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"Great phone, poor pre-sales configuration" - by Martin Silenus
The phone itself is excellent. However the units that I received were preprogrammed for some cloud service, for some specific customer. The admin password was not given. I had to resort to emergency firmware restore to make the phones usable. To do that you download the latest firmware (6867i.st) from Mitel, then hold down 1 and # and power-cycle the phone. Keep holding the buttons until you see the text on the screen. Access the given IP address with a browser and upload the 6867i.st. The phone will need about 5 minutes to upgrade, and then you can connect with the usual admin/22222 and provision it. I cannot imagine how a mere mortal would deal with problem, as there seems to be no other method of regaining access to the phone.
"Great SOHO choice." - by Mark A
This line powered telephone is an excellent choice for everyday use in a small office/home office setting. Being line powered, it functions fully in a power outage, including the speakerphone capability.
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"Solid, well built phones" - by C. Calvert
We've purchased quite a few of these phones (since the 6755i was discontinued). The 675x phones are all well built and reliable (rarely does the firmware ever crash and/or have to be reset like on other cheap VoIP phones).

Aastra's XML features are great if you're interested in building services for your phones. The latest firmware supports callbacks for pretty much every phone event (connect, disconnect, startup, offhook, onhook, etc) plus polling and dedicated button actions. These various callbacks allow for a number of creative services and features to be added to the phones (if you're able to build a web service) even if you don't have any control over your VoIP PBX.
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"Works and looks great. The status light is great for troubleshooting!" - by William Sigmund
To be clear -this is a Lync only phone. It is not a dumb SIP phone. To set it up you must USB tether it to a PC running Lync or setup DHCP server options and pin codes in Lync. This is due to the embedded Lync software in the phone. If you know Lync, this phone is a breeze to setup. Mine worked great out of the box.
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"Excelent" - by Su Heng
I used this phone for several months already. the performance and the quality of void is excellent. I love this phone. Cool!
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"Good Business Phone" - by Joel B (Austin, TX)
Purchased over two years ago. This is a good basic business phone. The sound quality on the handset is good and you can adjust the volume to make it very loud. You can program several numbers for one touch dialing. The keys are well laid out and easy to follow. The speakerphone worked great for a few months and then became not so great. I can hear on it OK, but when trying to talk and hear it gets choppy and is hard to hear the other person...then I have to pick up the handset to talk and hear. If you have voicemail, this phone does not have a feature to indicate if you have messages. The Aastra 9116 has this feature.
"Awesome Phone!!!" - by jimbompls
Easy to Use! Excellent Audio Quality! Great Speaker Phone! If you use CenturyLink phone service (formerly Qwest), the download phone number is 1-800-332-3487. Keeps great time (no more than 1 minute off). Have had mine for 10 years now and still love it!
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"Better than using the speaker phone to keep my hands free" - by J.B.
My hands are still free while typing but now a I no longer have to use the speaker phone functionality of my Polycom vvx 411 IP phone. The microphone is very sensitive (can occasionally hear me breathing) and works well without an type of amplifier. The product included every possible connection type I could possibly want. The headset is comfortable to wear and the quick connect is an added bonus.
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"REVISED: Still Comfortable and works fantastic!" - by Jennifer
REVISED 1/12/18:
Within a day of posting my original review, much to my surprise, the company contacted me apologizing for the dud and offered to send a replacement. I thought sure, why not? The new one came promptly and now I'm a happy camper. The audio is clear and volume is fantastic. The other person was able to hear me with no problems. If my company needs more hands-free headsets, we will definitely be using this company and brand. Thanks!

ORIGINAL: Ordered because another employee had the mono set and loves it. Immediately after plugging into my phone there was a loud buzzing in the ear piece and then a burning plastic/wire smell from the volume control switch then no sound whatsoever. I had my co-worker plug the set into his phone and he also got the loud buzzing sound as well and was ... full review
"Five Stars" - by Chris (New Jersey)
Nice basic phone, no frills. Use them in hotel as room phones, and they work well.
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"Easy to install and use, Sound Quality is good!" - by Austin E.
This headset has clear sound quality and is extremely easy to install in-line on the phone. Working with a business partner that will be primarily be working on the phone, and finding a good headset at a reasonable price was important to us. This fulfills that need.
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"The best headset I've ever had!" - by Carmen Campbell
At first, I thought it was defective but it turned out it had something to do with my employer's equipment. Now that I've gotten the chance to use the headset, it's been wonderful! This is the first headset I've gotten where my customers can hear me perfectly and I don't have to strain my voice for them to hear me. Very much worth the price! The ear pad is also very comfortable!
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"The headset really works well. There is no background ..." - by William Cornfield
The headset really works well. There is no background noise and each person I have talked with mentioned the high quality of the sound. I called customer service for a small issue and it was immediately resolved.
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"Happy with headset" - by Stottie 1990 (Poulsbo, WA United States)
Great headset for the price. Incoming sound is clear and callers confirm the quality of what they hear
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"The mic is nicely adjustable and flips up as needed" - by Foggy Day
These work well. The jack plugged right in to the back of my avaya phone, and the unit came with a small assortment of additional plugs. The mic is nicely adjustable and flips up as needed. The sound is good. My only wish with these is that they fit a bit more securely. They work fine, but are kind of minimal and don't really block out background noise; they also always feel (to me) like they could slip off at any moment. For ~30 bucks though, its a decent deal and it sure beats holding the phone to my ear for long calls.