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"A profound and heartbreaking view on the Second World War from innocent and naive eyes." - by Christina de Vries (Oslo)
The Writing:

This story is written from the perspective of a nine year old boy and Boyne did that really well. The voice was very innocent and convincing. The way he explained the surroundings and happenings throughout the book was very well written and made it easy to mentally paint a picture of it all.

The Characters:

I really enjoyed Bruno as a character and the innocence of his voice. The way he sees what’s going on around him without understanding that there’s actually a war going on.
I also really enjoyed seeing the other family members through Bruno’s eyes, and especially his frustration with the older sister.
There are some other characters that really show the faces of both side of the war, but I wont say anything more about them, so that I don’t spoil the plot.

The Plot:

I flew through this book, not because the pace was so fast but because the story ... full review
"A story I will revisit often" - by Meagan
I LOVED this book. We started listening to the audio version in the car before I bought the paperback. My son is an audio learner, so we are constantly looking for books to listen to. We had recently listened to another WW2 book told from a kid's perspective. This was recommended to us, but we were warned the content was much more mature than the first book, even though it is also focused on a "child". While that was true, it wasn't a bad thing. I really enjoyed the narrator for the audio book, and I am quite picky. I ended up buying the paperback because I couldn't stand to wait to see what happened since I only listened with my son in the car. I was enjoying it enough to think it was worth the purchase. I'm glad I bought it. It is "heavy" but I did fall in ... full review
"The Goonies meets National Treasure meets something that is purely ..." - by Rhonda S. Cowsert
The Goonies meets National Treasure meets something that is purely and uniquely Liana Gardner. 7th Grade Revolution is a non-stop thrill ride that touches on everything it means to be in middle school - from the awkward uncertainty to the strength and quick intelligence that we adults often forget that kids possess. It's fast paced, well written, and drags the reader from the first page through the last!
"A Great Read for All Ages" - by KathyA
This book was recommended to me by a Middle School Language Arts teacher, who uses with her seventh grade students. I read a few pages and was hooked. "Inside Out & Back Again" reminds of "The House on Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros with the use of poetic flow of the daily journal that Vietnamese refugee Ha keeps from one Tet to the next, close first person point of view of a young girl learning the ways of a foreign culture, and heartbreaking details of love and loss. The book also reflects realistically the facts presented in Ken Burns' documentary series "The Vietnam War". I recommend this book to those who are interested in history, love poetry, or appreciate good story telling.
"A good clean MG read" - by K. Swinton (Frederick, MD)
I wouldn't have picked up this book, except I had to read it for my book club.

I'm glad I read it. It was a fun MG read, that I've now passed onto my elementary age daughter to read. She's enjoying it too. And now we can walk around the house saying, "Toads, beetles, bats," together. Along with "pied ninny".

It's also gotten her interested in Shakespeare and reminded me that there are several plays referenced in the book I haven't read yet. Maybe I'll get back to the Bard after I read the Lost Heroes of Olympus series, which I've promised my daughter I'd read. I'm already through Book 1.

I wasn't in 7th grade when this book takes place - 1967. I wasn't even born! But the great thing is, the themes of the story are timeless. It could take place now, during WWII, or the Gulf War. Going through 7th ... full review
"Paterson shows how special people can make you become better. Many children (and adults) in today’s society gravitate ..." - by meister
Jess has spent all summer working to be “the very best” runner in the 5th grade, but when a mysterious girl named Leslie kills that dream, she opens up a whole new world for him (2). Leslie leads Jess into Terabithia, where they reign as king and queen and Leslie works to, “push back the walls of his mind” (160). Paterson is doing the same thing to her readers as Leslie does to Jess; she is expanding the walls of our minds. Leslie makes allusions to many literary works which in turn teaches new vocabulary. For instance, she uses the word “regicide” and then gives context by mentioning Hamlet (67). Not only does this section teach readers a new word, but it also introduces them to Shakespeare. The Newbery Medal is given based on the text of the book, and when reading The Bridge To Terabithia, one can see why ... full review
"I’ve read this book so many times that I had to get the e-book" - by Modupe Hendricks
I first read this book when I was either 12 or 14 years old and I have reread this book probably seven or eight times over the last 40 years. I decided to get the e-book so that I would not have to buy the book anymore. I think I’ve always identified with Johnny but I can’t explain why. Ponyboy was another great character that I identified with because he had a choice between being a lower-class/low to middle class blue-collar type of individual or that he could use his mind to improve his future and probably leave the background he grew up in and become something more. There are youth gangs in the book and some violence, if one looks back into the past one will understand that you gangs existed. The major difference between the youth gangs of the 50s to about the ... full review
"A very unique middle grade book that will hook you from page one!" - by Stephanie Faris (Nashville, Tennessee)
My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights introduces us to Dillon, a lovable seventh grader who just wants to dance. It seems everything is working against him in reaching that goal, though, including a dad who wants him to play football. But he sees his chance when he hears about a very important audition and his friends sign off on him giving it a shot. Of course, there's a catch--after his audition, he's supposed to speak out against the cause. I love the fact that this MG book shows just how difficult and athletic dancing really is. You'll be hooked on this one from the first page!
"Useful standardized test preparation tool" - by George S. Smith
I found it useful for practice test examples for the Reading: Literature, Reading: Informational Text and Language common core standards. The applicable standard is listed for each set of practice questions. Answer pages identify the correct answers and reasons why they are correct. The product also includes online access to specific workbook topics for additional practice. Self-contained and easy to use.
"I asked if he would like for me to purchase more and he said no ..." - by J Irvin
My 7 year old son loves this series despite himself! He picked up and read an old Junie B book that was his older sisters one day and burned through it in 1 day. It was his first chapter book that he read independently! I asked if he would like for me to purchase more and he said no thanks - that these are for girls. I ordered a set anyway and left them in his room and sure enough, he read them! It's our little family secret. :-)
"Excellent workbook." - by Shopping Junkie
I spare no expense for my kids education. I strongly recommend all parents with 7th graders or going into 7th grade.
"A beautiful story told in a beautiful way." - by Jen Kelley
I decided to read this book after I finished reading another book written by Linda Park (See Saw Girl). As a 5th grade reading teacher, I sometimes struggle with my recommendations for interesting historical fiction/non-fiction selections - most especially when recommending to my students who typically aren't interested in those two genres.

I found See Saw girl to be a very quick read with "friendly" writing for those who just aren't into history. It'll be my book to "hook" them into the genre. A Long Walk to Water, in my personal opinion, would be the next step up for these students because of the way in which the author chose to write the story.

The story is told in first-person narrative by two different characters AND the story takes place during two different periods of time in Sudan. The two stories flip back and forth with each chapter. ... full review
"My son (7) loved this book so much" - by Kristen Dezso
My son (7) loved this book so much! As soon as he finished reading it, he began hounding me...are there more books in the series? Are there more books in the series? Music to my ears.
"Great workbook" - by NHmom2three (USA)
Really good workbook to have if your child needs help figuring out where the strengths and weakness are in all areas of 7th grade math. Answers in the back.
"An accurate resource for SBAC math test prep" - by djsteve (New York, NY)
Relevancy to the actual test is most important thing when you are preparing your student or kids for particular test. I needed a work book for my 7th Grade students’ SBAC math test prep and found it the most relevant as well as accurate resource.