Holiday Bears

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"Absolutely. Loved. It!" - by Nedra
I. Loved. The. Characters. How. Everyone. Flowed. With. Each other.
I. Loved. How Layla. Felt. She. Didn't deserve. Anything good. Could. Happen to her. But. In. Meeting. Liam. How. All. Of that. Changed. Her. Mindset changed. And it. Made. Her. Realize that. She. Did. Deserve. Good. Things. To. Happen. To. Her
I. Also. Like. The. Fact. I can. See an. Author. That. Also. Writes Black women into their. Books. I. Feel. Like. I'm. Being. Represented too. Thank You. For. Being. Diverse . I love your. Books!! Keep Writing and. I will. Keep. Reading!!
"My daughter loves this CD!" - by rockingraver09
My daughter had a copy of this CD, but a mishap broke it. She was pretty upset about it and I went looking around for a replacement and came on Amazon to look. I decided to purchase through a Amazon Seller and see how that would go. My product arrived prompt and was as promised. The case was broken in a place (it was factory sealed)..and when I contacted the seller, he offered to send me another case. I however had replaced the case already, so I denied shipment, but was great that he had offered! That is good sellership!

My daughter was so thrilled to get another copy and she is loving it all over again!
"Enjoyable but not really a Christmas Show" - by SM
My children (4&5) enjoyed this dvd. I got it thinking it would be more "Christmasy". The cover makes it appear that it would be more holiday in theme. It is not. Nonetheless, my kiddos enjoyed it.
"Beautiful and very soft and cuddly!" - by Carol Rozell
Free gift with purchase of so much from Amazon. It's the 2016 Amazon Christmas bear and it is adorable!!! SO soft and cuddly!!! Granddaughter will love it!!
by Ty
"Nice holiday bear" - by Patricia Brouillette
This is a cute holiday bear. I like how the snowflacks are on the light blue fabric, and causes each bear to be slightly different, simply due to the fact that the snowflakes are in different spots on each bear. The dark blue scarf around the bears neck also has snowflakes on it. It is well constructed and a wonderful addition to any Christmas and or bear collection.
"Awesome" - by Nita
Super great ,really nice design great price ,soft and cozy ...keeps you warm and gives you the Holiday season feeling ...