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"If you are not a pro, or a pro looking for a back-up/family/vacation camera, this is it." - by Bugalydosh
Professional photographer MASSIVELY IMPRESSED!

I purchased this camera as our "family fun" and vacation camera (when do not want to lug around our heavy pro bodies and lenses).

The AP-C sized sensor is really amazing. The image quality is fantastic. The viewfinder is appreciated and functional!

-Image quality rivals my old D7000, which was far heavier, bigger, more cumbersome and more expensive
-Wifi is a GREAT feature! I can now take professional quality photos and send it to my smart phone for immediate posting to Facebook.
-Digital viewfinder is great because it shows in real-time what your manual adjustments will look when you take your photo (as opposed to the snap/review process with pro bodies). It also turns the screen on/off automatically to conserve battery power.
-Size and weight, I cannot believe they crammed so much tech into such a small body at such an affordable price!
-Great lenses available (sold separately) for more advanced users or ... full review

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"The Perfect Point and Shoot Digital" - by Melissa K.
Wonderful point and shoot camera - used it on my trip to Mexico and it was incredible! Convenient, easy to use, and took great shots!

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"I was apprehensive . . . but no more!" - by Cobra (CA - USA)
WoW!!! I took a chance here because Panny doesn't provide options to tweak a lot of controls in this particular camera like most cameras. However, the results in every one of my test images were astoundingly good and probably better than anything I would have selected given the presence of those controls. Some will view this as a negative and at first I was worried as well . . . but not now! The images were all well balanced in highlights, shadows, color, sharpness, etc. Panny has done a great job in balancing out the images. The 5 Axis stabilization worked incredibly well even out to the maximum 720 distance. Here again, I was worried the images would be soft at that range . . . again I was delightfully wrong! Panny was smart to lower the megapixels to just 12 given ... full review

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"Best Compact Travel PnS Camera IMHO." - by Hche
Best compact travel camera I have ever owned.
No camera is perfect. It's just the matter of where you are willing to make compromise. In term of light traveling camera, this is as good as you can get. The camera is truly pocketable, decent focal range, grate image quality. Wifi is a big bonus since I travel without a laptop and can transfer photos over to my iPhone to edit and post on social media during the trip. The photos include in my review are shot in jpg (with neutral setting) and lightly touch-up/re-frame with iPhone Photoshop app.
I have used Sony RX-100 (v1-v3), Canon S90-S120, and G9 X mark1 in my traveling and so far this G9 X Mk2 is my favorite.

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"Great camera, had an issue but Amazon's great customer service solved it painlessly." - by Josh Ouellette (Maine, USA)
I wasn't expecting much from this, I only wanted a camera that was a) cheap and b) would provide a better quality image than the average smart phone camera. But the image quality is truly amazing. I will upload a few customer images of my hiking trip as an example. An SD card is absolutely necessary, the internal storage can only hold 3 maximum quality images.

I did have one problem with the camera, the battery that came with it refused to take a charge. Amazon made up for this by offering me a 40% refund to buy a new battery, and the battery was much cheaper than the $31 refund I got so this issue wasn't even reason enough to take a star off. Overall great camera and great customer service from Amazon.

I've only owned this for a month and only used it for 2 days for a hiking trip ... full review

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"Excellent Little Camera" - by Nicholas (New York )
This is a wonderful camera. If you’ve ever owned an ELPH camera, you know that they’re high-quality, ultra-portable cameras. Obviously you’re not going to get DSLR-quality images from a camera like this, but this is still a great camera, and if you use a tripod, you will be able to get excellent results. I use mine with an Amazon Basics tripod (which costs a little more than $20 and is really light and portable). Shooting with a tripod, even when using a little Point and Shoot camera, makes all the difference. But back to the camera. This is a great camera. It's also very affordable.

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"Get it for the zoom" - by MrPuttyhead
First off I just want to illustrate the zoom on this camera.

Picture one: zoomed all the way out.
Picture two: same location, optical zoom at the max, no digital zoom.

Now, this is a great little camera with only a few down sides.

Fantastic zoom (FAR better than most slr telephoto lenses)
Sharp images
Good battery life
Can charge through usb
Wireless picture transfer to cell phone
Articulating screen is great
Price is good for what you get

Video auto focus drifts
No 4k
No high frame rate video for slow motion capture
No external mic option

Took this camera to a concert and it did great. Both concert images in this review were taken from the same location, demonstrating the incredible range of zoom the camera has.

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"Fantastic pro camera." - by Michael Rubenstein
I'm a professional photographer in NYC and have used the RX100, RX1003, 4 and now the 5. I love these little cameras. Yes, they have sorta annoying menus but after a week or so you know where everything is and it's fine. Yes, the battery life isn't great but hello, look at the size of the battery. It's tiny. Small battery = less time. I bring a couple extras with me and I can shoot all day.

Let's talk about the good parts. The autofocus is amazing (except I guess for the comic book lover with no lampshade who wrote a review too...) It has a great pop up EVF that no other tiny camera has (that I know of). I just took it to Ireland for a week and it performed perfectly. The RAW update from Adobe isn't out yet (not Sony's fault... yell at Adobe) ... full review

"So far, so great!" - by nikki_marie05
I ordered this at Target online on Black Friday with free shipping and I am happy to say that I love it. I've only had it a couple of days, but I've been taking numerous types of pictures to try it out and I love it. I have searched and searched and searched for a camera that takes good pictures up close AND far away, for a decent price. I've went through many that were under $100 and they were crap. I paid right at $100 for this camera (before tax and warranty) and I think that is a steal for the quality of pictures that it takes. It's no professional camera, but when you go from an iPhone camera to this, it feels like you are a professional! I am 100% satisfied with the camera, the quality of pictures it takes, and how quickly the camera actually takes the ... full review

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"Perfect for the Canon G7X" - by Amazon Customer
Perfect for the Canon G7X II. This case was my constant companion fastened to my belt on a two-week trip through England. It never let me down, was easy to access, held the camera snugly, and had enough room for a spare battery and memory card. I didn't use the neck strap, but it was available for those who prefer that method. High marks for this one.

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"Better quality than expected!" - by Cari
This case is excellent quality. Used with Canon Rebel T6 and there is enough room for the camera, two lenses, lens kit, battery, and other little items. The bag isn't too bulky, so it's not a hassle to carry around. The waterproof bag is tucked up the front pocket and doesn't take up any room. I was trying to decide between this bag and another that was about $10 cheaper. I am so happy I got this one as it really is perfect for this camera!

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"I would HIGHLY recommend this product!" - by JP Harris
I bought this for my go pro vlogging set up! it works great!! I may have to change things up a bit and get the pro, but this mic is AWESOME! For what I use it for, it really takes the cake! I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

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"So Very Nice" - by Jennifer Tobin (Tampa Florida)
Much nicer than anyone I've ever had and perfect for the price... I believe this one's going to last a while ... it has padding for good grip when you use it to move the tripod ... this also has a hand crank that allows the camera to go up higher ... I also would like to add that has a lever up where you screw the camera on that you can release and you can take the camera off quickly without having to unscrew it , it keeps a small base attached to it so you can just stick it right back on the tripod and snap the lever closed and there you have it, it's stable on the tripod again :)

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"Nice & sturdy." - by gus
I finally have a nice sturdy tripod to hold up my digital camera. It’s strong enough to support my camera & lens with out any shake during those long exposures. I’m very happy.