Beef Gravies

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"It doesn't get much easier than this!" - by Marcy M. (MESQUITE, TX, US)
I first had Bisto in the early 1970s when I visited a friend in England. I'm not sure what prompted me to buy this product on Amazon almost 40 years later but I'm always looking for quick and easy ways to enhance meals ... and Bisto definitely does what it promises, and with very few calories. You just spoon some gravy granules in a measuring cup, add boiling water and stir. That's it. I must admit, the "Favourite" flavor needs a little enhancement (mushrooms, browned onions) to end up tasting like homemade, but I love this stuff and also ordered the "Chicken" flavor. Highly recommend.
"Lots of sauce" - by Teresa (Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada)
Whatever kind of gravy you like, you’ll likely find it here. Most use some flour of course, but there is at least one gluten free and one vegetarian.
"Very tasty gravy..." - by Deb
I don't know what the other reviewer was talking about...This is very tasty gravy...I use it to make my beef stew all the time and use it to make open face roast beef sandwiches...Excellent tasting gravy...
"Five Stars" - by Thelma Trainor
Closest thing to real beef gravy in a pouch - and it's gluten free. Win, win!
"My senior cats love this stuff" - by kimwithak (Michigan)
My senior cats love this stuff. No matter how much I try and give them the "healthier," and more expensive food, this one seems to work best. I think part of the reason is the gravy. With older cats, there are bound to be dental issues. This allows them to eat more without chewing as much. It's a bit like soup for humans, if you think about it. But that means my older cats--including the one who has a thyroid issue and needs to eat more--can eat more. So that earns it five stars from me.
"It turned out to be an amazing product. You can't come close to the taste ..." - by CMcK (United States)
I first bought Watkins beef soup and gravy mix at a boat show in Salt Lake City. It turned out to be an amazing product. You can't come close to the taste with anything you can pick up in the store. I hesitated to buy this because it was a little on the pricey side for me. But I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Already I've used it twice. I think it must be the butter that you mix with it for the gravy that makes the difference.
"Caution: You're cat might get addicted!" - by Sidphx
I chanced buying a can for my very finicky feline at a local super store. Now he is hooked on it. I went back to the store and bought the remaining stock [14 cans]. I tried to find it at the two supermarkets I usually shop at without success. I visited the Purina website only to find the product not listed. A reply to an email inquiry stated that the product was unavailable in my area [even though I found it at that super store, go figure]. So I am now waiting on the two cases I have ordered from Amazon, which it appears had trouble procuring it also. I am guessing that this is because it is a new product. I only hope that the quality of this cat food remains high.
"Five Stars" - by juan j garza
this is the only thing my two girls and one little boy eat. they will not touch anything else.
"I only buy for them what I kinow they like and enjoy" - by AZ Desert Rat (Gold Canyon, AZ USA)
I admit I have totally have spoiled my two rescue kittens. ( I only intended to get one, but they were brother and sister....). I only buy for them what I kinow they like and enjoy. They are very fond of this brand and this flavor and do not welcome other flavors mixed with the chicken. No tuna, cheese or veggies.
The price is right and I am happy to continue spoiling them.
"Five Stars" - by esme marconi
Love that this is delivered and I don't have to lug this home on the bus!
"Breakfast for our 6-cats… and they love it." - by Todd M. (Idaho)
We try to keep the cats on grain free dry foods after one had some health issues but they all love canned wet food and Friskies is the most popular… though 9-Lives is also a good one. The Shreds have a lot of liquid at the expense of the meat/fish portion. The Pate’, Bits & Filets are the ones they prefer and that’s all that counts when all six are circling the feet in the morning waiting for their servings. The wet food gives them a little moisture that’s missing in the dry and it’s actually less expensive per serving than the dry foods we are using… including Natural Balance, Merrick & Taste of the Wild. Whatever we purchase… and where it’s purchased… is based on price and it’s often much less here than the food store that’s 40-miles away. We can’t easily by a case anywhere since they are ... full review
"Have had it for more than six months and it's still working like a champ" - by SquaredP (NH)
This is an inexpensive thermometer that does the job. Have had it for more than six months and it's still working like a champ.
Accurate readings (compared to another thermometer) and the blue background helps when reading temps. You have to give it some time for an accurate read (20-30 seconds or so) but that's not unusual for an inexpensive thermometer.
""I've only seen a gun up close five times in my life, and four of those were in a Waffle House."" - by Gabe (Lee, New Hampshire)
I absolutely loved Jim's first book, "Dad is Fat". I listened to it 3 or 4 times on audio (the best way to experience it, because you get Jim's delivery and cadence), and I also purchased it on Kindle to read. For this follow up, Jim has done the seemingly impossible and written a book that is not only superior to "Dad is Fat", but VASTLY superior. "Food: A Love Story" is laugh-out-loud hilarious from start to finish, causing many people to stare at me as I giggled to myself while reading. I read it on Kindle, and I can't wait to experience this book again on audio while driving to and from work to liven up my day. Every part of this book is hilarious, and I don't even know where to begin to describe it. It's just brilliant, genius, and insane all at once, while ripping apart every ... full review