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"Great screen" - by J. Banville
I watched the the 5 youtube videos that silver ticket has up in order to get the assembly down. The center post gives people problems. After the screen was attached to all the clips, I released the screen from the two top/center clips and two bottom/center clips (where the center posts gets wedged in). Then, with far end of the center post in the groove of the frame, I was able to use my index fingers and thumbs to force the post and frame away from one another just enough for the end of the post to drop down into the groove. I then re-attached the screen to the top and bottom center clips.

I attached two 1/4" hooks ($.98 from HD) and have the screen hanging in front of my plasma which is mounted to the wall behind it. I had previously had an elite B model pull ... full review
"Love it! Samsung UN43J5200 43-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV" - by Matt
First off, the Amazon reviews system is very confusing. When I click on a product I find the reviews at the bottom on an entirely different product than what I clicked on. This review is for the Samsung UN43J5200 43-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV. I am not sure what problems other reviewers had, but i am OCD and this is a great tv. I placed it in the bedroom and found the sound to be very good along with the picture to be above standard. The internet is quick and I can switch from cable to Netflix very quickly.

The only flaw I could find is that the mounting screws do not come with the tv, so order them online from amazon for 5 dollars. The proper size is M8. I would recommend the 30mm.

Stop looking and buy this tv!
"Hindsight is better than foresight;" - by Jim Bond
If I could give this more than five stars I would. I have had a Firestick and an H96 Pro Plus before this and I was beginning to think that streaming was not going to be a good way to see movies. They stopped while playing and generally did not work well. The Shield is like driving a Ferrari after driving a Pinto. It is unbelievably fast and works perfectly. Don't waste your money buying the others just because they are cheaper. The Shield is worth every penny.
"One BIG reason to choose the Ultra..." - by Frederick
I've been using Roku devices for about six years, and it has been great seeing the company continue to improve its product, especially as more people cut the cord with their cable companies.

Roku's flagship device, the Roku Ultra, is one of the best streaming devices on the market today, which is not surprising because it is a small but powerful machine, reasonably priced, that can access virtually all of the popular streaming services. I'll give a little breakdown of my thoughts and experiences with the device.


The Roku Ultra is about as inconspicuous as a device could be: a small, unobtrusive black box that can easily disappear behind your television or in a media cabinet. It measures about 5" x 5" and is less than an inch tall. There are three jacks in the back of the device for a power cable, an Ethernet cable, and an HDMI ... full review
"Actually impressed." - by Lorenzo Martin
I was debating between this and the regular echo. I've had both and we both know what the echo does so all I'll talk about is the sound quality.

I'm going to get to the chase. This is the BEST speaker I've ever heard for under $50. The functions of the echo along with the music playing functionality and the sound quality makes it a steal at this price point.

The sound is great for its size. It can get pretty loud but the bass is definitely lacking. The bass isn't god awful but it just isn't there.

Now I will say this... if your primary motivation for a speaker is to listen to music, go with the echo. If it is but your budget is under $50 then go with the dot. It won't blow anyone away during a get together in your living room but it'll get the job done. The ... full review
"One of our best purchases!" - by Regina G. Trollinger
This was a purchase for my husband who doesn't hear everything when there are other conversations or noises in the same room. We are very pleased these headphones have solved that problem. He can also listen and mute the tv if no one else is watching. Wish we had done this years ago!
"Question is, can you manage with an old PS4? I couldn't, after long debate." - by Cstober
I was hoping the interface would be different from the standard PS4 dashboard but I can't complain. You will instantly notice a massive improvement. It is so crisp, framerate is smooth!

The most beneficial feature for me is 1TB of space. I had so many games and I was only able to play 2/3rds of them. I doubled my hard-drive storage and now I can play all of my games. Woot!

The PS4 Pro is noticeably bigger than the standard PS4. You may want to measure an area to place it. My old PS4's "area" was too small for my new PS4 Pro, so I had to build a shelf for it instead. It looks better so I'm happy.
"Quick Shipping" - by Marion D Prost
Received very quick. It worked real well at first but then the bottom buttons started messing up. If I pushed up, it went down or to the left or right, etc. I just have to use my other remote for uses buttons.
"A Fantastic Media Consumption Device" - by benjamin bannister (New York, NY)
If you’re looking for a great do-it-all tablet, and, you use Amazon's services, this is a fantastic media-consumption tablet for you.

I see this tablet made for two demographics: a beginner tablet for young kids (if they break it, it won't break the bank), and as an affordable iPad equivalent/backup Kindle.

To start, this is an Amazon tablet made to do Amazon things. Since I use Amazon's Audible, listen to Amazon Music, watch Video, read their Kindle books, and shop on Amazon, this device is *perfect* for me. The digital content that you own or subscribe to can be streamed or stored on this HD 10.

Let’s talk about the biggest feature to arrive: a 1080p HD screen! This used to be on the HDX models, but that came with a hefty price. Now, we have a low-cost 1080p device and can watch movies at full HD resolution.

Pixels ... full review
"I really like it" - by Z
I must've read about 250 reviews on the Sonos products to include the Play 1s and the Playbar/sub/5.1 system. I know all of the criticism about the lack of an HDMI input and the lack of DTS support and I absolutely agree with those criticisms. There isn't any reason not to support the best formats on the market. That being said, I bought the Sonos Playbar, Sub and two Play 1s after going through three Sony playbar/sub combos and the Yamaha 203. Understand, I downgraded from a 7.1 system anchored by an Onkyo AV receiver, two Bose floor speakers and a set of Energy 5s + subwoofer. I simply got sick of the wires and wanted a clean look and decided to go with a playbar. After trying the four other systems and not being really impressed with the sound of any of them, I decided to roll the dice ... full review