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"Wild Cards: Edible Wild Food FLASH CARDS" - by W6C (Stafford Springs, CT, United States)
These are great. I admit to reading most of the reviews before purchasing these cards and decided to give them a try. These are great!

They came in today and I immediately shuffled through them. They have many of the plants indigenous to my area, which I already knew were useful... but the verbal descriptions of the plant along with the sketch and photograph would make it nearly impossible to mis-identify these edible and otherwise useful plants and flowers.

The helpful hints are awesome too and there are many different ways mentioned for their use which I didn't know.

The fact that they have actual playing card symbols on the underside is amusing to me more than a frustration, because if I want to PLAY cards I'll bring a deck of playing cards, when I want to identify plants I'll break out the Wild Cards. Do not buy these if you are looking ... full review
"Fantastic concept and execution, its becoming even better with maturity." - by KF Mush
UPDATE: Without spending too much time back-treading over my review, I’m changing my review to 5 stars (from 4) for the following reasons:

1) the screen has never gotten a scratch after hundreds of hours of use. Even with some fairly casual handling a couple of drops. Not a scratch. Maybe I’m lucky, but IMO, the plastic seems sufficiently durable.

2) The joy-con connectivity problem is well-sorted at this point.

3) Online play is cheap enough to not be a bother ($20/year) and I can’t make judgments until it goes live.

4) I don’t know if I’d call this console “cheap” anymore. For its price point, it is extremely sturdy and well-made.

5) The library is growing fast, with great content. A good library is an important point for a console.

6) Most importantly: It is my all-time favorite gaming system. I’m a Nintendo fan, for sure, but I’ve been primarily a PC gamer for the ... full review
"AMAZING BOOK by AMAZING AUTHORS! I cannot put it down!" - by Heather Melton
Love!!! ❤️❤️❤️ This just arrived today and cannot put it down. I just shut my entire household down to jump right. I have had the privilege of meeting Hope and Wade at GYTO in Orlando (year 2) and this book takes me right back to being in that front row and feeling so inspired. Thank you for this amazing book, lessons, energy, and allowing us all to come on this journey with you all.
"Such a Great Book for Young Kids" - by Lady L (San Francisco, Ca)
My nephew loves to read and I wanted to get him some books that he could read over and over. I saw Ronde & Tiki Barber on a talk show talking about them writing an African American children's book, specifically for young boys. I ordered all their books----He Loves Them!
"Now This is What I'm Talking About!" - by Andrew Catron
Jokers Wild, the third book and first mosaic novel in the Wild Cards series, is an epic, sprawling adventure that follows our now-familiar super-powered protagainists across the span of the fourtieth Wild Cards Day as the try to stop the Astronomer from killing all the Aces that took him down in the previous book, Aces High. The mosaic format flows very well under Martin's steady guide, and never feels off-putting. Even the dreaded Mafia storyline (dreaded not because I'm scared of the Mafia or anything, but rather because this is a book with a Sorcerer-Pimp, a makeshift detective duo, and an alien from outer space running around! The Mafia is a bunch of guys with guns in this story, and not much more. Sorry, but I'd take the Sorcerer-Pimp over them any day.) flows in a series of easy to digest chunks, so that no one story is overwhelming to ... full review
"It's an odd compilation, but it is FUN to read." - by Doctor Gangreene
I'm about 70 pages in right now. So I'll just give you a basic description that might be a bit more informative than the one given by Amazon. This is a compilation of short stories by various authors all writing in the same fictional universe. World War 2 has just ended; the US and Russia have split Berlin between them. America has their team of formerly-German scientists working to out-smart the Russians and prevent Communism from taking hold in Europe. Suddenly, an alien lands in the American desert, begging the military to let him speak to their leaders and allow him to have a battalion or two under his own command to help him search for a weapon that his government has decided (against many objections, including his own) to test on the human race before taking it into action in their own civil war. ... full review
"Great fantasy book" - by JCA
A powerful and wealthy woman is up to something. And she's up to something big. Investigators have a mystery on their hands and they don't know what to make of it. Wild Card begins with an intriguing mystery, introduces a varied and diverse cast of characters, and is set is a fascinating world called the Five Kingdoms. It's a delightful mix of fantasy, mystery, science fiction and adventure. It's a must for fans of these genres.
"May it never end" - by GT Doc (Memphis, TN)
Having the Wild Cards back is always a pleasure. These stories of the Deuces fill in a wonderful place in the Wild Card world. Please don't stop now.
"Great for starters comes with it all!" - by Daniel
This case comes with everything you need. The screen protectors are very high quality being tempered glass is great, those alone cost around $5. The zipper in the pouch compartment is great to keep all your stuff from falling out. It turns into a stand which is helpful if you are afraid of it falling while set down on its own stand being in the pouch will protect it. It fits perfectly and the case itself feels very sturdy and protective. This is a great product to buy if you are a new Nintendo Switch user.
by DK
"Bright, colorful, great for learning animals" - by HamsterSalamander
My 13 month old loves these cards! I keep them by his books and he pulls them out himself and will actually sit still going through both decks we have (animals and shapes and colors). He loves feeling the fuzzy parts and it really is encouraging him to try saying the names of the animals. They hold his attention well enough that he'll focus and listen intently while I tell him the names and let him touch each one.

They're 7" tall so they're a good size, easy for his little hands to get a grip on. They're thick like board books so they don't get damaged easily. Each card has suggestions for extra activities for older kids (other languages, sounds each animal makes, etc) so they're not just "baby toys". The set comes in a fairly sturdy cardboard box that has velcro on the flap to hold it closed (pictured).

Set ... full review
"5/5 stars!" - by Kayla Brunson (Houston, TX)
I thought I loved Warcross but Wildcard takes the cake! I devoured the hell out of this book ya’ll! This picked up right where Warcross left off at and it threw you right into the action.

I loved being reunited with all the characters again. The relationship between Emika and The Phoenix Riders was really warming my heart. It was great to see Emika go from being a loner and actually letting people in and relying on her friends.

I know that a lot of people didn’t like the relationship between Emika and Hideo, but I was that other 1% who was actually cheering them on. I’m going to be honest, Hideo messed up. He should have been honest with her and honest with himself. However, everything wasn’t black and white when it came to him. I did like the way he cared for her and her for him.

The action and suspense ... full review
"Night Sky Playing Cards" - by Diane Weeks
Beautiful Cards with beautiful pictures of the constellations I loved the deck of cards, but they were too dark for me. I gave them to my 10 year old grandson and he loves them. He has very good eyes. Black Background did not intern with his interest in the stars.