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"Good Quality" - by Lisa Banks
I absolutely love this backpack. I switched from a very nice messenger bag to a backpack when I realized that my thirty-something body could no longer comfortably handle lugging around my work materials, lunch, and other junk to and from the office on my commute that often involves public transportation. Besides, I'm in tech and a lot of my peers have been using backpacks for ages anyway, so it's not weird to be a grown adult wearing one. Right?

I really enjoy the following about this backpack:
- It's classic basic black
- It has pockets a-plenty
- It comfortably fits my slim notebook laptop
- It's lightweight
- I can fit my lunch bag inside without it bulging precariously like my messenger bag did
- Seriously, there are a ton of pockets
"Cute fan" - by Just_Because (Florida)
Great gift idea, when hand held, the fan looks like a cat (pink ears).
"Great little fan." - by Jesus Lopez
I am in love with this fan. Although I don't use the night light, and flash light features they are nice to have. I use this thing anywhere and everywhere. I don't leave my house without it, and the times I have left without it I've missed it.

One place I use it in a lot is the kitchen. They say "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". Well I'm glad that now I don't have to get out. Believe it or not. This thing is powerful enough, so much so. I use it while on my eliptical instead of the one that came with the actual exercise machine. In other words this fan runs circles on the one from my eliptical. (Get it? Circles?)

When I first bought this fan I wasn't too convinced because you get what you pay for but I have to say, the ... full review
"I want to be comfortable doing outdoor activities when the temps are in the ..." - by Grouper
I live in the south where it is hot, hot, hot in the summer. I want to be comfortable doing outdoor activities when the temps are in the 90's. I use this fan when I play golf. I fill the water container and it lasts for 9 holes before needing to be filled again. The fan is just powerful enough to get a bit of a breeze and when combined with the misting will help to keep me cool. You do have to hold the fan fairly close or you won't feel the breeze.
"Good little powerful fan" - by Young
Great little fan. Bought for partner as he gets hot when travelling. Also used recently for a hospital stay.
"Love it perfect for the month of February" - by maria g morales
Love it perfect for the month of February, I love to change my cases depending on the season and this one is perfect for Valentine’s Day. I have gotten great comments on my case!