some point, and with an upcoming trip to Europe this summer, there was no time like the present to make a purchase.

I had set a budget for myself that basically put my sights on the OM-D E-M10 and the Sony A6000, sans kit lens and spending the money (well worth it, we’ll get to that in a bit) to get a fast prime near the 50mm equivalent range.

I never got a hold of an E-M10, so ... full review