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"You need to know how to use it" - by HelgesonS
This is the ONLY brand of Vetiver I will buy. After doing extensive research, I found Vetiver and Chamomile will help in the "fight or flight" mode due to trauma. So I bought this oil and the Sun Essentials Roman Chamomile essential oil and mixed them 50/50. What a wonderful combination! Several of my family members are addicted to the scent. I use several drops of the oils in the tub or diffuse it. I have tried several other brands but none of them do the trick. It's really helped me to get my nervous system back on track. I get nothing from this review, just hoping to help others looking for PTSD remedies.
"Cleared 10+ year old toenail fungus in 1 day" - by Dawn (California)
I've had a toenail fungus on almost all of my toe nails for as long as I can remember. I saw my doctor for it about a year ago and she said there is not much I can do, and she wouldn't prescribe antibiotics because she said they're not healthy for someone so young (Age 22). I did some research and found a product called Nonyx on Amazon and tried that for about a month, and there was absolutely no change.

Fast forward 1 year and I somehow ran into this product on Amazon by chance. I read the reviews and saw that it helped people clear their toenails, so I was willing to give it another shot. At the price, I really didn't have much to lose anyway. First, I put the oil directly on my toenails undiluted, and it didn't burn at all. Later in the day, I decided ... full review
"Helping my sinus issues. Just a couple drops in ..." - by Kim
Helping my sinus issues. Just a couple drops in the morning and at night in water and I avoid a sinus infection.
"Amazing!" - by Dawn
For a therapeutic grade oil, the price is amazing.We use oregano often, alone or in mixes, for helping with the immune responses in the body.
"Great for arthritis" - by Anne Erwin
As soon as I received this oregano oil, I mixed it with moringa oil and rubbed it into my husband's arthritic fingers. He immediately felt relief. He rubs the oil into his hands three times a day. It's only been three days, but he said he is totally amazed by the results. He can play the drums for hours now, whereas before, he said his hands started hurting after several minutes. He also can rub my feet longer since his fingers no longer hurt!!!
"Stubborn skin tags" - by 4YahLuv
Excellent! I used this essential oil to remove several skin tags. Through trial and error I quickly realized that I had compromised healthy skin by not laying a barrier to prevent burning. I started applying cold pressed castor as a barrier and in addition, I mixed the oregano oil with a little EVOO to dilute. My stubborn skin tags dried up and fell off within 4 weeks.
"that stuff worked fantastic!! i used it two more time and ..." - by MICHAEL HART
Coming back from Chicago to San Bernadino Ca. is a two day Train trip, i wasn't on the Train but about 3 hours when we went to lunch and i bit something hard and got a miserable tooth ache. I had a appointment soon as we got home but that was two days away. one of the patrons in the dinning car overheard my wife tell the hostest about my tooth that i would'nt be coming to dinner. a young women comes to our sleeper and says she heard about my tooth and begins telling me about Thieves Esential oil and she leaves me the bottle not too return it till i reach my destination. I WAS NEVER SO THANKFUL for anything in my life. that stuff worked fantastic !! i used it two more time and gave it back. Now i keep a bottle on hand always.
"Safe inside and out" - by Nuria
I am totally satisfied with these essential oils...after much research, I was disappointed to discover that therapeutic grade" does not equate with "safe to ingest" ....But THESE are and that
is the reason I purchased them...and they're organic!
"but it works and is much better with a mixer" - by Sage B. (USA)
Used this to help get rid of my daughters warts. You must mix with coconut oil as this will burn....but it works and is much better with a mixer. This at night with a bandaid and duct tape during the day and the ugly warts are gone!! No drugs.
"I never travel without this" - by Sebastian Gaudi (Citizen of the World)
I have purchased this product now 3 times during the last 3-4 years. There is no infection that can keep up when you put a couple of drops of Oregano oil in water and drink these. Not a pleasurable experience, but you can say bye, bye to antibiotic use with these. It has saved me at least 2 trips in the past from infections I had during the trips. Otherwise, it could have put a stop on the whole journey.

I have used another brand in the past, which was good also but I like the purity of this one.
"NOW Foods Oregano oil works." - by mkj
I had bronchitis for 2 months taking all sorts of OTC drugs trying to get rid of it, to no avail. I did not want to take antibiotics, so I ordered this product and I'm glad I did. I mixed it with water the first time. I doesn't mix well with water, so I got most of the concentrated oil on the bottom of the glass.(Not a good thing). But I will tell you that within minutes, my bronchial tubes opened up and I could actually take a deep breath without coughing for the first time in 2 months. I will definitely continue to use this oil daily but will find other ways to ingest it. I did mix some oregano oil with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and poured it over fresh spinach and it was delicious. I just soaked up the dressing at the bottom of the bowl ... full review
"Odor Elimination" - by Amazon Customer
I smoke on occasion in my basement and have tried to eliminate the smell with sprays and candles and finally I brought a diffuser and some of your oil and after 2 days of using the oil; no more smoke smell. The fragrance is strong but not offensive. I love it. I’m definitely buying more
"Big Pharma kills . . .Natural is real health" - by bryan
Any time you can find a true organic or natural product that you can substitute for man made synthetic chemicals or "drugs" buy it, use it! The pharmaceutical companies are dumming us down and even killing us with their poisons. If you know this than this product speaks for itself. If none of the above makes any sense to you,you need to begin the info journey yourself. I couldn't begin to make a difference in this space allowed. Oregano like many other natural substances really works.