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"The PERFECT car seat" - by AST
There are a few things about this seat that are total game changers:

-50lb rear facing weight limit and NO standing rear facing height limit; all other seats on the market that rear face to 50lbs are so much more expensive and not nearly as compact
-affordable at $199!!!
-super comfortable, just enough cushion, shoulder pads, infant head and body inserts
-6 recline positions, 4 of which can be used rear facing
This seat just takes the cake. This is THE CARSEAT. If you're wondering if you should buy it, YES, buy it!!!
Extended rear face! Rear facing is safer!! Rear face to 4 years!!
"Love it :) Comparison review (Safety First, MySize65, 4ever)" - by Amazon Customer
Since so many compared the two models in my photos, I ordered both to make my decision. Safety First Go three-in-one and Graco four-ever

Both recline to the same point when sitting on a flat surface! They have different intervals to get there, but both get to the same point. Taking a closer look, though, the Safety First model will sit in a more reclined position when the line is parallel whereas the 4 ever required more incline (books) to achieve a centered bubble (child would be more upright in the Graco than the Safety First). See photo. I stacked booked under the hind-side to adjust to the proper level. Both seats are in the most reclined setting.

The Graco has more height in the headrest. Significantly so. I was surprised how little adjusting there is with the Safety First.

The Graco is more narrow so ... full review
"So glad I bought this over the Graco 4-ever" - by Kayla H
This carseat is AMAZING! Around 6 months old, my daughter really started hating her infant carseat because she couldn't sit up and look out the window. My mother-in-law bought a convertible carseat for her car, so she was really starting to love that one. Also, my husband and I were getting tired of moving the infant seat from car to car since she was so heavy. Therefore, I went on my journey to find a convertible seat. I was not willing to spend over $200 because we need one for each of our cars and that money adds up! I read review, after review, after review. These were what I wanted:

1. To go all the way to a high back booster
2. Under $200
3. Easily Machine Washable
4. Easy tie back for straps (my mother-in-laws Britax has velcro)
5. Cup holders for when she gets old
6. Nice neutral color

Do you know how hard ... full review
"Great price to value" - by Vinay
You know what you are buying when you paid <50$ for this car seat. You have low expectations. Maybe needed it only for a small trip to use and throw away. But, be amazed when you decide to keep it for future use as well because we did. It passed well through airport handling and kept up without any issues.

We returned Cosco APT 50 and went with this seat. Cushion and layered protection is better. Car seat is much slim on the sides and less in length but it does the job. The side cup holder is cool as it can be attached to either side as needed.

Only missing point is that this seat will soon outgrow my son as he is approaching 40" and also, this doesn't have neck/shoulder cushion pads (DO purchase them for 5-6$). Otherwise, am happy with my purchase.
"New favorite seat, even above my Graco Milestone!" - by Jordan (St. Louis)
We bought this carseat to use as a secondary seat for my two year old in my husbands car. However, after installing it and taking it on a few road trips, I am highly tempted to swap this one out for the Graco Milestone I currently have in my car. Some of the high points;

-Comfort. This is a very cushy, super plush seat. When we went to the store to look at car seats, I was shocked at how lacking in padding some of them were (looking at you Britax Radian!). While I understand their main function is to protect the child, there is something to be said for comfort. If I would not like to be strapped to a seat that felt like a board, how much more so would a squirmy, fidgety toddler? I take road trips fairly frequently and if we are going to be in the ... full review
"Great 5-point harness option for your toddler." - by Belson524
After doing a lot of research, I didn't find a lot of 5-point harness seats that worked for a kid our size (a 3'6" 45 pound 3 year old). The
Graco Atlas 65 seemed like the best fit for what we were looking for. The arm/shoulder straps have plenty of slack available so your toddler doesn't have to contort themselves to get into the straps. We had a pull-straps to tighten him into our previous 2 car seats and this one does as well, but this one is by far the easiest to pull/tighten compared to the other two.
"Happy with it" - by antchi
We began using this with my 7 month old. She's now 10 months are we are pleased with it so far. She just took her first long road trip in it and did great! It is easy to operate which is a huge plus. My only complaint is that it is quite large. We can't recline it at all in our Mazda CX5. It would have been nice so she could sleep easier during our road trip, but other than that we're very happy with it.
"Very pleased with our purchase!!" - by Frumkl
I usually spend way too much time online and in stores looking at and comparing products for my kids (drives my husband nuts). Plus, I'm always trying to find the best deal and bang for our buck. When it came time to upgrade to a bigger car seat for my daughter, it was no different. After going to multiple stores, reading reviews and comparing car seats, I finally decided on this Slimfit Graco car seat. Product came pretty quickly in the mail and then I let it sit in my entryway, unboxed for a few days as I was struggling to make the big switch from the infant car seat to the "big girl" car seat. Throughout those few days, my daughter had a ton of fun getting in and out and seemed to fully accept her new ride. I also had time to check it out several times as ... full review
"Caution if you transition from a no cushion infant carrier" - by Booknerd28 (Louisiana)
I have changed this from 4 stars to 5. There are several reviews stating that the legs are too tight (by the crotch buckle)...we noticed this too, which is why I originally gave it 4 (I could see my son was uncomfortable). I had seen the previous review about the crotch buckle being double looped and made sure my husband undid that before installing it. Well, his little legs still seemed like they were pinned down when we buckled him, so I told my husband we needed to take it out to double check that the crotch buckle wasn't still double looped (even though he swears he undid it).
Well, it turns out that the latch strap that goes across the bottom of the seat under the seat cushions to use the latch system was pinning the crotch buckle down, making it too tight once installed in my SUV. So, we ... full review
"Pleased with item" - by Rebekah Jergler
I recently purchased this for our second car. I have the Graco 4ever carseat in my car and I purchased this for my husband's. So far, we are happy with this seat. It seems very spacious for my 7 month old and he seemed to enjoy it. I think for the price this is a good value. I was surprised by how cushiony the seat is. Very soft and padded. Easy to install and easy to adjust straps and headrests. The seat also reclines although I have not tried that option yet. It comes with a detachable cupholder. I read the seat pads can be removed and easily washed. Fits nicely in our Hyundai Sonata.