Chocolate Coffees

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"Blueberry cobbler: highly aromatic but restrained flavor" - by CMcCarty (Columbus, OH)
The Blueberry Cobbler is a surprising win--it is both highly aromatic (indeed smells like someone baked blueberry cobbler and is making fresh coffee) but a restrained flavor profile (it doesn't taste chemical-like as artificial flavor tends to do; it's not overpowering nor heavily fruity or floral). It's a medium to light-medium body and perfect for breakfast. It doesn't taste nearly as blueberry as the fragrance would suggest. Friends have also remarked that it makes a great cup.
"Delicious!" - by Lucille L. (NAVARRE, FL, US)
Perfect for making cappuccino. Just a hint of chocolate. Delicious.
"Delicious!" - by Teresa (Western Maryland)
It's a good coffee. I guess so if I'm going to buy this much.
"Delicious" - by Kipster (Hollywood, CA USA)
Great tasting coffee, I keep buying it over and over. Just a hint of raspberry and chocolate, not too much, not too little. If you're looking for a really sweet coffee, this isn't it, but it's perfect if you like your java to be subtle yet flavorful.
"Flavored coffee" - by K. R. (Austin, Texas United States Planet Earth, Sol, Milky Way Galaxy)
When you first get a K-Cup coffee machine you're looking for deals on the K-Cups and a bit open to experimentation with some really weird flavored ones. Least that was true for myself. I bought a lot of odd flavors back then simply because they were sale at the time, but only repurchased a few of them later at regular price. This Donut House chocolate donut coffee was one that I liked enough to do that. The chocolate flavoring isn't over powering - just enough to give the coffee a bit of a kick. I don't drink this everyday, just when I feel like having a special treat.