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    "Good source of protein" - By pamand3boys (Missouri)
    My son is a wrestler. During wrestling season he eats a ton of protein. I am always looking for a good high protein snack for him when he is trying to maintain weight & a high energy level.
    These cliff bars are loved by the entire wrestling team. White chocolate macadamia nut is my son's favorite.
    I purchased this at full price for our own use.

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    "Yum!" - By Marissa
    I love these bars! I was first introduced to them by the girls I watch. I am a nanny. The girls go absolutely crazy for them! After a few weeks I decided to try one out and see what was so great about them, and let me tell you they are totally delicious. I know they are for kids, but I don't care, they have become a real staple in my diet. I have recently dropped some weight and would like to keep it off, these bars are sweet and help me curve my sugary cravings. I always have them in my bag which makes both the girls and myself happy and healthy. The price on Amazon is great and since I have Prime, it is really a great deal. If you are looking for a sweet and healthy snack you found it!

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    "The incredible shrinking bar." - By R. Brown (Kentucky)
    I really like Kind bars and prefer them over any of the other brands that I have tried. Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is not as dry or hard as some flavors and thus have become a favorite. My one issue, and the reason I deducted a star is they keep shrinking. I know this is common across many package food products, but with Kind they have finally reached a point where one bar is no longer enough for breakfast.

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    "but was delighted by these" - By Carolyne Whelan (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
    I bought these bars because I couldn't find a different Vega bar I was looking for, of a similar description, but was delighted by these. I have a very active job (lots of miles on bike and on foot) and these bars were great for that time towards the end of the day when I needed a snack to get me home to my kitchen. They are very filling, so often I would just eat a half a bar and save the other half for later unless I had a ways to go before eating again, but usually the half filled me up. Some reviewers said they have no chalky taste, and I would say that yes, there is a very slight chalkiness, but compared to other competitor bars, these are the least chalky I've tried, especially for how nutritious they are and how great they taste. They're chocolate-peanut butter, ... full review

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    "Simple. Natural. Great tasting!" - By Stevie1967
    These bars are simply amazing! I can't lie, I am a sucker for anything pumpkin spice. Prior to trying the RX bars, I was a devoted Quest bar fan but after comparing the ingredients on both products, it was clear that this is the better alternative. I changed my diet recently in an attempt to eat, "clean" and these fit the bill. No artificial garbage or fillers. One of these will fill me up for several hours. I honestly feel like I am cheating when I eat one of these because they are that good! Other reviewers have commented about how chewy they are and this is true. However, I think it depends on how fresh the bars are. I have encountered both soft and chewy bars when purchased on Amazon and locally. Maybe this just varies by different batches---not ... full review

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    "Love this for long hikes, backpacking and long/low intensity cycling, but not for high intensity efforts" - By Pop O (USA)
    Bought these for a hike to the top of Mt. Whitney, and found them to be delicious, easy to munch on through the hours, and provided the energy I needed for a pretty long and steady effort. Certainly like them much better than PowerBars and other similar products, as gels. Work similarly well for long but not intense cycling.

    Where they do not work well is for hard running/racing, and intense cycling where gels and a liquid energy drink is the way to go. Just cannot consumer these under heavy breathing activities due to choking concerns - these need to be chewed into gummy bits and swallowed - when really giving your all, "ain't got no time for that!"

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    "Excellent!" - By RoseS
    Kind bars are exceptional, but this is the very best of the Kind bar offerings. The sea salt and dark chocolate mix makes it a delicious mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. And best of all it's gluten free, all natural and low sodium. A good choice all around.

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    "Taste very good as for protein Bar" - By Kasia (New York)
    Update : I consume 1 to 2 bars a day in my 1700 calories intake + light exercise 2 hours a day, lost 13 lb in a month and 2 weeks so around 2lb a week . I use it as my breakfast and dinner replacement especially for the proteins and vitamins , my carbs intake was too low in my charts so definitely a great protein bar , I hate protein shakes and the peanut butter protein bar is just delicious , I tried the other flavors did not like it much .

