Low Sugar Candies

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"Delicious" - by Trysta
These are really tasty. For the taste, texture, satiety and sugar content, I would easily give them a 5-star rating. But, the cost of these is insane., therefore the 4-star. Each package appears to be larger than it really is, as there is only one serving per bag. I personally feel you could get 2 servings out of one bag to cure a craving. But, that is close to $4 per serving as packaged. Please SmartSweets, lower the price a bit!
"Finally - the perfect sugar free gummy bear!!! LOVE!!!!" - by Cosmosi (Colorado)
Finally!! A sugar free candy with no side affects! I have tried to make sugar-free gummy bears at home, they are okay, SmartSweets has perfected them. I LOVE these and cannot be without them. They taste and feel exactly like regular gummy bears and no tummy issues like sugar alcohols. Great treat if you are low-carb.
"Just like regular candy but without the sugar intake. Buy them at Whole Foods" - by Mes
I'm so happy I found these. My blood sugar was pretty bad for a couple months after doing a dumb juice cleanse, I was going through blood sugar rollercoasters, so I cut down on sugar and tried to find alternatives such as monk fruit sweetener and stevia. Months later my symptoms have subsided, but I continue to favor these natural alternative sweeteners than sugar. I still try to avoid most candy, but now when I'm craving a handful of sweets I can turn to these bags of sugar-free goodness without the guilt. Tip: they sell them for $2-3 bag at Whole Foods!
"So tasty!" - by Cydney Mallery (Endicott, NY)
Got these for my daughter and she loves them! Usually "sugar free" things have an iffy flavor- NOT THESE! Great taste! Will definitely be ordering them again
"Four Stars" - by DaffyD
might be eating too much...
"Organic Starbursts with better flavor" - by Al V
Organic Starbursts. Not gritty at all, very smooth chew. Amazing flavor! My son has dye/preservative sensitivity so we have to go organic. Big hit for my son's birthday party treat bags, got these in different flavors. All the kids wanted more, all the adults were asking about them.
"The candy is very good. The thing I like the best about it ..." - by Amazon Customer (Utica, OH)
The candy is very good. The thing I like the best about it is that it does not leave an after-taste like some sugarless candy does. The only disappointment for me is that each bag contains only two or three flavors. I have opened all but two bags now which contain mostly the red candies with a few orange and even fewer yellow. I have yet to see my first grape piece. Never the less, I would buy this product again.
"Wonderful option for vegan caramels" - by BP
As a vegan, I have a hard time finding caramels that I can eat since they are typically made with milk. I was thrilled to find these, and they are truly delicious! My non-vegan friends can't tell the difference either.
"Mmm Stevia" - by Nancy
Great tasting keto snack, I just wish there’s was more in the package as they are pretty pricey.
"Love these mints" - by Amazon Customer
I usually buy these from Wholefoods. No sugar or artificial sweetner. The mints are not as strong as Altoids but I like the fact that they're naturally good for your teeth. If you like the strong minty taste, these may not be for you.
"Tastes The Same As Nutella ! Oh No - It’s Not Available Now. Yikes just when I wanted to order lots more. Sad!" - by Ronni Lynn
In a blind taste test - one tablespoon of this and one of nutella, none of us could tell the difference!
Tastes the same and oh so delicious