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"Crescent Still makes the Best All Around Mechanics Tool Kit (after 20 years of use)" - by B. Collins (Austin, TX)
Functionally this is a great tool kit. I had one of these previously with the old style case, It hung on the wall in my garage for 20 years. The usual durable /unbreakable Chrome Vanadium steel that all quality tool manufacturers have come to use, and I will say, that in the 20 years of using this kit,.....I never had a single tool failure,.....I did have one ratchet that became a bit fussy when switching from tighten to loosen, and Crescent sent me a new one without hesitation.

I am a moderately heavy user of the tools included in this kit as I restore and repair cars, trucks and motorcycles. For the majority of that 20 year span, I also had a full sized professional mechanics tool chest loaded with tools, but found over time that I generally found what I needed in this kit and it was ... full review
"If you really use wrenches, you will adore these" - by Nick
I have never used a better wrench than this.

Note that these are LONG, which is AWESOME! But you should be aware that they are definitely longer than the XL combo set (which I also have ). However, it is that extra length that makes them so incredible. I've included a picture of the 19mm from this set, the 19mm from the open ended set, and the 19mm from the stubby set so you can compare the lengths.

Plus, as anyone who works on cars knows, using the open end is a last resort, so combo ratcheting wrenches aren't that useful since you don't want to brake a stubborn bolt with the open end or the ratcheting end. But with these you have the box end for braking loose and then ratcheting for fast removal.
"... that you get ALL 6 point sockets is a great benefit. Many sets have both 12 and 6 ..." - by JWS (Wakefield, MA United States)
The fact that you get ALL 6 point sockets is a great benefit. Many sets have both 12 and 6 point sockets which seems completely unnecessary. With just 6 point sockets, you avoid size-duplication and 6 point sockets are stronger and less likely to round hex nuts/bolts. The rackets are really nice ... best I've seen.
"Favorite tool in the truck" - by J. L. Culbertson (Dallas, TX)
I work as a hydraulic field technician. This bar is very versatile and tough. The extension is great when you need it longer, the indexing head makes it easier to get leverage at angles that wouldn't be possible with straight heads, and it's built very sturdy. If you use tools to pry, get more leverage, and realign parts, this bar is great. Plus, being Gearwrench, it has a lifetime warranty. And on another note, this same bar is $200 on the Matco truck, only other place I've seen it.
"Best wrenches ever made." - by 5150 (San Antonio, TX)
Best wrenches ever made. Just bought these because someone stole my last set. These wrenches are amazing very small radius before they click to remove bolts with not much room to remove. Had last set about 15 years and never replaced a single wrench.
"You can pick up chicks with this awesome ratchet." - by Breezey (Tallahassee , FL)
So smooth. So fine. So many clicks. I don't know how I lived without it. The handle is more comfortable and the flex head is an added bonus. You want to get as many teeth as possible. I actually had to pay attention and focus to feel the clicks in the ratchet. So smooth. The length gives me better leverage. Handle doesnt hurt my hand. Polished and all shiny. I'm taking it with me to show the babes at the strip club.
"Great product for working Solo!!" - by Honest Joe (Sturgeon Bay, WI, US)
The quality of the product seems to be pretty good. I used it a few times since I purchased it, and it works flawlessly.

My only concerns would be the teeth on the jaws and the indexing plate. I don't know how long they would hold up to "Almost Daily" use.... But for me and my usage (about a dozen times a year) I think it will up great. And if I remember correctly, Gearwrench or KD tools carry a Lifetime warranty. So I would imagine that you should be able to get replacement parts pretty easily.
"Great tool to have for automotive work" - by Scott (Beaverton, OR)
I love this tool! The name alone is awesome and holding it gives you an extra sense of power. I've used it a couple times now for removing pulleys on my car and truck. When you needs to hold a rotating assembly in place, this is the tool to do it.

Using this tool can be a little awkward and sometimes require 3+ hands. The long handle provides that extra leverage so the girlfriend can feel strong while helping you work on your car. The long handle also kept her from having to get her hands down in the dirty parts of the car. Maybe you are more fortunate in this regard, but this was an added benefit for me.

One improvement I made was to tie a string to the ring at the end of the chain. Feeding the chain around a pulley installed in a tight spot can be tricky ... full review
"Almost perfect" - by Ryan E.
I gave these a 4 star rating simply because the safety latch constantly engages and needs to be reopened. After a few months of daily use as a Satellite TV installer the spring breaks. I work in and out doors in all weather conditions so the rain may be a factor in this problem. I have gone through about 5 or 6 pairs over the years and only one pair had the tip of one cutting edge break when I was trying to cut something much harder than these were designed for. User error there. They aren't made to cut anything a normal pair of dykes couldn't, they just make it a lot easier. The size of the cutting surface is a plus too. I can cut a dual rg6 with ground wire attached in 1 cut with one hand. that's 2 cable wires and a copper ground wire all ... full review
"Works in tight clearance spaces." - by Paul
Excellent quality. I used it to get a bolt off the back of an engine 1 inch from the firewall. Just enough room to slip a socket over but not an ordinary socket wrench. Could not get to the bolt from the side with an end wrench. This worked like a charm.
"Worth it" - by Robert
I had to bend a good bit of rebar for a retaining wall project. I was glad I spent the extra money on this tool. The ability to adjust the angle of the tool to increase leverage while bending made it a lot easier.
"Great tool, great quality!" - by Carl
I service heavy equipment and needed something to remove old rusted on filters. This does the job great!
"The only thing they could have improved upon is to have added better markings for which way is tighten and loosen" - by Sean
I use these daily. They are a staple in my toolbox as a mechanic. The only thing they could have improved upon is to have added better markings for which way is tighten and loosen. The only way I can tell is by looking at the letter in the middle of the wrench which marks their date of manufacture (in my case the letter "N") because that's always printed on the "tighten" side.
"Exceptional value and excellent customer service" - by consumer (so cal.)
I bought this 170 piece Crescent set on a lightning deal for $79.49 with free 2 day Prime delivery. All tools, except 3, are stamped "Taiwan" and are very nice; smooth, finished and solid. The 8" adjustable wrench and 8" long nose spring-loaded pliers are stamped "China"; the 10" torque and groove pliers are not stamped but appear to be same quality as the 8" wrench and needle nose pliers. These latter 3 aren't as nicely finished as the other tools but are certainly adequate. The adjustable wrench stuck at its open midpoint on opening and closing, the latter motion requiring direct pressure on the moving part to get unstuck. I called the toll free company number and explained the adjustable wrench problem. The operator immediately offered a replacement which arrived quickly in a few days via UPS postage paid. The replacement is stamped "Crescent USA" and "the original since ... full review
"Seem to really be a solid tool. I only ..." - by M. D. Jensen (SLC UT)
Seem to really be a solid tool . I only run a grandpas repair shop so i can't rate for heavy duty use, but every size you can ever need. I was very impressed