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"Beautiful Powerful Huawei Mate SE is the phone to get" - by ruel (California, USA, Earth)
bought the GOLD version of this Huawei Mate SE for $229 + sales tax from here on amazon. as an iPhone person who recently turned to Huawei, this is a fabulous great phone from Huawei. my iPhone was flaking out because of apple's horrible battery shutdown/slowdown problems. apple jumped the shark trying to fool people about what was really happening with iPhone batteries. anyways, previously got a nice AT&T-branded Huawei Ascend XT2 which was like my training-wheels version to get me ready for this much more powerful unlocked Huawei Mate SE. Huawei got me hooked with its EMUI 5.1 (based on Android 7.0) that is designed to kinda be reminiscent of the iPhone iOS, particularly when you turn off the app drawer, but still a powerful android. so switching to the new Huawei Mate SE was easy peasy. and having 4GB RAM and 64GB storage really helped a lot to ... full review

"Budget price, NOT budget specs" - by Amber Morales (LA MIRADA, CA, US)
If you have read any of my other reviews, you know I like phones and test drive MANY in search of really good phones, were kind of s phone family. Having said that, I am a Huawei fan since the Mate 2. They just build good phones for an incredible price. We have owned all the high end Mates and everything since the Honor 5 to this phone, the 7x. I say that to say, I don't mind paying more for a good phone...but the Honor line has made it so I don't have to pay more for a quality phone with really good specs. I never would have imagined a $200 phone could be this good.

The photos are a side by side comparison to the Honor 5, for size comparison.

The first thing I noticed about this phone is how remarkably thin it is for an almost 6 inch ... full review

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"Refurbished to perfection" - by Justin H.
Suprised to be honest. Wasn't sure what to expect with refurbished. Pleasantly suprised. Screen was brand new. Back plate was brand new. Battery was brand new. Charger was brand new. Insides were meticulously cleaned. Functions perfect. Could not be happier with this

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"Switched from iPhone" - by CVPI
I switched to the s9 after I saw the price of the iPhoneX. I am not disappointed with switching to Samsung, this phone has a much better display and camera than the iPhones do. The pictures in the dark are phenomenal. It was easy to transfer all the data from my iPhone because of the easy set up features. If your thinking about switching from the iPhone, do it, you will not be disappointed.

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"Exceeded expectations (though it does get hot)" - by Terra (Oldsmar, FL, United States)
Bought this for my son who had an hand me down iPhone, the screen had cracked on the iPhone and we were looking for a cheap replacement. He was reluctant at first but after using it for a few days he is sold. He loves this phone! I have a Galaxy S9+ and honestly if I had known that Blu makes such great phones I may have grabbed one myself. The only issue we have found so far is that the phone does tend to get rather hot quickly. It does not seem to have any performance issues because of this. Also there aren't many cases/screen protector options out there. The case it comes with isn't bad, we are using it but the screen protectors are horrible, seems impossible to install without bubbles. I found a Tempered Glass protector 2 pack on Amazon and those installed perfectly. Overall the phone ... full review

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"Lte works if you do this" - by ep2022
Ok if you get this phone for att or cricket Lte will work if you call them and give them the imei from a att or cricket phone to register for your Sim once you do that it will display 4g+ in status bat that is Lte since this phone was intended for a different country that's just what it says its the same as Lte you can verify this by downloading Lte discovery from play store and when your on 4g+ it will show your on Lte

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"this phone looks like brand new I'd never know if it wasn't refurbished" - by michael
This phone rock, had the gs4 and it finally melted in my pocket after 3 years of use, decided to buy a refurbished gs6 instead of the new gs7 or 8, this phone looks like brand new I'd never know if it wasn't refurbished. Would highly recommen these guys thanks again!

"when i saw it was on sale for $109 i couldn't pass it up consider how nice it looks in the picture" - by TD
I rarely write review but dang don't this thing deserves it! I have owned many flagship phones including my current one Note 8.
when i saw it was on sale for $109 i couldn't pass it up consider how nice it looks in the picture. I didn't expect much and was going to use this as an emergency phone. This phone is the best bang for your bucks hands down. The camera is extremely decent, i took two pictures one with the note 8 and one with the Blu, they both look very similar. With the note 8, you can see a lot more details when zooming in, but the Blu looks just as good if viewing as the default size. You are not going to get the 4k screen like the one you see in the flagship phones but for a fraction of the price, you can't ... full review

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"Moto G Second Gen: Bigger and Better" - by KeepIt100 (Colorado)
Edit 9/18/14: fixed error about SIM cards and wifi specs
Also, here is a useful link to information about SD card usage in android:

Edit 9/21/14: Yesterday I used my phone indoors with standard usage. The screen brightness was manually set between around 20-40% the entire day. When I plugged in the phone when going to bed, I had 14h and 45 min of battery time, and 5 hours of screen on time. I still had 20% battery left. The battery is as awesome as before!

(Note: Because this global version is the same as the US version, and only differs by having different 3G bands, I've copied my review from the US version.)
The Moto G was a huge hit for Motorola in 2013, as it provided many people with a fast, new smartphone at an extremely affordable price. Now in 2014, Motorola has updated the Moto G with its second iteration. ... full review

"I am not missing my iPhone 6S so far" - by David (San Diego, CA)
I started as an iPhone user, but I have been frustrated over the degrading quality of Apple products ever since Steve Jobs died. Believe me, I never had to reboot my iPhone before, but now I have to do it once every month or so. My review will mostly focus on the migration from iPhone 6S to Huawei Honor 6X.

(1) Most apps I had on my iPhone, I can find them in Google Play Store. The migration of contact book is seamless. Once I signed into my Google account to my Honor 6X, all my contacts were imported automatically. I didn't have to anything. I spent some time researching an Email app that most resembled the iPhone email app, but eventually decided to use the default Huawei email app. Now I am gradually used to it. Maybe the one thing I miss ... full review

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"Honor 10" - by Jhon Jerric Aguinaldo (WAIPAHU, HI)
I bought this for my girlfriend who lives in the philippines. She loved the phantom color and how the ai camera works. No issues on camera for her. Only issue is that the keyboard sometimes dont respond fast enough. And sometimes she said it freezes for half a second i dunno the specifics.. but she said she loved it. She use to have p9 lite from huawei that was like a huge upgrade from performance specially network where we usually use video call.

"They fixed the GPS !!!" - by Ronald A. Marino
GPS functionality is poor if not useless. I wanted to use this phone while I ran to track GPS and heart rate (Strava or Wahoo apps) while I listed to Spotify. It was purchased to replace my Samsung Galaxy SIII which was larger and had an older Android version (4.3). Also purchase the arm strap and wore like a watch - hardly noticed it while running and was able to observe app which was great. My old SIII worked excellent except for the fact I wanted something smaller with an updated Android version.

Unfortunately the GPS functionality of the Jelly Pro is unacceptable. Accuracy is terrible as can be seen in attachments. Shown are back and forth runs using the Jelly Pro and SIII - Good data should follow the road. The Jelly Pro appears to be off as much as a quarter mile. Its useless for ... full review

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"My child is happy and me too" - by Honey
Using for my preschooler. GPS, Phone, Battery all performed way above my expectation. Clear audio quality during phone call. I could not exhaust more than 40% of battery even after using remote gps tracking aggreesively for the whole day. Great product