AutoCAD 2010

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"Extremely professional service from AIAM" - by CMS
My son is self-employed and this software is costly prohibitive to individuals. AIAM offered a wonderful price, professional service, and honest answers to our questions. They responded to our questions immediately and mailed the software within three days. We were able to receive it in time to give as a gift to our son. After dealing with a software internet scam company, it was reassuring to deal with this reputable individual. Highly reccommended!

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"oh my gosh YES, finally LT that's full featured" - by Andy (charlottesville, VA)
I've been using ACAD 2010 LT for a couple of months now as my primary drafting program after finally upgrading from ACAD 2000. I've been able to do everything I was able to do in the old version, and have found many improvements in the workflow. Some of the highlights for me are:
- publishing to PDF - select layouts across multiple drawings to combine into one complete drawing set in PDF format.
- smart dimensions - dimensions connect to nodes in the viewport and automagically update as the drawing is updated
- hatch area grip edits - if the hatch becomes disassociated, you can edit the hatch like a polyline (almost - I haven't figured out how to adjust curves in a hatch)
- better grip editing for curves and other types of lines.
- you can trim and extend by crossing (I'm sure that was fixed in earlier releases, but, man, it's great ... full review

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"installed it and everything works fine. Registration was" - by Scott Hale
Got it, installed it and everything works fine. Registration was easy

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"Terrific" - by Gene
Exactly what I expected, plus there were other items in the box that I was not expecting.
All in all totally satisfied.

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"this is a very good program. this was an upgrade for me I ..." - by John H. Heilman (Northern Ca.)
this is a very good program. this was an upgrade for me I have used turboCAD for 20 plus years. I designed and drew the plans for the house we live in now with turbo CAD.

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"AutoCad 2012LT" - by jawpc
I was using Acad 2007LT and made the transition to 2012 without any problems. Obviously 2012 has more bells and whistles now and am starting to take advantage of them. So far so good.

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"GMA's AutoCAD 2010 Review" - by Gary M. Anglea
Everything seems to be working good. Lots of new features that makes my job easier.