    Taste very good as for protein Bar , I try to learn to eat breakfast to speed up the metabolism and get some protein , I do not eat sugar or bread so I guess this would be a great replacement for me , was a little sweet for my taste and made ... full review

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    "I am usually impressed by how good the bars taste despite A) how much protein powder ..." - By Theodore A. Gifford (New York, NY USA)
    I am a huge fan of thinkThin protein bars. I am impressed by how good the bars taste despite A) how much protein powder gets jammed into them and B) how little sweeter is used to mask the protein powder flavor/texture. Most protein bars are much too sweet or cloying for palette, but Thinkthin pretty much always gets the flavor just right for me. The Brownie Crunch and Lemon Delight flavors are phenomenal. The Lemon Bar is particularly impressive, as I don't think I've ever had a fruit flavored prepackaged anything that I didn't find too sweet.

    I love peanut butter, I even love other peanut flavored protein bars, so I thought I would enjoy the Chunk Peanut Butter as well. I don't. The sweetness is right, but it has a strange perfumey aftertaste that I can't quite put my finger on. ... full review

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    "I typically eat protein bars for breakfast as a meal ..." - By Brooke Dean
    I typically eat protein bars for breakfast as a meal replacement and pre workout. Prior to discovering Empact , I would look for bars that tasted halfway decent and had reasonable calorie numbers.However, over time I realized that I was essentially eating nothing more than a high priced candy bar for breakfast and the afternoon. The beauty of these Empact bars is that they truly are made of real food with all natural ingredients ,not a chocolate bar with some protein powder thrown in. I eat two for breakfast now and one pre workout. I'm addicted to the Chocolate Cherry Bling,so delicious.

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    "My favorite non-chocolate Quest Bar!" - By Glitchfan
    This was a great flavor choice by Quest. One thing Quest does a great job of is making their bars taste really close to the flavor they're trying to replicate. This one does not disappoint. It really does taste like a blueberry muffin. As soon as you tear the wrapper away, it even smells like a blueberry muffin. As you can see in the picture, the bar has real chunks of blueberry, and even appears to have muffin pieces as well (they're not actually pieces of muffin, but it does add to the texture in a great way). The bar also seems to have chunks of white chocolate, though it's not actually white chocolate, rather it's likely just the combination of cocoa butter, baking soda, and the protein blend. In any case, it adds to the texture in a good way. Overall, this is definitely my favorite non-chocolate Quest Bar. ... full review

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    "Love these :)" - By Coffee Addict
    I love these bars! Lived in WA for awhile and found these and now I live on the east coast and order them :)

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    "One of the better tasting granola bars - Highly Recommended!" - By YeahSoMaybe? (Beaverton, OR United States)
    PROs: One of the better tasting granola bars. And this is from the guy who normally doesn't like apricots! I bought these for my wife, was hungry, tried some out of "desperation" one day when I couldn't escape my desk for a real lunch. God they're good! It is not "work" to eat them. They are tasty and satisfying. Each bar has 4 grams of protein (OK, no big deal there) 11 grams fat and is only 7% of recommended carbs for the day. Low sodium.

    I can recommend these and will certainly be buying them again.

    ONLY CON: Kind of small - maybe 6 medium bites or 5 large bites. The bar is 40 grams (1.41 ounces).

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    "Just Watch The Price (+ a review of several flavors)" - By Cypress Green (Ohio)
    There are a few different companies selling Promax bars on Amazon, and the prices vary quite a bit. Hi-Health Supermart has the best prices I have seen so far - about $1 a bar.

    That said, these bars are freakin' awesome! We bought a selection of protein bar brands at a local store. My 11 yr old son has ADHD, and his medication, taken M-F, kills his appetite. We have a real problem putting/keeping weight on him. I was looking with something high in protein and vitamins, plus a few calories to boot.

    Promax had, by far, more vitamins/minerals than the other brands we tasted. Not only that, they tasted much better! The store only had Lemon and Double Fudge Brownie. Both are fabulous! It's like eating a candy bar. They are soft bars, not crumbly or dry in texture. I went ahead and bought whole boxes of ... full review